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Mirrors and Smoke?

WHAT is WRONG with us? With America? With THE WORLD?

Today, getting off the train at a stop in Boston…an older white male saw only ONE THING: Black skin — and decided I was an immigrant. (FAMILY COULD HAVE BEEN SLAVING IN THE COTTON FIELDS LONG BEFORE HIS PEOPLE CAME VIA ELLIS ISLAND or later) but my black skin automatically makes me an immigrant…as opposed to the blonde Australian who just got in yesterday. 

So, Mr. Trump supporter told me that I would be thrown out of the country…and HE was going to call ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) for me.

Normally, I ignore such ignorance, but I decided “Hell NO!”  I was not passing meekly by.

Orange Line Boston Subway

So I turned around, walked up to him and told him: I can give him my phone number to pass on to ICE, if he’d like. He said NO, but he will call ICE on me.  I told him he can USE my phone to call ICE and make it easier for them to find me. He said NO. But they will come for me. I told him (Trump) will at most remain in office for 8-years – and WHAT THEN?  He said a lot can happen in 8-years (which of course IS their Grand Plan, to become a Totalitarian State with a muzzled media, no press conferences, no accountability, a King-Emperor/Pope that everyone must bow down to. Is Trump 666?)!

I told the guy – after 8-years, it is WE who will come for HIM, because that is the process they are starting!

Other groups of white people were shocked and supportive. The thing about white people…(with the EXCEPTION of KKK and White Supremacists) they/you hear about stuff like that happening, but FEW of them/you actually experience it or see it happen – so when they/you do, they/you are shocked! We expect that to happen ELSEWHERE, IN RED states…not HERE in Boston/Massachusetts.

So I called my U.S. Representative, Stephen Lynch; I called the Transit Police, I called a news channel and I have to call both the mayor and governor’s offices. Because unless “victims” SPEAK OUT and onlookers SPEAK UP,  perpetrators will feel that they can be venomous with impunity.

Welcome to the new atmosphere of Venom in Trump’s Reality Show called: America!

Make America White Again

Chlorox stock must have gone UP after Trump won?

I understand that many of Trump’s supporters are D-students…with even lower intellects, and CANNOT grasp the intricacies of globalization and historical context, but surely they KNOW enough about the Tutsi/Hutu conflict in Rwanda, about Bosnia, about South African Apatheid, about Nazi Germany (oops, wrong analogy for this bunch), Catholics/protestants in Northern Ireland, Christians/Muslims/Jews/Hindus from Israel/Palestine to Egypt and India, either persecuting or being persecuted plus numerous other hate-fuelled conflicts worldwide – to KNOW that these types of conflicts have NO happy endings? Or DO they know?  

It is NOT in either white, black or grey interests to stoke division and unity based on ideology, race or religion. There are NO winners, ONLY losers! This is NOT what Americans should want…but hey, go ahead. We’re heading the way of Rome so maybe it is inevitable…a matrix…without a leo. (reference to movie: The matrix). With Trump: always deja vu all over again! Or is it a perpetual Groundhog’s Day?

We are destroying our environment to the point that one day, life on earth may no longer BE sustainable – and/or we may end up living in a kind of Hunger Games scenario where only billionaires like the Trumps can afford oxygen.

Opioid crisis

We are destroying the fabric of this society with our dependence on drugs, from prescription to recreation. Drug use is now SO prevalent among employees nationwide the percentage of people testing positive for drug use ON THE JOB is rising – to the point, where immigrants/refugees from Syria, etc…are being hired to do the jobs.

According to a CNN expose, 80% of employees at an oil and trucking company in Colorado tested positive for drugs (marijuana is legal, but smoking it on the job is cause for dismissal) and had to be fired! In Louisville, Kentucky: 695 overdose calls to EMT in January 2017, an average of about 22 PER DAY. (CNN)

We are angry at each other for the sins of politicians whom we revere – but who DO NOT love us back! So if Trump shoots a person on 5th Avenue, THAT is ok, especially if it’s a black person or an immigrant. If Hillary Clinton sneezes on anybody, she is a monster who is trying to infect the world with influenza! And this hypocrisy cuts BOTH ways,! BOTH parties are equally at fault!

While politicians bask under 100-percent health coverage for themselves and possibly their dogs, too… we, like the dumbasses we are, operate like programmed robots…”repeal Obamacare”… leave me uncovered, no matter if my wife/daughter/sister/mother/BROTHER gets raped and the insurance company calls that a pre-existing condition. DON’T CARE! Don’t want Obamacare! These bots DON’T even KNOW why they don’t want it – but their politicians, who all HAVE GOVERNMENT funded healthcare tells them: “you should NOT have government funded health care”…so they’re following the Pied Piper! Why don’t you ask your congressional delegations to give up THEIR government funded healthcare?!


  • (Ro)Bots don’t have jobs, but they vote for someone who cuts jobs and makes HIS products overseas. You want a PATRIOTIC company; how about MacNeil Automotive Products – MADE IN AMERICA, with pride. Do you see the company execs on TV blowing hot air? No. Actions don’t need words – they speak for themselves!
  • Bots don’t have a home or they’re losing the one they have, so they vote for someone who has gold plated walls, gold-plated toilet seats and gold-plated dishes. Guess if you’re broke, he will scrape off some the edgeS of his toilet seat and give it to you to pawn!
  • Bots can’t afford to fly, probably never stepped on a plane – but vote for someone with (according to lying New York Times) helicopters (plural) and several airplanes (see photos below), including a gas-guzzling private Boeing 757 that seats about 200 people and uses more money in fuel (thousands of dollars an hour) than bots made in 10-years!
  • Bots vote for Trump who cut funding for drug treatment – while their community is being ravaged by drugs…but what does THAT matter, if he’s deporting immigrants. See ALL those immigrants who are leaving and taking the meth with them? You’re good now…

Bots are so fuelled by hate, they can’t see the forest for the trees until the Zika virus comes to bite them in the behind, then it will be the fault of immigrants.

Can’t understand why there are so many devastating tornadoes, floods and droughts? immigrants!

Why that nuclear facility tunnel collapsed in Washington State? Immigrants.

Why bots don’t have a college degree? Immigrants!

If we CANNOT see that there is SOMETHING wrong with the current political climate; if we cannot SEE that this White House is a chaotic super-mess; if we cannot see that THIS dysfunction is NOT what America should be presenting to the world – if we cannot see that a republican president like a Mitt Romney or a Paul Ryan even, would act with DIGNITY reflecting the office of President of the United States; if we are so BLINDED by ideology that we can no longer see, acknowledge and speak the TRUTH, regardless of how it looks for our side, then welcome to the great decline. NO Supreme court Judge is worth THIS! Beware you get a  judge and lose BOTH a president and a party!

Because Democrats will gain power and UNDO everything that Trump/republicans do now…Republicans will return and re-undo – and fiddle, fiddle…

Americans? Americans…do you hear me? Republicans, Democrats and Independents…

  • Do you want clean air?
  • Do you want clean water, no lead, no contaminants?
  • Do want good paying jobs?
  • Do you want safe streets, neighborhoods?
  • Do you want good schools?
  • Do you want to reduce, pay down the National Debt?
  • Do you want a strong, technologically capable military?
  • Do you want healthcare that covers PRE-EXISTING conditions?
  • Do you want to drive on a bridge that will not fall into the Water? Airplanes that terrorist don’t blown up?
  • Do we want an America that is free of terror threats?
  • An America that is FREE?
Taken by Adrian AdrandeSubmitted by Dominic Maldonado

2013 Brige Collapse. Seattle, Washington

Are there going to be TWO different sets of air? The clean red air for republicans to breath, while the democrat sitting next to him at the ball game is breathing polluted blue air?

Are there going to be TWO different levels of airlines?  Republican Air with its RED logo that terrorism akeep targetting and blue Democrat Air, with its Donkey logo, that terrorists send valentines to?

ARE WE NOT JUST DUMB ASSES — ALL? What the HELL is the fighting for?

Oh France, France – what are your people drinking to make you so politically savvy, while we over here are acting like functional illiterates? If it is the wine – I don’t drink, but it might be time now for me to go out and get roaring drunk!

PS: Trump’s veiled “threat” to Comey is NO  bluff.

I believe Trump tried and TRIED to get Comey to say he (Comey) would be “LOYAL” so HE (Trump) could get Comey ON TAPE and compromize him. If Comey, a SEASONED veteran, did not go to the Oval Office, in this climate of Trump, without HIS OWN MIKE and a gadget that would sweep for listening devices and hidden recorders…then he DAMN well NEEDED TO BE FIRED.

James Comey.jpg

Wonder if HE will guess I’m checking for recordings??? 

Here’s what I think:…for what it’s worth: Trump is like the Wizard of Oz. And now we are getting a peek behind the curtain…

All that facade about savvy businessman and deal maker…blah! (Romney, others KNEW.) Trump is just the public face of the Trump empire, the spokesperson. His kids, namely Ivanka, is/are running the show. After his dramatic bankruptcies, nearly running the company into the ground, I suspect Donald became a figurehead. The public was lulled into a myth about Trump and now that’s being exposed!

I also believe Mr. Trump is regretting becoming President…because with his inability to earlier grasp the scope of the Presidency, HE thought it would be as easy as his Wizardry of Oz, but being President is NOT mirors and magic…so he is out of his depth, because his kids CANNOT save him in this setting…though they are trying, moving to the oval office, purging the insane people or keeping them at arms length…but HE is Donald Trump! Unruly, out of control…

Notice how his wife, who knows him best of all, is keeping a low profile. She knows. If only Mrs. Trump would write a Kiss-and-Tell?


So, Donald Trump is slowly sabotaging his own presidency. And you can watch it unravelling. Sad. If only he would hire some excellent republicans (or democrats/people) with the skills needed to salvage this ship, like a Carl Rove (whom I detest, by the way, but he’s good at what he does!).

But Donald WILL NOT tolerate anyone who so much as watches him cross-eyed…so here we are.

Who in their right mind will CHALLENGE the FBI when the agency is investigating you, especially after you called them names, like Nazis?

OK, President Trump. May I remind you that Comey is not Rosie O’Donnell?  HE knows what’s in your tax returns…

And please, PLEASE Mr. President, I know nobody around you can tell you to STOP talking…but I’m not around you. For heaven’s sake: STOP TALKING! STOP TWEETING. STOP watching TV.  

Just STOP!

Head for the gym. Go biking. Golf! Jeez!

Photo Op Health Care 2017

Yep! This Photo Op! See you later, alligator.  The President craves “loyalty” even at your expense.

Republicans, it is ON your heads…if (when?) this trainwreck unravells. All it will take is replaying that photo op in the Rose Garden to “celebrate” a bill that’s going nowhere. Heard of the Bridge to Nowhere? This is the Healthcare BILL to Nowhere!

Take a page oput of the Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz playboook: GET OUT NOW, WHILE THE GOING IS STILL GOOD! Remember I warned you…while you can still smell sweet.

All photos from Google Images, unless otherwise stated…

Why – Mr. Soros?

Soros home

One of billionaire George Soros’s many homes. New York state.

The modern-day left-wing RADICALS who protest against the people who live in mansions like these…take money from people who live in mansions like these!

So, you want to PROTEST Trump? And…?

Are you going to make us aware of something about Trump WE DON’T ALREADY KNOW? WHAT IS your point? (Apart from exercising your democratic right to protest, to gather, to speak — which, incidentally, you try to DENY to others.)

Do you have some shocking EXPOSE about Trump? For example: is Trump really Satan in disguise — OR Hitler OR Elvis? Or even Tupac?

Trump protest

IF you are going to proclaim that Trump is misogynistic, bombastic, racist, imperialist, narcissistic, unrealistic, an attention-getter, race-baiter, not to mention jet-setter…WE KNOW!!!

We TRULY don’t NEED you to point out Mr. Trump’s flaws. Those of us who’ve been following the Primaries, debates and Caucuses, news and talk-shows…we KNOW. Even people who are NOT following just know – it’s blowing in the wind! CAN’t miss it!

We’re unlikely to see a placard at your protest and go: “Oooohh – No Wall!” So, you want to occupy the Capitol and will “demand that Congress listen to the People and take immediate action to save our democracy. And we won’t leave until they do or until they send thousands of us to jail.”

Bring paper to write your last will and testament – or enough money for bail. Plan to say there until you die! Or someone sells something on eBay to raise money to bail you…

Sessions - Trump

Sessions (yellow tie) and Trump

Mitch McConnell


I don’t see Mitch McConnell or Jeff Sessions granting any concessions to you…that they won’t give to President Obama. Or maybe they’ll turn tail and run….who knows?

Now why would thousands of you want to go to jail to make Congress LISTEN to you. How stupid is that? There is a much EASIER WAY to make Congress listen to you. It’s called an Election and it’s coming up in November. If you VOTE in the same masses that you are protesting with – then the political landscape will change…and Congress will listen.

Sending “thousands” of you to jail means building MORE jails which you oppose! Don’t BE silly…well, I know it’s HARD, but, really – DON’T be silly! Try!!! 

Trump rally.jpg

We want MORE of this???

Trump rally protestsMaybe, you will cause a riot and Trump’s supports will go: “Just look at those free-speech killing Liberals trying to trump Trump. Let’s go home. I really can’t vote for somebody that Liberals don’t like!”

Please stay home! DO NOT go to Philly, (Philadelphia) the City of Brotherly Love, to DISRUPT Trump…

Do not interfere with Trump…LEAVE Trump alone.

Nothing you do will derail Trump. Everything you do may likely STRENGTHEN Trump. In addition, you will make Democrats look bad. Crazy commies! 

Republicans are already HANDING you the election gift-wrapped with a “you’re fired” bow! Why is it so hard for you to be quiet – and silent – and just watch!? Why must you always want to do? WHY? 

I loathe extremes, equally…be they anarchists on the LEFT or Separatists on the RIGHT!

Federal land

Mr. Soros, republicans claim YOU are funding the anti-Trump Protesters. If you really, really want to help…let me count the ways:

• I need a house. Nothing expensive. Just 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, biggish yard, could probably fit on your patio…
• Many of the “protesters” need help with their student/other loans
• Help some families facing foreclosure
• Come to Boston and pay for Summer Camp for inner city kids
• Housing groups desperately NEED funding to help tenants fight off higher rents and displacement due to gentrification
• Help build a pleasant housing complex for the working poor who are being displaced by sky-high rents
• Firefighters need new equipment
• Police need money to run stay-out-of-trouble programs for troubled kids
• Excellent, non-egoistic third-party candidates need funding
• Need I go on?

Rupert Murdoch (glasses) net worth: 12 Billion and George Soros…23 Billion

Far be it for ME to tell those “millionaires and billionaires” on Wall Street whose greed is killing America (are you on Wall Street Mr. Soros?) HOW to spend their money – but we’d all be BETTER SERVED…if you invested in the above…instead of chaos!

No hatin’ in the city of Brotherly Love, bro…

Murdoch's ranch

Murdoch’s ranch in California: $20 milliion

We’d ALSO be better off if Rupert Murdock hadn’t imposed his “outlook” (to put it mildly) on America (via Fox News) and ended up making half the population hate each other. I think Murdock and Fox News (News? ha!) are largely responsible for creating today’s GOP chaos. Let’s not have another millionaire or billionaire starting another trend. Think politics BEFORE Fox…

PS: Any groups want to protest that one person owns so much living space? I will fund those protests…shouldn’t cost more that $20. I can afford that…

Photos: Google images

Black Lives DO NOT Matter

to other blacks, with few exceptions!!! Or to news networks, unless it is to score points…

A shooting every 3 hours…in Chicago, since January 01!!!

About 110 people shot in Chicago so far this year…with 17 killed!

WHERE are the Black Lives Matter protests? Where are you, reporters? Hypocrites…!!!

Do you think that when you make the police impotent, because you get so UPSET that the cops rough up thugs, that THAT will make you safer – or buy you rights? I’d believe you more if you DIDN’T think that ONLY the police need to be held accountable for killing black people! Believe you more if you marched against the thugs in your neighborhood shooting at you – in addition to ONLY marching against police.


Go ahead…keep shouting “Black Lives Matter” whenever police are the ones doing the shooting. Then stay quiet and hide when other blacks do the shooting…especially black thugs!!!

Think about the consequences to your actions? Well guess what?

When you videotape cops and hamper them from doing their work, and stay quiet and refuse to cooperate when thugs shoot up your neighborhood – then cops chill out…and you black protesters get shot by another black person who thinks that your black protester ass “lives” do NOT matter…

Yes, I know. Cops should not shoot unarmed people. Agree.

But cops have to deal with thugs everyday – thugs who often have NO conscience, and if you always want cops to handle thugs with kid gloves, then dream on.

And here’s to peace and security in your ‘hood!

 By the way, are the victims of these thug shootings suing any of these thug shooters for “wrongful death”?

Seems it’s a lot MORE lucrative for parents and loved ones when cops shoot their kids.

I can almost see this scenario:BLM

Child: Ma, kwante got shot. He got shot ma…he’s dead!

Mother: Who shot him?

Child: Jawon. Kwante and Jawon were arguing … and Jawon shot him…

Mother: Damn. You sure it ain’t the cops, boy…

Child: No ma, was Jawon. I saw him…but he didn’t see me…

Mother: Shut up boy. You see nothin’ – know nothin’ … hear me boy!

Yep…black lives matter! A lot!!!

Kamikaze Republicans

stubbornelephSix GOP senators, including Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and 62 Republican members of the House, led by Rep. Matt Salmon, R-Ariz., have signed letters calling on congressional leaders to use that budget debate to de-fund the president’s order.

Formally legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants requires federal workers to spend time and money on the process, and these Republicans want to craft budget bills that expressly forbid money being used to implement the president’s order.

From: USA Today

I think some Haitians put a Voodoo curse on Republicans – and serve them right too, for allowing Cubans to enter the country as soon as they reach land – and sending the Haitians back!

Oopsy! I put my foot in my mouth - again!!!  AGAIN?

Oopsy! I put my foot in my mouth – again!!!

If NOT a curse, then HOW do we account for the foot-in-your-mouth STUPIDITY of the GOP? The constant drumbeat to alienate and annoy a growing demographic that is exploding with consumer power and political influence?

WHY would Republicans even WANT to derail the President’s Executive Immigration Order? If I was a Republican (and very happy  I am NOT, thank you!), I’d rant and rave, yes, and shout about the “abuse of Presidential power”, but I would NOT – repeat would NOT, son…overturn, over-rule, derail or try in ANY way to nullify the President’s Immigration Order – WITHOUT offering something of my own. But what do I know, non-Tea Party, er…coffee-drinker that I am?

HERE’S WHY the President needs to act:Anti-Immigration Tea Party ProtestAnti-immigration

The Comprehensive Enforcement and Immigration Reform Act of 2005 (proposed by Senators John Cornyn and Jon Kyl, dead on arrival by Republicans who hold MAJORITY in Senate.

– The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 (Senator Arlen Specter) passed in the Senate in May 2006 – KILLED in the Republican controlled House!

– The Security Through Regularized Immigration and a Vibrant Economy Act of 2007 (a House version – it DIED too!) Anyone recalls “cloture”? Senate NEVER voted on bill! The DREAM Act: IT too is DEAD on arrival!

– The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 ( Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007) – derailed by Republicans.

– The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 (Sen. Charles Schumer, co-sponsored by other “Gang of Eight” members). Passes Senate June 2013. DIES in House – Republican Speaker John Boehner REFUSES to bring bill to House floor for a vote.

Apparently NOT!

Apparently NOT!

Republicans have SUCCESSFULLY blocked Immigration Reform since 2007. First, they got their base to flood Congress with phone calls and deployed massive lobbying. That worked.

Then they threatened to overthrow fellow Republican House Speaker John Boehner if he so much as SAID the words: Immigration Reform. That worked, too…BUT!

Immigration Activists got smart. Groups pushing for Reform organized, got the big money, got the (champion of Republicans for no-regulation & cutting taxes) U.S. Chamber of Commerce behind them; got the (bastion of Republican voters for values) The National Association of Evangelicals behind them…and came up with a concerted push-back of their own.

Immigration Reform Rally, Boston 2013

Add to this the power of the Hispanic vote (and the black and Immigrant vote) and the FIRST SHOT that was sent across the Democrat’s bow in the 2014 Mid-Terms. THAT was enough to get the President to take action – the SAME action that he could not take before!

Republicans KNOW they needed to bluster, scream and threaten as LOUDLY as they could BEFORE the President acted, to again cow Democrats into doing nothing, which suited the GOP just fine. Doing NOTHING, a Republican pastime, kept the Republican base happy; left Democrats holding the bag for the “nothing” that happened; contributed to a demoralized, disenchanted Democrat base and translated to fewer votes and lost seats in Congress and state Capitols.

Republicans were licking their chops…when suddenly, they lost their bone!  Now, they have to come up with a new playbook. Just as they started picking up some Hispanic votes by blaming Obama for NO reform…the President lobbed a back-hand into their court. Ace Obama. Your move GOP?

What CAN they do now? jack in box

If they DARE to repeal any Executive Action, now they will alienate Hispanics and other immigrants for good.

If they even hint that they will repeal any action during the 2016 Presidential race, then they run the risk of alienating Hispanic and immigrant voters.

If they DON’T, then they alienate their base.

If Republicans shut the government down over Immigration Reform, Americans will get angry.

If the Tea Party Ted Cruz faction INSISTS on shutting the government down, AGAIN, this time over Immigration Reform…some Republicans will not go along and this could get ugly. Oh golly!

If they sue the president, they will look stupid!!!

If they try to impeach, they have NO legal basis and will look even MORE stupid and petty. Plus, to blacks, that will really cement the antipathy, at a time the GOP is pretending to “reach out” to black voters…!

Ooohh — it’s NOT good to be Republican right now!

Republican strategy

No Sununu! Romney has “American Dream” – US have Nightmare!

Mitt Romney’s Venture Capitalist pal John H. Sununu went on a RANT in “defence” of

John H. Sununu: Says President Obama must “learn how to be an American.” He was born in Cuba, but he must teach an American how to BE American!!! ¡Ay, caramba!

Romney and stirred up a bigger controversy by saying: Obama must “learn how to be an American!”

The former Republican governor of New Hampshire (1983-1989) also had this to say about OUR President.

  • Obama comes from a “political-slash-felon environment”
  • “Obama is a reflection of a corrupt political environment in his hometown of Chicago where “politician and felon have become synonymous.”
  • Obama is practicing “crony capitalism” where friends and campaign donors are rewarded. (Unlike Jack Abramoff. Google Abramoff…and the LONG list of Republicans who went down in that corruption scandal.)

Of course this is the same John H. Sununu who ALSO said:

  1.  “I do not support raising the minimum wage, and the reason is as follows. When the minimum wage is raised, workers are priced out of the market. That is the economic reality that seems, at least so far, to be missing from this discussion.” ($7.25 in NH)

Vail, Colorado where Sununu went skiing at TAXPAYER expense. Cost? $86-thousand!

So I ask again. Is THIS the SAME John Henry Sununu, Republican from New Hampshire, who as White House Chief of Staff (George H. W. Bush/1989 -1991):

  • Reportedly took personal trips, for skiing and other purposes, and classified them as official?
  • Who (according to The Washington Post) went on trips that “took him to fat-cat Republican fund-raisers, ski lodges, golf resorts and even his dentist in Boston?”
  • Who chalked up one ski trip to Vail, Colorado that cost taxpayers $86-thousand?
  • Who repaid over $47,000 to the government for the flights on the orders of White House counsel?

Air Force Jet. Part of the fleet used by federal officials (2009) The Air Force version of the Gulfstream V costs $66 million. Operation cost: About $3,000 an hour.

  • Who reimbursed the government at commercial rates, which are about one-tenth the cost of the actual flights?
  • Who paid the government only $892 for his more than $615,000 worth of military jet travel?
  • Who said that his use of the jets was necessary because he had to be near a telephone at all times for reasons of national security?
  • Who, after leaking rumors of financial difficulties in his family, traveled to a rare stamp auction at Christie’s auction house in New York City from Washington in a government limousine, spending $5,000 on rare stamps?
  • Who then sent the car and driver back to Washington unoccupied while he returned on a corporate jet?
  • Who had 45 newspapers ran editorials on HIM, nearly all of them critical of his actions…in just ONE week?

(source: Wikipedia)

Charles McGee, head of New Hampshire Republican party. Sentenced to prison for jamming Democrat phones during 200 Senate race in NH. Sununu’s son won, narrowly

NO! It cannot BE that SAME John Sununu? He’s NOT talking about a:  “political-slash-felon environment”

IS THAT WHAT HE MEANS BY LEARNING: “How to be an American.” I suggest the President PASS on that lesson. Er, thank you, anyway! 

Now, the New Hampshire he’s referring to – is that THE New Hampshire that sits atop my home state of Massachusetts?

The NEW HAMPSHIRE where Republican Party members were implicated in the 2002 Senate Election Phone Jamming Scandal? Where the New Hampshire Republican Party hired a telemarketing firm for election tampering?

Republicans used a call center to jam phone lines of a Democrat Get Out The Vote operation. They made 900 calls in 45 minutes to disrupt the Democrat’s operations!

  • In the 2002 Senate election, Charles McGee, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Republican Party was convicted of using computerized phone calls to “disrupt enemy communications” of a Democratic effort to get out the vote for their candidate running against republican John E. Sununu, Mr. Sununu’s son.
  •  It was one of the largest scandals in the state’s history. Sununu (Jr) was elected by about 19-thousand votes.

Sununu’s son: John E Sununu. Won U.S Senate race in New Hampshire after Republicans jammed Democrat phone lines. Lost to Democrat Jeanne Shaheen in 2008.

  1. McGee pleaded guilty to a felony and was sentenced to seven months in prison.
  2. Allen Raymond was sentenced to three months in federal prison.
  3. James Tobin, Regional Director of the Republican Senatorial Committee was also convicted, but then reversed on appeal.
  4. Sununu’s SON, John Edward Sununu narrowly won that 2002 election but he LOST after ONE term to Democrat Jeanne Shaheen in 2008.

(source: Wikipedia)


Mr. Sununu (Sr.) please visit to see how YOUR state, NEW HAMPSHIRE, stacks up to President Obama’s state, LLINOIS.


Your lily-clean New Hampshire is getting a D grade with a Score of 66 and a Rank of 34, out of the 50 states.

Big, bad, gansta Illinois is getting a C!

(So you’ll KNOW what you’re saying next time you put your granite foot in your mouth) Georgia is the worst state – with an overall F grade and 50 rank. Maine, next door to New Hampshire, is one of the states to get an F from The Center for Public Integrity (CPI) for: failure to adhere to basic standards of transparency and political integrity.

The criteria by which the CPI graded each state included the level of explicit favoritism, cronyism, and general contempt for their own laws exercised by state legislators and politicians.

Much of the CPI’s State Integrity Investigation, the first of its kind, emphasized that an overwhelming amount of America’s states lack the legal mechanisms to enforce laws that would otherwise curb internal corruption — leaving an abundance of local channels through which the ethically questionable can exercise their favorite species of fraud.

New Hampshire: Corruption Risk Report Card

Overall Grade: D. 66% — Rank among 50 States: 34

Public Access to Information F Political Financing D

Executive Accountability


Legislative Accountability


Judicial Accountability


State Budget Processes


State Civil Service Management




Internal Auditing


Lobbying Disclosure


State Pension Fund Management


Ethics Enforcement Agencies


State Insurance Commissions




Illinois: Corruption Risk Report Card

Overall Grade: C. 74% — Rank among 50 States: 11

Public Access to Information B- Political Financing C+

Executive Accountability


Legislative Accountability


Judicial Accountability


State Budget Processes


State Civil Service Management




Internal Auditing


Lobbying Disclosure


State Pension Fund Management


Ethics Enforcement Agencies


State Insurance Commissions




July 17, 2012: New Hampshire Employment Security Commissioner Tara Reardon resigned amid allegations that she hired her daughter as an intern, then had her laid off in order to receive unemployment benefits.The situation has focused attention on New Hampshire’s ethics laws, which are weaker than those of many other states.

Reardon’s husband is Jim Bouley, mayor of Concord and a longtime lobbyist–>Bouley is partners with Mike Dennehy, the senior Republican political strategist–>Dennehy is friendly with both Republican candidates for governor: front-runner Ovide Lamontagne and rival candidate Kevin Smith.

Massachusetts: Corruption Risk Report Card

Overall Grade: C — 74% — Rank among 50 States: 11

Public Access to Information F Political Financing B

Executive Accountability


Legislative Accountability


Judicial Accountability


State Budget Processes


State Civil Service Management




Internal Auditing


Lobbying Disclosure


State Pension Fund Management


Ethics Enforcement Agencies


State Insurance Commissions




Sununu says: “The American dream seems more about waking up every morning and knowing that the government is going to provide free education, free school lunches and a college education, a guaranteed job with healthcare, paid vacations and 99 weeks of unemployment if it turns sour.”

NO, No, NO, Mr. Sununu, that is NOT the American dream. That is an American Nightmare that many people find themselves in right now…thanks in part to an intransigent bunch of Republicans in Congress who have done NOTHING but say “NO!”

The American Dream is what Romney has:

Romney’s California estate. He plans to break it down, rebuild.  Two-level, four-vehicle garage will have a separate elevator to move cars between floors, outdoor lap pool and basement bigger than living quarters in White House. (New York Daily News)

  • An 11-acre $15-million New Hampshire summer vacation estate, with boathouse.
  • A $12-million (2008) California mansion at La Jolla that he plans to break down and rebuild. NEW 11,000 sq ft home has it’s OWN lobbyist — to navigate through California’s complicated bureaucracy. 
  • Bank accounts in Switzerland, Bermuda, Caymans, Luxemburg etc.
  • To be a millionaire and pay LESS in taxes than the middle class.
  • Claiming 77-thousand dollars as a Tax Deduction for his horse, like Romney did.
  • Wearing a thousand-dollar blouse, like Mrs. Romney.
  • Having your Gross Adjusted Income at 22 million, like Romney in 2010.
  • Maid service at your various homes.
  • Several cars for which you need split-level elevators.
  • etc, etc

Now THAT, Mr. Sununu is the AMERICAN DREAM.

Oh yes…and becoming President!

OBAMA’S Calculated Flop!

So he brings Gays back home.  Will Joe Biden now make some revelation about Immigration? HISPANICS how, now?

Ah president Obama! My president. You love him passionately or hate him with equal fervor! It’s hard to BE indifferent when it’s comes to our 44th President. Obama who? Ah, I don’t care. Huh-huh!

So he’s brought his feelings out of the closet…and he supports gay marriage. Well that puts Mitt Romney on the spot! The Republican Presidential challenger can’t even breathe if the Tea Party does NOT allow it. Romney, poor guy, he tried…he hired a gay consultant. But PRESSURE from the right forced him to cave in. NOPE, he can’t have a gay anything or even appear to favor anything gay – which is why he looks so morose. If he’s funny and gay – oops I used gay. Nope, Romney can’t

Makes you wonder how he would govern — with Rick Santorum and the Tea Party ALREADY breathing down his neck…during the primaries!

So Joe Biden announces he supports gay marriage and of course somebody just HAD to ask the President too – and he naturally just HAD to tell you. That’s a scoop, but I don’t know whose scoop!

Did the reporter get Obama or did Obama get the reporter?

I feel about President Obama the way I feel about my son: frustrated! I love my child but by God sometimes I want to thump him – and I’m planning all kinds of punishments in my mind – and then I try to reason with him – and he charms me – and I forget what the hell I was upset about – and I end up giving him money to go buy some game I absolutely detest!

By gosh if I was married to President Obama I’d already have pulled out ALL my hair! Can you imagine trying to argue with this guy – especially if like me you THRIVE on argument? You’re deliberately smashing the plates Rham Emanuel gave you as a house warming present – he’s just sitting there – watching you… ARRGH!

Here is a brilliant guy who swept into office on a tsunamic surge of approval and within 2 years he’d squandered his political Capital on Health Care Reform that’s no reform? Four years later, we’re still fighting over “Obamacare.” Why? Because it was badly done! Why? Because President Obama wants to please everybody – and whenever you do that, you end up pleasing NOBODY and EVERYBODY ends up NOT liking you!

He tried sooo hard (well he appeared to try) to please Republicans. He dined them and breakfasted them and played golf with them and begged them…and they said: NO. We intend to make you a ONE-TERM president.

Me, I’d have told Republicans to…er, get lost…long ago, but not Obama. He’s the Little Engine That Thinks He Can…The Energizer Bunny of Politics. He keeps going and going. He’s losing Democrats in his zeal to win Republicans. They ain’t never gonna like you, no matter if you give them a kidney! Both kidneys! Forget them!!!

If President Obama had spent all that time he wasted trying to woo Republicans on pleasing Democrats and Independents, he’d be riding high today.

Finally, this black opposition to Gays NEEDS  to change.

Let’s hope black pastors in the U.S. follow Obama’s lead and understand the DIFFERENCE between Legal Rights and Religious Beliefs. Without the courts Blacks and Whites would NOT be able to marry today, either. In fact without court rulings, blacks in America would be treated like gays – or worse!.

The black church’s views on homosexuality do not MAKE black gays go away. It makes them go UNDERGROUND – on the “Down-Low” and that deception is destroying black lives.

Here are the Facts from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

  • African Americans are the racial/ethnic group most affected by HIV.
  • In 2009, African Americans comprised 14% of the US population but accounted for 44% of all new HIV infections.
  • Young African American gay and bisexual men are especially at risk of HIV infection.
In 2009, black men accounted for 70% of the estimated new HIV infections among all blacks. The estimated rate of new HIV infection for black men was more than six and a half times as high as that of white men, and two and a half times as high as that of Latino men or black women.
In 2009, black women accounted for 30% of the estimated new HIV infections among all blacks. Most (85%) black women with HIV acquired HIV through heterosexual sex. The estimated rate of new HIV infections for black women was more than 15 times as high as the rate for white women, and more than three times as high as that of Latina women.

2011. The Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus:

BLACK pastors! Help BREAK the stigma. Stop gay black men from having sex with females to COVER their gay inclinations. This leads to negative/deadly results for these women. Few black males DARE to be openly gay. They’re too ashamed to come out due to the rigid and intolerant anti-gay attitudes of black people…fostered by PASTORS who are often unschooled in theology and teach the opposite of love and tolerance. Thanks…! You’re really helping.

Wake up, pastors. Don’t wait until your black congregation is dead…or dying!

Augusta’s…Hole-In-One Moment.

I am both For and Against the argument that Augusta should admit women. and I’ll tell you why…

The only reason I got interested in golf was because of Tiger Woods. I was in England when such a fuss was being made over Tiger Woods (he was playing in the British Open, I think…) that I decided to watch…and was fascinated. I later watched him play at the 1999 Ryder Cup – in Brookline, MA. And that’s the extent of my dealings with golf.

Augusta National Golf Club. Membership is strictly by invitation. There is no application process.

Argument against.

Why MUST private male clubs like The Augusta National Golf Club be forced to admit women if it wishes to remain non-inclusive?

You can argue that they’re sexist, or racist or anti-whatever. I say so what?

It seems to me that a group of men or women or kids or dogs or racists or nationalists or immigrant haters or constitution amenders CAN and should be able to form a group or an organization and DECIDE who should be members.

Are you telling me that I would be a bad person or a hater of fathers or disrespectful of married women if I started a club for single mothers and limited it to single black mothers…or single mothers who underwent a gender change – or single mothers who don’t work – or single mothers from the projects or single mothers from English speaking countries?

What if the club develops so much power that eventually anyone we back for President wins?

Should I then open up to other people – even if my agenda is to propel the specific group I represent into the White House? A group that I decide YOU do not fit? What if I do not want you or others like you, (whether they be black, white or female) to ever gain power, misguided as my sentiments may be? Should a Republican sue to join the Democratic National Committee – and vice versa?

Would someone then FORCE me to accept DIVORCED mothers? Or married mothers? Or mothers from Poland? Why…?

U.S. Supreme Court Building, Washington, DC
In Roberts v. United States Jaycees, the Supreme Court held that associations may not exclude people for reasons unrelated to the group's expression. However, in the subsequent decisions of Hurley v. Irish-American Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Group of Boston, the Court ruled that a group may exclude people from membership if their presence would affect the group's ability to advocate a particular point of view. The government cannot, through the use of anti-discrimination laws, force groups to include a message that they do not wish to convey...Wikipedia.

Seems to me that as soon as SOMEBODY does NOT like what you say – or WHO you are – or WHAT you do — it becomes a NATIONAL furor!

Let’s FORCE other people into OUR way of thinking. 

Should I now try to join the Ku Klux Klan? What if I believe that after interacting with ME they’ll change their opinions of black people? 

Shouldn’t groups be able to remain homogenous or exclusive if they want to? 

There are agencies that SHOULD be open and accessible to all…and there are agencies that can remain exclusive.

How about pushing for women to play in the NBA or the MLB…? Wouldn’t that make more sense?

2011 photo of WNBA players - past, present, future..

Shouldn’t the NBA have female players by now? Someone from the WNBA? Remember Lisa Leslie -retired Los Angeles Sparks (1997-2006, 2008-2009). How about pushing for THAT, hmn?

Instead of whining that: a group of white males won’t allow me to play with them…!!! SO WHAT? FORM YOUR OWN CLUB…

Come here to Massachusetts. We have lots of land where you IBM can set up an exclusive club, a GOLF club even,  for female executives. One where we (well not “we”…I’d not be accepted, ever. DO YOU SEE THESE HOT SHOT FEMALE EXECS INVITING A WOMAN FROM THE PROJECTS TO JOIN THEIR CLUB? But I’ll whine about THAT later.)

Open a Club where these “female execs” can sit around, put their legs up and not worry too much if there is a glimpse of underwear. (It happens.) And when they bend over, then no big deal either over the view from either the front or the back. But more importantly, where females  can mouth off with no restraint about how men really, really are pigs! Sorry boys…

(No. You do NOT need to talk about female issues at all! Talk about kicking male a–! Talk about kicking other female a–! Talk about breaking into the market in China. 

Talk about setting up a scholarship fund for the kids of poor, clueless female bloggers like me! (What about MALE bloggers, you ask ? Yes, what about them…?)

Wouldn’t take long before it was MEN whining about joining YOUR club!!!

Argument FOR

IBM CEO Virginia Rometty

 Now while I can run my mouth as much as I want, NOT being a lawyer, I can only make the case with a quote from the link above, titled:


“National associations with restrictive membership policies are faced with a choice. They may continue their discriminatory membership policies in the hope that either states will refrain from applying public accommodation statutes against them or, if enforcement is attempted, that they will be able to defend themselves successfully in court.

Immediately after the decision in U.S. Jaycees was announced, spokespersons for at least two national associations with all-male membership policies expressed confidence that their policies would receive the constitutional protection withheld from the Jaycees.n98 Although it is probably too early to say for certain, this may suggest that U.S. Jaycees will not result in a large number of associations voluntarily abandoning discriminatory membership policies.

The other option associations have is to do just that: to seize U.S. Jaycess as an opportunity to reconsider the purpose and value of a policy of excluding a particular class of persons, and then move to open up membership. At least with respect to sex classifications, one might guess — in view of the rapid rise in the public’s sensitivity to the consequences of gender-based discrimination — that many associations will choose that course.

Still, it is interesting to note that after women were admitted as members by its Minneapolis and St. Paul chapters, the national membership of the Jaycees continued to vote overwhelmingly to retain its all-male membership policy. In 1975, members voted down a proposal to open membership to women by a margin of about ninety percent to ten percent. However, the vote was dramatically different six weeks after the decision in U.S Jaycees was announced, when the Jaycees finally amended their bylaws to allow the admission of women as full members…”

And by the way, President Obama, you don’t always NEED to comment on everything…like Trayvon Martin or club memberships or race relations…

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