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Black Lives DO NOT Matter

to other blacks, with few exceptions!!! Or to news networks, unless it is to score points…

A shooting every 3 hours…in Chicago, since January 01!!!

About 110 people shot in Chicago so far this year…with 17 killed!

WHERE are the Black Lives Matter protests? Where are you, reporters? Hypocrites…!!!

Do you think that when you make the police impotent, because you get so UPSET that the cops rough up thugs, that THAT will make you safer – or buy you rights? I’d believe you more if you DIDN’T think that ONLY the police need to be held accountable for killing black people! Believe you more if you marched against the thugs in your neighborhood shooting at you – in addition to ONLY marching against police.


Go ahead…keep shouting “Black Lives Matter” whenever police are the ones doing the shooting. Then stay quiet and hide when other blacks do the shooting…especially black thugs!!!

Think about the consequences to your actions? Well guess what?

When you videotape cops and hamper them from doing their work, and stay quiet and refuse to cooperate when thugs shoot up your neighborhood – then cops chill out…and you black protesters get shot by another black person who thinks that your black protester ass “lives” do NOT matter…

Yes, I know. Cops should not shoot unarmed people. Agree.

But cops have to deal with thugs everyday – thugs who often have NO conscience, and if you always want cops to handle thugs with kid gloves, then dream on.

And here’s to peace and security in your ‘hood!

 By the way, are the victims of these thug shootings suing any of these thug shooters for “wrongful death”?

Seems it’s a lot MORE lucrative for parents and loved ones when cops shoot their kids.

I can almost see this scenario:BLM

Child: Ma, kwante got shot. He got shot ma…he’s dead!

Mother: Who shot him?

Child: Jawon. Kwante and Jawon were arguing … and Jawon shot him…

Mother: Damn. You sure it ain’t the cops, boy…

Child: No ma, was Jawon. I saw him…but he didn’t see me…

Mother: Shut up boy. You see nothin’ – know nothin’ … hear me boy!

Yep…black lives matter! A lot!!!

Dirty, Rotten Republican Scoundrels

Sarah Palin’s divorce from running mate John McCain is getting messier!

The tacky McCain team is escalating its war of words with the colleague THEY CHOOSE as their running mate. They’re telling Newsweek, Plain’s pricey shopping sprees were 300-thousand-dollars higher than the 150-thousand-dollars they previously reported. They say Palin asked low-level staffers to put purchases on their credit cards! One aide told Newsweek it was like “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast.”

And the worst part: (to me, at least), two McCain staffers tell Newsweek; a towel-wearing Plain greeted them when they arrived at her hotel room for a briefing during the Republican National Convention. (I’m wondering: where’s this leading?) Plain apparently asked them to chat with her husband in the meantime. (I’m going phew!? Lucky husband was there…or they’d probably say she dropped the towel!)

Why even mention that particular incident? Petty. Unsporting. Ungentlemanly! I don’t know Palin, but she doesn’t seem to be too constrained by social niceties. She probably felt at home, among friends. Little did SHE know. Ain’t no friends in this business, baby! Like your congressman, Ted Stevens, found out!

People who’ve followed my blog know that Palin is not my favorite person. But it just gets me so mad to see the McCain team treat Palin as though SHE’S the reason their candidate derailed. I would happily call Palin now, NOW, and tell her I’m sorry for the way those jerks are treating her. I’m not saying they’re lying, or not lying. I’m just saying, even if it IS true, this is not the way to do this. This woman could be back on a republican ticket. Where’s the part about: Country First?

And wasn’t McCain the one who, while all this was going on, appeared on  T-V with Palin, smiling, being “mavericky”. McCain knew Palin didn’t know what the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was, but he still insisted to America that she was a fellow “maverick” who could be president…and was doing a wonderful job? Seems to me whenever a republican tells you that you’re doing a wonderful job (as in President Bush’s Brownie down in Louisiana, post Katrina) the person on the receiving end of that “compliment” should immediate run for cover!

So the Maverick from Alaska didn’t know that Africa was a continent, while you, John McCain, maverick from Arizona, were reassuring us she had more foreign policy experience than Obama whose father IS from Africa? At least he’s been there! And as for NAFTA? Shucks, McCain’s co-maverick didn’t need to know anything, ’cause she could see Russia from her house! Or maybe that was really The Yukon?

You know John McCain, YOU were lying and diabolically obfuscating. And I find that distasteful and extremely off-putting. Shame on you, John McCain. Shame on you for publicly belittling the woman you chose to be your running mate. As I understand it, you used to get five people at your rallies, before Sarah Palin turned up…and brought in thousands!

America got it right Election Day. You lost because of YOU! Bad decisions, foolish choices and poor judgment. Find the cure for poor judgment, and maybe you can give it another shot…running against Sarah Palin! Now there’s a match I’d like to see!

Maverick versus barracuda. As one conservative loud-mouth put it: “Babies, guns, Jesus. Hot damn!”

You, Senator McCain, won’t have a chance in heaven…or in hell!

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