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Smart Voting


ARIZONA VOTES (Trump only) VOTES (Clinton, Johnson, Stein)
Clinton   936,250
Johnson     80,151
Stein      25,255
TOTALS: 1,021,154 1,041,656
FLORIDA 4,605,515
Clinton 4,485,745
Johnson     206,007
Stein       64,019
TOTALS: 4,605,515 4,755,771
Trump 2,279,805
Clinton 2,268,193
Johnson      173,057
Stein        50,700
TOTALS: 2,279,805 2,491,950
PENNSYLVANIA  2,912,941  
Clinton 2,844,705
Johnson     142,653
Stein       48,912
TOTALS: 2,912,941 3,036,270
Trump 1,403,694
Clinton 1,308,823
Johnson    106,367
Stein       30,934
TOTALS: 1,403,694 1,446,124

Transcript of text messages with left-winger who went to Washington D.C. to “protest” Trump’s inauguration…

ME (Boston): (Stirring the pot) – Happy Inauguration Day!text

HE: Worst day in US history. Here in D.C. with appropriate banner. See you tomorrow at Women’s March in Boston! Trying hard not to throw up

ME: Nope. Not marching against Trump. Wish him well and cutting him some slack until he screws up. Don’t share those sentiments. Dems sore losers

HE:  Already has screwed up. BTW on Monday he is proposing 10 trillion in budget cuts over next decade, twice Ryan budget cuts. I’m not a sore loser, don’t get mad, get even! I don’t wish him well…

ME: Childish tantrum! Boo hoo!

HE: Adult patriotism. Why do you identify with this jerk?

ME: Because I like some of what he stands for, and I hope he can turn some things around and because I don’t believe government is the answer … and because I don’t allow others to think for me – right or wrong!!! I’m surrounded by jerks! What’s one more?


…I was playing with his head a bit – pulling his strings. But I DO support the demonstrations (I don’t call them protests)…happening today (1/21/2017) in Boston, in the nation’s Capitol, in other U.S. cities and worldwide. I strongly support people marching peacefully (and in justified cases like the Civil Rights marches, more forcefully) to push for their rights…with respect and civility and a point/message.

What I DON’T support are those anarchists who took to the streets of Washington D.C on Inauguration Day, attacking police, burning cars and trashing people’s property. I don’t support tactics that instead of advancing a cause, push it backward. 

But YES, I’m pleased to see the HUGE turnout for the Women’s March the day after Trump’s inauguration. But it’s not enough to just put on a pink hat, walk around a couple blocks with a placard then go home and on election day tell yourself:

  • Well, I’m just too tired to go and vote
  • There will be a large turnout so if I don’t vote, it does not matter
  • My vote doesn’t count
  • I don’t like the candidate
  • I’ll have time, I’ll go later…I’ll go tomorrow, I’ll go next week!

Women’s March – Washington DC

Then, when a million other people don’t vote, because every single ONE of these people was thinking the VERY same things above, like you who did not vote for Clinton…all depending on someone else to carry the burden for you OR leaving that voting booth feeling sanctimonious for taking a political high road…we then turn out and “protest”! Yet when you had the opportunity to PREVENT all this, YOU DIDN’T.

This table I did above (hope my math is sound) shows what would have happened IF people had voted for Clinton instead of Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. Did these voters really believe that Gary Johnson (aka Mr. Aleppo, in my mind) and Jill Stein (remember “Jill not Hill”?) were better candidates than Hillary Clinton? Did they really believe that Jill Stein would win! Are you OUT of your minds? Now you’re protesting. So not impressed!!!


Women’s March – Australia/New Zealand

In my table alone, about A-MILLION people voted for Stein and Johnson. So let this BE a learning election. EVERY VOTE COUNTS and a “protest” vote is a vote FOR the opposition. The ONLY republican “protest” was in Utah where 207-thousand people voted for another republican, Mormon Evan McMullin, instead of Trump.

So hopefully, those people now in the streets who DID NOT vote, or voted Stein or Johnson or blank — WILL vote STRATEGICALLY in future elections and leave their petulant hurt feelings at home in November 2018 and beyond. Because when you SULK and DON’T VOTE for the Party candidate you did not want…you end up with a President and ruling party you also don’t want! (Although, Trump could do so well that everyone will vote for him! Who knows.)

And remember — NOT voting also means that your party loses:

  • Governors
  • Senators
  • Representatives
  • Other officials


Local results affect our lives in areas closer to home. Trump wasn’t the candidate the GOP establishment wanted. He wasn’t the candidate rank and file republicans wanted. But they rallied around him…while we were asking: “How can they embrace Trump with all the revelations about his treatment of women (alleged), his refusal to release his taxes, the things he said”, etc.

How? Because OF THE SUPREME COURT! They were smarter! FUTURISTIC!

While Democrats were nursing their fragile, HURT feelings, Republicans held their nose and voted FOR Trump, because they were looking ahead and Democrats and other Liberals were IN THE MOMENT, undergoing therapy. GROW UP! No wonder Republicans think we are sissies! We probably are, too!

Laters! vote

WHY Dems lost?

Let ME count some ways?

Republicans and I finally AGREE on something!

I CANNOT stand Nancy Pelosi…either, and I’m going to check which representatives from MA voted to keep her as House Minority Leader — and to ask them about it. (Seth Moulton did NOT. Good for him!)

Pelosi does not get it, the other democrats who support her DON’T get it…(well, they get fund-raising to get RE-elected!) and the Clinton circle STILL DOESN’T GET IT!

Why the HELL are they still blaming Trump for losing the election? Isn’t that what he’s supposed to do – make the challenger lose?

They don’t get why Trump won. They’re only looking at false news and negative attacks, Russia, the FBI, etc, everything and anything but them and their poor campaign, their plastic candidate, their negativity, their lack of connection, their manipulation behind the scenes, their lack of counter-punch, their arrogant assumptions…and keep missing the economics, disappointments and frustrations of people’s lives, missing the forest for the trees…while they earn millions and we earn zero…but keep asking you to DONATE, DONATE, CHIP IN.

Chip in – you dumb, insensitive (whatever!) With what…you out-of-touch (whatever)! Why can’t YOU chip in some of your millions? I need my 3-dollars to pay my rent. I don’t own an 11-room, 2-million-dollar mansion in Chappaqua. Donate WHAT?

I did NOTHING to support democrats in this election cycle – and that’s NOT because of Trump. It’s because I’m FED UP with democrats, (starting with President Obama), and their inability to connect with the cares of everyday people like me. I’m frustrated with Democrats because of their laissez-faire attitude to Immigration Reform, blaming Republicans for their failure to act, then pandering at election time with DACA. Trump appealed to HIS BASE. You did NOT! Multiply MY feelings by millions of other disgruntled, frustrated “liberals” who feel like me, for various reasons, and you get why Democrats lost. But don’t tell them, let them blame Trump. It’s easier.

I didn’t support Bernie. But if you ask him why Democrats lost, he will NOT lay the blame on Trump. He doesn’t…

At this point I’m actually thinking of going Republican, if they’d have me…eew!

Who knows, maybe Trump, crazy as it seems, MAY work out better for blacks like me!

Should I care if Trump has white supremacists in his cabinet – if he brings jobs and peace/security to my inner city? Or should I keep supporting no supremacists in the cabinet – and instead live with fear and economic depression?

Did I say I CANNOT STAND NANCY PELOSI? I am NOT a Trump hater. 20 million Americans voted for him. He is different. He is crazy. Hell, I’m giving him a chance. 2 years (midterms?) before I get on his case. I want to SEE what he will do, before I crucify him.

Did I say I cannot stand Nancy Pelosi and most of the current hierarchy in the Democratic Party?

Can someone tell me WHY Donna Brazile felt that Hillary Clinton, a seasoned politician, was NOT capable of answering a question from a CNN reporter? WHY she felt a need to slip Clinton the question on the sly beforehand? I find that morally reprehensible. If a candidate CANNOT answer a SIMPLE question off-the-cuff, then you have NO freaking right wanting to be – or BEING, president!

  • It’s not like the answer determined whether you went before a firing squad. Yes, in a situation where a wrong answer meant death or dismemberment, by all means, go ahead and “save” your candidate…but really? She needed prep to answer a question on the DEATH PENALTY? Why?
  • Did Hillary clinton NOT know that she was going to run for president? Are you telling me that all the while she was Secretary of State, she did NOT know she was running for president and only made THAT decision suddenly, in a great “aha” moment in March 2015? How do you explain her NOT knowing that she should have 2 separate and clearly demarcated servers – one to email daughter Chelsea to ask her to check on Bill – and one to email the State Department and the White House…and to KEEP THEM separate? Why the hell did she NOT know that?
  • I wrote to the president in 2008 begging him to tackle Immigration Reform FIRST. But no, he had to go tackle Health Care Reform, (because his mama had insurance issues) and so, he listened to Rahm Emmanuel (his then Chief of Staff) who thought that immigrants should remain a political football that would never deflate. Obama/democrats disregarded counter arguments. Well congratulations on “Obamacare” that unwieldy monstrosity that democrats sold out to the health care lobby. That was a great help. Helped you lose the mid-term, which meant NO immigration reform which pissed off Hispanics and immigrants and led to apathy. Great help! Helped in 2016 too! 
  • How about Montana Democrat, Max Baucus? HE chaired the Senate Finance Committee and was one of the LEADING architects of Obamacare. According to news reports, Baucus RESISTED including a public option (which would let people choose a government Medicare-like plan, instead of private insurers, and help keep costs down). THAT is understandable, since according to news reports HE, the great and mighty Baucus,  got nearly 2-million dollars from the insurers, hospitals and related groups – WHILE HE WAS SPEARHEADING OBAMACARE! Smelling a swamp? 
  • Do democrats LISTEN to ordinary people who are NOT Harvard’s grads or billionaires or celebrities? I’m no Katy Perry, how can I compete? If I live in the heartland and coal is going out of style and my town is dying, shouldn’t I be glad that I have clean air to breathe – even though I can’t pay my mortgage or feed my family. Ah, all that oxygen filling my stomach! Isn’t the O in O2 really tasty? Hey, the bank will accept the C too, if you tell your loan officer C stands for the Roman Numeral for hundreds!
  • Living in the inner city? For the FIRST week in November, three police/fire/EMS responses to my 14-family section, in one week! Fighting, drug use, trespassing. What a life. I look out my peephole and people are injecting drugs, buying drugs, selling drugs. Yep, I’m raring to donate! Yet I’m being asked to CHIP-IN 3-dollars to make the Boston fund-raising quota. F-you! What have you done for me lately?

Republicans are right – Democrats dice and slice voters. Blacks? Hispanics? Asians? Women? Blue-collar? Dog-lovers! Muslims! Gays! Immigrants! BULLSHIT. People.

Still don’t understand, MS. Pelosi? Fund-raising and MONEY DID not win 2016. Gender did NOT win. Experience did not WIN. Get THE freaking MESSAGE. What the hell are you doing for me, immigrant? What the hell are you doing for me – job loser in company deserting to Mexico or India? What the hell are doing for ME, working poor with two jobs earning minimum wage who still CANNOT afford to rent an apartment in Boston where the median rent is about 3-thousand dollars in many neighborhoods?

After all, earning minimum wage in Massachusetts, working 40 hours a week at $10 an hour is $400 BEFORE TAX. That is 16-hundred dollars a week. Holding TWO minimum wage jobs, working 80 hours a week (if you can), is $32-hundred dollars a month. STILL CANNOT MAKE THE RENT…not counting food, travel, clothing, utilities, etc. But hell, we’ll CHIP IN so you can win and cut deals benefitting your rich friends and cronies!

Guess what: Get lost!

Yes, I said it. F-you, Democrats. How much do you earn in Congress. before factoring in the perks and the bribes and the lobbying trips? The dinners/gifts/favors? The insider deals made IN THE SWAMP, on stocks, etc…

PS:  And Clinton staffers yelling at Kellyanne Conway (Trump’s campaign manager) and trying to vilify HER for your loss…just, in MY eyes…UNDERSCORES how much YOU still don’t GET it – and yes, your bitterness shows. Ha! HA HA!  


In other words? MOVEON.LOST!!!

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President Trump!

I should have followed my instincts and called it for Trump – because I never believed the Washington “pundits” (whom I despise), and the pollsters, about the outcome of this election. 


I had a gut feeling Trump would win. I did not want him to win, but felt he would win! I should have called it. Too late now – after the fact. My bad!

I don’t feel sorry for the Democratic Party. Actually I’m kind of glad democrats lost!

 They can go to hell for all I care. Maybe, just maybe, they will start LISTENING to the “ordinary” people they depend on to campaign for them and to cast ballots. Maybe, just maybe, they will open their doors and listen to us – instead of the Donna Braziles!


Which is why I did not lift a finger to campaign this cycle…nor did I contribute any money, despite the numerous texts to contribute just a dollar – or $3! Why the hell should I contribute money for a chance to ride with the candidate — or to meet the President? Shouldn’t I be able to meet the president without having to buy that favor? I tried to contact the President for free. I wrote to the White House several times. They never replied or acknowledged me. So why the hell should I campaign for your legacy?


And why should I chip in, when I earn next to nothing and you’re doing NOTHING for me, DID nothing for me in the last 8-years, while you’re millionaires? For 8 years democrats had a chance to do something on immigration, but they played politics with people’s lives and futures, then close to the 2012 election, democrats come up with DACA as another political ruse…instead of reforming immigration when they held BOTH the house and Senate in 2008.

Again: Get lost! Serve you right. Most of America is now red and pretty soon, your party’ll be dead!


I once foolishly tried to reach out to democrats. I also offered to testify on Immigration. But I guess I’m not a star, not a Hollywood personality! Who ended up testifying? Stephen Colbert! Instead of hearing from a real immigrant, lawmakers chose to play-act. And now you want me to campaign for you? How about getting the people who stayed in the Lincoln bedroom to go door knocking for you! Rural republicans are not the only ones hurting. Urban democrats are hurting too!


I think Democrats should go back and thank Rahm Emanuel who apparently persuaded President Obama to ABANDON Immigration Reform (reportedly against Michele Obama’s advice) in favor of Health Care/Obamacare which has been a noose around the neck of the President and the Democratic Party, ever since.

To the so-called “democrats” who sabotaged Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the Socialists who should perhaps form their own party instead of hiding under the democrats banner (because socialist is a dirty word in America) — thanks. Thank you Bernie Sanders for beating up on Hillary Clinton and giving Trump ammunition to aim at her. The party is yours now. But half that party will never vote for you either!


Thanks for helping damage and sully Clinton’s image and reputation and solidify her negativity in the eyes of voters.

Congratulations to the Bernie voters who did not “like or trust” Hillary Clinton enough so they voted 3rd party. You voted for Attorney General Chris Christie and Secretary of State Newt Gingrich and whatever Rudy Giuliani will be. I hope you like the representation you will get from your 3rd party candidate. I’d hate to see you throw your vote away.


You must be ecstatic that Hillary did not win! Yes, indeed — thanks for your “protest” vote! You will be invited to the White House to meet with Jeff Sessions and doctor Ben Carson to talk about climate change and all the other issues that you hold dear. Both Trump and your protest candidate will appoint Supreme Court judges who will uphold the issues you champion, like same-sex marriage and women’s reproductive rights.


Now I really feel sorry for Trump supporters. The ones who really believe he can actually DELIVER on the things he promised you.

I can already see the very warm welcome he’s going to get from both democrats and the “never Trump” republicans – to push his agenda.


I can’t wait to see him:

  1. Build the wall…even WITH Mexico paying for it!
  2. Repeal Obamacare.
  3. Round up and deport (illegal) immigrants.
  4. Battle the environmentalists on his energy policies.
  5. Battle his own party on non-intervention and trade.
  6. Get the jobs that evaporate due to technology to come back.
  7. Lock up Hillary Clinton.
  8. Send prosperous blacks and Hispanics back to being maids and underlings.

When you finally wake up, pinch me too!





Hypocrisy: Republican’s 28th Amendment!

How is it that the SAME Republicans who say Trump should be EXCUSED for his indiscretions/comments from 10-years ago because it is in the PAST and as good Christians we should forgive –  and Trump is NO LONGER the same person now…are happy to crucify Bill Clinton for his indiscretions of 20-years ago!

How is it that the same Republicans who insist that Hillary Clinton has a public persona and a private persona and that this means we can’t trust her because she says one thing in public and one thing in private, unlike Trump, who is “himself” at all times – REFUSE to accept that Trump IS what he says when he demeans women and others?

How is it that Republicans want a married woman, who loves her husband, and is hurt by his adultery, to support the women her husband had an affair with?

Does this not underscore the callous disregard Republicans have for women?

Republicans want Hillary Clinton, the scorned wife, to be NICE to her rivals…because that is what wives DO when their husbands cheat on them…

Which Republican wife – or any woman for that matter, reading this – is willing to go to meet with the women her husband cheated on her with and embrace them?

“Hey, so-oo nice to meet you! How can I support you? My family is going through hell AND public humiliation, but I insist on helping YOU, the other woman, cope. I want to be NICE to you for having sex with my husband!”

Really? I’m assuming Amish women do not read my blog!

Republicans say: Hillary enriched herself at the expense of public office…

I say:  Trump enriched himself at the expense of workers he stiffed…

They say: Hillary is a liar

TI say: Trump is an equal or bigger liar.


They say: NOTHING about his adultery, and the divorces, Republican hypocrites.

I say: Trump is a serial adulterer…and to Republicans, the epitome of Family values, naturally, unlike Bill Clinton who actually STAYED with his wife! The cad!

Hillary Is a Democrat. Trump is, well, Trump.

The better choice? You still don’t KNOW?

Ask republican Carly Fiorina. What did Trump say about her face again?


Hello Mike Pence. Embrace those “Family Values” you all so love to pontificate about! Moral majority…what a JOKE, when it’s so easily sacrificed at the altar (or would that be alter) of politics!

Chinese Dissident: Part 2. “No Comment”

I have a phrase for Mitt Romney…and other Presidential candidates who want to score points BEFORE having ALL the facts. In many cases, without EVER getting all the facts: “No comment.”

 Please don’t rush in where angels fear to tread.

President Obama did that too. He commented on President Bush’s policies on terror — then walked into the Oval Office and found that HE too, had to embrace some of the policies he’d criticized. Is the naval base at Guantanamo closed? NO! Sometimes we talk and end up with coal when silence is golden! (Nobody knows that better than I.)

It is easy to run our mouths (again, like me) when we DON’T have to walk the walk, when we’re NOT sitting behind the starting gate. But try to balance securing trade agreements and continuing to beg Chinese support FOR sanctions against Iran (which Romney pressed the Obama Administration to do – not even realizing that the U.S was ALREADY doing it) with America’s NEED to appear to support dissidents…and it becomes far less easy to talk the talk.

Guantanamo Base, Cuba

Obama chastised Romney and the GOP when they blasted him in March for NOT starting a THIRD WAR in the Middle East. Obama said then:

“…those folks don’t have a lot of responsibilities. They’re not commander in chief…and when I see the casualness with which some of these folks talk about war, I’m reminded of the costs involved in war; I’m reminded of the decision that I have to make, in terms of sending our young men and women into battle, and the impact that has on their lives, the impact it has on our national security, the impact it has on our economy…this is not a game…there’s nothing casual about it.”

But then Romney has about as much Foreign Policy experience as a pancake.

Remember when FOREIGN POLICY was the Republican’s “Litmus Test” for President.

When George Bush was in office, Republicans could NOT run on “The Economy” which was beginning its downward slide. It was NOT “The Economy, Stupid” it was: “Foreign Policy, Moron!”

They painted George Bush as the barnyard jock of Foreign Policy. He turned out to be Foghorn Leghorn. Republicans were STILL gung ho on foreign Policy when John McCain ran against Obama.

Sarah Palin and ABC’s Charles Gibson. “They’re our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.”

Foreign Policy was so big an issue, it torpedoed Sarah Palin. As soon as she said: “I can see Russia from my house!” she was toast. OK! Tina Fey said that on Saturday Night Live, NOT Palin. Palin said of Russia: “They’re our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.”


Nobody asked Palin about the economy. (We automatically knew she didn’t know, anyway). They – unfortunately for her, fortunately for us – asked her about The Bush Doctrine: a phrase used to describe the foreign policy principles of president George W. Bush.)

In her first major interview as the Republican vice presidential nominee, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was stumped when asked about the so-called “Bush Doctrine,” unable to answer whether she agreed with the six-year-old U.S. policy of military preemption.

Asked by ABC News’ Charlie Gibson whether she supported the Bush Doctrine, Palin stared blankly for a moment before turning the question back on Gibson. “In what respect?”

The ABC anchor responded, “Well, what do you interpret it to be?” clearly testing her knowledge of the policy that has been in place since September 2002, before the Iraq war.

Palin’s ABC Interview: Stumped On Bush Doctrine, Seems To Contradict McCain On Pakistan:  The Huffington Post   |   09-11-08

You remember…?

John McCain was being touted as a MAVERICK???

But now, NOW that they have a candidate whose foreign policy experience is his Mormon service in France, republicans are now putting their emphasis on the ECONOMY. (I’m NOT criticizing Romney’s Mormon service. I think service is a concept that MORE young people should get involved in. President Obama signed the “Serve America Act ” – April 2009 – which supports National Service programs like Americorps.)

Apparently these days, you can’t have a president who’s strong on BOTH. Gotta be Economy OR foreign Policy!

Loves me, loves me not!

Here’s how Republicans decide: “You love me: foreign policy…you love me not: economy! Love me…love me not….”

Look at your daisy now. Your last petal says: The Economy! Of course it’s a game. POLITICS is a game, an obfuscating game with moves like  ‘Fudge’ and ‘Prevarication.’

So when it suits Republicans “The Economy” is de rigueur for the job description as Commander-in-Chief. And depending on their candidate, then they scratch out business experience and highlight “Foreign Policy” as part of the job description!

I expect either party to nominate their mascots one year then try to convince us which mascot will make the better President: “Elephants have close family ties, Family Values! Donkey’s are hard working and Steady, Non elitist!”

So Mr. Romney: If YOU were negotiating with China today, and you needed to kiss their political a- – (not much choice, whether Republicans talk tough or not), what would YOU do?

Would you JEOPARDIZE any chance to negotiate trade and other agreements with China (What do you think Hillary Clinton and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner are doing over there? Looking for Reed Krakoff knock-offs?) OR would you support the dissident AND further piss off China who’s already smarting over its loss of face…and lose potential co-operation? Merely asking…

Cartoon poking fun at US Sanctions against Iran

You could grab Chen and bomb Tiananmen Square to force the Chinese to co-operate…


YOU COULD TRY TO DO THE DIPLOMATIC SHUFFLE, like our capable Secretary of State and the Obama Administration have been doing – and see if you can salvage BOTH.

With your VAST foreign Policy experience, Governor Romney, WHAT would YOU do?

I note YOU the great Capitalist businessman (Obama being the liberal anti-business Socialist/Communist) blasted the U.S embassy in China for:

  • “placing economic concerns above Chen’s freedom…”

and think:

  • “we should stand up and defend freedom wherever it is under attack.” In Africa too…? Sudan alone will keep you occupied for another 50 years, at least! And we’re not talking any old freedom, either – we’re talking “religious” freedom! Islam against Christianity. Mr. Romney…? When should America deploy?

NOW, if it is true that China will indeed allow the dissident to leave and come to New York University then BOTH China and the U.S. CAN SAVE FACE!

Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng and family. Heading to America…?

That is “Diplomacy”, Mr. Romney. Let’s hope that is what comes to pass and NOT your eitheror!

All your talk of never apologizing and thinking you can ride roughshod over China…this Bush Doctrine of ‘Unilateralism’ did NOT work for Bush – and it will NOT work for you.

Finally, maybe all these “illegal Immigrants” you want to send home should become activists. Instead of slaving here cleaning toilets, picking lettuce…working on your yard? Maybe they should indeed go back home – stage a sit-in against drug cartels in Juarez, Mexico. Then when they start getting shot and disappearing, it would be OK for them to come seek asylum (not Amnesty) in America and attend law School free, housing free, monthly checks free, medical free, everything free?

NYU is just a way for everybody to get what they want: China, Cheng, State Department!

How about THAT, Mr. Romney?

And finally, HOW do you propose to bring the following countries in line with US sanctions against Iran…one of the world’s largest producers of crude oil.

  • India. It cannot do without the oil it imports from Iran.
  • Turkey. Will only enforce United Nations approved sanctions. Imports a-third of it’s oil from Iran. US has tried strong-arm tactics.

    U.N. Security Council: 5 Permanent Members: China, France, Russia, U.K, U.S. 10 Non-Permanent Members: Azerbaijan, Colombia, Germany, Guatemala, India, Morocco, Pakistan, Portugal, South Africa, Togo.

  • Japan. Depends on Iran for 10-percent of its oil. Agreed to buy less…
  • China.  World’s biggest energy consumer. Iran’s biggest buyer. Supported UN sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program but says US sanctions against Iran are improper and ineffective.
  • Russia. Like China, holds a veto on the United Nations Security Council. Important trading partner with Iran, vehemently opposes oil sanctions.

Or do these issues no longer matter as much as Romney’s dog?

Next posting Monday

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Foreign Policy 101: Chinese Dissident, Part 1

April 28, 2012…


  • Chinese Dissident Reportedly Hiding In U.S. Embassy
  • Challenge for U.S. After Escape by China Activist
  • Escaped dissident Chen Guangcheng believed to be hiding in US embassy in Beijing

Chinese dissident: Chen Guangcheng

A Chinese human rights group claims prominent dissident Chen Guangcheng is now “under United States protection” after escaping house arrest.

Mr. Chen was jailed for four years and then spent 19 months under house arrest after he exposed forced abortions and sterilizations in the Chinese countryside.

The US government will neither confirm nor deny that it is harboring high-profile Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng in its Beijing Embassy.

U.S. Embassy in China’s capital, Beijing

The dramatic nighttime escape of a blind rights lawyer from house arrest inhis village dealt a major embarrassment to the Chinese government and left the United States, which may be sheltering him, with a new diplomatic quandary as it seeks to improve its fraught relationship with Beijing.

By sheltering him, Washington risks a major diplomatic falling out with Beijing ahead of a visit by Hilary Clinton and US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner next week. The Chinese authorities are furious and embarrassed that such a high-profile dissident has escaped their custody.

April 29, 2012…

Today, Mitt Romney released the following statement on reports that Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng is seeking protection at the U.S. embassy in Beijing, China:

“My concern at this moment is for the safety of Chen Guangcheng and his family. My hope is that U.S. officials will take every measure to ensure that Chen and his family members are protected from further persecution.

This event points to the broader issue of human rights in China. Any serious U.S. policy toward China must confront the facts of the Chinese government’s denial of political liberties, its one-child policy, and other violations of human rights. Our country must play a strong role in urging reform in China and supporting those fighting for the freedoms we enjoy.”

“…when your opponent’s drowning, you don’t throw him an anvil. You put a garden hose in their mouth and turn it on.” Rush Limbaugh – advice to Mitt Romney.

Campaign Advice for Mitt Romney (from Rush Limbaugh)

May 01, 2012

RUSH: You know what Ray Kroc said, the great capitalist and founder of McDonald’s? He said when your opponent’s drowning, you don’t throw him an anvil. You put a garden hose in their mouth and turn it on.

“…This is an ideological battle. And that’s what the Tea Party’s all about, and that’s what conservatism’s all about. It’s about saving America, preserving this country as founded. It’s not just about defeating Obama. That’s, of course, required. But the campaign to do so has gotta be much more in-depth than that.

 May 02, 2012…

  • Chinese Dissident Leaves US Embassy After Six Days
  • China-U.S. deal over dissident sours, Chen fears for life
  • US denies dissident coerced to leave Beijing mission.

Chen Guangcheng appealed to President Barack Obama to help him escape China with his family, telling journalists he feared for his life just hours after leaving the U.S. Embassy under a deal that Washington had hoped would defuse the crisis with Beijing.

Chen left the embassy on Wednesday after securing guarantees that, according to U.S. officials, would have allowed him to relocate within the country in safety with his family and pursue his studies. He had been holed up in the embassy for six days after escaping house arrest last month.

The deal was negotiated between the United States and China in the days before a visit to Beijing by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and U.S. officials had touted it as a sign of the cooperative U.S.-China partnership.

But Chinese authorities took a tougher tone in the hours after Chen left the embassy, immediately criticising what they called U.S. meddling and demanding an apology for the way U.S. diplomats handled the case.

Chinese villages at edge of Dongshigu village, home of dissident Chen Guangcheng.

May 03, Headlines

May 03, 2012

  • Romney criticizes Obama over Chinese dissident
  • Romney blasts Obama administration’s handling of Chinese dissident case
  • Romney: Chinese dissident Chen’s departure from American embassy was ‘a dark day for freedom’

Romney, in a speech in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, accused the administration of seeking to hasten Chen’s departure from the embassy placing economic concerns above Chen’s freedom.

“The reports are, if they are accurate, that our administration, willingly or unwittingly communicated to Chen an implicit threat to his family, and also probably sped up, or may have sped up the process of his decision to leave the embassy because they wanted to move on to a series of discussions that Mr. Geithner and our secretary of state are planning to have with China,” Romney said.

“It’s also apparent according to these reports, if they are accurate, that our embassy failed to put in place the kind of verifiable measures that would ensure the safety of Mr. Chen and his family,” Romney added. “If these reports are true, this is a dark day for freedom. And it’s a day of shame for the Obama administration. We are a place of freedom here and around the world, and we should stand up and defend freedom wherever it is under attack.”

Romney came to this conclusion “based on news reports.”

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng, who is in a Beijing hospital after leaving the U.S. embassy on Wednesday, says he wants to meet visiting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and be allowed safe passage with his family to the United States.

Chen Guangcheng Thursday made a surprising and direct appeal to lawmakers on Capitol Hill to come to the United States.

Calling in to the Congressional Executive Commission on China, dissident Chen Guangcheng told lawmakers he is concerned for the safety of his family and he wants to thank Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her efforts to help him over the past few days.

May 04, 2012…

  • China dissident Chen ‘can apply to study abroad’
  • Chinese Foreign Ministry Says Chinese Dissident Chen Guangcheng Can Apply to Study Overseas
  • NYU Law School Offers Position to Chinese Dissident

Allowing Chen Guancheng to study abroad is among the encouraging signs from the Chinese that a resolution on the future of the blind human rights activist is within reach, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said today.

Clinton (speaking in China) confirmed that Chen, who escaped house arrest April 22 and found temporary refuge at the U.S. Embassy, now says he is certain he wants to go to the United States with his family to study. She said the United States is “heartened” that the Chinese government confirmed that Chen can apply to study abroad.

Chen has expressed his desire to accept an offer from New York University, which said in a statement today that he has “long-established relationships with faculty at the NYU School of Law, and has an invitation to be a visiting scholar at NYU – either in New York or at one of our other global sites. As a visiting scholar, he would be working with our law programs and scholars.”

NYU Law School, Manhattan

Having escaped from house arrest, Chen was hiding out with fellow dissidents in Beijing when the U.S. Embassy, headed by Ambassador Gary Locke, mounted an operation to bring him in from the cold.

“When we got the word that he was in Beijing,” said Locke, “and wanted to talk to us in the wee hours of the morning, we went out and contacted him, and then we engineered almost a maneuver out of ‘Mission: Impossible’ to bring him into the embassy.”

The maneuver involved transferring Chen from a van driven by the dissidents to a U.S. government car while evading Chinese surveillance; then spirit him back to the U.S. Embassy past Chinese guards whose job is to prevent would-be defectors from reaching the embassy.

That’s when six days of negotiations began. Ambassador Locke flew back from vacation in Bali to negotiate with the Chinese on Chen’s behalf.

“He did not want to go to the United States,” said Locke, “so the choice was to help him get back into China to be a freedom fighter, as he wanted, or if the conditions negotiated with the Chinese government were not to his satisfaction, he was prepared to stay in the embassy and live there for possibly years.”


Excerpts from various news reports online. My opinion next in Part 2.

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