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“YES WE CAN!” Reform Immigration Now!!!


Let us give the President and Congress until August 30, 2013 to tackle Immigration Reform. During the 2012 Presidential campaign, Mr. Obama called his lack of action on Immigration Reform: “One of the biggest failures of his first term…” Obama promised to make Immigration Reform a top priority of his second term – and tackle it immediately following his Inauguration. Please HOLD him to his words.

Stop the Raids

 Everywhere you turn these days – Republicans and their surrogates are suddenly “The Champions” of IMMIGRATION REFORM!

Since I support Immigration Reform, heck I’m happy – I’m ecstatic. IT IS TIME for Immigration Reform.  Click →Join the Petition… to ask the U.S House of Representatives to REFORM IMMIGRATION NOW!

But I’ve not forgotten (have you?) that just a few months before, Mitt Romney, the man Republicans chose to run this country as their candidate for president – was based in part on Romney’s: UNCOMPROMISING stance on Immigration Reform.


  • Romney championed making life so difficult for Undocumented Immigrants that they would “self deport.”
  • Who tried to get State Police in my home state of Massachusetts to round-up Undocumented Immigrants (State Police did not support that plan and Governor Deval Patrick (Democrat) who took over from Romney killed that plan).
  • Who criticized his fellow candidate Rick Perry from Texas, for granting in-state tuition to Undocumented Immigrants…etc…

Rick Perry

Perry said in the 2011 Republican Debate in Florida: “If you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they’ve been brought there by no fault of their own, I don’t think you have a heart.” The Tea Party attendees booed Perry and Mitt Romney used those words against Perry in a campaign video. 

That Republican Party is now a champion of Immigration Reform to the point that they will soon tell you that – oh yeah, that THEY were the ones who were calling for Immigration Reform all along but President Obama was the one standing in the way.

Dream Act

Today, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will begin accepting requests for consideration of deferred action for childhood arrivals”. White House, August 15, 2012

(Because again, they still think we’re estupido!) You watch. Romney tried it in one of the debates, asking the President: You had 4 years to Reform Immigration, so why didn’t you…? Which begs the question? Yes, President Obama – you had 4 years, why did you not reform immigration?

My answer: He embraced defeat. He knew that Republicans would NOT support Immigration Reform which in turn would make some Democrats leery of going along with a measure that would fail and most likely cost them their seats – so without the votes, Obama took the easy way out and did nothing.

WhereNow if it was me, I’d force the issue. I’d bring it up and let the large and growing Hispanic and Asian bloc see just which of these Congressmen voted AGAINST Immigration Reform.

Because NO amount/number of white votes can counter the minority vote now. Plus, we have to be careful now how we define the white vote because – while OLDER whites, the ones who want to hold on to the “old status quo”, who don’t trust blacks, Hispanics, Asians and other minorities voted for Romney – President Obama got a substantial chunk of the YOUNGER white vote.

So when it comes to Immigration Reform, tell the handful of Tea Party Uncompromising Republican “My Way or the Highway” Nay-Sayers they CANNOT alter the demographics.

California governor Jerry Brown now projects in his 2013-2014 budget that Hispanics are slated to become the state’s new majority, bypassing whites, by the end of this year. Which Tea Party Republican is going to change that? IT IS TIME for Immigration Reform. Join the Petition…

Young Hispanics

Young Hispanics in Chicago gather for information on Deferred Action, August 2012.
Photo: Nathan Weber for The New York Times

Every year, 50-thousand Hispanics who were born in America, turn 18 years and become eligible to vote. 50-thousand votes per year. My, oh my. I’m glad Democrats did not call them dirty names!

That bill Republicans passed in the Arizona Senate, SB 1070, made Hispanics everywhere angry. And Republican efforts to SUPPRESS the minority vote, especially the BLACK vote just made MORE blacks more DETERMINED to vote, so much so that in Florida blacks and other minorities stood in line for hours. 

Thank you, Republicans…


Yet there are still Republicans who don’t get it. There are still Republicans who see themselves as the last hold-out in a Bastille being stormed by these dirty, diseased minorities who plan to dilute the American Way. By God these foreigners need to be kept out or at least, kept in their place! (The descendants of the same ones who felt the same way about the Irish, and the Chinese and the Italians etc…)

They think:

  • If these Hispanics prevail, English will not be the primary language/cultural base anymore! Burger

Ask them…when the wave of Polish immigrants arrived – did English die? Or when the wave of Irish came in? Are we speaking Irish/Gaelic with Druid priests performing baptisms at Stonehenge? Or when the wave of Germans came in? Do we start counting with: eins, zwei, drei… or serving sauerkraut at July 4 BBQ’s? Last time I checked it was potato salad, chips and hamburgers – oops, possible German origin! Is New York still called New Amsterdam? Yes, and American culture is being set and spear-headed by street fashion in Chinatowns across the 50 states (or is it fitty as in Rapper 50-Cent, duhh!).

Republicans come up with these ridiculous non-arguments to support their misguided concepts and think they can impose their asinine beliefs on the rest of the country through their vituperative rhetoric. These people still think that President Obama is a Muslim who was NOT born in America – so are you going to let them and their misshapen ideology DICTATE YOUR DIRECTION?

Tea Party

Congress has about 535 lawmakers – who control the outcome for 300-million people – and YOU let them. Yet, YOU let them jerk you around because when you say one thing, they do the other. These politicians do what the lobbyists who work for the special interests who fund their campaigns want them to do, even if YOU want something else? How long are YOU “The People” going to let “THEY The Self-Serving Few” ignore your wishes?


Poll after poll (since George W. Bush tackled Immigration Reform in 2007 – which his fellow Republicans killed) show that the MAJORITY of Americans, across the board from business, to religious leaders, to immigration activists, to law enforcement to just ordinary folks – SUPPORT Immigration Reform. “You The Majority” realize and accept that deporting so many people, especially hard-working people who’ve made their lives here for decades, is not feasible or humane. “You The Majority” know that these immigrants play a vital role in the economy. The majority are OK with it, and want Congress to just do it. IT IS TIME for Immigration Reform. Join the Petition…

Top 10 Republicasn PunditsRepublicans keeping saying NO – the word they are best at! And this minority is very VOCAL. They know how to use their media outlets and foul-mouthed pundits to make YOU think that THEY have the momentum – when they don’t – as the results of the 2012 Presidential elections clearly show.

So, while Republicans clung to the House of Representatives, even there the percentage of their vote SHRANK. Slowly and steadily, their hold on the U.S. House is eroding too.

Unfortunately, while some Republicans get it – many others including the Karl Roves and Rush Limbaughs and former GE Chairman Jack Welch – the ones who really, really thought that Mitt Romney would win the 2012 Presidential election resoundingly STILL can’t get it…because to get it they need to first realize that the way forward is:

  • By NOT denigrating Hispanics and other minorities as welfare sponges who bring disease into the country, kill Americans with their drunk driving and are to blame for the housing crisis.
  • By INCLUDING Hispanics and minorities in their discussions instead of trying to prevent them from voting.
  • By pressurizing the Federal government to reform immigration in a humane way instead of stopping people with Hispanic features and asking for their ID’s
  • By dropping the vitriolic anti-immigrant rhetoric. Immigrants did not start the war in Iraq which bankrupted the treasury. Immigrants are not the reason Toyota is now the number one car-maker or the reason that China is a powerhouse. And immigrants are not the reason that Congress cannot agree to address the country’s crumbling infrastructure, modernize our power grids and bridges, and put people to work.
Reform Immigration Now!

Reform Immigration Now!

To you, The Majority, I say: stand up and be counted. Too many Americans think that all they need to do is vote on Election Day and hello, I’ve done my part. That’s ONE day. You grab the power one day out of 4 years days and leave the people you elect to control that power for the other 1,455  days. No wonder you lose out. You need to check how your Congressmen are voting – call/write/email and let them know how you WANT them to vote. Your involvement does not end after you leave the polling station…

Tell your Congressman/woman you want them to Reform Immigration Now. Get it out of the way and move on to something else.

Majority support Reform NOW!

Majority support Reform NOW!

IT IS TIME for Immigration Reform. Join the Petition…

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