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Boston Strong

Once again Massachusetts leads the nation – and shows America HOW it is done!

  • The Supremacists are coming! The Supremacists are coming!
  • Flash the signs…IMG_5875
  • BOSTON fires first salvo in MASSIVE Resistance to HATE. So Strong! 8/19/2017.
  • PROUD of my city! Best day evah!
  • And they call US racist! “You live in Boston? It’s sooo racist” Joke’s on them! Ha HA!
  • Finally, the silent majority is silent NO MORE! Roar!!!
  • Whites MUST speak UP against white supremacy — send POWERFUL message when do so!
  • PEACEFUL protest is the way to go!


  • Allow for dissent or we won’t have the DEMOCRACY we’re clamoring for!
  • Free speech means free to speak…or freedom to speech!
  • Blacks, minorities feel INCLUDED and ACCEPTED when whites speak/stand up!
  • After a massive turnout denouncing hate – MAJORITY feel good about themselves, their city!
  • Boston Strong message: “Don’t want you here. Go back, go underground, go away”!
  • Anti-protest did more for race relations than a government policy! 


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