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Congress: Who is ANTI Immigration Reform


bonnerIn the waning days of 2010, then Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed through the House legislation known as the DREAM Act, which would have provided illegal immigrants under 30 a path to citizenship.  I, along with a majority of Republicans, opposed this legislation.  The DREAM Act was ultimately stopped in the Senate by a Republican-led filibuster, frustrating the Obama administration.”

From his website article: Heat Rises in Washington: Congress vs. White House on “Fast and Furious” and Immigration. June 25, 2012



“I know that there is a better way to immigration reform, but first Congress must act, and must act now.  To assure the integrity of the immigration process, I oppose any legislation offering amnesty or any pathway to citizenship for anyone who has disregarded our laws and opposes any legislation creating government benefits for illegal immigrants.” A Better Way To Achieve Immigration Reform. Website under Issues.

UNITED STATES REPRESENTATIVE: Michael “Mike” Rogers (R), Alabama

rogersVoted YES on reporting illegal aliens who receive hospital treatment. Voted to pass the bill that would require hospitals to gather and report information on possible illegal aliens before hospitals can be reimbursed for treating them.

  • Voting record restricting immigration
  • Supports an end Birthright Citizenship. Signed H.R.1868 – bill would change the existing interpretation of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which currently defines as a US citizen any person born within US territory. This bill intends to remove the right of illegal aliens to gain US citizenship by bearing children while in the country illegally.
  • Strong anti-amnesty stance
  • Co-sponsored declaring English as the official language of the US

aderholtUNITED STATES REPRESENTATIVE: Robert Aderholt (R), Alabama

In some quarters, discussions on illegal immigration have included talk of amnesty for those who entered the country illegally.  I feel very strongly that amnesty should not be automatically granted to those who are here illegally.  We are a nation of laws and we would send the wrong message if we were to merely give amnesty to those who openly disregard our laws”. Website: Issues.


brooksCongressman Brooks has the highest rating in Congress from NumbersUSA for his fight to stop illegal immigration. Last year, he introduced HR 2670, Reclaiming America’s Dignity Act, to protect states that enact immigration laws from lawsuits from the federal government. 

Congressman Brooks believes the federal government has been derelict in its border protection and immigration duties with both short- and long-term adverse effects. Illegal aliens receive free health care at America’s hospitals, driving up health care costs and delaying emergency room care for American citizens.

Illegal aliens get free K-12 education, driving up education costs by requiring more English as a Second Language instructors and reducing funds for American citizens. Illegal aliens take jobs in the blue collar trades, causing wage suppression and denying jobs for American workers. Congressman Brooks supports and will vote for any substantive measure that removes illegal aliens from America”.  His website: Issues


brooks“It is my belief that the U.S. must secure its borders and end illegal immigration.  This would greatly enhance national security and reduce or eliminate the burden to taxpayers caused by illegal immigration.  

Among the immigration security measures that I have cosponsored in past Congresses are the Secure Borders FIRST Act, which is designed to stop the ability of illegal aliens to use fraudulent Social Security numbers to obtain government benefits, and the CLEAR Act, which would prevent “sanctuary cities” from operating safe havens for illegal immigrants. 

During consideration of the health care bill, I opposed proposals to provide taxpayer health benefits to illegal immigrants.  In the 111th Congress, I opposed the DREAM Act and proposals to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.  In addition, I have signed a legal brief in support of the State of Arizona’s right to enact its own laws to combat illegal immigration. 

In the 112th Congress, I will continue to support meaningful and effective reforms to protect our borders.  Among the bills I have cosponsored  are the SAVE Act to secure U.S. borders and end unlawful employment of illegal immigrants, the Birthright Citizenship Act, the Nuclear Family Priority Act, the Keep Our Communities Safe Act, the No Social Security for Illegal Immigrants Act, the English Language Unity Act, and H.R. 3842 which would prohibit funding for Department of Justice lawsuits seeking to invalidate state laws against illegal immigration”.  (His WEBSITE: Issues)


youngI have voted for legislation aimed at protecting…all Americans from the drawbacks of illegal immigration.  One bill…the Federal Housing Finance Reform Act of 2007…requires applicants for housing assistance to present proof of identity and legal status. 

I also voted in support of an amendment to H.R. 3043, the Department of Labor’s Appropriation Act, which prevented…illegal Mexican workers to receive credit for money paid into the Social Security system, while they were using a fraudulent Social Security Number.

In the 111th Congress…I cosponsored The No Social Security for Illegal Immigrants Act of 2009.  This legislation would prevent illegal aliens from collecting Social Security related benefits.  

As the 112th Congress progresses, I look forward to furthering initiatives such as the E-Verify program, while maintaining my support of past legislation which will soon be reintroduced”. His WEBSITE

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