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Let’s Cruise…CRUZ!

I would like someone, anyone, particularly republicans (and especially Ted Cruz) TO EXPLAIN TO ME HOW ON EARTH he plans to WIN a general election…across an America that does NOT give a fig about his brand of “values” especially those that say gays should NOT be able to marry whomever they choose – and that undocumented immigrants should be rounded up and deported even if they’ve lived in the U.S. for decades!

(I’m not asking how Cruz plans to campaign and what his strategy is).  I just want Cruz to explain to me:


Senator Ted Cruz “filibuster” on Health Care

1. WHICH are THE states that he sees himself WINNING in a general election?
2. More specifically, among the states that President Obama won, which are the ones Cruz sees will go to him in 2016 ?
3. Does he see himself winning California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts etc?
4. Does Cruz see himself winning over Democrats and Independents?
5. Does Cruz see himself winning the BLACK vote?
6. Does Cruz see himself winning the Hispanic vote?
7. Does Cruz see himself winning the Immigrant vote?
8. Does Cruz see himself winning with the Gay/Transgender community?
9. Or do republicans think that they can win a presidential election with only the “conservative” vote?

Tea Party unfavorables Oct 2013-Pew
10. Does Cruz understand that he is winning with only the Tea Party faction within the Republican Party?Unlike Donald Trump, he has so far NOT pulled in a diverse demographic.

Moderate, aka “Establishment” republicans DON’T like Cruz – they don’t want him as their nominee. (Yes, they’re now saying they may hold their nose and vote for him just to oppose Donald Trump) but HE is not their first or even second or any choice. But he thinks that the nation likes him – when his own republicans find him too extreme!Cruz unfavourable May 2014
11. The Republican Party is a joke – it has long tried to SUPPRESS voting by poor people, minorities/immigrants. NOW it’s coming up with ways to try to suppress voting by its OWN republicans. That should be easy give the GOP’s history!

The God republicans like to laud so much (when it suits them) is indeed alive — and laughing!

The way I see it, even if every old or poorly educated or rural Tea Party white person who’s never voted turns out to vote for Cruz, (will Trump’s coalition vote for Cruz?) he still needs the rest of us, don’t he? Or do he?

Maybe he don’t – bring it on!

Cruz immigration.jpeg

New York, May 2013. should read: “city of immigrants unwelcomes immigrant!”

I can already see the ads reminding us about the government shutdown…and threatened shutdowns…and NO compromise…and the efforts he led, SUCCESSFULLY, to DERAIL Immigration Reform and to CHALLENGE Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and to BLOCK President Obama’s executive Order on Immigration.

Hispanics, the fastest growing voting bloc, just LOVE Ted Cruz. Trump says he would deport the undocumented and “let them come back” with conditions. Cruz says: I’ll round you up and DEPORT you and you can take your U.S. born kids with you plus YOU WILL NOT EVER COME BACK IF I CAN HELP IT! Such Christian charity and compassion…such values!

As of 2013, Cuban immigrants made up nearly 3-percent of the immigrants living in America…that’s MORE than a million Cuban immigrants who, incidentally, are NOT taking U.S. jobs – they’re all somehow working in Florida for Fidel Castro. (I’m NOT bashing YOU, Cuban immigrant. I’m an immigrant too! Just calling out Cruz on immigrants taking U.S. jobs!)

Graham on Cruz

Like I said: BRING IT ON!

Because democrats may not be flocking to the Primaries like republicans are right now, but rest assured, a nominee Cruz WOULD  BRING every old or poorly educated or urban black, Hispanic, immigrant, gay person out of the woodwork too!

Did I say “bring it on!”? Let’s cruise…Cruz!

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Get OUT of the Middle East, America!

Are you prepared for more Middle East turmoil? Well get ready.



If Israeli hardliners vote for Benjamin Netanyahu (again), on his “One State” mandate then get ready for more: MORE bombings, MORE beheadings, MORE executions, MORE chaos, MORE despair, MORE nightmares, MORE fear, MORE uncertainty!

And for MORE American intransigence — with MORE European dis-involvement and MORE world-wide disenchantment!

I was in Washington DC when Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu decided to storm America’s Bastille: the U.S. Capitol.

 Amid super, super-tight security, I’m annoyed that I can’t cut across the Capitol grounds to get to the House Buildings. But I’m really, really outraged that Republicans invite/allow a foreign government to enter their Congress and DICTATE to the American people AND the American government – how America should conduct its foreign policy.

netanyahu house

State of this War Union is VERY strong!

Do you see any other government allowing the U.S. president to address their parliament and TELL them, nay DICTATE to them HOW to run their government? I can’t see it happening. Yet Republicans allowed it because they are:

So blinded by partisan politics, so consumed by their dislike of President Obama, so enthralled with the profits they and their cronies stand to gain from the monetary profits of war, so misguided by their imaginings of the resulting Shangri La from bombing Iran, so enraptured by their Biblical perceptions of Israel as David (forgetting that a nuclear arsenal is NOT a slingshot) – that they not only LET it happen, they orchestrated, embraced and encouraged that protocol faux-pas!

 What a misguided precedent for this country!

If Republicans wanted Netanyahu to make his point, it needed to be made before the United Nations. That’s where you go to grandstand and try to influence world politics in your favor. You do NOT breach the parliament of a sovereign nation with your hard-line, extreme right morass of more war and mayhem that will only DRAG America deeper into terrorism and wasteful spending.

Why again must we bomb Iran? To do what bombing Iraq was supposed to do? Bring about world peace? Well we have so much peace now I guess we have room to start another teeny war with another Middle East oil producer – to keep our troops from getting bored.

Except Iran is NOT Iraq.

Iran is a more sophisticated, educated and literate populace. And while many Iranians may not like their hard-line regime, they will hate U.S. bombings even more!

iran nuclear2

Well, you and I understand that – but not one Republican among the Netanyahu war faction will subscribe to that theory. To them, Americans will be seen as the Great Deliverer and the Iranian government will roll over and play dead. Iran will never think of unleashing a barrage of state-sponsored terrorism against the U. S. Why on earth would they? If Mexico or Canada decided to bomb Yucca Mountain, would you not be well pleased?

No American would see any such bombing of U.S facilities as a threat and retaliate in any way – neither would the U.S. government. See? The Republican point of view makes a lot of sense! But then again, Mexico and Canada are too close by – how about India bombing us because India feels threatened by our cows! 

methane cow

Cows are not a good example because cows do not threaten the world? I say they do, with methane gas and global warning, etc…BUT, assuming you are a Republican who does NOT believe in Global Warming (especially given the 7+ feet  of snow we got in Boston, Winter 2015 – which just goes to prove, Republicans claim, that we are facing Global Cooling, NOT warming) I say how about if China bombed the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California because China sees the lab as a threat?

What would you do? What would America do?

Nothing, of course – and that is exactly what Iran will do too, if we are smart enough to bomb their nuclear facilities!

The idea, that only the Americans, the French, the British and a handful of nations are the ONLY ones who are bright enough, intelligent enough, dependable enough, SANE enough to have nuclear weapons is the height of arrogance. Nobody should have nuclear weapons – and yes I’d feel safer if more nations did NOT have nuclear weapons – but who are we to punish them for something that we are flaunting with impunity?

Middle East

Middle East map

America needs to get out of the Middle East and let the chips fall where they may. Where is Kuwait, which America rushed to help in the name of crude and which was instrumental in oiling this slippery slope we’re now slip-sliding on? Where is Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar? They and their over-indulged kids are yachting in Cannes dressed in haute couture, driving exotic, one-of-a-kind sports cars and guzzling Cristal champagne – while American kids, sons, daughters, brothers, husbands and wives are being slaughtered, blown up and executed in a costly no-win, no-reason-we-are-still-there enemy-generating war!

AMERICANS WAKE UP – because Republicans never will!!!

These myopic, clueless politicians play their games – and other people (who may not even agree with their questionable positions) get beheaded!


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Caribbean Carnival: Boston 2013


Caribbean Carnival: BOSTON 2013 – Blue Hill Avenue, Dorchester 8/24/2013. Yes republicans – immigrants! Now Just because there is nothing like this in Kentucky…

cbeanfes12cbeanfes1 cbeanfes2 cbeanfes3

Carnival is a joyous period of celebration…observed around the world. It usually occurs during the weeks leading up to the Christian celebration of Lent – the 6 weeks before Easter (Forty Days of Lent). Carnival is a giant street party featuring live music, bands, costume parades and people dancing in the street called “Jump Up”.

cbeanfes4 cbeanfes5 cbeanfes6 cbeanfes7 cbeanfes8 cbeanfes9

Our modern Carnival is thought to be based on ancient festivals: Greek – Bacchanalia and Roman – Saturnalia…which were absorbed by the Catholic Church in Rome and spread around the world through religion…

cbeanfes10 cbeanfes11 cbeanfes13 cbeanfes14 cbeanfes15

In the Caribbean, it was a time for slaves to take to the streets and the costumes, music and characters portrayed are strongly influenced by Africa.

cbeanfes16 cbeanfes17

Most of the islands have Carnival celebrations, (held in February). The oldest/biggest in the English speaking Caribbean are in Trinidad and Tobago and Dominica. Barbados started a similar celebration called Crop Over (referring to the end of their sugar cane harvest) which has since grown. Further south, in Brazil, is the largest and most famous of them all: The Rio Carnival!

There’s also a huge Caribbean carnival in London’s Notting Hill, England!

Quality may not be good enough for full screen because I didn’t use professional-quality equipment…and the sound gets distorted when the trucks pass because the speakers are so powerful and I was too close…but the important thing is: you will get the idea…

Caribbean Carnival: Boston 2013 – Video

Caribbean Carnival: Boston 2013 – Video

Caribbean Carnival: Boston 2013 – Video

Caribbean Carnival: Boston 2013 – Video

Caribbean Carnival: Boston 2013 – Video

Caribbean Carnival: Boston 2013 – Video

Caribbean Carnival: Boston 2013 – Video 

   ♥♥ ♥  

PS: In the Caribbean we have all races: White, black, Indians and Chinese (from India and Asia who were brought in as plantation workers/slaves), Native Peoples, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, English…

We are ALL Caribbean. There are no Spanish-West Indian or African Caribbean. JUST Caribbean!!!

See spectacular Notting Hill Carnival courtesy Mail Online – Police dancing too!!!

Republican: American Workers are Dope Addicts

Have you heard?

One Republican congressman, Rep. Dave Joyce (R-Ohio) says – quote:

Rep Joyce

David Joyce: Represents Ohio’s 14th congressional district

According to an online news story, Joyce says that’s because “they either can’t find people to come to work sober, daily, drug-free and want to learn the necessary skills going forward to be able to do those jobs.”

OMG!!! Illegal immigrants have SO much to answer for!

Businesses CANNOT find 3 MILLION people to HIRE? WHERE, oh where are the illegal immigrants hiding?

Why? Because as Republicans claim, Illegal Immigrants are taking ALL the jobs from American workers – and now you’re telling me…


American workers – forget it. Don’t want dope addicts like you on the job!

NO, wait – a REPUBLICAN is telling me…

Rep. Dave Joyce (R-Ohio) is TELLING America that there are JOBS that Americans CANNOT fill (for whatever reason) but according to HIM: “because they either can’t find people to come to work sober, daily, drug-free and want to learn the necessary skills going forward to be able to do those jobs”…

Said the night wind, I mean…unbelieving immigrant…to the little lamb…er, republican senator… “Do you hear what I hear…?”

Rep Joyce – HAVE YOU BEEN LYING TO US all this time – when you and your GOP colleagues BLAMED illegal immigrants for “taking” American jobs…decimating the middle class…?


NOT doped out – you won’t! Hey, according to Joyce (not me!)

Don’t know WHERE he gets his facts from…but…

OH dear, dear me!

And the Truth shall set Illegal Immigrants free…

Hey, John Boehner, apparently the two of you come from a different Ohio – (he’s probably from Ohio, Canada a la Ted Cruz maybe?) No, I don’t mean Ontario! Ohio, Canada or Ohio, Hawaii…


King – Calls Hispanics kids: drug mules…

Republicans have about insulted every ethnic/minority that they can:

Poor black people, poor white people, homosexuals, blacks, Jews, Hispanics – especially Hispanics, women, single mothers, Asians, the tax-dodging 48%, immigrants…you name it.

Joyce’s fellow Republican Steve King calls Hispanic immigrants: drug mules

Now Joyce finds an end point for these drugs…

Next week, another Republican will disclose who are the drug kinpins raking in the money.  Can’t wait…


Next target to insult Angels!

Yep. Watch Republicans go after Angels for lazing about in Heaven ALL day while allowing us sinners to run amok on Earth…!!!

(Using Angles as a metaphor only!)

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Cruzing: To the Primary via Canada?

I foresee very interesting times indeed – now that Texas senator and presidential hopeful? Ted Cruz has released his birth certificate…


Ted Cruz

I thought I’d forgotten my Geography, so I looked up Canada – and I found out it is the 51st State…

I did NOT know that…did you?

Don’t worry – that might change soon.

Yep. Seems Senate Republicans, led by Senator Cruz, from Texas…er, I mean Canada, tried to sneak a provision into the Immigration Reform Bill now before the House. Cruz wants Canada to hold the first Republican Primary and House Republicans are fighting the idea…


Whom will you vote for? Cruz the Canadian…? Quebec is supporting him…

That’s why they’re really holding up the Immigration Bill – it’s not because they’re racist or anti-immigrant or because they fear immigrant voting power or immigrants pushing the majority/minority proverbial ax waiting to fall!

The answer is obvious: Republicans just don’t want Senator Cruz to run for President…because they prefer Marco Rubio!


Cruz’s birth certificate is real – I suppose…

So Boehner’s hands are tied! It’s too soon for him to show favorites for 2016, but he can’t exactly alienate Cruz either – so he’s stalling on the Immigration Bill…

Rand Paul, who also wants to run for president, urged Cruz to push for the primary in Canada, naturally, because Paul knows Cruz, the Canadian will really go down well in the Heartland.


Or Cruz the Texan? NO support from Quebec…

Cruz released a copy of his birth certificate over the Aug 17, 2013 weekend. Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada in December 1970. An expert in Canadian law told one newspaper, Cruz IS a Canadian.

Conservatives now say: The child of a U.S. citizen is considered by most constitutional commentators to be eligible for the presidency, regardless of where they were born…UNLESS of course you are Barack Obama.

Meantime, Democrats are furiously researching if Canada is indeed a legal part of the union – and if it could stand a legal challenge from Hawaii, which is now losing it’s last state to be added to the Union status – and is NOT pleased, at all!


Hawaii – NOW officially part of British Columbia. Yep, Obama is CANADIAN too…or IS he?

Birthers, who NOW believe that Obama was born in Hawaii, British Columbia – are flocking to Canada to support Cruz…

Donald Trump says he always knew Canada was part of the union…and from the very beginning that’s why he sent people there to uncover Cruz’s…er, Obama’s parentage. Trump says he knows the Democrats will try to say Cruz is not eligible to run for president, so he’s paying an illegal immigrant a million dollars to marry Cruz so Cruz can get his papers…just in case. To be sure…

(NO, no – The potential wife is an Hispanic person who was BORN in Arizona but to Trump they’re ALL illegal, anyway…)


Kenya – hotbed of Presidential Conspiracy!

Meantime, one of President Obama’s relatives in Kenya is telling the others:

“I know we should have put Canada on the birth certificate instead of Hawaii, but no, YOU had to INSIST on Hawaii because you were too cheap to pay the money the Canadians  were asking for. You went with Hawaii because the guy in the birth certificate office in Hawaii only wanted somewhere to stay in Kansas. Now see…I told you!”

So if you’re born in Canada are you:

  • MORE American and eligible to run for president than a person born in Hawaii?
  • Less eligible?
  • Just as eligible?


    …We’re ALL from Africa. Except for Republicans who came from Mt. Olympus!

  • NOT eligible?
  • What is eligible?
  • Don’t care – not a Birther?
  • DO CARE – payback for Obama?

As for me, I’m just going to sit back and see how Republicans play this one.

Darn! But don’t I love the saying: What goes around – never around…or down..or up!

Er, I don’t mean Mitt Romney…

Nor do I see an issue…

‘Cause Cruz is not going to be president in 2016. Nor Rand Paul or Marco Rubio…


Shhh. Don’t tell anyone, but Pierre Trudeau is filing papers as we speak…to run for 2016.

Don’t know who Pierre Trudeau IS? 

Aren’t you an American?

And he’s NOT dead. Who told you such a lie…must be Republicans!!!

Quick Draw Romney – ow, ow!! Get Down!!!

Oopsy! I put my foot in my mouth – again!!!

Poor Mitt Romney – born with TWO silver feet in his mouth!!!

Rushing in where Angels fear to tread…

Shooting first and aiming later…

Romney is proving AGAIN how lacking he is on Foreign Policy. Mitt Romney is the kind of guy who will send you a blue set of booties soon as he learns you are in labor – without waiting to learn the sex of the baby! No wonder he’s gone off and shot himself in the foot – AGAIN! 

And why not? He’s Mitt Romney. IN HIS MIND Romney thinks he is the ANTI Henry Kissinger of foreign policy. Kissinger, a German Jew, was a former U.S. National Security Advisor and Secretary of State (1969-1977) under Republican presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Kissinger pioneered the policy of detente with the Soviet Union. He orchestrated the opening of relations with China. Kissinger negotiated the Peace Accords in Paris, France that ended American involvement in the Vietnam War. Instead of missiles, Kissinger used the CIA, covert operations and coups to destabilize governments. IF you HAVE do it, I prefer the covert way.

Romney went to England and offended the Brits. Didn’t get it. He went to Israel and offended Palestinians and Muslims. Didn’t get it either. Now he’s offending even his fellow Republicans. Some of them are criticizing Romney for making an inflammatory statement BEFORE he has all the facts…while others are just IGNORING him and making their own non-inflammatory statements.

Romney in Britain, July 2012. U.S. number one ally didn’t give Romney much to tout on his Presidential application under: Foreign Policy Experience.

Can you imagine if ROMNEY was president. He’d have immediately launched missiles against Libya without even knowing WHERE to aim them.

Romney learns that demonstrators in Egypt are storming the embassy in Cairo Tuesday, (9/11/2012). Some campaign aide no doubt informs Romney that the U.S Embassy in Egypt is “apologizing” for something and without checking his facts, he turns and starts shooting. Blanks!

Romney’s argument goes like this. The staffers IN the U.S. embassy are under attack. There is an angry mob outside the embassy, chanting, scaling the walls and burning the U.S. flag. So the embassy staff should take a hard line. Stand on principle (Romney changes HIS daily), defy the protesters and send out this Tweet: “I will defend free speech and to hell with you!”

THAT’s how Romney and some of his cronies wanted the embassy and the U.S. to react. The embassy staffers, (being a lot smarter than Mitt Romney and those hard-line Republicans), since it is their lives at stake and NOT Romney’s, decide that they are outnumbered, so they will play it cool and NOT pour gas on that fire!

Protesters storm U.S. embassy grounds, in Cairo, Egypt.

Somebody should ASK Romney: Say you are holed up in your Lake Winnipesaukee  summer mansion in New Hampshire with your sons and grand-kids. Some disgruntled ex-employees – from a company that Romney’s firm Bain Capital took over and fired – show up threatening violence. They are upset over a film they saw showing how Bain took over their old employer, gutted the company, fired workers here, shipped jobs overseas and made millions in profits. Would Romney tell these trigger-happy, on-the-edge ticking time bombs to:

(a) Go to hell, this is how capitalism works, get over it…OR

(b) Wave a white flag and try to see how you can work with them to address their grievances, maybe find them jobs at Bain?

Mitt Romney

Based on Romney’s reaction, he would do (a). But we know that if it was his family, he would NOT stand on principles, would he? He would choose option (b) just like the embassy did! Like the rest of us would do when it’s OUR butts on the line!

See the problem with Mitt Romney? Unless of course he would REALLY stand on principle and put his family’s life in jeopardy?…which is equally or even MORE troubling!

If I was Mitt Romney, I’d have CALLED the White House and talked (or tried to talk) to President Obama. I’d say: “Mr. President, I just heard about a serious situation over in the Middle East. Is there anything you can tell me about that? Anything I can do?”

Heck NO. Romney sees this as an opportunity to SHORE UP his sagging ratings, to SHOW how TOUGH he is on NOTHING, to show “Conservatives” that  yes, he can indeed be FEISTY (even when there is NO NEED to BE feisty) and latches onto the TREE – forgetting about the FOREST!!!

Quick Draw Romney. “Shoot first, aim later!”

I’m supposing President Obama would be pleased at this approach. He may tell Mr. Romney, we don’t have all the details yet, but…share whatever he CAN. The President might arrange for some follow up as details unfold.  Or he could shut Romney out.

THEN, Romney could be a statesman and tell the press: I just called the White House and talked to President Obama and here is what he told me…we don’t have all the details yet, but he promised to let me know OR the President refused to give me any information…or even to talk to me.

See the difference?

Quick Draw Romney

But NO. This is one of the RARE occasions when Mitt Romney just has to BE himself – and whenever he IS himself, it is not pretty!

ALL he sees is an opening to posture and show how tough he is on the world stage so he grabs the ball and runs blindly with it expecting a touchdown only to find he’s run the ball into the other teams end zone/territory! Way to go Mr. Romney! Score 6 points for Obama, Romney Zero.

Romney tried to portray the President as weak on foreign policy. Yeah, two warships are heading to that area and a team of rapid response marines are on site.

While Romney was sputtering in outrage over Obama’s stance, wondering why the U.S. was not already battering Libya…Libyans were expressing their outrage, holding signs in support of America (how often do you see that in the Arab world?) and both the Libyan government and citizens were pledging to work with America to get to the bottom of the attacks and maintain order. (Or so they claim).

Embassy burning, Benghazi, Libya

So what set Romney off? The US Embassy in Cairo, Egypt did what embassies do when they spot trouble…diffuse tension so we don’t fight everybody. The Cairo embassy tried to pour water on the  fire by criticizing and distancing itself and America from Florida pastor Terry Jones. The extremist right wing Christian fundamentalist NUT is promoting a film meant to deliberately rile Muslims. And of course, some Muslims took the bait! If they don’t react, this jerk does not win…

Most Americans don’t support that loony pastor and his nonsense and the embassy was RIGHT to distance and disassociate themselves from this Christian extremism. Plus the statement came from the embassy, NOT the White House – or so the government says.

Romney however, thinks the White house is apologizing TO the demonstrators for attacking the embassy – DOES THAT MAKE SENSE TO YOU? Well it makes sense to Mitt Romney and thus he takes his John Lobbs and stuffs both of them into his mouth! (I just assume he had 2-thousand-dollars worth of loafers in his mouth!)

President Obama

President Obama: “There’s a broader lesson to be learned here, and, you know, Governor Romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later…as president, one of the things I’ve learned is you can’t do that. It’s important for you to make sure that the statements you make are backed up by the facts, and that you thought through the ramifications before you make them.”

Of course there IS a broader lesson to be learned here:

  • This is a CLEAR example of the CONTRASTS between Romney and Obama and the TYPE of leadership you want in the White House.
  • Do you want “Quick Draw Romney” who will REACT first and ASK QUESTIONS LATER? (Remember when Romney criticized Obama for NOT bombing Iran like the Israelis wanted – WHILE the Israeli leader and  President Obama were discussing the matter at the White House?)
  • Do you want HARD-LINE (what I call the “Go to Hell – F— you” Republican attitude OR do you want a more conciliatory approach?

    Henry Kissinger. Israel gave him their highest Award (President’s Medal) in March, 2012.

  • Do you believe America should take a Hard Line in the Middle East or be friendly with ALL the countries where possible?
  • Do you want someone who will annoy the Russians and the Chinese, try to ride roughshod over them and see how far America gets (since these two countries will just lie down and roll over when faced with Republican arrogance) OR do you want someone who will try to get concessions?
  • OR maybe you see past what fellow Republicans describe as Mitt Romney’s: “Pre-existing Political Calculation” for what it is?

By Tuesday afternoon, the violence spreads to Libya where 4 Americans including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, would later die in the U.S. consulate compound in Benghazi, Libya’s second largest city. Now the unrest has spread to Yemen.

This is NOT a situation for political bickering. This is a time for unity. Obama or Romney – ONE of them is going to be the next president. But until voters decide who will take over in January 2013, America has only ONE commander-in-chief…and that is not Mitt Romney.

Sam Bacile is reportedly in hiding – why? Don’t let others pay the price. Man up…

The provocative film that’s reportedly responsible for sparking anti U.S. protests in Libya and Egypt:“Innocence of Muslims” is reportedly made by Sam Bacile, a so-called Israeli filmaker living in California. But there appear to be many doubts about Bacile…and WHO he is.

A defiant Bacile says Islam is a cancer and his film is intended as a provocative political statement condemning Islam.

More than 100 Jewish donors chipped in to make the 5-million-dollar film…which claims Muhammad is a fraud.


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