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Click HERE to let Speaker John Boehner and Republicans in the U.S House of Representatives know you support President Obama’s efforts to Reform Immigration now!


U.S. House of Representatives

To: U.S. House of Representatives
Please support President Obama’s efforts to: Reform Immigration now

An estimated 6-million kids in this country have at least ONE parent who is Undocumented. Florida alone has nearly 2-million kids who are Undocumented Immigrants. According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, (USCIS) (by the end of 2012) 368-thousand Undocumented” Dream Kids” had already applied for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals since the Obama Administration opened the program in August 2012.

USCIS applications are coming in at about 5-thousand per day – yet advocates say just a fraction of the millions of eligible Undocumented Immigrant youth are applying to the program. At $465 per application, the US Treasury has raked in (as of Dec 2012) $171-million from that one program alone.

IT IS TIME. Time to free a large section of the populace who lives in the shadows. Time to free thousands upon thousands of bright immigrant kids who are waiting for a chance at the American Dream. Time to unleash the vast, untapped power of 14-million consumers who will be proud and free to buy cars, houses, open businesses, travel/take vacations, book airline seats, rent vehicles and pump money into the economy because they will now be able to work and spend money openly and legally.

ALL CONGRESS IS CALLED UPON TO DO IS: Allow Undocumented Immigrants to apply for a Green Card, Work Authorization and Social Security Number. THAT’S ALL YOU NEED TO DO, CONGRESS.

Don’t worry about Citizenship. THAT is already spelled out in AMERICA’S Immigration Laws (below). Those who qualify will simply apply…after/if they meet the requirements laid out by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

“We The People.”
[Your name]


U.S. Senate

Most Americans are not extreme. The majority of Americans are middle of the road. The majority of Americans want Congress to WORK with President Obama, to COMPROMISE…and come up with solutions to this country’s programs including Immigration Reform.

But Republicans are disregarding the will of the American People who listened to the solutions Republicans offered in the Presidential election of 2012 And TURNED THEM DOWN.

During the President’s FIRST term Republicans decided to concentrate on BLOCKING President Obama’s agenda to make him look bad so he would be a “One Term President”. This time around, they are more subtle – but the end result remains the same.

When President George W. Bush joined forces with Senator Ted Kennedy to Reform Immigration in 2007, the MAJORITY of Americans supported it – but a VOCAL MINORITY shot it down.

This time around – please GET INVOLVED. Let YOUR voice be heard and tell Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives that “WE The People” sent you to Washington to work for US and THIS IS WHAT WE WANT YOU TO DO:

Reform Immigration NOW. Because it is not about YOU, and what you WANT.

Anti-Immigration Tea Party Protest

· It is about America’s National Security

· It makes Economic sense

· It REFLECTS America’s Core Principles

· It is the HUMANE thing to do

· It makes Social sense

· It even makes POLITICAL sense

Please DO NOT let the Tea Party wing in the Republican Party and their vocal supporters DERAIL Immigration Reform again. This time let YOUR voice be heard.

Join the petition and send a STRONG message to nay saying Republicans – YOUR VOICE – to the U.S House.


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