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Mirrors and Smoke?

WHAT is WRONG with us? With America? With THE WORLD?

Today, getting off the train at a stop in Boston…an older white male saw only ONE THING: Black skin — and decided I was an immigrant. (FAMILY COULD HAVE BEEN SLAVING IN THE COTTON FIELDS LONG BEFORE HIS PEOPLE CAME VIA ELLIS ISLAND or later) but my black skin automatically makes me an immigrant…as opposed to the blonde Australian who just got in yesterday. 

So, Mr. Trump supporter told me that I would be thrown out of the country…and HE was going to call ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) for me.

Normally, I ignore such ignorance, but I decided “Hell NO!”  I was not passing meekly by.

Orange Line Boston Subway

So I turned around, walked up to him and told him: I can give him my phone number to pass on to ICE, if he’d like. He said NO, but he will call ICE on me.  I told him he can USE my phone to call ICE and make it easier for them to find me. He said NO. But they will come for me. I told him (Trump) will at most remain in office for 8-years – and WHAT THEN?  He said a lot can happen in 8-years (which of course IS their Grand Plan, to become a Totalitarian State with a muzzled media, no press conferences, no accountability, a King-Emperor/Pope that everyone must bow down to. Is Trump 666?)!

I told the guy – after 8-years, it is WE who will come for HIM, because that is the process they are starting!

Other groups of white people were shocked and supportive. The thing about white people…(with the EXCEPTION of KKK and White Supremacists) they/you hear about stuff like that happening, but FEW of them/you actually experience it or see it happen – so when they/you do, they/you are shocked! We expect that to happen ELSEWHERE, IN RED states…not HERE in Boston/Massachusetts.

So I called my U.S. Representative, Stephen Lynch; I called the Transit Police, I called a news channel and I have to call both the mayor and governor’s offices. Because unless “victims” SPEAK OUT and onlookers SPEAK UP,  perpetrators will feel that they can be venomous with impunity.

Welcome to the new atmosphere of Venom in Trump’s Reality Show called: America!

Make America White Again

Chlorox stock must have gone UP after Trump won?

I understand that many of Trump’s supporters are D-students…with even lower intellects, and CANNOT grasp the intricacies of globalization and historical context, but surely they KNOW enough about the Tutsi/Hutu conflict in Rwanda, about Bosnia, about South African Apatheid, about Nazi Germany (oops, wrong analogy for this bunch), Catholics/protestants in Northern Ireland, Christians/Muslims/Jews/Hindus from Israel/Palestine to Egypt and India, either persecuting or being persecuted plus numerous other hate-fuelled conflicts worldwide – to KNOW that these types of conflicts have NO happy endings? Or DO they know?  

It is NOT in either white, black or grey interests to stoke division and unity based on ideology, race or religion. There are NO winners, ONLY losers! This is NOT what Americans should want…but hey, go ahead. We’re heading the way of Rome so maybe it is inevitable…a matrix…without a leo. (reference to movie: The matrix). With Trump: always deja vu all over again! Or is it a perpetual Groundhog’s Day?

We are destroying our environment to the point that one day, life on earth may no longer BE sustainable – and/or we may end up living in a kind of Hunger Games scenario where only billionaires like the Trumps can afford oxygen.

Opioid crisis

We are destroying the fabric of this society with our dependence on drugs, from prescription to recreation. Drug use is now SO prevalent among employees nationwide the percentage of people testing positive for drug use ON THE JOB is rising – to the point, where immigrants/refugees from Syria, etc…are being hired to do the jobs.

According to a CNN expose, 80% of employees at an oil and trucking company in Colorado tested positive for drugs (marijuana is legal, but smoking it on the job is cause for dismissal) and had to be fired! In Louisville, Kentucky: 695 overdose calls to EMT in January 2017, an average of about 22 PER DAY. (CNN)

We are angry at each other for the sins of politicians whom we revere – but who DO NOT love us back! So if Trump shoots a person on 5th Avenue, THAT is ok, especially if it’s a black person or an immigrant. If Hillary Clinton sneezes on anybody, she is a monster who is trying to infect the world with influenza! And this hypocrisy cuts BOTH ways,! BOTH parties are equally at fault!

While politicians bask under 100-percent health coverage for themselves and possibly their dogs, too… we, like the dumbasses we are, operate like programmed robots…”repeal Obamacare”… leave me uncovered, no matter if my wife/daughter/sister/mother/BROTHER gets raped and the insurance company calls that a pre-existing condition. DON’T CARE! Don’t want Obamacare! These bots DON’T even KNOW why they don’t want it – but their politicians, who all HAVE GOVERNMENT funded healthcare tells them: “you should NOT have government funded health care”…so they’re following the Pied Piper! Why don’t you ask your congressional delegations to give up THEIR government funded healthcare?!


  • (Ro)Bots don’t have jobs, but they vote for someone who cuts jobs and makes HIS products overseas. You want a PATRIOTIC company; how about MacNeil Automotive Products – MADE IN AMERICA, with pride. Do you see the company execs on TV blowing hot air? No. Actions don’t need words – they speak for themselves!
  • Bots don’t have a home or they’re losing the one they have, so they vote for someone who has gold plated walls, gold-plated toilet seats and gold-plated dishes. Guess if you’re broke, he will scrape off some the edgeS of his toilet seat and give it to you to pawn!
  • Bots can’t afford to fly, probably never stepped on a plane – but vote for someone with (according to lying New York Times) helicopters (plural) and several airplanes (see photos below), including a gas-guzzling private Boeing 757 that seats about 200 people and uses more money in fuel (thousands of dollars an hour) than bots made in 10-years!
  • Bots vote for Trump who cut funding for drug treatment – while their community is being ravaged by drugs…but what does THAT matter, if he’s deporting immigrants. See ALL those immigrants who are leaving and taking the meth with them? You’re good now…

Bots are so fuelled by hate, they can’t see the forest for the trees until the Zika virus comes to bite them in the behind, then it will be the fault of immigrants.

Can’t understand why there are so many devastating tornadoes, floods and droughts? immigrants!

Why that nuclear facility tunnel collapsed in Washington State? Immigrants.

Why bots don’t have a college degree? Immigrants!

If we CANNOT see that there is SOMETHING wrong with the current political climate; if we cannot SEE that this White House is a chaotic super-mess; if we cannot see that THIS dysfunction is NOT what America should be presenting to the world – if we cannot see that a republican president like a Mitt Romney or a Paul Ryan even, would act with DIGNITY reflecting the office of President of the United States; if we are so BLINDED by ideology that we can no longer see, acknowledge and speak the TRUTH, regardless of how it looks for our side, then welcome to the great decline. NO Supreme court Judge is worth THIS! Beware you get a  judge and lose BOTH a president and a party!

Because Democrats will gain power and UNDO everything that Trump/republicans do now…Republicans will return and re-undo – and fiddle, fiddle…

Americans? Americans…do you hear me? Republicans, Democrats and Independents…

  • Do you want clean air?
  • Do you want clean water, no lead, no contaminants?
  • Do want good paying jobs?
  • Do you want safe streets, neighborhoods?
  • Do you want good schools?
  • Do you want to reduce, pay down the National Debt?
  • Do you want a strong, technologically capable military?
  • Do you want healthcare that covers PRE-EXISTING conditions?
  • Do you want to drive on a bridge that will not fall into the Water? Airplanes that terrorist don’t blown up?
  • Do we want an America that is free of terror threats?
  • An America that is FREE?
Taken by Adrian AdrandeSubmitted by Dominic Maldonado

2013 Brige Collapse. Seattle, Washington

Are there going to be TWO different sets of air? The clean red air for republicans to breath, while the democrat sitting next to him at the ball game is breathing polluted blue air?

Are there going to be TWO different levels of airlines?  Republican Air with its RED logo that terrorism akeep targetting and blue Democrat Air, with its Donkey logo, that terrorists send valentines to?

ARE WE NOT JUST DUMB ASSES — ALL? What the HELL is the fighting for?

Oh France, France – what are your people drinking to make you so politically savvy, while we over here are acting like functional illiterates? If it is the wine – I don’t drink, but it might be time now for me to go out and get roaring drunk!

PS: Trump’s veiled “threat” to Comey is NO  bluff.

I believe Trump tried and TRIED to get Comey to say he (Comey) would be “LOYAL” so HE (Trump) could get Comey ON TAPE and compromize him. If Comey, a SEASONED veteran, did not go to the Oval Office, in this climate of Trump, without HIS OWN MIKE and a gadget that would sweep for listening devices and hidden recorders…then he DAMN well NEEDED TO BE FIRED.

James Comey.jpg

Wonder if HE will guess I’m checking for recordings??? 

Here’s what I think:…for what it’s worth: Trump is like the Wizard of Oz. And now we are getting a peek behind the curtain…

All that facade about savvy businessman and deal maker…blah! (Romney, others KNEW.) Trump is just the public face of the Trump empire, the spokesperson. His kids, namely Ivanka, is/are running the show. After his dramatic bankruptcies, nearly running the company into the ground, I suspect Donald became a figurehead. The public was lulled into a myth about Trump and now that’s being exposed!

I also believe Mr. Trump is regretting becoming President…because with his inability to earlier grasp the scope of the Presidency, HE thought it would be as easy as his Wizardry of Oz, but being President is NOT mirors and magic…so he is out of his depth, because his kids CANNOT save him in this setting…though they are trying, moving to the oval office, purging the insane people or keeping them at arms length…but HE is Donald Trump! Unruly, out of control…

Notice how his wife, who knows him best of all, is keeping a low profile. She knows. If only Mrs. Trump would write a Kiss-and-Tell?


So, Donald Trump is slowly sabotaging his own presidency. And you can watch it unravelling. Sad. If only he would hire some excellent republicans (or democrats/people) with the skills needed to salvage this ship, like a Carl Rove (whom I detest, by the way, but he’s good at what he does!).

But Donald WILL NOT tolerate anyone who so much as watches him cross-eyed…so here we are.

Who in their right mind will CHALLENGE the FBI when the agency is investigating you, especially after you called them names, like Nazis?

OK, President Trump. May I remind you that Comey is not Rosie O’Donnell?  HE knows what’s in your tax returns…

And please, PLEASE Mr. President, I know nobody around you can tell you to STOP talking…but I’m not around you. For heaven’s sake: STOP TALKING! STOP TWEETING. STOP watching TV.  

Just STOP!

Head for the gym. Go biking. Golf! Jeez!

Photo Op Health Care 2017

Yep! This Photo Op! See you later, alligator.  The President craves “loyalty” even at your expense.

Republicans, it is ON your heads…if (when?) this trainwreck unravells. All it will take is replaying that photo op in the Rose Garden to “celebrate” a bill that’s going nowhere. Heard of the Bridge to Nowhere? This is the Healthcare BILL to Nowhere!

Take a page oput of the Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz playboook: GET OUT NOW, WHILE THE GOING IS STILL GOOD! Remember I warned you…while you can still smell sweet.

All photos from Google Images, unless otherwise stated…

Paging the Clintons…and Racism Overseas.

Can anyone please let me know if the Clintons have been spotted anywhere outside the U.S…like Brazil, Botswana…Bangkok?

The world is rushing to congratulate Barack Obama on his victory. Even from republicans like Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice… (bet she voted secretly for Obama! She hates Cheney too, remember) to prominent democrats who do and don’t want jobs in an Obama Administration.

We’ve heard from Obama’s third cousin, on his grandfather’s side, fourteen times removed. We’ve heard from people in every depressed black area in America and overseas. Even Sarah Palin pledged co-operation. But I’m still waiting to hear from prominent power-couple: Hill and Bill!

The President and Mrs. Bush reached out. Iran is writing! Russia is calling! But so far, nothing publicly, from the Clintons. Maybe the Clintons have graciously decided to let Obama have his moment. They could also be having uncontrollable sobbing fits over Obama’s historic smashing of the ebony? ceiling.

Perhaps the Clintons see just one way to restore the family’s honor. Chelsea for President! They’ve probably taken her to a secret overseas location. Political ninja’s will immediately start training Chelsea how to kick and punch her way through a grueling primary process, until she stages her own bid to return the presidency to Clinton hands!

And by the way, when that phone rings at 3:00 A.M, we’re not scared about who will be answering it. Because if aides come rushing in shouting: Mr. President, Mr. President, there are four ICBM’s heading to D.C. Obama would probably hand the aides some water, tell them to calm down, then ask someone to get him the Pentagon!

Our new president is a cobra. Coiled, cool, calm, deadly – just waiting for ya! Then whoop – you’re history. Don’t mess with Obama, and I reckon a lot of people at the Capitol will learn that, the hard way! People see him coming and they see the suit. DON’T LET THE SUIT FOOL YOU. That guy does not blink! No blink, blink!

I also want to say: I wonder if any of the other candidates on the democratic slate would have delivered the margin of victory that Obama delivered. Would Clinton have turned Pennsylvania and Ohio blue? New Hampshire and Florida, maybe. Too many people, republicans and democrats, absolutely hate the Clintons, and many detest Hillary even more!

I like the Clintons. Bill really upset me with those veiled racial underpinnings in his remarks during the primaries – but you know what, if you write the word Clinton on a piece of paper and hand it to a republican, the person will start foaming at the mouth. That’s enough to make me love the Clintons, bless their hearts. Republicans call Hillary a bitch! I say “go girl!” One man’s bitch is another man’s barracuda! Whatever!

Now, president-elect Obama, just a little something for me. All the blogging I’ve been doing– FOR YOU!!! Can I join the list of people from Massachusetts who want jobs in your administration? I would like White House copy writer. Can I get that, please? O-K, how about paper shredder? Read my blog. I’ve been good to you, ain’t I? Praised you…and kicked your opponents, er, shins? I deserve a place in your administration. I’m waiting by the phone. I’m sure you’ll call me.


I’ve already warned the rest of the world about making America look like a racist freak nation. NO American leader wanted to create a master race of tall, blue-eyed blonds. Remember, Obama would NOT be here today! That Master Race would have wiped off ALL of Asia, Africa (including Obama’s grandparents) and the tropics…and culled a whole lot of other transplants! (They’d probably kill Obama’s mother too, for consorting with black men!)

The racism that came to America didn’t just fall from the sky!
It piggy backed on the Anglophiles. Their descendants in the Republican Party, today, remain latched onto white-only politics, refusing to let go…and still holding on for dear life. The same people who made Italians feel like dirt when they got here. The same ones who treated the Irish like dogs when they got here. The same ones saying today Hispanics bring diseases to the U.S. They conveniently forget the Measles, Chicken Pox, Small Pox and VENERAL DISEASES they brought to the “colonies” and emaciated native people, destroying entire populations!

Read the history of the Irish in Chicago, the Italians in New York. Talk about racism. I have always found it hard to grasp that Irish people who faced this abject, dismal, humiliating, enraging and degrading racism in Boston, then turned around, and inflicted the same kind of racism on blacks.

Heard about “Southie?” The last racial killing (of a black person) in South Boston occurred about 4 or so years ago! I have a cousin who, seven years ago, refused to drive in South Boston. South Boston has now changed so much, it is almost unrecognizable. Last St. Patrick’s Day, my son and I went and shot a whole roll of film of the annual parade. We waved and they waved…there have been blacks in the parade and last year, a nice Asian contingent with a dragon.

So give me/us a break. America has just had a few hundred years to deal with its issues. Europe was around in the first century…parts under the thumb of Rome who thought Europeans were “uncivilized”…yet they still haven’t gotten it right! The Asians haven’t gotten it right, either. The Japanese still can’t even admit, unequivocally, to their war-time atrocities against Koreans and others! Today, they’re twittering about racial injustice in America. Shut up!

As for China, (5-thousand years of written history!) the ethnic Han consider themselves superior to everybody on this earth, including unwanted, troublesome “minorities” like the Tibetans. And the darker-skinned you are, the less welcome you are! (I’ve been to Taiwan. Some of them acted like they’d never seen a black person before, and probably never had! They want to touch you. Pull your hair. Can’t blame them. I read an article that says they do the same thing in Utah.)

So leave us alone, snotty Europeans. Now it’s time for France to elect some Algerians and/or Tunisians from its banlieus and send them to the Elysee Palace. Don’t be racist, now! Hey, Germany, your turn. How about some Turks in the Bundestag. Kalil for Chancellor?

We have the Moral High Ground on this one. Nana nana nana! We have Obama! Nana nana nana…

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