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Black Lives DO NOT Matter

to other blacks, with few exceptions!!! Or to news networks, unless it is to score points…

A shooting every 3 hours…in Chicago, since January 01!!!

About 110 people shot in Chicago so far this year…with 17 killed!

WHERE are the Black Lives Matter protests? Where are you, reporters? Hypocrites…!!!

Do you think that when you make the police impotent, because you get so UPSET that the cops rough up thugs, that THAT will make you safer – or buy you rights? I’d believe you more if you DIDN’T think that ONLY the police need to be held accountable for killing black people! Believe you more if you marched against the thugs in your neighborhood shooting at you – in addition to ONLY marching against police.


Go ahead…keep shouting “Black Lives Matter” whenever police are the ones doing the shooting. Then stay quiet and hide when other blacks do the shooting…especially black thugs!!!

Think about the consequences to your actions? Well guess what?

When you videotape cops and hamper them from doing their work, and stay quiet and refuse to cooperate when thugs shoot up your neighborhood – then cops chill out…and you black protesters get shot by another black person who thinks that your black protester ass “lives” do NOT matter…

Yes, I know. Cops should not shoot unarmed people. Agree.

But cops have to deal with thugs everyday – thugs who often have NO conscience, and if you always want cops to handle thugs with kid gloves, then dream on.

And here’s to peace and security in your ‘hood!

 By the way, are the victims of these thug shootings suing any of these thug shooters for “wrongful death”?

Seems it’s a lot MORE lucrative for parents and loved ones when cops shoot their kids.

I can almost see this scenario:BLM

Child: Ma, kwante got shot. He got shot ma…he’s dead!

Mother: Who shot him?

Child: Jawon. Kwante and Jawon were arguing … and Jawon shot him…

Mother: Damn. You sure it ain’t the cops, boy…

Child: No ma, was Jawon. I saw him…but he didn’t see me…

Mother: Shut up boy. You see nothin’ – know nothin’ … hear me boy!

Yep…black lives matter! A lot!!!

Cruz! I Can Out-Trump Trump!!!

Ted Cruz is a NARCISSISTIC, self-serving ______! YOU fill the blanks!

No wonder Cruz’s own fellow republicans DO NOT LIKE this guy.

He puts his kids OUT THERE…acting in a VERY INappropriate role, with one of his daughters coming across as a bad actress little diva wannabe, and then when the Washington Post ridicules them, he acts all outraged, throws up his hands and laments: “Oh no! Not my kids!

Nonsense! Who threw them into that self-serving spotlighted shark tank by trying to out-Trump Trump??

If you don’t want your kids involved in the mud-slinging, then DON’T have then sling mud!

So when you use them to ATTACK other candidates, the candidates and/or their supporters should NOT respond? You and your little brats are somehow inured because they are kids? 

Cruz Xmas

Cruz family as depicted in their campaign ad

How about I write a Limerick for Hillary Clinton to read to HER granddaughter in HER Christmas ad – like this one:

An arrogant Textan named Ted

(Who once was Canadian, not red)

A polarizing fellow

Who couldn’t love Echo

But adored his reflection instead!

Is there anybody, ANYBODY, who will throw down their weapons because the person aiming the gun at them is a kid?”

The outrage is that the “pundits” reacted:

  • “No kids” – meaning what and aimed at whom?
  • That Cruz should not USE his kids to attack other candidates – Or that candidates can put their kids out there with impunity and when thy do, everybody else loses or waives their right to respond?
  • Cruz responds: “Classy. Washington Post makes fun of my girls. Stick with attacking me – Caroline and Catherine are out of your league”. Hell Cruz, your GIRLS appear to be out of MY league as well! And certainly, talking about classy – it was very “classy” of you to have them do this ad! And very classy they look doing it, too…
  • Fox: “Kids are off limits, in this case, totally off limits”. Umh hmn. Republican kids are off limits!
  • MSNBC: “Kids. Come on, and these are little kids!” They should remind Cruz about that! Kids, Mr. Cruz, little kids. Yours!

The Post apologized! FOR WHAT? When Cruz (or ANY other candidate) puts his/her kids, grandkids, spouses, siblings, loved ones etc out there…IN THAT CONFRONTATIONAL, OUTRAGEOUS manner – then they are fair game, be it kids, dog, cat, mother or neighbor!

(I would not have used monkey…more like some wound-up toy with the wind-up gear in their back! Monkey carries a racial connotation for blacks. Had it been Ben Carson, this would have been a totally different interpretation – which all goes to show, NOT everything is race!)

However, one could argue differently if it was a feel-good ad – but the kid is practically calling Mrs. Clinton names and throwing aspersions on her character by referencing this manufactured republican email “controversy”.

cruz xmas1.jpg

Cruz Family rendition (referring to Hillary Clinton)

Referring to Hillary Clinton as “The Grinch Who Lost Her Emails”: the little Cruz daughter reads with a sneer?:

“I know just what I’ll do, she said with a snicker, I’ll use my own server and no-one will be the wiser!”

That’s a cheap shot at Clinton from the mouth of Cruz’s leetle* daughter…and the Post is right to imply that she is acting like a trained little monkey regurgitating with her body language and words sentiments that I hope, belong to her father and NOT to her!

Memo to Ted Cruz: Do NOT use your kids to do negative/attack campaigning, EVEN IF YOU TRY TO PRETTY IT UP! Take them on the road with you, let them stand on stage looking cute (or brattily precocious as your girrrls appear to be — or as YOU HAVE MADE THEM APPEAR TO BE!, at least to ME!) but DO NOT have them do these kinds of ads referencing other candidates.” And especially, DO NOT then turn around and play “woe is me!”

Mr. Cruz, I understand the republicans would much PREFER anything at this point to Donald Trump, but by golly, Trump may be a better man than you despite his brashness and the disgusting things coming out of his mouthness!

Finally, Paul Ryan’s budget proposals are not exactly my cup of tea either, especially since HE is republican (though I have to say so far I’m LOVING my republican governor in Massachusetts, but then, THAT is Massachusetts. Romney was NOT from Massachusetts, just pretend lived there so he could run for office here, there, everywhere!). However, Paul Ryan would NEVER – repeat NEVER, EVER use his kids in a commercial of that caliber.


MA governor Charlie Baker (R)

Seems I, an anti-republican, understand your fellow republicans BETTER than you, Mr. Cruz. The other candidates are privately cringing too, regardless of the noises they make in public. Hopefully, NONE will follow your lead – in anything!

Hint: If you ever use these kids again, with emphasis on USE, do something along those lines: ask your daughter “whom do you want to be president – daddy or Hillary Clinton – and let her put her arms around your neck, hug you and say: daddy (shyly). You will get a lot more bang for your money. Even I will say: awww!

Trust me, Mr. Cruz, you may think this ad is “quite the thing” but it’s not… I think you will look at this ad and CRINGE in the next few month and/or future…especially when you do NOT become president, because if even your OWN republicans DON’T like you and find your-me-or-the-highway-attitude polarizing, then, Mr. Cruz, why should the rest of us?

Definition. leetle:  A very tiny and disgustingly cute and/or fascinating thing.

**Definition. boo-yah
  1. used to express joy, especially over a well-played or victorious moment in sports.

And if politics isn’t a sport…a VERY bloody sport, just WHAT is it? Really?


Get OUT of the Middle East, America!

Are you prepared for more Middle East turmoil? Well get ready.



If Israeli hardliners vote for Benjamin Netanyahu (again), on his “One State” mandate then get ready for more: MORE bombings, MORE beheadings, MORE executions, MORE chaos, MORE despair, MORE nightmares, MORE fear, MORE uncertainty!

And for MORE American intransigence — with MORE European dis-involvement and MORE world-wide disenchantment!

I was in Washington DC when Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu decided to storm America’s Bastille: the U.S. Capitol.

 Amid super, super-tight security, I’m annoyed that I can’t cut across the Capitol grounds to get to the House Buildings. But I’m really, really outraged that Republicans invite/allow a foreign government to enter their Congress and DICTATE to the American people AND the American government – how America should conduct its foreign policy.

netanyahu house

State of this War Union is VERY strong!

Do you see any other government allowing the U.S. president to address their parliament and TELL them, nay DICTATE to them HOW to run their government? I can’t see it happening. Yet Republicans allowed it because they are:

So blinded by partisan politics, so consumed by their dislike of President Obama, so enthralled with the profits they and their cronies stand to gain from the monetary profits of war, so misguided by their imaginings of the resulting Shangri La from bombing Iran, so enraptured by their Biblical perceptions of Israel as David (forgetting that a nuclear arsenal is NOT a slingshot) – that they not only LET it happen, they orchestrated, embraced and encouraged that protocol faux-pas!

 What a misguided precedent for this country!

If Republicans wanted Netanyahu to make his point, it needed to be made before the United Nations. That’s where you go to grandstand and try to influence world politics in your favor. You do NOT breach the parliament of a sovereign nation with your hard-line, extreme right morass of more war and mayhem that will only DRAG America deeper into terrorism and wasteful spending.

Why again must we bomb Iran? To do what bombing Iraq was supposed to do? Bring about world peace? Well we have so much peace now I guess we have room to start another teeny war with another Middle East oil producer – to keep our troops from getting bored.

Except Iran is NOT Iraq.

Iran is a more sophisticated, educated and literate populace. And while many Iranians may not like their hard-line regime, they will hate U.S. bombings even more!

iran nuclear2

Well, you and I understand that – but not one Republican among the Netanyahu war faction will subscribe to that theory. To them, Americans will be seen as the Great Deliverer and the Iranian government will roll over and play dead. Iran will never think of unleashing a barrage of state-sponsored terrorism against the U. S. Why on earth would they? If Mexico or Canada decided to bomb Yucca Mountain, would you not be well pleased?

No American would see any such bombing of U.S facilities as a threat and retaliate in any way – neither would the U.S. government. See? The Republican point of view makes a lot of sense! But then again, Mexico and Canada are too close by – how about India bombing us because India feels threatened by our cows! 

methane cow

Cows are not a good example because cows do not threaten the world? I say they do, with methane gas and global warning, etc…BUT, assuming you are a Republican who does NOT believe in Global Warming (especially given the 7+ feet  of snow we got in Boston, Winter 2015 – which just goes to prove, Republicans claim, that we are facing Global Cooling, NOT warming) I say how about if China bombed the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California because China sees the lab as a threat?

What would you do? What would America do?

Nothing, of course – and that is exactly what Iran will do too, if we are smart enough to bomb their nuclear facilities!

The idea, that only the Americans, the French, the British and a handful of nations are the ONLY ones who are bright enough, intelligent enough, dependable enough, SANE enough to have nuclear weapons is the height of arrogance. Nobody should have nuclear weapons – and yes I’d feel safer if more nations did NOT have nuclear weapons – but who are we to punish them for something that we are flaunting with impunity?

Middle East

Middle East map

America needs to get out of the Middle East and let the chips fall where they may. Where is Kuwait, which America rushed to help in the name of crude and which was instrumental in oiling this slippery slope we’re now slip-sliding on? Where is Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar? They and their over-indulged kids are yachting in Cannes dressed in haute couture, driving exotic, one-of-a-kind sports cars and guzzling Cristal champagne – while American kids, sons, daughters, brothers, husbands and wives are being slaughtered, blown up and executed in a costly no-win, no-reason-we-are-still-there enemy-generating war!

AMERICANS WAKE UP – because Republicans never will!!!

These myopic, clueless politicians play their games – and other people (who may not even agree with their questionable positions) get beheaded!


Photos: Google images

CNN photo of WHICH Capitol?

CNN posts a photo of a tourist standing in the snow at the nation’s Capitol on March 06, 2015:

snowquesterCheck it out:

— except it is NOT a photo of the Capitol as it looks in March 2015 – because I just returned from DC last night, (March 05, 2015) and the Capitol’s DOME is shrouded in scaffolding – and the CNN photo has NO scaffolding!

Maybe they mean March 06, 2016?

Or maybe I missed the side without the scaffolding? Possible…

Yes, I walked past the Capitol while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was making his big speech to Republicans – and the whole area was blocked! Tight security, protesters, police sniffing dogs, the works…public NOT allowed.

My photos of the capitol when I could walk by AFTER Netanyahu left…

Capitol dome scaffolding dome restoration

Maybe CNN has a different Capitol tucked away somewhere?

Who knew?

My other DC photos:

White House

White House

Washington Monument

Washington Monumen

World War II Memorial MA

World War II Memorial MA

World War II Memorial

World War II Memorial

Real photos of the landmarks AS THEY LOOKED over the weekend.

Yes I really WAS in DC from February 28-March 04 and the Capitol dome DOES  have scaffolding…

I think…

Ooohhh, they UPDATED: The photo was from MARCH 6, 2013…and they tweaked the caption/wording too. So now it’s just a tourist snapping photos – said tourist NO LONGER being part of today’s snow at Capitol!

BS — as in Before Scaffolding!!!

 But we good now, CNN! 

Boston: Don’t Blame the “T”…


Outgoing MBTA GM, Beverly Scott leaves April 11.

The head of Boston’s transit system resigned Wednesday, February 11, 2015. 

Here in Massachusetts we DON’T call our transit system the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. That’s too much of a mouthful.  We call it the MBTA or more commonly, just the “T”.

I say: BRAVO Dr. Beverly Scott. There is NO need to put up with the nonsense (too mild but will have to do instead of the initials I really want to use!) coming from the Boston media which has been trying to blame her and other T staff for the problem-plagued, indebted transit’s failures .

Seems to me that one particular news station started a drumbeat with blame, blame, blame the T. Not outright, though – more like leading viewers down a path to inference…through insinuation.

mbta map

MBTA transit map – subway.

I called one TV station to speak to a news editor. I asked the woman, (can’t recall exact wording, but giving you the gist) please tell me what information does your station have that is causing you to blame the T’s staffers for the current situation…WHY are you blaming the T staff for the weather-related performance deficiencies?

RESPONSE: Their station is not blaming the T.

ME:  Is it not the job of the media to inform the public by explaining HOW (as in How, What, Where, When, Why – but I did not say that) the T gets its funding…and about the funding situation facing the T with Forward Funding.  (Don’t even know what that means – I actually thought the term was Future Funding!)

RESPONSE: It is NOT the job of said station to explain about Forward Funding and the T’s finances…

red lline train

A Red Line train – like one that got stuck on frozen tracks, stranding passengers for 2 hours.

ME: Oh, what IS the job of the station? (I know the answer of course. It is to tell us about the antics of Kim and Kanye; to let us know whenever another pregnant woman has a roadside baby and the HEROES who save the day, AND to inform us whenever another fool who goes out on thin ice needs to be rescued at taxpayer expense. THAT is very edifying.

I forgot to include NEWS of the latest YouTube video featuring some toddler who either hates that mum has a new baby – or some cat that can rap (nothing against rap, yo).

With a “job” like that, which TV channel has the time to delve into an expose on the financing structure of the T?

Boylston St

Clearing snow in Boston (Boylston Street) ahead of New England Patriots Feb 04, 2015 Super Bowl parade.

Some viewer would actually LEARN something (gasp) and the job of TV news is now to entertain. You the intelligent, conscious viewer, who is still clinging to the concept of news, “real news” as opposed to some pop star’s latest boyfriend buying her a trip to Venus, (assuming you have not yet been “Dumbed Down” by these networks who are often owned by entertainment companies), then if you want REAL newsy news, please go somewhere else to find it!

Having said this, I ask the news outlets in Boston:

Please some newsroom staffER, explain to me where is it that you think the T went wrong for that particular storm. Does it start with the Big Dig financing package? (And people are trying to blame the new Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker who was involved with that financing? I am NOT blaming Baker, even if he was involved, and God knows I HATE Republicans!) The citizens of the Commonwealth went along with the financing deal – just as Americans went along with the invasion of Iraq. Dumb.

Boston Common

Snowy Boston Common

Did anybody vote to throw out any of the lawmakers who were also involved in that Forward Funding MBTA deal and sanctioned it? Is there anyone on record – any lawmakers, governors, city councilors, citizens, opinion pieces objecting to this financing package?

HERE IS A STORY FOR YOU, BOSTON MEDIA. How did this play out?

Please some newsroom editor, explain to me how you expected the T staff to unfreeze the frozen trains.

With their heated breath?

With their tongue?

With a hair dryer? Or the hot air you’re blowing out your crass?

rotary snow plow

Rotary Snow Plow – an expensive way to clear snowy train tracks

Because Massachusetts, (the richest state in New England, I believe?) DOES NOT HAVE THE SNOW/ICE HANDLING EQUIPMENT WE NEED. Despite our 446 billion-dollar GDP (Gross Domestic Product, 2013) we have to borrow equipment from Maine (GDP 55 Billion) and Vermont? Vermont has a 29 billion-dollar GDP. Guess GDP does not equal common sense because seems Vermont has a LOT more than we do!

I suppose it’s because we think: “It won’t happen to US, down here – WAY down here so close to the Equator and all. Who’s ever heard of blizzards and heavy snowfall in Boston? Of course there was the blizzard of ’78 – but THAT was a fluke. Won’t EVER happen again. So we DON’T need snow-melting machinery. Not like those snowbound residents in upstate New York and Vermont.”

Well now we realize we DO need snow melting machinery after all.

Boston Public Library

Tea anyone?

So Boston media, whom are you blaming for that?

Where does the T get money to buy the equipment it needs when they have a 5-billion-dollar debt and one out of every 5 dollars in T revenue goes to pay the INTEREST on the loan? With a governor who pledged to NOT raise taxes? Ready for cuts?

Whom do we blame for that?

Certainly NOT the T employees who were out on the tracks in the snow with pickaxes trying to dig out frozen switches while we were sitting in front of our computers trying to sensationalize the wrong aspect of this farce OR, focusing ONLY on one aspect of it!

Don’t expect the T boss who just took over a few years ago…to be able to manage such a major equipment malfunction – without the resources to do so!

Yes, of course, the T is not completely blameless. Their long-term planning may have been off. But I don’t know. Maybe T bosses have been making passionate pleas for more funding, for buying equipment, warning about such scenarios, etc…and got nowhere. HOW do we know?

We keep blaming T staffers and bosses, because it is easier to do this than to ask the hard questions like the billion-dollar T debt, how it came about, T expansions that should NOT be taken on now, staggering health care costs, early retirements that pay off handsomely, union demands, poor fare collection, an antiquated system, equipment that is falling down. THAT’S TOO MUCH WORK. It also reflects badly on us citizens who pretend the T is just fine!

t workers

T workers clear frozen switches MANUALLY! (Photo:

Microsoft has PHASED OUT SUPPORT for 12-year-old Windows XP. If you’re still using XP, it’s on you! The T is 100 years old…still using 100-year old equipment. If this was a human person, it would be likely dead already! Yet we expect it to run smoothly and efficiently and be able to deal with record snowfall that modern airplanes cannot tackle! If the blizzard lasted a week, would we blame airline staff for flight cancellations/delays? Well it’s not falling anymore – it is frozen on the ground, to our ancient tracks! And your answer to that?

Easier to just stick a mike in the face of commuters and ask them how he/she feels about a 2-hour train delay? How the hell do you expect the person to feel? Especially if you depend on public transit to go to that job interview, doctor’s appointment, or work? If the person says: “Yeah! I’m so happy I’ve been waiting on a cold platform for 2 hours for a train!” THEN you have a story! 


Snow dunes – South Boston

Most riders seemed to understand that it was too much snow – overwhelming for an urban area with LIMITED open space. (Which does NOT mean proper planning can’t mitigate the effects, either!)

However, most of us with brains in our heads – or NO airtime to fill, understand this record snowfall is a situation where IMMEDIATE RELIEF depended on angels (or demons) riding to the rescue. OR, Harry Potter and Dumbledore waving their wands: Defodio (spell to dig out materials – like snow?) or Incendio (lights a fire – under the snow?) Reparo (repair/fix broken or damaged objects – like trains?) or Evanesco –  (makes things vanish – like snow?)  Without that, what are the options?


Pigeons seek mid-day refuge inside Red Line’s Andrew train station – deserted due to snow!

There are NO quick fixes for some things…much as we’ve been socialized to believe there ARE!

Train is frozen…the T has to (a) find another train (b) find a driver. The city is snowbound. What if the first staffer they call is not answering his/her phone, as in – oh no, you don’t. I’m NOT coming in!? Next person is on vacation or stuck in snow traffic somewhere? What if the person they call is with their sick/pregnant wife/loved one and no-one else is available to stay with the sick person? Do we think of that? Or do we just assume that SOMEONE is ALWAYS sitting in the T cafeteria whose sole job is to be on call just in case a train gets stuck? I’d like that job. Are we willing to foot that person’s salary — or will the same media start bitching when the person sits there for 6 months with NO stuck trains to service?

South Boston

Digging the car out in South Boston

We’ve become a nation of soft, whining, complaining, selfish, smug complainers.

I saw one person in Lynn complaining about the sidewalk. Does Lynn City Hall have the money to deal with this kind of snowfall – when Boston, so much richer, is struggling?

What the hell is wrong with us, that able bodied men, women and teens living on a street CANNOT get together to shovel their sidewalks? To shovel out our FIRE HYDRANTS? Firefighters are out in the snow shoveling off hydrants? May be their job (I don’t know) but it is NOT their homes that will be burning down if the hydrants are frozen over!


Boston Garden

People won’t even shovel their roofs (rooves) until one roof somewhere caves in. Pretty soon we’ll be whining that the CITY has not come to rake the snow off our roof! Or should that be the National Guard?

Come on. Next snowfall, let’s STOP depending on the city, the state, the National Guard and let us get together; someone make some hot chocolate, someone else some coffee, another person some cookies and LET US TAKE SOME SHOVELS AND CLEAR OUR SIDEWALKS and stop whining. Lazy, dependent morons that we’ve become!

PS: Forgot to add that now that the T’s underachieving General Manager has resigned, we will be in a position to hire a new GM – an overachiever who will set up his own mint under a railway overpass and produce his own currency.

sidewalk snow tunnel

MBTA mint location: tunnel cut through a snowy South Boston sidewalk on D Street.

In just one printing, he/she will erase the T’s 5-billion-dollar debt. There will also be enough left over to buy NEW trains, enough for a bonus to have the new trains built/tested and online by winter 2016 (overachiever, remember?) plus enough to keep fares as is until 2024 when Olympics funding will take over.

How? Hogwarts will send the new GM – armed with an Invisibility Spell! 

Hogwarts Express

Hogwarts Express: Snow no problem! Tergeo!



Kamikaze Republicans

stubbornelephSix GOP senators, including Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and 62 Republican members of the House, led by Rep. Matt Salmon, R-Ariz., have signed letters calling on congressional leaders to use that budget debate to de-fund the president’s order.

Formally legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants requires federal workers to spend time and money on the process, and these Republicans want to craft budget bills that expressly forbid money being used to implement the president’s order.

From: USA Today

I think some Haitians put a Voodoo curse on Republicans – and serve them right too, for allowing Cubans to enter the country as soon as they reach land – and sending the Haitians back!

Oopsy! I put my foot in my mouth - again!!!  AGAIN?

Oopsy! I put my foot in my mouth – again!!!

If NOT a curse, then HOW do we account for the foot-in-your-mouth STUPIDITY of the GOP? The constant drumbeat to alienate and annoy a growing demographic that is exploding with consumer power and political influence?

WHY would Republicans even WANT to derail the President’s Executive Immigration Order? If I was a Republican (and very happy  I am NOT, thank you!), I’d rant and rave, yes, and shout about the “abuse of Presidential power”, but I would NOT – repeat would NOT, son…overturn, over-rule, derail or try in ANY way to nullify the President’s Immigration Order – WITHOUT offering something of my own. But what do I know, non-Tea Party, er…coffee-drinker that I am?

HERE’S WHY the President needs to act:Anti-Immigration Tea Party ProtestAnti-immigration

The Comprehensive Enforcement and Immigration Reform Act of 2005 (proposed by Senators John Cornyn and Jon Kyl, dead on arrival by Republicans who hold MAJORITY in Senate.

– The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 (Senator Arlen Specter) passed in the Senate in May 2006 – KILLED in the Republican controlled House!

– The Security Through Regularized Immigration and a Vibrant Economy Act of 2007 (a House version – it DIED too!) Anyone recalls “cloture”? Senate NEVER voted on bill! The DREAM Act: IT too is DEAD on arrival!

– The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 ( Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007) – derailed by Republicans.

– The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 (Sen. Charles Schumer, co-sponsored by other “Gang of Eight” members). Passes Senate June 2013. DIES in House – Republican Speaker John Boehner REFUSES to bring bill to House floor for a vote.

Apparently NOT!

Apparently NOT!

Republicans have SUCCESSFULLY blocked Immigration Reform since 2007. First, they got their base to flood Congress with phone calls and deployed massive lobbying. That worked.

Then they threatened to overthrow fellow Republican House Speaker John Boehner if he so much as SAID the words: Immigration Reform. That worked, too…BUT!

Immigration Activists got smart. Groups pushing for Reform organized, got the big money, got the (champion of Republicans for no-regulation & cutting taxes) U.S. Chamber of Commerce behind them; got the (bastion of Republican voters for values) The National Association of Evangelicals behind them…and came up with a concerted push-back of their own.

Immigration Reform Rally, Boston 2013

Add to this the power of the Hispanic vote (and the black and Immigrant vote) and the FIRST SHOT that was sent across the Democrat’s bow in the 2014 Mid-Terms. THAT was enough to get the President to take action – the SAME action that he could not take before!

Republicans KNOW they needed to bluster, scream and threaten as LOUDLY as they could BEFORE the President acted, to again cow Democrats into doing nothing, which suited the GOP just fine. Doing NOTHING, a Republican pastime, kept the Republican base happy; left Democrats holding the bag for the “nothing” that happened; contributed to a demoralized, disenchanted Democrat base and translated to fewer votes and lost seats in Congress and state Capitols.

Republicans were licking their chops…when suddenly, they lost their bone!  Now, they have to come up with a new playbook. Just as they started picking up some Hispanic votes by blaming Obama for NO reform…the President lobbed a back-hand into their court. Ace Obama. Your move GOP?

What CAN they do now? jack in box

If they DARE to repeal any Executive Action, now they will alienate Hispanics and other immigrants for good.

If they even hint that they will repeal any action during the 2016 Presidential race, then they run the risk of alienating Hispanic and immigrant voters.

If they DON’T, then they alienate their base.

If Republicans shut the government down over Immigration Reform, Americans will get angry.

If the Tea Party Ted Cruz faction INSISTS on shutting the government down, AGAIN, this time over Immigration Reform…some Republicans will not go along and this could get ugly. Oh golly!

If they sue the president, they will look stupid!!!

If they try to impeach, they have NO legal basis and will look even MORE stupid and petty. Plus, to blacks, that will really cement the antipathy, at a time the GOP is pretending to “reach out” to black voters…!

Ooohh — it’s NOT good to be Republican right now!

Republican strategy

YES We CAN – Reform Immigration NOW!

Hey Republicans — President Obama today (6/30/2014) just threw down the Immigration gauntlet…slapped the GOP with a glove…and called them OUT!

Yes…yes, yeesss! (Excuse me! I’m having a shampoo commercial/Herbal Essences moment, aka – a when Harry met Sally moment.) Meanwhile, the Tea Party and it’s splinter group, the Republicans, are having major and frequent Maalox moments…

Anti-Immigration Tea Party Protest tea party sign

Tea party supporters are practically FOAMING at the mouth…and spewing vitriol and hate. EXAMPLE…

I left this comment on the Chicago Tribune website (yesterday) June 29, 2014.

THE Executive Order 22-million shadow immigrants are waiting for…

THE Executive Order 50-thousand young U.S. born Hispanics who turn 18 every MONTH – (plus thousands MORE from other immigrant groups) are waiting for…

Rallying cry for Immigrant Voters: Legalize my relatives NOW!!!

I BELIEVE that cowardly republicans should bring the Immigration Bill to the floor of the House for a vote.

I also BELIEVE that these 50-thousand young U.S. born Hispanics who turn 18 every MONTH and the thousands MORE from other immigrant groups who have mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents who are undocumented – should IMMEDIATELY register to vote on behalf of their loved ones.

Vote, vote, vote – remember the power of the ballot.

If any Congressman is BLOCKING Immigration Reform, young immigrant voters need to MAKE THEIR VOICE HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR.

Legalize my relative NOW…

Immigration-rights activists stage a ral


Fucking freeloading unasimilating non English speaking uneducated disrespectful and American hating pieces of shit. Not just republicans who hate the illegals. Just as many democrats do as well, except they lie and tell you something else. Illegal is illegal is still. Illegal.

And they wonder WHY the majority of Hispanics, Asians, other immigrants and blacks hate them right back — and DON’T vote for them!

All this month I’ve been suggesting, hinting, begging President Obama…

It is time for DAFFA: Deferred Action for Families…of Dreamers. 

I mean he IS signing Executive Orders against gay/transgender workplace discrimination…and to ease student debt, so I asked: BUT I DON’T SEE YOU SIGNING AN ORDER FOR IMMIGRATION REFORM. Why?

TODAY finally…finally, finally…AN answer!!!Obama Imig Reform

Thank you.

Please take Executive Action to at least legalize the families of Dreamers and make DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) PERMANENT. Immigration activists, business leaders, the national Association of Evangelicals, other religious groups, law enforcement AND the MAJORITY of Americans (unlike the Tea Party extremists) realize that:

  • This status quo of 22-million people living anonymously in the shadows – living under the radar, unknown, unchecked – is NOT acceptable and cannot be allowed to continue.
  • That we cannot have this influx of kids crossing the border. More than 50-thousand children since October 2013. Some are as young as 2-years old, crossing the border, often alone. Come on! This is a humanitarian crisis. What if these were 2-year-old American kids crossing into Mexico, alone, heading to Central America?
  • It should NOT take 10-years for LEGAL immigrants to wait to come to America.
  • The Immigration system overall NEEDS to be fixed – illegal immigration is just ONE part of an unworkable, unwieldy BROKEN system.

Reform Immigration Now!Imagine rounding up, arresting, detaining and deporting 22-million people…or having them self-deport a la Mitt Romney. Many of these undocumented immigrants also have U.S. born kids who are U.S citizens. 

Employers, farmers agree that Americans WILL NOT do the jobs (picking lettuce, strawberries, watermelons, janitorial work, child and elderly care, cooking, janitorial, picking factory orders etc.) that many undocumented people do.

Employers have tried to get Americans to do these jobs, but they come on day one and by day two DO NOT SHOW UP.  According to newspaper reports…In 2011, after the Georgia legislature led by Republican Governor Nathan Deal passed a tough immigration bill, Hispanic farm workers fled the state.

Deal decided to use prisoners to pick field crops but many inmates walked off the job early. Farmers in Georgia lost millions of dollars because crops that rotted in the field before they could be harvested. Not even PRISONERS want to do these jobs! It is apparently more cushy in the jail than in the fields. Undocumented Immigrants though are classified as lazy by Republicans!

Immigration Reform Rally, Boston 2013The Tea Party wants to deport and demonize the Dream Kids who were raised here from babies and toddlers and educated in America; to send them back, instead of letting them become the doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses and scientists we need. Meantime, our minority native-born kids are being locked up behind bars…while thousands of high-tech jobs go unfilled. Answer: let’s issue 65-thousand H-1B visas each year, get high-tech foreign adults (er, Americans) from India, Pakistan and other countries to come fill those jobs instead. 

I don’t know what to do about the influx of kids across the border NOW, but I know if the House had passed Immigration Reform last July, we would NOT be having this crisis today!

GA cropsMr. President, take executive action NOW! Nothing you do, Mr. President will PLEASE the GOP, so WHY antagonize YOUR base? You deported and where did THAT get you? the title “Deporter-In-Chief” and NOT even the floor of the House for a vote!

Extend DACA to parents of Dreamers. Show Hispanics, Immigrant advocates your good faith – THEN, after the November elections, push more reforms. Forget about Boehner and his faux “lawsuits” there’s nothing about the “law” in his motivation.

He’s on his way out…and he knows it. And if he DOES cry his way back as House Speaker, he will remain a yo-yo between the handful of remaining main-stream Republicans (the rock) and the Tea Party (a hard place!). Stop deporting We need an Executive order to MAKE DACA PERMANENT – AND OFFER THE SAME PROTECTION TO THE PARENTS OF DREAMERS.

That will remove the stumbling block to wider Immigration Reform and let the process move on. YES OBAMA – YES WE CAN. SI, SE PUEDE, SE PUEDE, SE PUEDE! Ahora!


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