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  Vicki Browning wrote @

No comments on previous issues but here is one to chew on . Do all the Kasich lovers know that this man wants to take Social Security away ? You don’t hear him saying that now. you need to go back and hear his speeches. He thinks teachers shouldn’t get raises, fireman and police. I could go on and on. Can you imagine not having Social Security when you retire ? I love how rich people take care of their own but want to screw the middle class and of course the poor. It all comes back to bite them in the end – government takes care of them. We do not need Kasich – he is dis honest and you are NOT aware of his speeches from before that he is hiding for now.

  conlibe wrote @

I would not be surprised…
I am NOT a republican supporter – I’m just saying that if it comes to a choice between a rock and a smooth rock, I’ll take the smooth rock. Kasich is a smooth rock – but still a rock!

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