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DACA Back In Congress

Trump’s subliminal message to Congress: Damned if You Do – or Don’t fix Immigration/DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)! 

DACA is an Executive Order President Obama signed in 2012 after Congress refused to act, again, on Comprehensive Immigration Reform. It grants temporary protected status to undocumented young people who entered the country illegally with their parents. Recipients have to meet certain standards and in return, get work authorization and a social security number.

President Donald Trump today (9/5/2017) gave the program a 6 month lease and asked Congress to Act — or DACA ends! 

Boston Globe

This “ending DACA by NOT ending DACA” is a BRILLIANT political strategy by President Trump.

I don’t agree with ending DACA. I fully support DACA and want these young kids (AND their parents, especially parents with kids who are US citizens and/or lawful PERMANENT Residents) to get lawful status. However, President Trump campaigned on an anti-immigrant platform and it was beyond naive of anyone to believe that HE would support DACA, AGAINST the wishes of his base of hard-line anti-immigrant supporters.

While Trump may not be very good at “presidenting”, HE is unsurpassed at political strategizing!


With one stroke Trump sent his supporters/base into ecstasy and kicked the difficult, potentially career-derailing DACA decision to Congress. Bravo! Take THAT Paul Ryan. And am I GLAD to see it come back to haunt you!!!

Remember when Immigration Reform passed in the Senate – and Republicans, led by then House Speaker John Boehner, REFUSED to bring the bill to the FLOOR OF THE HOUSE for a vote? Well, tee-hee…had they DONE that, they WOULD NOT be facing this dilemma today, because dilemma it is…

If republicans, led by Speaker Paul Ryan KILL DACA, then President Trump GETS what he wants at the expense of Ryan and other republicans. Trump can claim: “I didn’t tell Congress to kill DACA; I just asked them to fix it. Left to me, I’d have let DACA stand but Congress decided…” Hispanics then flock to the polls in droves (hopefully) to defeat republicans and Ryan, Mitchell lose their Majority positions…which would lead Trump (and Steve Bannon, ex-White House chief strategist/senior counselor) to celebrate!


If republicans, led by Ryan, legitimize DACA, then Trump can tell his base: “I didn’t do it. I ended it and sent it to them to do their job. They: Ryan, Mitch McConnell (Republican, Senate majority leader), etc – these swamp republicans, THEY saved DACA!” Hard-line republicans then flock to primaries to defeat these Trump blockers!

Either way, Trump wins with his base and hard-line anti-immigrant voices. Plus he also gets to blame and possibly get rid of republicans like Ryan and McConnell whom he sees as opponents.

Republicans_House Speaker Paul Ryan_Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell
GOP leaders: Ryan (blue tie) & McConnel

See the Machiavellian sub-plot?

I wonder, with hindsight, what the GOP would do now if they could go BACK to 2005-2007 when BI-PARTISAN efforts led by Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy and Republican President George W. Bush tried and failed to pass the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 because HOUSE REPUBLICANS KILLED IT!

Tea Party.jpgYou get what you sow! If you had done the right thing THEN, instead of playing politics and catering to a BASE that NOW opposes YOU, your life would be MUCH easier today because there would likely be NO Donald Trump…since immigration would be OFF the table, hence NO wall to tout!

As for Democrats, I detest, deplore and abhor their blatant HYPOCRISY on Immigration Reform. When they had the perfect opportunity to pass COMPREHENSIVE Immigration Reform with NO republican votes in 2009, they instead embraced Health Care (which has proven to be a NOOSE around their necks ever since).

I’m not sure, wasn’t there, but word out of DC is that Michelle Obama argued passionately FOR Immigration Reform and Obama White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel, argued against.

  • WHY didn’t YOU act, President Obama?
  • Why did you not tackle Immigration Reform BEFORE Health Care or TOGETHER with Health Care, back in 2009?
  • Why did you hastily (and cynically?) cobble together DACA (June 2012) and later DAPA (November 2014) in the run-up to elections?
  • What happens NOW to the PARENTS of DACA if Congress protects and/or deports the DACA kids?
  • I campaigned for Obama in 2008 and have never lifted a finger to do anything since because I felt very strongly, then as now, that President Obama and Democrats FAILED undocumented (and other immigrants) on Immigration Reform.


So in my opinion, President Obama can “speak up” NOW, but the time I wanted him to SPEAK UP was when he was IN the White House with a MAJORITY in the House and Senate!

I wrote to President Obama in December 2008. (I gave a copy to Obama friend, then Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick to hand to the President), but I guess since I am NOT a Harvard erudite like Larry Summers…my voice was/is too plebeian, too inconsequential, to be either passed on or considered!

So president Obama, if you did not read that 2008 letter, one of many  I sent to you on immigration, I’m posting it, in part, below:

December 17, 2008

ATTENTION: President Elect Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,

Now that you are preparing to take over the leadership of this great country, putting your team together and soliciting input from the public, I’m hoping IMMIGRATION is high on your list.

The economy and its attendant issues do take precedence, right now. Healthcare is also important. But IMMIGRATION must not be overlooked as a top priority, either. Remember, during the campaign, when the financial crisis first broke, and republican Senator (John) McCain “suspended” his campaign and headed to Washington, you said: A president has to be able to do more than one thing at once. So I hope that you/your administration can work on both the Economy…AND Immigration too!

Dreamer sign.jpgIt makes smart POLITICAL sense:

Hispanics, a large and growing voting bloc, shifted away from republicans in the 2008 election and voted overwhelmingly for you. I doubt you believe that was due solely to your charm, intellect and good looks (though I admit those are considerable). They gravitated to you and Democrats because they hope YOU will reform the nation’s broken immigration system and make it possible for immigrants living here, (the most visible of whom are Hispanic), to achieve legal status. They were also turned off by the Republican’s vitriolic tone during the recent national debate over illegal immigration. The GOP’s racist, divisive and insulting comments, spurred by some politicians and talk-show hosts, demonized all Hispanics – both illegal and legal.

Reform immigration! You may not be able to claim immediate victory on the wars or the economy by the time mid-term elections roll around, but you can claim immediate victory on immigration reform.

In addition: The money immigrants send back home account for a large chunk of the GDP in many countries, like El Salvador. Without those remittances, observers say those countries would likely descend into chaos and contribute to regional instability. That would cost America a lot more.

DACA innovation.jpg

  • It makes smart ECONOMIC sense:

Millions of immigrants are willing, able and ready to buy some of those foreclosed and abandoned properties now flooding the market and blighting neighborhoods. Immigrants are also eager and willing to buy cars, now bloating dealer’s inventories. Legal status unleashes the power of millions of consumers who can now apply for credit, including bank loans, travel and open businesses.

Fixes a BROKEN system:

Many of the millions of undocumented immigrants living here no longer have lives to return to back home. Immigrants have set down roots and built lives here, in this country. Although many immigrants live in fear that allows them to be victimized without recourse, most do not want to go back and have nothing to go back to.

 There are news reports of military wives who are being deported because their husbands died in combat (Iraq/Afghanistan) before all the necessary paperwork was filed or completed. They’re being told to go…but their US-born children can stay!

  Talented, promising kids of illegal immigrants who are attending school here, or have graduated, cannot go to college. These “straight A” kids and honor students fall in the cracks instead of becoming the teachers, scientists and other skilled workers America so badly needs.

Immigration Inaction

 –  In Massachusetts, an outstanding math teacher, who had been teaching for years, was/is facing deportation because of a paperwork glitch.

  MEANTIME, immigration agents round up illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds then release them, because federal/state resources are overwhelmed. Yet ICE picks up factory workers, tears them from their families, and deports them.

Foreign artists/students/scientists and other professionals have to jump through so many hoops to get here, they give up in frustration and go elsewhere, taking valuable brain power and innovation with them.

The TIMING is perfect:

Democrats now have a majority in both houses. And I’m sure there are some republicans who realize their hard-line stance cost them Hispanic votes. They will want to get these votes back….and be more amenable. As you said during the campaign, NOW IS THE TIME!

The support is there. Despite the shouting coming from the right, a majority of Americans favor giving undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship. Unions, businesses, politicians, churches, community groups, the legal profession as well as immigration advocates and enforcers, urge reform.




DACA how.jpg

In My opinion, my BITTER, disgruntled, defeated, dejected, frustrated, feeling rejected, let-down by Democrats opinion, Democrats OUTRAGE now is way too little, far too late….and their lack of action is beginning to backfire on them with Trump’s DACA edict.

Memo to Democrats:

Take a page from the Donald Trump playbook and LEARN how to please your base, instead of pleasing Rham Emmanuel!

All photos: Google images

Why – Mr. Soros?

Soros home

One of billionaire George Soros’s many homes. New York state.

The modern-day left-wing RADICALS who protest against the people who live in mansions like these…take money from people who live in mansions like these!

So, you want to PROTEST Trump? And…?

Are you going to make us aware of something about Trump WE DON’T ALREADY KNOW? WHAT IS your point? (Apart from exercising your democratic right to protest, to gather, to speak — which, incidentally, you try to DENY to others.)

Do you have some shocking EXPOSE about Trump? For example: is Trump really Satan in disguise — OR Hitler OR Elvis? Or even Tupac?

Trump protest

IF you are going to proclaim that Trump is misogynistic, bombastic, racist, imperialist, narcissistic, unrealistic, an attention-getter, race-baiter, not to mention jet-setter…WE KNOW!!!

We TRULY don’t NEED you to point out Mr. Trump’s flaws. Those of us who’ve been following the Primaries, debates and Caucuses, news and talk-shows…we KNOW. Even people who are NOT following just know – it’s blowing in the wind! CAN’t miss it!

We’re unlikely to see a placard at your protest and go: “Oooohh – No Wall!” So, you want to occupy the Capitol and will “demand that Congress listen to the People and take immediate action to save our democracy. And we won’t leave until they do or until they send thousands of us to jail.”

Bring paper to write your last will and testament – or enough money for bail. Plan to say there until you die! Or someone sells something on eBay to raise money to bail you…

Sessions - Trump

Sessions (yellow tie) and Trump

Mitch McConnell


I don’t see Mitch McConnell or Jeff Sessions granting any concessions to you…that they won’t give to President Obama. Or maybe they’ll turn tail and run….who knows?

Now why would thousands of you want to go to jail to make Congress LISTEN to you. How stupid is that? There is a much EASIER WAY to make Congress listen to you. It’s called an Election and it’s coming up in November. If you VOTE in the same masses that you are protesting with – then the political landscape will change…and Congress will listen.

Sending “thousands” of you to jail means building MORE jails which you oppose! Don’t BE silly…well, I know it’s HARD, but, really – DON’T be silly! Try!!! 

Trump rally.jpg

We want MORE of this???

Trump rally protestsMaybe, you will cause a riot and Trump’s supports will go: “Just look at those free-speech killing Liberals trying to trump Trump. Let’s go home. I really can’t vote for somebody that Liberals don’t like!”

Please stay home! DO NOT go to Philly, (Philadelphia) the City of Brotherly Love, to DISRUPT Trump…

Do not interfere with Trump…LEAVE Trump alone.

Nothing you do will derail Trump. Everything you do may likely STRENGTHEN Trump. In addition, you will make Democrats look bad. Crazy commies! 

Republicans are already HANDING you the election gift-wrapped with a “you’re fired” bow! Why is it so hard for you to be quiet – and silent – and just watch!? Why must you always want to do? WHY? 

I loathe extremes, equally…be they anarchists on the LEFT or Separatists on the RIGHT!

Federal land

Mr. Soros, republicans claim YOU are funding the anti-Trump Protesters. If you really, really want to help…let me count the ways:

• I need a house. Nothing expensive. Just 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, biggish yard, could probably fit on your patio…
• Many of the “protesters” need help with their student/other loans
• Help some families facing foreclosure
• Come to Boston and pay for Summer Camp for inner city kids
• Housing groups desperately NEED funding to help tenants fight off higher rents and displacement due to gentrification
• Help build a pleasant housing complex for the working poor who are being displaced by sky-high rents
• Firefighters need new equipment
• Police need money to run stay-out-of-trouble programs for troubled kids
• Excellent, non-egoistic third-party candidates need funding
• Need I go on?

Rupert Murdoch (glasses) net worth: 12 Billion and George Soros…23 Billion

Far be it for ME to tell those “millionaires and billionaires” on Wall Street whose greed is killing America (are you on Wall Street Mr. Soros?) HOW to spend their money – but we’d all be BETTER SERVED…if you invested in the above…instead of chaos!

No hatin’ in the city of Brotherly Love, bro…

Murdoch's ranch

Murdoch’s ranch in California: $20 milliion

We’d ALSO be better off if Rupert Murdock hadn’t imposed his “outlook” (to put it mildly) on America (via Fox News) and ended up making half the population hate each other. I think Murdock and Fox News (News? ha!) are largely responsible for creating today’s GOP chaos. Let’s not have another millionaire or billionaire starting another trend. Think politics BEFORE Fox…

PS: Any groups want to protest that one person owns so much living space? I will fund those protests…shouldn’t cost more that $20. I can afford that…

Photos: Google images

Health Care Reform and The Budget to Nowhere…

I hate to say this…but, RICK SANTORUM was right!!!

Mitt Romney is/can be a deer in the headlights when it comes to Health Care Reform! If you know the right questions to ask…which most reporters seem NOT to know or are AFRAID to ask (of ALL the candidates).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Santorum would have been a more difficult candidate to challenge on Health Care Reform – except that Santorum is so far from the mainstream he’s X-treme! So Republicans had NO choice, really…

Still, Santorum has a point. Can you see that debate between Obama and Romney when the question of Health Care Reform comes up? I don’t know about YOU, but I can hardly wait!

Er, governor – what is it about the Federal law that you don’t like, again…?


TAX FORMS, Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Schedule HC, Page 1: For STATE Taxes in MA You MUST fill this form. NO Health Care, PAY A PENALTY under Romney Care!

There are so many Flips, Flops and Misspokes that Romney can duck behind the anticipation is precious!

And hopefully Obama or some savvy, non-pandering journalist (hopefully a few of those remain) will grill him on it.

What a chuckle or cringe fest this can be!!!

Just think! The very same Republicans who were and are so outraged about mandated Health Care are on their way to anointing the Prince of mandated health Care as their candidate for president. Chickens coming home to roost! And not in a good way.

TAX FORMS, Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Schedule HC, Page 2: For STATE Taxes in MA You MUST fill this form. NO Health Care, PAY A PENALTY. Romney Care!

But then, Republicans have taken the Art of Hypocrisy to new heights. After all, they’re the very same people who tried to crucify President Clinton for adultery and then condoned their own party’s adulterers…because when a Republican commits adultery, it is not EVEN a sin LIKE IT IS when Democrats do it. Why? The Bible tells them so, of course!

Haven’t you read the gospel of John? John Boehner 12:32? It says “And now this I write to you, my dearly beloved republicans, that when the unpatriotic (meaning Democrats) commit a sin, no matter how small or insignificant, that sin shall be exposed and the offender publicly castigated and run out of their dwelling place and their place of employment to be an example to unbelievers.

But if a publican (meaning Republicans) should stumble and sin, remember he is human. Therefore, his sin, no matter how horrendous, shall be covered up and held close, so that others shall not know of it. For surely, I say to you. The sins of the unpatriotic are greater than the sum of the sins of the publicans.”

Let’s hear Mitt Romney and his Republican supporters explain WHY Health Care Reform is OK for Massachusetts but not OK for the rest of the nation. Why is it OK to mandate in a state, but not OK to mandate for the nation? I guess it’s because the people living in Massachusetts, even the Republicans, are radical Liberals…so anything goes here!

As Wisconsin Representative, Republican Paul Ryan put it in an interview with NBC’s Ann Curry: (Romney) “..was the governor of Massachusetts, which is a fairly liberal state; he had a democratic legislature he had to work with and so he had to make compromises”. Indeed! Romney “compromised” so much he ended up compromising his integrity!

TAX FORMS, Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Schedule HC, Page 3: For STATE Taxes in MA You MUST fill this form. NO Health Care, PAY A PENALTY. That's Romney Care!

Schedule HC, Affordability and Premiums: TAX FORM, Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Romney Care....

Of course we in Massachusetts know it was not really Romney who signed the bill. It was secretly president Obama hiding under Romney’s desk. If Mormons believed in the concept of the Trinity Godhead – then maybe I could say it was one of Romney’s three selves: “FLIP’, “FLOP” or “MISSPOKE”. Please explain that, Mr. Romney. Not to me. I get it. I LIVE in Massachusetts. Explain it to Republicans, especially TEA PARTY Republicans across the board who don’t like mandates…and claim that THIS is the MAIN reason they oppose President Obama’s Health Care bill…

  • Of course WE know the REAL reason they oppose Health Care and everything else Obama does is because: They so HATE Obama they’re vowed to OPPOSE anything he does with ONE reason and ONE REASON alone: to ensue he becomes a One-term President.

They NEVER cared under George Bush… Remember the $400-million Bridge to Nowhere that Sarah Palin first thought was “essential” before it was not! That became the face of waste and that was a Republican – Ted Stevens of Alaska.

President Clinton left a surplus. Bush took over and LEFT a huge deficit. DID YOU HEAR JOHN BOEHNER OR PAUL RYAN TALKING ABOUT CUTTING COST DURING THE BUSH TERM IN OFFICE? Why not? IS spending different, when it’s Republicans doing the spending? I guess that depends on what “is” really is!

Schedule HC, Health Care PENALTY Worksheet: TAX FORM, Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Romney Care....

Do you remember the debate over the COST of the War in Iraq? Did you see Mitch McConnell pontificating about the Cost? No. He voted FOR military action in Iraq, the LEADING cause of American Deficits/Debt and voted to authorize 86 billion of tax dollars for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And what do you have to show for this money, Mr McConnell. A great victory? Money better spent than on health care for Americans…?

That war had/HAS such a huge cost…on every front. Emotionally, politically – a disaster. Financially, an economy killer. Geo-politically? On the family? On the soldiers? On the NATION!?


RESULT of ALL this waste of time, money and lives: Iran one – America zero!

Schedule HC, Minimum Coverage: TAX FORM, Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Romney Care....

Take that same amount of money or less, and spend it on Health Care for people HERE in America. Heck no! We need to keep the COSTS down. Anything to do with America – keep costs down. Military action overseas – spend, spend, spend!!!

Slam a couple of multi-million-dollar missiles into a town in Afghanistan, kill innocents, enrage more Muslims. That’s fine. Price just right.  Health Care for kids in America…too expensive.

So close fire stations, cut funding for police, schools and after-school programs that keep kids of the streets and put them on a path to self-sufficiency so they will not go on the Welfare that you hate so much…that’s fine. Build another missile – of course! We still have more places in Afghanistan to bomb especially as that’s going so well!

Schedule HC, Instructions: TAX FORM, Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Romney Care....

Let’s take a page from Paul Ryan’s book. Let’s pretend we really, really CARE about budget deficits. We sooo do not want to leave DEBT for our kids. Do we work with the President to come up with a budget that will pass? NO!!! Mr. Ryan wastes more time and resources ON A BUDGET THAT HE KNOWS FULL WELL WILL NOT PASS. But you diligently work on behalf of the people who sent you to Washington by getting the House to debate it…after which your budget dies. Now you’ve helped cut the deficit. Go on TV and SAY so!

The House knows the Senate will not even LOOK at Ryan’s budget. So Ryan’s budget goes nowhere. But Ryan can say HE did something about cutting the deficit. And he’s right, because (in case YOU, like the media and the Stock Market missed it) the DEFICIT was automatically halved the moment Ryan’s budget died on the House floor.

TAX FORMS, Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Instructions: MA STATE Taxes. Without Health Insurance you may PAY A PENALTY under Romney Care!

Yes, indeed. Ryan can be so proud. Now that is Leadership we can depend on! I don’t think he needs to do anything else to tackle deficit reduction, do you? He’s done ALL THAT HE CAN DO…

Thanks to him, half of the Deficit was wiped away. Now all he has to do is sit tight until HE becomes president to wipe away the remaining half!

Yep – the Budget to Nowhere…strikes again.

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