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Government Bailouts: Mortgages, Floods and more…

Well I’m finally joining the blogosphere. I have misgivings, though, because I have strong opinions, very strong opinions about everything, and I’m sure I’ll put my foot, or both feet, into my mouth a lot!

Now people everywhere are losing their homes! And the grim news isn’t getting any better. I’m not losing my home, because I don’t have a home to lose. Maybe I was just plain stupid. I was employed part-time and could afford to buy, back then, but I realized that (a) temporary employment was too unstable for me to take on such a huge commitment, especially as (b) I was the sole breadwinner in my family of two. So I passed. And then I lost the job, which means, I would have lost the house, too! I’d be like those who went full steam ahead and didn’t stop to ask themselves “Can I afford it? What happens if I lose my job? Do I have enough put aside to tide me over until I get another job? Should I hire a lawyer to help me out? Can I afford the mortgage and by the way, Mister who’s offering me all this dough, what exactly is an ARM? Why is it today that people don’t stop to dot their “i’s” or cross their “t’s” then expect the government to bail them out? I don’t feel sorry for people who used up equity in their homes to keep up with the Joneses and now find themselves in shit. I don’t feel sorry for people who amassed debt because they lied about their income to buy a home they know they couldn’t afford. Get real. Stop blaming the bank. The bank is not a social service agency. It’s in it to make money—off you! Credit card companies are trying to rip you off…how about no thanks? (Expect some enabler member of congress to come up with a “JUST SAY NO” Law pretty soon).

And what’s with people who build and keep on rebuilding homes and businesses in disaster-prone areas? Anywhere can be a disaster site, but if people insist on building on the slopes of an active volcano—or next to levees or on floodplains, then what gives? The dykes in Holland appear to be safe. The massive barriers we’re building in Iraq appear to be safe. Those along the Mississippi and in New Orleans do not. So, residents, please take your tractor, your beach umbrella and your emergency kit and head to higher ground. Bypass the super dry California Hills, the hurricane-prone Gulf Coast and the tornado belt. It’s hard to predict tornados, but it’s just a matter of time before another big storm hits the gulf coast. And the Mississippi will flood again, (especialy if Global Warming predictions come to pass) so get out now. We shouldn’t keep diverting millions away from schools, police and infrastructure to support people in denial?

Heck, I’d even prefer to use that money to help homeowners facing foreclosure–unless of course their house is next to a levee! Let me know what you think…

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