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Cruz! I Can Out-Trump Trump!!!

Ted Cruz is a NARCISSISTIC, self-serving ______! YOU fill the blanks!

No wonder Cruz’s own fellow republicans DO NOT LIKE this guy.

He puts his kids OUT THERE…acting in a VERY INappropriate role, with one of his daughters coming across as a bad actress little diva wannabe, and then when the Washington Post ridicules them, he acts all outraged, throws up his hands and laments: “Oh no! Not my kids!

Nonsense! Who threw them into that self-serving spotlighted shark tank by trying to out-Trump Trump??

If you don’t want your kids involved in the mud-slinging, then DON’T have then sling mud!

So when you use them to ATTACK other candidates, the candidates and/or their supporters should NOT respond? You and your little brats are somehow inured because they are kids? 

Cruz Xmas

Cruz family as depicted in their campaign ad

How about I write a Limerick for Hillary Clinton to read to HER granddaughter in HER Christmas ad – like this one:

An arrogant Textan named Ted

(Who once was Canadian, not red)

A polarizing fellow

Who couldn’t love Echo

But adored his reflection instead!

Is there anybody, ANYBODY, who will throw down their weapons because the person aiming the gun at them is a kid?”

The outrage is that the “pundits” reacted:

  • “No kids” – meaning what and aimed at whom?
  • That Cruz should not USE his kids to attack other candidates – Or that candidates can put their kids out there with impunity and when thy do, everybody else loses or waives their right to respond?
  • Cruz responds: “Classy. Washington Post makes fun of my girls. Stick with attacking me – Caroline and Catherine are out of your league”. Hell Cruz, your GIRLS appear to be out of MY league as well! And certainly, talking about classy – it was very “classy” of you to have them do this ad! And very classy they look doing it, too…
  • Fox: “Kids are off limits, in this case, totally off limits”. Umh hmn. Republican kids are off limits!
  • MSNBC: “Kids. Come on, and these are little kids!” They should remind Cruz about that! Kids, Mr. Cruz, little kids. Yours!

The Post apologized! FOR WHAT? When Cruz (or ANY other candidate) puts his/her kids, grandkids, spouses, siblings, loved ones etc out there…IN THAT CONFRONTATIONAL, OUTRAGEOUS manner – then they are fair game, be it kids, dog, cat, mother or neighbor!

(I would not have used monkey…more like some wound-up toy with the wind-up gear in their back! Monkey carries a racial connotation for blacks. Had it been Ben Carson, this would have been a totally different interpretation – which all goes to show, NOT everything is race!)

However, one could argue differently if it was a feel-good ad – but the kid is practically calling Mrs. Clinton names and throwing aspersions on her character by referencing this manufactured republican email “controversy”.

cruz xmas1.jpg

Cruz Family rendition (referring to Hillary Clinton)

Referring to Hillary Clinton as “The Grinch Who Lost Her Emails”: the little Cruz daughter reads with a sneer?:

“I know just what I’ll do, she said with a snicker, I’ll use my own server and no-one will be the wiser!”

That’s a cheap shot at Clinton from the mouth of Cruz’s leetle* daughter…and the Post is right to imply that she is acting like a trained little monkey regurgitating with her body language and words sentiments that I hope, belong to her father and NOT to her!

Memo to Ted Cruz: Do NOT use your kids to do negative/attack campaigning, EVEN IF YOU TRY TO PRETTY IT UP! Take them on the road with you, let them stand on stage looking cute (or brattily precocious as your girrrls appear to be — or as YOU HAVE MADE THEM APPEAR TO BE!, at least to ME!) but DO NOT have them do these kinds of ads referencing other candidates.” And especially, DO NOT then turn around and play “woe is me!”

Mr. Cruz, I understand the republicans would much PREFER anything at this point to Donald Trump, but by golly, Trump may be a better man than you despite his brashness and the disgusting things coming out of his mouthness!

Finally, Paul Ryan’s budget proposals are not exactly my cup of tea either, especially since HE is republican (though I have to say so far I’m LOVING my republican governor in Massachusetts, but then, THAT is Massachusetts. Romney was NOT from Massachusetts, just pretend lived there so he could run for office here, there, everywhere!). However, Paul Ryan would NEVER – repeat NEVER, EVER use his kids in a commercial of that caliber.


MA governor Charlie Baker (R)

Seems I, an anti-republican, understand your fellow republicans BETTER than you, Mr. Cruz. The other candidates are privately cringing too, regardless of the noises they make in public. Hopefully, NONE will follow your lead – in anything!

Hint: If you ever use these kids again, with emphasis on USE, do something along those lines: ask your daughter “whom do you want to be president – daddy or Hillary Clinton – and let her put her arms around your neck, hug you and say: daddy (shyly). You will get a lot more bang for your money. Even I will say: awww!

Trust me, Mr. Cruz, you may think this ad is “quite the thing” but it’s not… I think you will look at this ad and CRINGE in the next few month and/or future…especially when you do NOT become president, because if even your OWN republicans DON’T like you and find your-me-or-the-highway-attitude polarizing, then, Mr. Cruz, why should the rest of us?

Definition. leetle:  A very tiny and disgustingly cute and/or fascinating thing.

**Definition. boo-yah
  1. used to express joy, especially over a well-played or victorious moment in sports.

And if politics isn’t a sport…a VERY bloody sport, just WHAT is it? Really?


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