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What is it with Blacks (I’m black too, so I CAN go there) that makes us (well, NOT me) but I’ll say “us” – champion other blacks who so obviously do (or appear to do) wrong?

Take Massachusetts State Representative Diane Wilkerson and Boston city councilor Chuck Turner!

I don’t know Turner personally. He might be someone who’d give his last dollar to a person in need. I DON’T KNOW! But based on what I’ve seen of Chuck Turner on TV, Mr. Turner turns me off.

Turner’s co-conspirator pal Diane Wilkerson at least had the smarts to plead guilty to taking bribes! Yet after years of Diane’s drama – the unpaid taxes, the debts, the campaign financial mismanagement, the photos of her stuffing wads of cash into her bra (an attaché case would have been classier!) many in Wilkerson’s district still voted overwhelmingly for her!

Seems hard for some blacks to believe their black officials are corrupt too.

They see a conspiracy. The FBI, the government, the KKK, some elements within the NAACP, I don’t know – the Martians? All were out to get Wilkerson and Turner! These voters refuse to see a corrupt politician who happens to be black!

I was debating Turner’s bribery case with a resident from Turner’s district. He suggested he’d vote for Turner because Turner is black and I just exploded. WHY would you vote for a corrupt official based solely on ethnicity?

I’d vote for a corrupt politician (are not they all corrupt, in some way?) IF he brings home the bacon! Not because we’re the same race or gender!

Corrupt but the jobs are rolling in. Hey, hey!

Taking pay-offs but our schools are on top! Ho-ho! Way to go!

My representative’s mom, four sisters, 5 kids and cousin’s father’s neighbor are all employed in cushy city jobs, but my Rep sees to it that my streets are clean/well patrolled and the district has tons of after school activities. Yo yum! Here I come…

However, if your corruption is ONLY to enrich YOUR pockets and that of your cronies, if you have done NOTHING for your district, if your greatest pastime is puffer-fish type pontification, if the crime rate in your district is high and you’re MIA (Missing In Action), if the schools in the district are terrible, if there are NO jobs, then why, WHY am I championing you? Black – or not black?

My people wake up! Stop championing losing causes!

It’s OK to want a politician who looks and talks like you. But LOOK around. There ARE black alternatives whose handshakes are just handshakes! Find one!

Councilor Turner was convicted today (10/29/2010) on federal bribery charges.

PS:  Hey, Turner!  Things you can CLAIM you DON’T remember.

• Getting drunk and allegedly doing something foolish/criminal.
• Saying something best left unsaid.
• Visiting questionable places. Pray the area has no surveillance cameras.

Cash or packets people palm to you when discussing favors – HARD TO FORGET THAT!!

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