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These TWO (2) Boston BACK BAY parking spaces sell for $560-thousand dollars…


The TWO half-a-million dollar parking spaces (in Massachusetts). WOW!!!

–> Another Back Bay parking spot sold (auction) Aug 14 for $125-thousand <–


How about a home in the Cayman Islands, where Mitt Romney is keeping some of his off-shore millions?

I found this Mansion :

Castillo Caribe

48-thousand sq feet, 60 million-dollars.

Think of the number of these homes Romney can buy…while you’re losing YOURS and Republicans/Romney are doing WHAT to help you?

 Comes with:

Wine Cellar/Grotto
Tennis Court
Outdoor Kitchen
4 Car Garage
Billiards Room
Exercise Room
Spa/Hot Tub
Staff Quarters
Steam Room
In-Home Fitness Center
                                                                                          Media Room/Home Theater

Romney could stay with you when he visits the Caymans to count his money.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Website says the photos are courtesy: Sotheby’s International Realty.

NOT against rich people – want to be rich myself! If I could afford this house, I’d be calling the realtor!

See my Post: “The Book of Romney”…. (07/09/2012)

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