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I took my 12-year-old son to see “Hancock” (Sony Pictures.) He liked it. I didn’t. I like movies with a strong plot line and this one is corny at best. There’s too much carnage for no reason. However, Hancock has some laughable moments, and I like it when he gives the bad guys (prison and bank) a dose of their own medicine. But it’s too easy to deduce what’s coming, and most people may be able to figure out how it’s going to end. Just as it’s about to fall flat, we meet the female lead, (Charlize Theron) with the hint of something between her and Hancock. And it’s not too hard to guess what that is! Character-wise, she’s as mysterious as her husband (Jason Bateman) is bland, even if he does redeem himself somewhat in the end. These quick-money movies like “Wanted” (Universal Pictures) starring Angelina Jolie are all about big action, big stars and big bucks…with little or no bang! (I also think actor James McAvoy’s character Wesley, saved “Wanted”.) I like Will Smith. I think he should start moving away from those high-action movies and get into character films.

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