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I just watched a trailer for the upcoming Tim Burton/Warner Brothers  movie: Dark Shadows.

To me, it looks like More Of The Same…!!!

Same brand of darkness…

Another clichéd horrible being locked away for eternity…

Along comes someone who will stumble upon or discover the prison/hiding place…

Being will be freed…

Being will find technological marvels disconcerting…

Guess who’s starring?

Johnny Depp,of course!

Depp and Burton

And it looks like I could snatch Depp from Shadows and plonk him into one of his other collaborations with Burton…

Seems Dark Shadows is based on a cult TV Series.

I’ve never seen/heard of the series, so I am not in the loop. But, as a potential movie goer, the trailer does not make me want to see the movie.

Same expressions, same nuances, same, same…SAME!

I love Johnny Depp, but I’m now so tired of seeing him in those photocopied roles that I am longing for the next Pirates of the Caribbean Sequel.

He’s a crazed, zany pirate in ONE movie, (that I know of) thank God, even if that movie’s sequels seem to go on forever!

What will the Sequel 5 be by the way? Does anyone know?

“Pirates of the Caribbean…Lost Waterfalls Of Eternal Rum?”

Don’t mind me people. Just go see Shadows May 11. 

Photos: Courtesy Google Images

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