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Lamar-Speak 101

Lamar Alexander…Republican/SENIOR Senator from Tennessee, says: Video Games Are ‘A Bigger Problem Than Guns’.


You expected sanity out of him?

Didn’t know you had a LOADED X-BOX sitting in your home just waiting for somebody to drop it for it to go off, did ya?  

Does Lamar perchance think that if he takes away kids video games in Chicago…the violence will stop? 

Here in America, we are weak-minded bits of fluff being tossed about by our senses. We shoot somebody in a game and our perception of reality is SO skewered, we go out and shoot people too! 


As opposed to over in EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, CANADA AND JAPAN, the world capital of Video Games, where people are grounded in reality. Those well-adjusted denizens don’t share our Hollywood mentality/unreality – so no matter HOW many violent video games they may play – they are way too grounded/humane to go shoot people. 

I suggest Lamar give these nations ACCESS TO GUNS so we feel better about ourselves! 

Because people can run around playing “bang, bang” on their fingers, with a piece of stick, or pointing their X-boxes at each other — and nobody will EVER die. NEVER!!! 

Martial arts

If having a gun makes citizens safe – we should be the SAFEST nation on the planet. Are we? Why not? 

Surely we should be MUCH, much safer than the Japanese where there are few guns in private hands. 

Oh wait. They have martial Arts…drat!!!

Gone Baby, Gone…

There is a BLOC of Republicans who think that the interests of their constituents OVERRIDE the interests of the entire country…

They are determined to uphold the narrow precepts of the handful of majority white constituents they serve – and ignore the wishes of the national majority of well-adjusted Americans in the rest of the country.


Among HOUSE Republicans who OPPOSE Immigration Reform: Don Young, Alaska

According to a newspaper article: About 131 of the 233 House Republicans represent districts that are more than 80 percent white.

These 1850’s thinking republicans oppose Immigration Reform. (Of course they do. They don’t like whites, blacks, Hispanics and Jews. They are also anti-gay, anti-choice when it comes to abortion…and anti gun control, believe fanatically in the Bible, (especially the part that says Jesus was white and hated Hispanics).

They’re the SAME ones who believe President Obama is a Muslim who was NOT born in the USA and think America, under Obama’s leadership, is going to hell in a container packed with lighter fluid. Because HOW can a black man hold a position of authority anyway, especially THAT high a position? It is NOT possible for him to be qualified – let us dissect his grades!


Mo Brooks, AL

According to one newspaper, this bloc of Republicans, (I call them: “The 131”) doesn’t have any Immigration Reform Pressure Groups in THEIR districts so they may see NO reason to vote FOR Immigration Reform.

 This is a STUPID, self-preserving, Republican PARTY-KILLING, short-sighted view – one that is constituent driven to preserve their skins while shortchanging the country and the 300 million people “The 131” DO not represent. 

  • Republicans CANNOT stop the demographic shift. That horse has already bolted! The most they can do now is coax the horse home with an offer of warm oats. 

Spencer, Bachus, AL

50-thousand Hispanics turn 18-years-old EVERY MONTH in America. These Hispanics are not Undocumented Immigrants – these are people who who can vote! People who were BORN in this country 18-years ago, NOT today! 

Marketers look at this demographic and see dollar-signs.One newspaper report says: Hispanics have the greatest purchasing power of any US ethnic group and taken together will soon represent the world’s ninth largest economy…”

Another report finds: “Hispanic buying power is worth $1 trillion now and is expected to grow another 50 percent to $1.5 trillion in the next five years. It also found that Latino households earning more than $50-thousand are projected to grow at a faster rate than the total number of households.”

You now see TV ads in Spanish…as businesses jockey to tap into that vast market. But NOT Republicans. Oh no. Instead of embracing Hispanics, they look for every trick in the book to MARGINALIZE Latinos. 


Robert, Aderholt, AL

Republicans perfected the notion of marginalization on blacks – why not apply it to Hispanics too!

  • Republicans believe that they can keep their seats and maintain control in Congress through gerrymandering. 

Say they succeed in weeding out blacks, Hispanics and Asians from their districts, or dilute the non-white voting power or create white enclaves…HOW LONG is that going to last? 


Mike Rogers, AL

The white birth rate/population is DECLINING…the minority birthrate is exploding! As the republican’s base shrinks, have they forgotten that the House of Representatives is by “proportional Representation?” Are they going to represent elephants then? 

Do republicasns understand that some districts, cities, states will lose seats in the House – and others will gain? What happens when the population grows in the areas they shrugged off – and declines in their little enclaves? MORE gerrymandering? Do republicans think that people/generations FORGET these things? 


Jo Bonner, AL

  • Republicans and their followers gripe: “Even if you Reform Immigration, you still won’t get the Hispanic vote, anyway – so why do it?” 

I say: You Blind Mice. Stop the bleeding NOW – BEFORE you die from loss of blood!!! Obviously even if you reform Immigration now, Hispanics are not going to flock to you – not right away. BUT IT WILL STOP THEM FROM holding their noses and RUNNING AWAY FROM YOU! Puking!!!


Martha Roby, AL

Republicans have of course convinced themselves that the ONLY reason Hispanics vote Democrat is because Democrats give them “free stuff” – “welfare.”  Has nothing to do with the name-calling, the draconian laws, the anti-immigrant rhetoric, the voter suppression, the racism. 

I don’t know what George W. Bush was giving to Hispanics when they voted for him over the Democrat nominee in both his electoral wins – but it must have been something Hispanics had to PAY for. 


Trey Gowdy, SC

Republicans…especially the bloc with the majority-white Tea Party obstructionist constituencies…are afraid to even “appear” to be reasonable – or compromise – or let their Obama-hating constituents see them socializing with the black President, or working with the Muslim President or compromising with the socialist non-American/foreigner President! 

  1. It matters NOT to them that Immigration Reform is in the BEST interest of the country. They care only about what’s in the best interest of their political future.
  2. It matters NOT to them that a majority of Americans, (religious, civic, business, legal, social) has consistently supported Immigration Reform.  They care only that their handful of constituents don’t want it. These Republicans lack the political balls to go against the narrow-minded wishes of their constituents and do the right thing – in support of the majority’s wishes.

Steve King, IA

HEAR THIS AMERICA. It is up to you. YOU hold the key. NOT these obstructionist republicans. They think that they are in Congress ONLY to carry out the wishes of the few, BUT THAT IS NOT SO. Every Congressman is called upon to do that which will benefit THE GREATER GOOD. Not benefit his party, himself or his constituents. 

Politicians benefit themselves  their party and constituents when Congress is self-doling out pork or contracts. Grab a slice for your district. Heck, take as much as you can get. Go create jobs in your districts so you can get re-elected. No problem… 


Lamar Smith, TX

But when there is debate about a National issue like the Debt, Immigration Reform, Policing the world – PUT aside party and constituents and DO WHAT IS BEST FOR AMERICA. Don’t start a war because there is a weapons factory in your district!

 SO HEAR THIS, REPUBLICANS. Immigration Reform is in the best interest of America. It is also in the best interest of your constituents, although they will NEVER see that! And even if it is not in the best interests of YOUR constituents, it is for the greater good. Yes, sometimes things we don’t believe in/support benefit the greater good.


Jim Jordan OH

AND HEAR THIS, AMERICA:  YOU need to send a clear and present message to Republican Tea Party obstructionistas – that it is time for them to STOP listening to the strident, anti-compromising voice of the few – and START listening to the “WORK TOGETHER” chant from THE MAJORITY. 

 If EVERY Republican in a melting pot district LOSES their seat, the handful of obstructionistas left standing will get YOUR message – AND THEY WILL GET IT VERY QUICKLY AND CLEARLY!

 Send a message that TELLS Republicans (both In and OUT of Congress) in NO uncertain terms to: WORK with President Obama on Immigration Reform and other issues. Because if they don’t – maybe their equally hard-line constituents will keep THEM in office. But other moderate, sane voters across America can throw out EVERY Republican in mixed-race districts (even if voters like that particular Republican, even if that Representative is nice, sane and moderate) and vote in a Democrat – JUST to send a message to these obstructionista Republicans, that: YOU CANNOT STAND ALONE!


Frank Wolf, VA

 You may keep your job – but it ain’t worth squat without the rest of the country’s support! So if the ONLY people you aim to please, FEEL YOU CAN PLEASE, SHOULD PLEASE are the “My Way or NO Way” hardliners in YOUR constituency and DISREGARD the will of the majority across AMERICA:

“You’re Gone, Baby! GONE! Let’s see what YOU can BLOCK with 100 seats!”

 Pretty soon even their constituents would throw them out – because they would become irrelevant – then America can start over with people who know THE VALUE of compromise!

Green card! Work Permit! SSN!

Ice sculpture

Ice Sculpture: Copley Square. Boston, MA. New Year’s Eve celebration. First Night 2013.

Immigration Reform is finally here… Yeah!!!  

Eight bi-partisan U.S Senators (Democrats: Charles Schumer of New York, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Michael Bennet of Colorado; and Republicans John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Marco Rubio of Florida and Jeff Flake of Arizona) have taken the FIRST STEP. 

“We recognize that our immigration system is broken. And while border security has improved significantly over the last two Administrations, we still don’t have a functioning immigration system. This has created a situation where up to 11 million undocumented immigrants are living in the shadows.


Our legislation acknowledges these realities by finally committing the resources needed to secure the border, modernize and streamline our current legal immigration system, while creating a tough but fair legalization program for individuals who are currently here. We will ensure that this is a successful permanent reform to our immigration system that will not need to be revisited.”

President Obama is already taking STEP TWO. He will lay out HIS vision for Immigration Reform in Nevada on Tuesday (1/29/2013) – and it is reportedly similar to the Senate version.


Undocumented Immigrants are looking for:

  • A SOCIAL SECURITY  NUMBER: Front burner with the flame on HIGH.
  • A WORK PERMIT:  Front burner with the flame on HIGH.
  • GREEN CARD: Front burner with the flame on HIGH.
  • CITIZENSHIP? Back burner – flame not even on!

The “Pathway to Citizenship” is clear and simple. CITIZENSHIP is a manufactured issue Republicans use to crush Immigration Reform. ANY failure to pass Immigration Reform must be laid at the Republican’s doorstep! And if they sabotage it THIS  time, come next election, they will be made to understand that 100 seats in the House of Representatives does NOT move their agenda forward! 

iceThere’s NO need to make Citizenship an issue, because U.S. Immigration laws ALREADY set out the guidelines for applying for Citizenship. 

Click HERE or go to:

Fix it so Undocumented Immigrants can apply for a Social Security Number, a Work Permit and a Green Card. Then those who can meet the guidelines laid out for Citizenship will apply when the time comes – like everyone else! Not at the front of the line – or back of the line – or cutting in line. Just when they, like everyone else, can afford the fees, meet the requirements and feel they can pass the test…or feel that it is time! then they get a lawyer and start the process. Yes, just like that!

Guidelines state U.S Citizenship applicants (with a few exceptions for people with Armed Forces connections) MUST:


  1. Be 18 years and over.
  2. Be a Permanent Resident/Issued with a Green Card.
  3. Have lived CONTINUOUSLY in America for 5-years (3-years in some cases)
  4. Have NOT been out of the U.S. for 30 months or more.
  5. Have NOT traveled out of the country on trips longer than a year (during last 5-years (3-years in some cases).
  6. Resided in the State/District in which the applicant is applying for Citizenship
  7. Can read, write, speak basic English.
  8. Know the fundamentals of U.S History/Government. (In other words, applicant must PASS the Citizenship Test).ice10
  9. Applicant must demonstrate Good Moral Character.
  10. Undocumented immigrants may run into issues HERE with adjusting of Status AND THIS MAY BE THE ONLY AREA THAT CONGRESS MAY NEED TO ADDRESS FOR UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS.
  11. Never deserted from the U.S. Army.
  12. Never received, from the U.S Army, an exemption/discharge for not being a citizen.
  13. Pledge to serve in the U.S military if it is mandated by law.
  14. Support the U.S. Constitution.
  15. Willing to take the Oath Of Allegiance to the U.S.


THAT’S IT. Where is the big ring-ding? Seems the ONLY area that needs some tweaking is #10 of the U.S. Citizenship REQUIREMENTS which deals with ADJUSTING the applicant’s status. Being in the U.S. illegally can interfere with applying for citizenship. Congress can address that easily by allowing Undocumented Immigrants who were in the country BEFORE THE DATE ANY IMMIGRATION REFORM LAW PASSES or whatever the cut-off point is – to easily apply for a waiver or whatever process they decide. END OF STORY.

The important part is LEGALIZING people so they can come out of the shadows and join the mainstream. This includes applying for Citizenship down the road, IF they meet the requirements.


Congress, President Obama – please DO NOT GET BOGGED DOWN IN A CITIZENSHIP QUAGMIRE. You won’t meet many Undocumented Immigrants who will GIVE UP the chance for Legalization because of a disagreement over Citizenship! People wan to work and live without fear – citizenship will come later.

Two-time Presidential candidate, Republican Newt Gingrich is blasting former rival Mitt Romney (his party’s nominee for the 2012 Presidential election) and the party’s overly conservative policies as the GOP’s 2012 curse.

“When I said as a candidate we’re not going to deport a grandmother if she’s been here 25 years, we had a nominee who said yes, we would, that she would self-deport…I think at that point we lost Asians, we lost Latinos. You can’t lose Asians, Latinos, African Americans and young people, and think you’re going to be competitive.


Hard-line Tea Party obstructionists are no doubt girding their loins for battle. But obstructionists could not STOP blacks from getting their freedom, or STOP women from getting the vote, or STOP interracial marriages OR stop abortion rights or STOP gays from getting married or STOP blacks from joining the military or STOP women from joining the military or STOP gays from serving openly in the military – AND THEY WON’T STOP IMMIGRATION REFORM EITHER!

I suspect Hard-line Tea Party obstructionists in Congress and their supporters will not find the usual “loud mouthed” response from many of their former cheerleaders. They can hold on to their rigid ideology – but they will end up facing extinction in a Congress dominated by Democrats. 


The “FOUR PILLARS” of Immigration Reform:

  1. Create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already here, contingent upon securing the border and better tracking of people here on visas. 
  2. Reform the legal immigration system, including awarding green cards to immigrants who obtain advanced degrees in science, math, technology or engineering from an American university.
  3. Create an effective employment verification system to ensure that employers do not hire illegal immigrants.
  4. Allow more low-skill workers into the country and allowing employers to hire immigrants if they can demonstrate they couldn’t recruit a U.S. citizen; and establishing an agricultural worker program.


So Begins The 2nd Term That Could…

NOT be held back by Republicans…


THE "dress": by Jason Wu

THE “dress”: by Jason Wu

Congratulations, President Obama…in91

"I Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear..."

“I Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear…”

YOU are making HISTORY again.

  • Sworn in 4 times. Only one other President, Franklin Roosevelt, was sworn in 4 times*.
  • Sworn in on the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation
  • Sworn in on Martin Luther King Day

Even the weather is on your side…

(* First swearing-in during Obama’s first term, Chief Justice John Roberts mixed up the words and the President had to retake the oath. Obama was officially sworn in on Sunday, Jan 20, to meet Constitutional guidelines and then again, in a public ceremony on Monday).

And congratulations America, for getting it right!

We now have a President who will NOT go to war at the drop of a rifle…and a President who will continue to let women make their OWN choices regarding their ovaries – (much as men do with their testes) regardless of whether these choices are deemed right or wrong by their loved ones or unloved ones.

Second Term President

Second Term President

A President who will be sympathetic and empathetic to the Poor, who will NOT penalize ALL the poor, especially the working Poor because some of the poor are users. Yes, some of the poor ARE users who abuse the welfare system…just like some of the rich ARE takers, who abuse the free-market system.

We are inaugurating a President who understands 100-percent of Americans – the rich, the poor and the middle class in between – not a President who only understands the top percentage of the super-rich with the off-shore accounts, the elevators for their cars and the 77-thousand-dollar high-maintenance show horses.


All in this DIVERSE USA together…

We have a president who not only straddles the class divide, going from welfare to the White House but a President who straddles the race divide. A president who understands that in 1813 America was about white males in power – but today in 2013 it’s about everybody: White, black, Asian, Hispanic, citizen, immigrant, unemployed, employed, gay, straight, crooked Wall Street player, transgender, male, female, pet dog, pet alligator, tree hugger, oil driller, Christian, Muslim, wiccan – ALL, yes ALL – in this USA together.

In January 2008, Republicans were discussing how to CONFRONT and WEAKEN the new president in his first term. Their  express purpose was to prevent Obama from having a second term. David Axelrod called it: “A strategy of Obstruction”. This morning, republican Frank Luntz told a reporter this time around republicans are not about standing in anybody’s way – but rather about how to be relevant. They’re STIL figuring that out?

House Speaker, Republican John Boehner

House Speaker, Republican John Boehner

Well, so they claim PUBLICLY, but if I know republicans and I’ve been studying their modus operandi for some time, they’re just as SET on stymieing and blocking Obama’s agenda. However, THIS time, they won’t air their mission in public. This TIME they will pretend that oh, they so want to work with the President, they’re practically suicidal about the lack of progress, but alas, the President just WILL NOT WORK WITH THEM. Republicans insist that the President MUST meet them HALFWAY…on EVERYTHING.. They don’t get it. That’s why nothing happens. This is NOT compromise. That is half-a-mise.

Compromise is about BOTH parties moving: Sometimes I meet you halfway, sometime you meet me halfway.



Sometimes I give up altogether, sometime you give up altogether. And sometimes we meet each other three-quarters of the way or a third of the way – on MY side, YOUR side. That’s compromise when BOTH parties move in either direction. Compromise is not rigidly holding my turf and demand YOU come over to ME…and come first too!

To show you how MUCH Republicans want to work with the President, the leave town on Inauguration Day. Yes, reporters covering the Inauguration say Republicans fled town. The House and Senate leaders who have to be there remained like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell (who must be snacking on laxatives), and a few others. But the rank and file left town. Very gracious.

First Family prays

First Family prays

To show you how MUCH Republicans want to work with the President, they REFUSE his invitations to meet with him…because they can’t afford to let their rigid, unrelenting constituents even SEE them fraternizing with the President whom their constituents dislike so much! Thus, these republican lawmakers always have a headache – not tonight dear. So President Obama should of course send flowers and candy, possibly bribe a congressional page to sneak him into their chambers and wait for them with the candles and mood music.

This time around Luntz says republicans plan to: “stop bickering and yelling.” Yeah, after every remaining leopard in the Americas changes its spots. Not just change their spots – drop their spots altogether and become monochromatic. Does a baby stop yelling? Well so will Republicans when they too GROW UP. Seems to me somebody (Charlie Sheen, maybe) needs to redefine the concept of democracy and winning, and losing to Republicans.


If ten city councilors are arguing about whether to build a bridge or pass on it and by a vote, 6 members decide to do it, that is a majority. The other 4 people lost – and for them to now decide to sabotage the project at every turn, start a long court battle and refuse to choose a contractor – they are simply obstructionists. When you lose, you work graciously with the winner, even when you disagree.

Why have an election if the losing party won’t yield to the winning party. You made your pitch and the people rejected it. Who says it has to be a 70-30 margin for it to be a win? When an investor holds 51-percent of a company, do the other 49-percent run the show?

Beyonce - sings at inauguration.

Beyonce – sings at inauguration.

First actions of 2nd term: Obama signs official documents

First actions of 2nd term: Obama signs official documents

Republicans need to understand that they LOST and to the winner go the spoils. Yes, you have a large constituency who voted for you and yes, they need A voice but not THE voice. Still, Republicans want to SET the agenda. They want to CONTROL and DICTATE  and TELL the President how things will be. And,  and…they the audacity to do it spouting the SAME formula that Americans rejected at the polls. Really?

I’m watching on CBS as Michelle Obama arrives for the swearing in…oh la la. I’s so proud! I guess Mrs. Romney is home like me, watching? Baking cookies – or perhaps listening for the sigh of overwhelmed mothers like her all across America. No sighing today, though – well not on the part of Democrats – unless it is with envy over the country’s beautiful first family.

And so, my president has arrived…and I’m off to listen…and WATCH!

Beyonce, husband Jay-Z and...Paul Ryan (red scarf)?

Beyonce, husband Jay-Z and…Paul Ryan (red scarf)?

Bright eyes, still full of hope!

Bright eyes, still full of hope!

Immigration Reform: ALL ABOARD – Rubio! O’Reilly!? What the…

usflagThis would NOT be America if we were not back rehashing an issue of MAJOR national significance that should have been settled long, long ago…

…like the “Fiscal Cliff” which turned out to be more of a bungee jump. And Gun Control.  Is Health Care Reform making a comeback – or do we leave that for the next Administration? Medicare and Social Security? Those hot potatoes will continue to be kicked down the road until the road ends at some yet to be named cliff.

And of course the “Debt Ceiling” where you’re never told which floor you’re standing on! Are we in the basement aiming for the ceiling in the 10th floor? Or are we already in the Penthouse?  

The Fiscal Cliff

The Fiscal Cliff

“Well class, what is it we’re pulling out of the freezer and putting back in the microwave? Yes Maureen, you have your hand up? Do you know what we’re defrosting today?

Yes, miss Conlibe: “Immigration Reform.”

“Correct, but how did you know!”

” My mom is undocumented, miss, and my brother and sister are “Dream Kids” but I was born here in America.

“Oohhh…I see. Well…”

Indeed, well – WHAT…?

Can we please stop fooling around and FOCUS on IMMIGRATION REFORM? Or shall we find yet another reason to push it to the background – AGAIN?

First it was the Fiscal Cliff and then it was guns. WELL… guns are out of the way, if you buy into the National Rifle Association (NRA) argument that the violence in America is NOT caused by guns. Blame video games. And Hollywood movies. And mental health issues – which no other country has except America. The video games in Japan feature Tom and Jerry. The action movies in China are all Musicals and nobody in Canada has mental issues.


Here’s something else the U.S government is not telling you – WILL NEVER TELL YOU, BECAUSE it is a TOP secret. But I KNOW. (Remember, I was the person who first told you about another TOP government secret involving President Obama’s birth certificate – the REAL one. Was it not I who found out that documents proving that President Obama is an alien are being kept in a super secret bunker under Hawaii’s Mount Kilauea?)

Well here’s more classified information: It seems Americans have a “Convict Genome” which only manifests itself IN America.

The mutation was engineered by scientists in England in the early 1600’s during tests on convicts at Newgate prison. The British, being the wily savants they are, shipped all these mutated folks to America to “settle the colonies.” (Australia got the subjects who were given placebos. The Brits did not want to take any chances, so they separated the two control groups and surreptitiously continued to monitor them for generations!)

Nunchaku (Nunchuck): Traditional Japanese/Okinawan weapon

Nunchaku (Nunchuck): Traditional Japanese/Okinawan weapon

Stop and THINK about it…about what would happen if Americans access to guns is limited, like in Canada, say…or Japan.

We’d be walking around all “violented” up from video games and action movies with NO guns to act out our “violentness”. Here we’d be – thumbs itching to shoot something – and all we’d have are nunchucks. Oh the mass horror!

But let us talk Immigration Reform…and here we are, back to Square One. Again. 6-years (June 2007) after President Bush and the now late Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) tried to bring about some measure of Immigration Reform – a bill that thanks to Republicans, crashed and burnt in the U.S. Senate, yes HERE WE ARE! Seeing all the reasons why it is GOOD now but was BAD then!

President George W. Bush ran into fierce opposition from his fellow Republicans in both the House and Senate. Republicans back then called the bill Amnesty that rewarded illegal immigrants.

Today, look whooo’s scrabbling to get on the Immigration Reform bandwagon? Republicans! Why? Demographics and voting blocs. Darn. Majority, unlike Compromise, has become THE wo-on-derful word of the second term that Republicans could not prevent!

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) is calling on his fellow Republicans to support a plan that would give undocumented immigrants legal status and an eventual path to citizenship provided they meet certain  criteria like paying taxes, background checks etc…


(Hey Governor Romney – why did you choose Paul Ryan as your running mate instead of Rubio? Never mind. So glad you did). Latinos put President Obama on top in Florida, so with a heavily Hispanic constituency Rubio is bowing with the wind direction. But get this: Fox TV host Bill O’Reilly is also joining the list of conservative pundits jumping on the immigration reform bandwagon…and calling Rubio’s plan, WHICH IS SIMILAR TO ONE PROPOSED BY PRESIDENT OBAMA: “reasonable.” 

The VERY SAME Bill O’Reilly who blamed Undocumented Immigrants for drunk driving deaths, the same Fox News that has led the charge against Immigration Reform – is now pushing FOR Immigration Reform. Halleluiah! Every politician and political interest loves Hispanics now!


Senators John M Cain AZ) (front) and Ted Kennedy (MA) introduced the “Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act” of 2005 – back when McCain supported Immigration reform, before he was against it. Is he FOR it again, now…?

Among them, former Secretary of Commerce (George W. Bush) and Mitt Romney adviser, Carlos Gutierrez, U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue, Indiana Attorney General Gregory Zoeller, Barrett Duke of the Southern Baptist Convention, Johnny Young of the Conference of Catholic Bishops and Rosario Marin who served as US Treasurer under President George W. Bush. 

DO YOU SUPPORT IMMIGRATION REFORM? Join the petition. Let REPUBLICANS in the U.S. House of Representatives KNOW you support President Obama’s plan to: REFORM IMMIGRATION NOW.


Immigration Reform is long, LONG overdue. NOT because Hispanics make up a large and decisive voting bloc but because it is the right thing to do.

I have argued FOR Immigration reform in earlier posts.

An estimated 6-million kids in this country have at least ONE parent who is Undocumented. Florida alone has nearly 2-million kids who are Undocumented Immigrants. US Citizenship and Immigration Services, (USCIS) says (by the end of 2012) 368-thousand Undocumented “Dream Kids” had applied for “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” after the Obama Administration opened the program in August 2012.

Applications are coming in at about 5-thousand per day – yet advocates say just a fraction of the millions of eligible Undocumented Immigrant youth are applying to the program. At $465 per application, the US Treasury has (as of Dec 2012) raked in $171-million from that ONE program alone.

 Imagine what will happen with Adult applicants! I think the Federal Government should hand this money over to the States…

Lining up to apply for Deferred Action in Los Angeles, CA. Reuters/Jonathan Alcorn

Dream Kids line up to apply for Deferred Action in Los Angeles, CA.

America – yes IT IS TIME. Time to free a large section of the populace who live in the shadows. Time to free thousands upon thousands of bright immigrant kids who are waiting for a chance at the American Dream. Time to unleash the vast, untapped power of 14-million consumers who will be proud and free to buy cars, houses, open businesses, travel/take vacations, book airline seats, rent vehicles and pump money into the economy because they will now be able to work and spend money openly and legally.

 ALL CONGRESS IS CALLED UPON TO DO IS THIS: Allow Undocumented Immigrants to apply for a Green Card, Work Authorization and Social Security Number. THAT’S ALL YOU NEED TO DO, CONGRESS.

Don’t worry about Citizenship. THAT is already spelled out in AMERICA’S Immigration Laws (below). Those who qualify will apply, SIMPLE. There is NO reason to make the easy difficult.

US Citizenship Eligibility Requirements 

To be able to apply for citizenship through naturalization, you have to meet the following requirements. You should: 

  • Be 18 years of age or above.
  • A lawful permanent resident for 5 years (3 years if married to a US citizen).
  • Have maintained continuous residence during the past 5 years (3 years if married to a US citizen).
  • Have maintained physical presence during the past 5 years (3 years if married to a US citizen).
  • Have good moral character.
  • Have basic knowledge of English.
  • Have basic knowledge of US government and history.
  • Be willing to take the Oath of Allegiance.

 What is the issue? It’s ALREADY spelled out…

And don’t give me this nonsensical argument about people who are waiting in their foreign countries while their lawful relatives file for them. Boo hoo! Most Undocumented Immigrants are young healthy workers who come here to work, not elderly parents being sponsored for healthcare reasons.

Just because a prospective immigrant waiting in his/her foreign country has a relative in America, THAT does NOT give that person more of a RIGHT to be here than the person WHO IS ALREADY HERE, who’s already self-sufficient, can get around, has built a life, learnt the language, knows the ropes and in most cases, IS ALREADY CONTRIBUTING TO THE ECONOMY.

(And NO, I’m NOT saying people waiting to come here legally should lose out either. Both categories can co-exist.)

Photos: Google Images

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