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Seems to me everything is now a point of contention.
Just think of something simple and uncomplicated – like WATER – and we can turn it into a fighting point! Wonder why? Why we  seem unable to AGREE on anything? Why we demonize people who disagree with us?
Lots of reasons. WE’RE right and everybody else is wrong. Only WE hold the answers, ALL of them! And if you disagree, you are BAD, WRONG, STUPID, UNPATRIOTIC!
There’s a saying: “In the In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King!” 

According to: 

Peter Damiano  (Director, Public Policy Center) in an Interview with fyi, University of Iowa’s faculty and staff electronic newspaper:

“Redistricting policies in many states have led to safer congressional districts and thus, candidates that represent the extremes of both parties, with fewer in the political middle. This makes compromise and even conversation across the aisle more difficult…”

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