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Black Shooter: Monster! White shooter: Psychotic!

Aurora, Colorado

Colorado again….

First Columbine (1999) 2 students open fire in their high school killing 12 students and a teacher and injuring 21. Now a 24-year-old gunman opens fire in a crowded movie theater (July 20, 2012), killing 12 and wounding 58.

A search for Aurora, Colorado AFTER July 20 brings THIS.

Now the media is beginning to TRY to paint the 24 year-old gunman as “Psychotic.”

Of course he is Psychotic…the only murderers who:

  • Have NO diminished capacity
  • No psychoses
  • No mental illness
  • No childhood traumas

Are those black kids running around the inner city shooting other kids because the offending kid stepped on the gunmen’s unlaced sneakers. Sound unhinged to you? Of course not!

To me these kids are definitely deranged – with so little regard for human life that they will kill you just for looking at them. But to the media and the rest of society these hopelessly misguided kids are just wicked, UNCARING monsters with NO sense of right and wrong.

How many murders from gun violence this year in Boston?

According to the Boston Police figures, so far this year, as of July 15, 2012, there have been 12 gun homicides in Boston. (For 2011 it was 22.)

Assault Rifle like the one used in Aurora shootings.

This ONE murderer killed 12 IN ONE GO – but we’re (well, NOT we) the media is beginning to paint him as this good kid who suddenly snapped. Of course! He was Jesus’s protégé until Satan managed to wrestle him out of Jesus’ arms! Then when he fell from Grace he bought 6 thousand rounds of ammunition including:

  • 3,000 rounds of .223-caliber ammunition for his AR-15-type Smith and Wesson
  • 3,000 rounds of .40-caliber ammunition for the Glock handguns
  • 300 rounds for the shotgun.
  • He concocted his arsenal
  • He jammed the movie theater exit
  • He used a chemical to demobilize his victims
  • He bobby-trapped his apartment

    Glock Handgun like the one Aurora shooter had in arsenal

  • According to neighbors, Holmes apparently set music on a timer to start and end coinciding with his shooting spree
  • Luckily police did not go to his apartment to ask him to turn down the music, for IF THEY HAD OPENED THAT DOOR
  • EVERYONE in that apartment building, including the police, would have likely been blown to bits and/or be injured
  • AND, most importantly, HE DID NOT KILL HIMSELF, though!

    James Holmes: Aurora, Colorado gunman

I looked up the meaning of Psychotic:

Psychosis has its roots in ancient Greek. (psyche – mind/soul and osis – abnormal condition or derangement.). It means an abnormal condition of the mind and is a generic psychiatric term for a mental state often described as involving a “loss of contact with reality.”  This loss of contact with reality usually includes delusions: false beliefs about what is taking place or who one is and hallucinations: Seeing or hearing things that aren’t there.

Aurora, Colorado gunman Mr. James E. Holmes is about as psychotic as a pineapple! But you will get a parade of people who will likely testify that they ate pineapple and it gave them indigestion!!!

Pineapple – psychotic?

And of course some pricey lawyer will INSIST that he’s psychotic unlike the inner city kid who grew up in a dysfunctional home who at age five was watching his mother doped on crack with a parade of Johns coming in day and night.

Said lawyer will come up with instances where Mr. Holmes’ parents were busy working at their high-paying jobs or his girlfriend broke up with him or his studies were overwhelming – poor James!

Of course he is MORE psychotic than the kid who grows up hating the johns who beat his mother or the alcoholic father who beat him, the system who looked the other way or put him in a foster home where he was abused even more…

Of course he’s MORE psychotic that the kid who bottled his rage inside, who knows NO values, who has NO hope…

Of course he is MORE psychotic than the kid who has no fancy lawyer.

We can go into many lives, including mine, and find periods where we were freaking psychotic…

But NEVER have you heard a psychotic defense in an inner city shooting, HAVE YOU? Apparently poor people don’t get psychotic. Nor black people. Not even O.J. Simpson was psychotic!

Urban jungle – “ghetto”. Live HERE, shoot people — you are a monster!

But every darn time it happens from some white enclave, involving some white shooter – the person is always PSYCHOTIC, SUFEERING FROM BIPOLAR DISORDER, MENTALLY USNTABLE!

Yes, indeed…!!!

It’s almost as if when these black shooters shoot – it’s justified by pulling out stereotypes and mental images and concluding: Hey, black, what do you expect…meaning they’re ALL the same. Bad, rotten to the core. No hope there.

But when these white shooters shoot – these same people can’t bear to justify the white shooter is just plain wicked, because it’s a poor reflection on the race — so they prefer to say: He’s psychotic. Meaning, WE ARE NICE, WE ARE NOT LIKE THAT, THIS ONE IS JUST FLAWED!

Aurora Memorial

No, he’s NOT a flawed model. Sometimes he’s just wicked and angry and malicious.If we go back in history we will find many, many such flawed models.

The media, some MORE so than others, immediately started labeling Holmes as “Psychotic and mentally ill” WITHOUT EVEN WAITING FOR A MEDICAL OPINION.  Holmes may well BE psychotic, I’m NOT saying he isn’t. I’m saying the media seem to think that there must only be ONE explanation why an intelligent child of affluent white parents will kill and that is psychoses. Guess everybody in the KKK is psychotic?

If you make excuses for him – do the same for others.

If you find things in his life, background that “excuse” him then find it in others…

Suburban street. Live here, shoot people you are Psychotic! Bi-polar! Mentally ill!

I would suppose many of the people who shoot others in a fit of rage or on the spur of the moment like these misguided inner city kids are as “mentally ill” as this privileged upper middle class kid…

Let’s not forget that! 

Some people are just wicked, PRETENDING  to be psychotic, cold, calculating…and they live EVERYWHERE: Beverly Hills, ghetto, middle-class suburb – everywhere! And they come in all colors too! Whether it’s Uganda’s Id Amin, Cambodia’s Pol Pot or Germany’s HItler!

Ain’t no one race producers monsters – and the other produces psychotics!

Psychotic by any other name, still the same!!!

Monster, cold-bloodied killer, loser, hater, conman, great pretender, whatever… 


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