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Gone Baby, Gone…

There is a BLOC of Republicans who think that the interests of their constituents OVERRIDE the interests of the entire country…

They are determined to uphold the narrow precepts of the handful of majority white constituents they serve – and ignore the wishes of the national majority of well-adjusted Americans in the rest of the country.


Among HOUSE Republicans who OPPOSE Immigration Reform: Don Young, Alaska

According to a newspaper article: About 131 of the 233 House Republicans represent districts that are more than 80 percent white.

These 1850’s thinking republicans oppose Immigration Reform. (Of course they do. They don’t like whites, blacks, Hispanics and Jews. They are also anti-gay, anti-choice when it comes to abortion…and anti gun control, believe fanatically in the Bible, (especially the part that says Jesus was white and hated Hispanics).

They’re the SAME ones who believe President Obama is a Muslim who was NOT born in the USA and think America, under Obama’s leadership, is going to hell in a container packed with lighter fluid. Because HOW can a black man hold a position of authority anyway, especially THAT high a position? It is NOT possible for him to be qualified – let us dissect his grades!


Mo Brooks, AL

According to one newspaper, this bloc of Republicans, (I call them: “The 131”) doesn’t have any Immigration Reform Pressure Groups in THEIR districts so they may see NO reason to vote FOR Immigration Reform.

 This is a STUPID, self-preserving, Republican PARTY-KILLING, short-sighted view – one that is constituent driven to preserve their skins while shortchanging the country and the 300 million people “The 131” DO not represent. 

  • Republicans CANNOT stop the demographic shift. That horse has already bolted! The most they can do now is coax the horse home with an offer of warm oats. 

Spencer, Bachus, AL

50-thousand Hispanics turn 18-years-old EVERY MONTH in America. These Hispanics are not Undocumented Immigrants – these are people who who can vote! People who were BORN in this country 18-years ago, NOT today! 

Marketers look at this demographic and see dollar-signs.One newspaper report says: Hispanics have the greatest purchasing power of any US ethnic group and taken together will soon represent the world’s ninth largest economy…”

Another report finds: “Hispanic buying power is worth $1 trillion now and is expected to grow another 50 percent to $1.5 trillion in the next five years. It also found that Latino households earning more than $50-thousand are projected to grow at a faster rate than the total number of households.”

You now see TV ads in Spanish…as businesses jockey to tap into that vast market. But NOT Republicans. Oh no. Instead of embracing Hispanics, they look for every trick in the book to MARGINALIZE Latinos. 


Robert, Aderholt, AL

Republicans perfected the notion of marginalization on blacks – why not apply it to Hispanics too!

  • Republicans believe that they can keep their seats and maintain control in Congress through gerrymandering. 

Say they succeed in weeding out blacks, Hispanics and Asians from their districts, or dilute the non-white voting power or create white enclaves…HOW LONG is that going to last? 


Mike Rogers, AL

The white birth rate/population is DECLINING…the minority birthrate is exploding! As the republican’s base shrinks, have they forgotten that the House of Representatives is by “proportional Representation?” Are they going to represent elephants then? 

Do republicasns understand that some districts, cities, states will lose seats in the House – and others will gain? What happens when the population grows in the areas they shrugged off – and declines in their little enclaves? MORE gerrymandering? Do republicans think that people/generations FORGET these things? 


Jo Bonner, AL

  • Republicans and their followers gripe: “Even if you Reform Immigration, you still won’t get the Hispanic vote, anyway – so why do it?” 

I say: You Blind Mice. Stop the bleeding NOW – BEFORE you die from loss of blood!!! Obviously even if you reform Immigration now, Hispanics are not going to flock to you – not right away. BUT IT WILL STOP THEM FROM holding their noses and RUNNING AWAY FROM YOU! Puking!!!


Martha Roby, AL

Republicans have of course convinced themselves that the ONLY reason Hispanics vote Democrat is because Democrats give them “free stuff” – “welfare.”  Has nothing to do with the name-calling, the draconian laws, the anti-immigrant rhetoric, the voter suppression, the racism. 

I don’t know what George W. Bush was giving to Hispanics when they voted for him over the Democrat nominee in both his electoral wins – but it must have been something Hispanics had to PAY for. 


Trey Gowdy, SC

Republicans…especially the bloc with the majority-white Tea Party obstructionist constituencies…are afraid to even “appear” to be reasonable – or compromise – or let their Obama-hating constituents see them socializing with the black President, or working with the Muslim President or compromising with the socialist non-American/foreigner President! 

  1. It matters NOT to them that Immigration Reform is in the BEST interest of the country. They care only about what’s in the best interest of their political future.
  2. It matters NOT to them that a majority of Americans, (religious, civic, business, legal, social) has consistently supported Immigration Reform.  They care only that their handful of constituents don’t want it. These Republicans lack the political balls to go against the narrow-minded wishes of their constituents and do the right thing – in support of the majority’s wishes.

Steve King, IA

HEAR THIS AMERICA. It is up to you. YOU hold the key. NOT these obstructionist republicans. They think that they are in Congress ONLY to carry out the wishes of the few, BUT THAT IS NOT SO. Every Congressman is called upon to do that which will benefit THE GREATER GOOD. Not benefit his party, himself or his constituents. 

Politicians benefit themselves  their party and constituents when Congress is self-doling out pork or contracts. Grab a slice for your district. Heck, take as much as you can get. Go create jobs in your districts so you can get re-elected. No problem… 


Lamar Smith, TX

But when there is debate about a National issue like the Debt, Immigration Reform, Policing the world – PUT aside party and constituents and DO WHAT IS BEST FOR AMERICA. Don’t start a war because there is a weapons factory in your district!

 SO HEAR THIS, REPUBLICANS. Immigration Reform is in the best interest of America. It is also in the best interest of your constituents, although they will NEVER see that! And even if it is not in the best interests of YOUR constituents, it is for the greater good. Yes, sometimes things we don’t believe in/support benefit the greater good.


Jim Jordan OH

AND HEAR THIS, AMERICA:  YOU need to send a clear and present message to Republican Tea Party obstructionistas – that it is time for them to STOP listening to the strident, anti-compromising voice of the few – and START listening to the “WORK TOGETHER” chant from THE MAJORITY. 

 If EVERY Republican in a melting pot district LOSES their seat, the handful of obstructionistas left standing will get YOUR message – AND THEY WILL GET IT VERY QUICKLY AND CLEARLY!

 Send a message that TELLS Republicans (both In and OUT of Congress) in NO uncertain terms to: WORK with President Obama on Immigration Reform and other issues. Because if they don’t – maybe their equally hard-line constituents will keep THEM in office. But other moderate, sane voters across America can throw out EVERY Republican in mixed-race districts (even if voters like that particular Republican, even if that Representative is nice, sane and moderate) and vote in a Democrat – JUST to send a message to these obstructionista Republicans, that: YOU CANNOT STAND ALONE!


Frank Wolf, VA

 You may keep your job – but it ain’t worth squat without the rest of the country’s support! So if the ONLY people you aim to please, FEEL YOU CAN PLEASE, SHOULD PLEASE are the “My Way or NO Way” hardliners in YOUR constituency and DISREGARD the will of the majority across AMERICA:

“You’re Gone, Baby! GONE! Let’s see what YOU can BLOCK with 100 seats!”

 Pretty soon even their constituents would throw them out – because they would become irrelevant – then America can start over with people who know THE VALUE of compromise!

Romney’s 3 Different Campaign Strategies:

A story in New York Magazine entitled: Romney’s Etch A Sketch Campaign Begins caught my eye in the Huffington Post.

All Romney has to do is DRAW a position...and it's His...

Mitt Romney has apparently ALREADY started playing musical chairs with his many positions.

His latest “adjustment” seems to be on: Immigration and Student loans.

I say WATCH for Mitt Romney’s 3 DIFFERENT Campaign Strategies:

  1. FLIP: For during the early stages of the primaries where he’s facing other republican opponents. He’s more FOR everything his opponents stand for…and more AGAINST everything they oppose…or FOR some things they oppose and AGAINST some things they stand for.


  2. FLOP:  To be exhibited during the late stages of the primaries where opponents have left or are thinking of leaving. He’s FOR the things he OPPOSED and OPPOSES the things he was FOR, before…
  3. MISSPOKES: For after the Primaries, when he’s the nominee. He’s no longer sure what he was FOR or AGAINST….

Hey, what do/did you expect…?

Watch Romney morph and evolve into his father or whatever he thinks YOU want him to be as he plays Harry Potter Politics.

Flick of wand: Wheee…watch me – I’m an Owl.

Flick, flick: Yeah, I’m a Vulture today!

Flick: And now I’m a Sparrow.

Harry Potter wielding his magic.

So what? They’re all birds, aren’t they?

Yes, Mr. Romney.  THEY are birds. But YOU’RE not!!!

Watch him tonight, during his speech in New Hampshire, start moving from Tea to Coffee…

By the end of the Campaign he’ll be drinking Camomille!

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