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Student Loans vs. Terror Alerts

John Boehner is at it again.

When will he learn to hush!!! Shhh-ush! Shouldn’t Republicans muzzle Boehner…until and unless he finds something MEANINGFUL to say…like Republican plans to get Chinese and Russian support for U.S. sanctions against Iran? Or getting U.S. allies to cooperate on terrorism WITHOUT using Water-Boarding and Sleep Deprivation? Start a discussion on SUBSTANCE, Mr. Boehner…enough of  the FLUFF!

Mr. Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House, is now railing against the President — over Obama’s travels around the country to promote a student loan bill.

Stop whining and crying, Mr Boehner. If Obama goes to states where you’re slated to be/speak…YOU GO to states where he’s slated to be/speak!

Obama addresses gathering at University of Iowa

The President has been visiting North Carolina, Colorado and Iowa…dropping in at large universities and talking about Student Loan reform. We will pretend that he’s NOT campaigning. And his timing? We’ll call it politically brilliant. (Yes my head’s in the sand – one eye peeping out. I see you! Maybe…)

John Boehner is aghast. Nobody- not Senators, not Representatives, no Governors (wink!), not former Presidents – NOBODY has EVER done such a THING, such a…a…well a “pathetic” thing like that before! The very nerve of Obama to set such a precedent.

Boehner told reporters Thursday morning (4/26/2012): “For the president to make a campaign issue and then to travel to three battleground states and go to three large college campuses on taxpayers’ money to try to make this some political issue is pathetic.”  (That’s it’s 3 seems particularly irksome!)

Read that again and see how silly our politicians are!

With the Secret Service Scandal widening to include possible breaches of security in El Salvador/elsewhere?, with a possible Terror Threat from al Qaeda ahead of the anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death…this, THIS America, is what the speaker chooses to focus on. Fluff. See the problem…?

Again, he conveniently FORGETS  that it could be worse. We could be scared to death…by now.

Remember Tom Ridge, America’s first Homeland Security secretary. Code Red, Code Blue. “Manipulation of Fear”

Ridge revealed in his book: “The Test of Our Times: America Under Siege…and How We Can Be Safe Again” how the Bush Administration used threats of terrorism to influence voters. Remember that? Republicans used threats of terrorism to influence voters.

(Weren’t you scared – police on the subway, airports on high alert, bomb-sniffing dogs.) They scared the hell out of us just so we’d be SUCH a freaked out, insecure mass of ectoplasm, we’d vote for them – the strong macho He-Men of Security instead of those pathetic, wimpy Democrats.

Again, poetic justice: It was a Democrat who finally nabbed bin Laden.

According to Republican Ridge: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was pressured to connect homeland security to the international “war on terror”. He also said he effectively thwarted a plan to raise the alert level before the 2004 election, which Bush won. Calling Mr. Boehner…hello?

Di you hear John Boehner blast Bush as “pathetic” or “opportunistic” or a “fear-monger”? Au contraire, they praised Bush for his forward-thinking zeal to keep Americans safe…even though they KNEW it was just a political gimmick.

Tell me — do you really, really want to believe these Republicans are serious?

They say Obama’s trip is a “misuse of taxpayer funds”. The Republican National Committee has actually filed a complaint with the Government Accountability Office alleging that Obama has misused Air Force One and other federal resources for electoral purposes. Gasp. Shock and Awe!

When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, (a ONE-TERM governor, mark you) he spent so much time out of state campaigning for President, that it made news!

According to online encyclopedia Wikipedia:

In 2006, his last year as governor, Romney spent all or part of 212 days* out of state, laying the foundation for his anticipated presidential campaign. The cost of the Governor’s security detail for out-of-state trips increased from $63,874 in fiscal year 2005 to a cost of $103,365 in the first 11 months of fiscal year 2006.

Romney’s use of state troopers for security during his campaign trips was criticized by former Governor Michael Dukakis, who never traveled with state troopers during his 1988 presidential run, and Mary Boyle of Common Cause who complained that “the people of Massachusetts are essentially funding his presidential campaign, whether they like it or not.”

WASTE is NOT a NEW phenomenon. Not saying it’s right – just saying Obama didn’t incubate “Government Waste” in some Bio-4 lab in Hawaii!

Romney’s campaign countered by saying Romney did not accept a salary as governor (True. $135,000 a year. He gave it up. Can you afford to?) State Police say Romney did not ask for security detail on his travels, but they followed him around anyway. And I have no problem with that. He was the governor – can’t leave our governor unprotected.

*(A year has 365 days. 365-212= 153 days that Romney spent In Massachusetts as governor DURING HIS LAST YEAR IN OFFICE while laying the foundation for his Presidential camapign.)  

As one MA Democrat put it: “He was governor here but we never had his full attention.”

In Jamaican vernacular: Republicans: “Wheel and come again!!! (Turn around and start anew!)

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