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Green card! Work Permit! SSN!

Ice sculpture

Ice Sculpture: Copley Square. Boston, MA. New Year’s Eve celebration. First Night 2013.

Immigration Reform is finally here… Yeah!!!  

Eight bi-partisan U.S Senators (Democrats: Charles Schumer of New York, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Michael Bennet of Colorado; and Republicans John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Marco Rubio of Florida and Jeff Flake of Arizona) have taken the FIRST STEP. 

“We recognize that our immigration system is broken. And while border security has improved significantly over the last two Administrations, we still don’t have a functioning immigration system. This has created a situation where up to 11 million undocumented immigrants are living in the shadows.


Our legislation acknowledges these realities by finally committing the resources needed to secure the border, modernize and streamline our current legal immigration system, while creating a tough but fair legalization program for individuals who are currently here. We will ensure that this is a successful permanent reform to our immigration system that will not need to be revisited.”

President Obama is already taking STEP TWO. He will lay out HIS vision for Immigration Reform in Nevada on Tuesday (1/29/2013) – and it is reportedly similar to the Senate version.


Undocumented Immigrants are looking for:

  • A SOCIAL SECURITY  NUMBER: Front burner with the flame on HIGH.
  • A WORK PERMIT:  Front burner with the flame on HIGH.
  • GREEN CARD: Front burner with the flame on HIGH.
  • CITIZENSHIP? Back burner – flame not even on!

The “Pathway to Citizenship” is clear and simple. CITIZENSHIP is a manufactured issue Republicans use to crush Immigration Reform. ANY failure to pass Immigration Reform must be laid at the Republican’s doorstep! And if they sabotage it THIS  time, come next election, they will be made to understand that 100 seats in the House of Representatives does NOT move their agenda forward! 

iceThere’s NO need to make Citizenship an issue, because U.S. Immigration laws ALREADY set out the guidelines for applying for Citizenship. 

Click HERE or go to:

Fix it so Undocumented Immigrants can apply for a Social Security Number, a Work Permit and a Green Card. Then those who can meet the guidelines laid out for Citizenship will apply when the time comes – like everyone else! Not at the front of the line – or back of the line – or cutting in line. Just when they, like everyone else, can afford the fees, meet the requirements and feel they can pass the test…or feel that it is time! then they get a lawyer and start the process. Yes, just like that!

Guidelines state U.S Citizenship applicants (with a few exceptions for people with Armed Forces connections) MUST:


  1. Be 18 years and over.
  2. Be a Permanent Resident/Issued with a Green Card.
  3. Have lived CONTINUOUSLY in America for 5-years (3-years in some cases)
  4. Have NOT been out of the U.S. for 30 months or more.
  5. Have NOT traveled out of the country on trips longer than a year (during last 5-years (3-years in some cases).
  6. Resided in the State/District in which the applicant is applying for Citizenship
  7. Can read, write, speak basic English.
  8. Know the fundamentals of U.S History/Government. (In other words, applicant must PASS the Citizenship Test).ice10
  9. Applicant must demonstrate Good Moral Character.
  10. Undocumented immigrants may run into issues HERE with adjusting of Status AND THIS MAY BE THE ONLY AREA THAT CONGRESS MAY NEED TO ADDRESS FOR UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS.
  11. Never deserted from the U.S. Army.
  12. Never received, from the U.S Army, an exemption/discharge for not being a citizen.
  13. Pledge to serve in the U.S military if it is mandated by law.
  14. Support the U.S. Constitution.
  15. Willing to take the Oath Of Allegiance to the U.S.


THAT’S IT. Where is the big ring-ding? Seems the ONLY area that needs some tweaking is #10 of the U.S. Citizenship REQUIREMENTS which deals with ADJUSTING the applicant’s status. Being in the U.S. illegally can interfere with applying for citizenship. Congress can address that easily by allowing Undocumented Immigrants who were in the country BEFORE THE DATE ANY IMMIGRATION REFORM LAW PASSES or whatever the cut-off point is – to easily apply for a waiver or whatever process they decide. END OF STORY.

The important part is LEGALIZING people so they can come out of the shadows and join the mainstream. This includes applying for Citizenship down the road, IF they meet the requirements.


Congress, President Obama – please DO NOT GET BOGGED DOWN IN A CITIZENSHIP QUAGMIRE. You won’t meet many Undocumented Immigrants who will GIVE UP the chance for Legalization because of a disagreement over Citizenship! People wan to work and live without fear – citizenship will come later.

Two-time Presidential candidate, Republican Newt Gingrich is blasting former rival Mitt Romney (his party’s nominee for the 2012 Presidential election) and the party’s overly conservative policies as the GOP’s 2012 curse.

“When I said as a candidate we’re not going to deport a grandmother if she’s been here 25 years, we had a nominee who said yes, we would, that she would self-deport…I think at that point we lost Asians, we lost Latinos. You can’t lose Asians, Latinos, African Americans and young people, and think you’re going to be competitive.


Hard-line Tea Party obstructionists are no doubt girding their loins for battle. But obstructionists could not STOP blacks from getting their freedom, or STOP women from getting the vote, or STOP interracial marriages OR stop abortion rights or STOP gays from getting married or STOP blacks from joining the military or STOP women from joining the military or STOP gays from serving openly in the military – AND THEY WON’T STOP IMMIGRATION REFORM EITHER!

I suspect Hard-line Tea Party obstructionists in Congress and their supporters will not find the usual “loud mouthed” response from many of their former cheerleaders. They can hold on to their rigid ideology – but they will end up facing extinction in a Congress dominated by Democrats. 


The “FOUR PILLARS” of Immigration Reform:

  1. Create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already here, contingent upon securing the border and better tracking of people here on visas. 
  2. Reform the legal immigration system, including awarding green cards to immigrants who obtain advanced degrees in science, math, technology or engineering from an American university.
  3. Create an effective employment verification system to ensure that employers do not hire illegal immigrants.
  4. Allow more low-skill workers into the country and allowing employers to hire immigrants if they can demonstrate they couldn’t recruit a U.S. citizen; and establishing an agricultural worker program.



Headlines say: Obama wins.

I choose to say: Romney Loses. Much more savory to my palate…

After 8 years of campaigning for President, I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT MITT ROMNEY STANDS FOR!

  • Romney calls Massachusetts his “home state”. He was governor here – he did not win here and Republicans lost Scott Brown’s crucial Senate seat. 
  • Romney has a multi-million-dollar home in New Hampshire. He started his 2012 campaign there and ended his campaign there. He did not win there…
  • California, where he has a multi-million dollar home he plans to rebuild with the car elevator – California did not vote for him
  • His other “home state” Michigan – he did not win there. 

I suppose it’s because those of us who live with Mitt Romney don’t KNOW Mitt Romney well enough! Maybe we need him to make another run for President before we really get to understand Mitt Romney? Perhaps after 12-years running for President, we might…just might…understand WHO Mitt Romney is!

Nah! We’ve had enough of Mitt Romney. Please go to California governor and try to run for something there…or search for the Holy Grail. Just leave the East Coast alone!

Now my dear Republicans.

Does:  C – N – D – E – O – R – E- M – S – T  mean anything to you?

To me it means: S-E-C-O-N-D  T-E-R-M


SECOND TERM! Term TWO or as Hispanics say: Dos!

Birthers, put that in your ballot question asking if Medical Marijuana should be legalized and smoke it!

You just added more bitter words to your bag of shame! Phrases like: “One-Term President” and “Voter Suppression” and “Self Deportation.” 

How dare you try to rob poor, blacks, Hispanics and disenfranchised voters of their vote – SOLELY to ensure that YOUR candidate wins. How DARE you when black people in this country had to DIE to get the right to vote  – the very vote you tried to TAKE away from them? What are you going to do in 2016? Kidnapping?  

YOU could not STOP the tide…

You could not stop the black man…

You could not stop the African…

You could not stop the gay sympathizer…

You could not s top the Immigrant lover…

You could not stop the anti-war drum beater…

You could not stop the defender of the poor…

You could stop nothin’…because the POWER of “We the People” remains stronger than any one party or donor.

So what now?

Gonna keep bashing gays?

Gonna keep demonizing Immigrants?

Gonna keep embracing  hardliners?

Gonna keep ramming vaginal probes down women’s…er, consciousness?

Gonna keep hating blacks?

Gonna keep spitting every time you hear this word: Compromise?

Gonna keep disrespecting  the President? The RE-elected President to a SECOND term. Our Two-term President?

Go ahead – make my day! Everytime…

So what are you planning now?  Forming some underground cabal to impeach Obama?  Or are you going to roll up your sleeves and work for the betterment of America – DO the right thing, even if it’s not always the popular thing?

“Will you walk a little faster?” said a whiting to a snail,
“There’s a porpoise close behind us, and he’s treading on my tail.
See how eagerly the lobsters and the turtles all advance!
They are waiting on the shingle — will you come and join the dance?
Will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you, will you join the dance?

Will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you, won’t you join the dance?

Mock Turtle’s Song: “Lobster Quadrille” from Alice in Wonderland.

Will you walk a little faster said Paul Ryan to Romney

The Tea Party’s close behind me and it’s treading on my tail

See how eagerly Tea Party extremists now advance

They are waiting at the Capitol, won’t you join the dance?

“You can really have no notion how delightful it will be

When they take us up and throw us, with the lobsters, out to sea!”

But Romney replied “Too far, too far!” and gave a look askance —
Said he thanked Paul Ryan kindly, but he would not join the dance.
Would not, could not, would not, could not, would not join the dance.
Would not, could not, would not, could not, could not join the dance.

“What matters it how far we go?” his scaly friend replied.
“There is another shore, you know, upon the other side.
The further from America — the nearer to China –
Then turn not pale, beloved snail, but come and join the dance.

Will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you, will you join the dance?
Will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you, won’t you join the dance?

“I predict Mr. Romney will win FL (29), NC (15), VA (13), NH (4), OH (18), IA (6), CO (9) and Mr. Obama will get MN (10), NV (6), WI (10), MI (16), PA (20). This brings Mr. Romney to 285 Electoral College votes and Mr. Obama to 253.  These are just my base predictions and I still think several of these states are too close to call.  For example, while I put them in Mr. Obama’s column, I still believe NV, WI, and PA are in play and very winnable for Mr. Romney.  If crowds at his recent stops in these states are any indication of his supporters’ enthusiasm, Mr. Romney will likely be able to claim victory in these states as well.”  (Karl Rove. Those Crossroads ads did not work?)

Exit, stage left…

WHY? Mrs. Romney, Why…?

What does it say about the Romneys – that Mitt Romney’s wife is on TV telling the world that she had a miscarriage – well SEVERAL miscarriages, actually – with the SOLE purpose of making us, luring us, seducing us, FORCING us into liking the unlikable Mitt Romney…???

Ann Romney

Revealing their family’s deeply PERSONAL details, in a calculated bid to put a HUMAN face on Mr. Aloof Romney.

I was watching Ann Romney and I was uncomfortable. To me it’s a CRINGE factor.

WHY? Mrs. Romney, Why…? For political gain??? Come now…

Why are you telling us about your miscarriages? You could have had a million miscarriages and this does not make your husband MORE (or less) suitable to be President than if you had NO miscarriages at all.

I just do not understand why the Republican Party and the Romney’s feel that regurgitating their PERSONAL family secrets are necessary to win the presidency? NO, Mrs. Romney. Release YOUR TAX RETURNS. THAT is what American voters want to know.

  • How much money you really have…
  • Where do you bank your money – because banking in America means more money for banks to lend out and more money to INVEST in this country and CREATE THE JOBS that you and Republicans are braying about so much.
  • How much taxes did you pay to the US government to help them maintain the roads and other services that you now want to cut…
  • You were taxed at WHAT TAX RATE? We know that for 2010 you paid a LOWER rate than middle class families. You paid 13-percent on a gross adjusted income of $22 MILLION while your running mate Paul Ryan who made about $200-300 THOUSAND (2010/2011) paid at a higher tax rate of 15-20 percent.

    Ryan’s Tax Return for 2010

  • How much money are you hiding in off-shore banks OUTSIDE America? The government has begun to go after super-rich Americans like you who hide their money overseas. This costs the government, voters and the economy billions of dollars in LOST revenue. If you are elected, will YOU go after these super-rich tax dodgers, Mr. Romney?

THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO HEAR, Mr. Romney. NOT your personal family secrets.

No amount of miscarriages, kids disillusionments or personal illnesses will make me feel sympathetic enough to vote for you, (or anybody else) unless your case is similar to that of a Gabby Giffords. I do not know Gabby Giffords, but you, Mrs. Romney, are NO Gabby Giffords.

(Giffords, a U.S Representative from Arizona, was shot in the head 2011 during a meet and greet event and fought her way back.) Spunky Gabby Giffords is about the only politician I’m prepared to fill sorry for at this point…and I don’t think she’s seeking pity either!

Mrs. Romney…HOW DARE YOU THINK THAT you will go on television and tell me that you had miscarriages and that your son took it badly and that this will make me so sorry for poor Ann Romney that I will immediately love you, embrace you to my gullible bosom and FALL IN LOVE with your robotic husband!?

I much prefer LAURA BUSH. Laura Bush, like Michelle Obama, is likableI suspect Laura Bush had a much harder time dealing with her errant husband and headstrong girls than Mrs. Romney ever did with her family. Laura Bush stood by her man, (a man I absolutely detested when George Bush was President) even when he was a drunk or “choked” on a pretzel. I like Bush W. better now largely because he’s been GRACIOUS since leaving office, unlike his moronic egomaniac of a Vice President, Dick Cheney. 

Laura Bush…is rich too!

I understand that Mrs. Romney needs to de-roboticize her husband. Make him likeable. But please, NOT by revealing personal family stuff. We don’t need to know about your miscarriages, especially as you have five, yes FIVE strapping sons. It would be different if:

  • The Romney’s had no kids and now I learn they had several miscarriages…
  • If Romney was running to be the head of some clinic that specializes in fertility treatments or providing support for families who can’t have babies…
  • If Romney had even KNOWN about the part where his last son came home and had a tantrum  or a mini breakdown because his mom lost a potential little brother or sister. BUT APPARENTLY ROMNEY DID NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT THIS MINI DRAMA THAT UNFOLDED IN HIS OWN HOME UNTIL HIS WIFE CONTRIVED TO BLURT IT OUT ON TV. He did not even KNOW, (or so they claim) but it’s supposed to “humanize” him. Umm-hmm. I donated my wedding ring to charity. My husband does NOT know, but still, isn’t he a generous man? 

Given that family’s propensity for CALCULATED actions by design, I find it hard to believe. I’m sure they probably REHEARSED that interview to death – what to ask, how to say it, what NOT to say, etc. But I’m cynical – so assuming HE REALLY DID NOT KNOW, he did not even look shocked.

NO “What? You never told me anything…darling!”

NO REACTION AT ALL. HIS WOODEN FACE REMAINS WOODEN – while his wife recounts how traumatized their young son was by learning his mom lost a baby – and then we, the viewers, have to embrace this unemotional Mitt Romney. He doesn’t even LOOK moved, but WE should be!!!

Romney’s talk about miscarriages on NBC.  He’s so emotional…

Hey Mr. Romney, next time: REACT! (If you can!!!)

The Romneys are one of those political families who will do anything, say anything, pretend to be anything to gain political office. NO wonder Massachusetts U.S. Senator, Romney’s fellow Republican Scott Brown (of the naked pictures in Cosmopolitan magazine) is avoiding the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Brown is not speaking. He will just drop in, touch and go. He’s been running so hard AWAY from Mitt Romney that he’s probably going to represent neighboring Connecticut by now…

NOTE TO POLITICIANS. I do NOT want to hear intimate details of your personal family life – especially if the SOLE purpose of releasing said details is to arouse my sympathies or shape my perception of you.

Now I am NOT uncaring of Mrs. Romney’s illness, having Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and losing her babies. Those are traumatic events and the family got through it intact. The Romneys appear to have a tight-knit family (I’ve said so before) and kudos to them. I admire that. I hope they stay that way. There are too many families who are fighting and tearing each other up and many of them even do so publicly.

That kind of funny, Mr. Romney. See, already we want to laugh!!! Not about President Obama’s birthplace. We already KNOW he was born on Mars – why do you think “Curiosity” is up there? Looking for Obama’s Birth Certificate.

But, when it comes to making Romney likable, please tell me about the time when a little Romney got into the fridge and he was all covered with honey and sprinkles and Mitt came in and fell down laughing! (OK. We’re never gonna hear that cause Mr. Uptight Mitt does not know how to laugh, but I can dream!)

Please don’t tell me anymore of your family secrets. It is CRINGE worthy because we know WHY you’re baring your soul and IT IS NOT PRETTY. Why NOW? Mitt has been running for political office for nearly 20 years.

  • He ran for the U.S. senate against Ted Kennedy
  • He ran for governor and served one term
  • He has spent 8 years running for President
  • Surely the Harold Melville & the Blue Notes song: “If you don’t know me by now, you will never, never, never know me…” should be Mitt Romney’s anthem?


Red Flags, RED flags, red FLAGS…

Mrs. Romney, there are women across America, some extremely poor women, some just getting by, who also have miscarriages and were not lucky enough to carry ANY of their babies to term. So they have either adopted or remained childless. Some may even STILL be trying to get pregnant. And guess WHAT, they DO NOT have your resources/comfort behind them. Some may be on welfare or government healthcare. Some may even be fighting with their employers or insurance companies for time off or to get coverage for their health costs. Some women may be facing bankruptcy due to their health care bills.

Some of these woman do not have maids and housekeepers. They have to drag their sorry butt out of bed the next day to take care of business – maybe even go to work or lose their job.

Some of these women may not have as lovely or spacious or appealing places to live like you. They may live in rough, stressful neighborhoods. They may have no support – their spouse may not be loving or even present. Maybe he split or wasted what money there is on drugs and alcohol. Do you understand that, Mrs. Romney?

These women also have miscarriages, just without the benefit of maids and housekeepers and millions of dollars in our accounts.

There are many women who are suffering from debilitating illnesses like cancer, or even MS, and have NO support system, nobody to take care of the kids, no household help, just maybe a social worker or a charity or concerned neighbors.

There are many, many women for whom life is hard, VERY hard, Mrs. Romney. Really hard, not contrived hard.

Nobody wants to be ill and nobody wants to lose babies. But I think most of us would rather choose to be rich (than poor) if we had to face illness or miscarriages. While the heartache is the same, it is multiplied when you are poor because you have to deal with so many OTHER issues…on top of those that come with the illness or miscarriages. Poor people can’t afford the same level of high-tech care…can’t afford to sit back and recuperate…or to dismiss chores and medical expenses.

Jacqueline Kennedy. Kept her family’s secrets secret.

I do not want any other presidential candidate or their wife to throw their family secrets at me and burden me with their emotional angst. I have enough of my own! Keep yours! Jacqueline Kennedy would have DIED before she went on TV talking about her philandering husband or her personal issues. We could have been SORRY for her, but she had something called Pride! Wanna know what that is? Ask Hillary Clinton. Go talk to your family, your friends, your pastor about your personal issues. The White House is NOT Hollywood or Reality TV.

So Michelle Obama, just in case you’re thinking of giving me details of your own miscarriages (I suppose you had some too?) PLEASE DON’T. I don’t care. I don’t care how many miscarriages you had or did not have. I don’t care if Sasha was depressed. I don’t care about any of this crap except:

  • Are you going to reform immigration?
  • Are you going to REPEAL health care for all?
  • Are you going to extend the 2-year Deferred Action for Immigrant Kids that President Obama signed?
  • Are we really able to haul China before the World Trade Organization with no harm to us?

Michelle Obama. Please keep your family secrets…

  • Are you going to appoint a judge who will help the Supreme court overturn Roe vs. Wade?
  • Are you going to trim the deficit?
  • Are you going to invest in clean energy or continue to champion oil, gas and coal?
  • Are you going to cut programs for the poor?
  • Are you going to bomb Iran?
  • How are you going to stimulate the economy?
  • Will you keep cutting taxes?
  • Will you slap regulations on big banks, Wall Street, student loan companies?
  • How fertile are you? Not Applicable.

Is is not time for women’s ovaries to stay OUT of politics!

Republicans pretend to inclusive by seating delegates from black populations like the US Virgin Islands and the Marianas (hey, do you think Romney has stashed some millions there?) UP FRONT so the camera can pan on them to show how diverse Republicans ARE when these delegates don’t even VOTE in the U.S elections! How diverse is their delegation from Arizona? Phu-leese.

I just choose Arizona at random, OK. Maybe most of the Republican delegates are Hispanic – those who still remain in that state – because these Hispanics can walk around with a U.S. Passport to show police when they are stopped for LOOKING illegal?

So did ANN Romney convince you to love Mitt? I’m practically drooling. Two minutes into New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s speech, he IS already MORE believable!!! Don’t necessarily agree with everything he says – but HE’S REAL! She spoke about Love, TOUTED love. Now Christie says we seem have become paralyzed by our desire to be loved. Ahem. 

Now all I need is a couple boxes of tissues – for Mitt’s big speech.

No Sununu! Romney has “American Dream” – US have Nightmare!

Mitt Romney’s Venture Capitalist pal John H. Sununu went on a RANT in “defence” of

John H. Sununu: Says President Obama must “learn how to be an American.” He was born in Cuba, but he must teach an American how to BE American!!! ¡Ay, caramba!

Romney and stirred up a bigger controversy by saying: Obama must “learn how to be an American!”

The former Republican governor of New Hampshire (1983-1989) also had this to say about OUR President.

  • Obama comes from a “political-slash-felon environment”
  • “Obama is a reflection of a corrupt political environment in his hometown of Chicago where “politician and felon have become synonymous.”
  • Obama is practicing “crony capitalism” where friends and campaign donors are rewarded. (Unlike Jack Abramoff. Google Abramoff…and the LONG list of Republicans who went down in that corruption scandal.)

Of course this is the same John H. Sununu who ALSO said:

  1.  “I do not support raising the minimum wage, and the reason is as follows. When the minimum wage is raised, workers are priced out of the market. That is the economic reality that seems, at least so far, to be missing from this discussion.” ($7.25 in NH)

Vail, Colorado where Sununu went skiing at TAXPAYER expense. Cost? $86-thousand!

So I ask again. Is THIS the SAME John Henry Sununu, Republican from New Hampshire, who as White House Chief of Staff (George H. W. Bush/1989 -1991):

  • Reportedly took personal trips, for skiing and other purposes, and classified them as official?
  • Who (according to The Washington Post) went on trips that “took him to fat-cat Republican fund-raisers, ski lodges, golf resorts and even his dentist in Boston?”
  • Who chalked up one ski trip to Vail, Colorado that cost taxpayers $86-thousand?
  • Who repaid over $47,000 to the government for the flights on the orders of White House counsel?

Air Force Jet. Part of the fleet used by federal officials (2009) The Air Force version of the Gulfstream V costs $66 million. Operation cost: About $3,000 an hour.

  • Who reimbursed the government at commercial rates, which are about one-tenth the cost of the actual flights?
  • Who paid the government only $892 for his more than $615,000 worth of military jet travel?
  • Who said that his use of the jets was necessary because he had to be near a telephone at all times for reasons of national security?
  • Who, after leaking rumors of financial difficulties in his family, traveled to a rare stamp auction at Christie’s auction house in New York City from Washington in a government limousine, spending $5,000 on rare stamps?
  • Who then sent the car and driver back to Washington unoccupied while he returned on a corporate jet?
  • Who had 45 newspapers ran editorials on HIM, nearly all of them critical of his actions…in just ONE week?

(source: Wikipedia)

Charles McGee, head of New Hampshire Republican party. Sentenced to prison for jamming Democrat phones during 200 Senate race in NH. Sununu’s son won, narrowly

NO! It cannot BE that SAME John Sununu? He’s NOT talking about a:  “political-slash-felon environment”

IS THAT WHAT HE MEANS BY LEARNING: “How to be an American.” I suggest the President PASS on that lesson. Er, thank you, anyway! 

Now, the New Hampshire he’s referring to – is that THE New Hampshire that sits atop my home state of Massachusetts?

The NEW HAMPSHIRE where Republican Party members were implicated in the 2002 Senate Election Phone Jamming Scandal? Where the New Hampshire Republican Party hired a telemarketing firm for election tampering?

Republicans used a call center to jam phone lines of a Democrat Get Out The Vote operation. They made 900 calls in 45 minutes to disrupt the Democrat’s operations!

  • In the 2002 Senate election, Charles McGee, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Republican Party was convicted of using computerized phone calls to “disrupt enemy communications” of a Democratic effort to get out the vote for their candidate running against republican John E. Sununu, Mr. Sununu’s son.
  •  It was one of the largest scandals in the state’s history. Sununu (Jr) was elected by about 19-thousand votes.

Sununu’s son: John E Sununu. Won U.S Senate race in New Hampshire after Republicans jammed Democrat phone lines. Lost to Democrat Jeanne Shaheen in 2008.

  1. McGee pleaded guilty to a felony and was sentenced to seven months in prison.
  2. Allen Raymond was sentenced to three months in federal prison.
  3. James Tobin, Regional Director of the Republican Senatorial Committee was also convicted, but then reversed on appeal.
  4. Sununu’s SON, John Edward Sununu narrowly won that 2002 election but he LOST after ONE term to Democrat Jeanne Shaheen in 2008.

(source: Wikipedia)


Mr. Sununu (Sr.) please visit to see how YOUR state, NEW HAMPSHIRE, stacks up to President Obama’s state, LLINOIS.


Your lily-clean New Hampshire is getting a D grade with a Score of 66 and a Rank of 34, out of the 50 states.

Big, bad, gansta Illinois is getting a C!

(So you’ll KNOW what you’re saying next time you put your granite foot in your mouth) Georgia is the worst state – with an overall F grade and 50 rank. Maine, next door to New Hampshire, is one of the states to get an F from The Center for Public Integrity (CPI) for: failure to adhere to basic standards of transparency and political integrity.

The criteria by which the CPI graded each state included the level of explicit favoritism, cronyism, and general contempt for their own laws exercised by state legislators and politicians.

Much of the CPI’s State Integrity Investigation, the first of its kind, emphasized that an overwhelming amount of America’s states lack the legal mechanisms to enforce laws that would otherwise curb internal corruption — leaving an abundance of local channels through which the ethically questionable can exercise their favorite species of fraud.

New Hampshire: Corruption Risk Report Card

Overall Grade: D. 66% — Rank among 50 States: 34

Public Access to Information F Political Financing D

Executive Accountability


Legislative Accountability


Judicial Accountability


State Budget Processes


State Civil Service Management




Internal Auditing


Lobbying Disclosure


State Pension Fund Management


Ethics Enforcement Agencies


State Insurance Commissions




Illinois: Corruption Risk Report Card

Overall Grade: C. 74% — Rank among 50 States: 11

Public Access to Information B- Political Financing C+

Executive Accountability


Legislative Accountability


Judicial Accountability


State Budget Processes


State Civil Service Management




Internal Auditing


Lobbying Disclosure


State Pension Fund Management


Ethics Enforcement Agencies


State Insurance Commissions




July 17, 2012: New Hampshire Employment Security Commissioner Tara Reardon resigned amid allegations that she hired her daughter as an intern, then had her laid off in order to receive unemployment benefits.The situation has focused attention on New Hampshire’s ethics laws, which are weaker than those of many other states.

Reardon’s husband is Jim Bouley, mayor of Concord and a longtime lobbyist–>Bouley is partners with Mike Dennehy, the senior Republican political strategist–>Dennehy is friendly with both Republican candidates for governor: front-runner Ovide Lamontagne and rival candidate Kevin Smith.

Massachusetts: Corruption Risk Report Card

Overall Grade: C — 74% — Rank among 50 States: 11

Public Access to Information F Political Financing B

Executive Accountability


Legislative Accountability


Judicial Accountability


State Budget Processes


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Sununu says: “The American dream seems more about waking up every morning and knowing that the government is going to provide free education, free school lunches and a college education, a guaranteed job with healthcare, paid vacations and 99 weeks of unemployment if it turns sour.”

NO, No, NO, Mr. Sununu, that is NOT the American dream. That is an American Nightmare that many people find themselves in right now…thanks in part to an intransigent bunch of Republicans in Congress who have done NOTHING but say “NO!”

The American Dream is what Romney has:

Romney’s California estate. He plans to break it down, rebuild.  Two-level, four-vehicle garage will have a separate elevator to move cars between floors, outdoor lap pool and basement bigger than living quarters in White House. (New York Daily News)

  • An 11-acre $15-million New Hampshire summer vacation estate, with boathouse.
  • A $12-million (2008) California mansion at La Jolla that he plans to break down and rebuild. NEW 11,000 sq ft home has it’s OWN lobbyist — to navigate through California’s complicated bureaucracy. 
  • Bank accounts in Switzerland, Bermuda, Caymans, Luxemburg etc.
  • To be a millionaire and pay LESS in taxes than the middle class.
  • Claiming 77-thousand dollars as a Tax Deduction for his horse, like Romney did.
  • Wearing a thousand-dollar blouse, like Mrs. Romney.
  • Having your Gross Adjusted Income at 22 million, like Romney in 2010.
  • Maid service at your various homes.
  • Several cars for which you need split-level elevators.
  • etc, etc

Now THAT, Mr. Sununu is the AMERICAN DREAM.

Oh yes…and becoming President!

Boston: Gay Pride Parade 2012

Boston’s annual Gay Pride Parade (2012) was on Saturday, June 09…

Boston City Hall Plaza: Parade ends

I had not been to one of them in years – so I thought I’d go and share the photos – show how we all just try to get along…


The Gay Pride Parade is part of “Pride Week” which runs from Friday, June 1 – Sunday, June 10.

According to Boston Pride creates change and progress in society by embracing our community’s diverse history, culture, and identities, promoting community engagement and inclusivity, and striving for visibility and respect in unity.

Boston Pride produces events and activities to achieve inclusivity, equality, respect, and awareness in Greater Boston and beyond. Fostering diversity, unity, visibility, and dignity; we educate, communicate, and advocate by building and strengthening community connections.

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Did you know that:

The rainbow flag was first used to symbolize gay pride and diversity by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker and the original was hand-dyed. It first flew in the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade on June 25, 1978.

Rainbow Flag

The flag consisted of eight stripes and Baker assigned specific meaning to each of the colors: hot pink = sex, red = life, orange = healing, yellow = sunlight, green = nature, turquoise = magic, blue = serenity, violet = spirit.

As of 2006, the rainbow flag consists of six colored stripes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. It is most commonly flown with the red stripe on top, as the colors appear in a natural rainbow.

The rainbow flag, sometimes called the freedom flag, has been used as a symbol of gay pride and gay rights since the 1980s.

Boehner, Ohio’s 8th Congressional District, ARRA

Do you remember The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 better known as “The Stimulus”. It’s the economic stimulus package the 111th U.S. Congress passed in  February 2009 and President Obama signed into law on February 17, 2009?

–It passed the House on January 28, 2009 (244-188)

Not ONE Republican in the House of Representastives voted for the 2009 Stimulus package, even though President Obama wined and dined them. Remember?

–The bill Passed in the Senate on February 13, 2009 (60-38) with 3 Republican votes: Snowe (R-ME), Specter (R-PA), Collins (R-ME.

Washington Times/Sunday January 25/2009: 

House Minority Leader John Boehner, Ohio Republican, said the plan must include more tax relief before House Republicans will support the plan – Republicans are proposing returning up to $3,200 to tax filers, he said.

Of the $825 billion included in Mr. Obama’s stimulus plan, $275 billion would be paid out in tax relief, and $550 billion would go to new spending.

Republicans have said the stimulus plan, in combination with the round of economic bailouts approved late last year, would saddle future generations with $2 trillion in debt.

The 244-188 vote was not what Mr. Obama had hoped for. A week of  presidential wooing — including a visit to the Capitol, a return visit to the White House by moderate House Republicans and a bipartisan cocktail party Wednesday night – did not yield a single Republican vote.

But there was ANOTHER  Stimulus package…before this one. The BUSH Stimulus.

The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008. Back then, Republican President George Bush was in power. This one was NOT the Obama Stimulus package…it was the Bush Stimulus package, that came BEFORE the Obama Stimulus Package...and REPUBLICANS VOTED FOR THAT BUSH STIMULUS!

John Boehner

Wikipedia entry:

The Economic  Stimulus Act of 2008, enacted February 13, 2008.

The Act congress PASSED providing for several kinds of economic stimuli intended to boost the United States economy in 2008 and to avert a recession, or ameliorate economic conditions.

The stimulus package was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on January 29, 2008, and in a slightly different version by the U.S. Senate on February 7, 2008.

The Senate version was then approved in the House the same day. It was signed into law on February 13, 2008 by President Bush with the support of a majority of Democratic lawmakers, as well as a minority of Republicans.

The law provides for tas rebates to low- and middle-income U.S. taxpayers, tax incentives to stimulate business investment, and an increase in the limits imposed on mortages eligible for purchase by government-sponsored enterprises like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac..

Can someone REMIND Republicans that:

  • In 2007, Obama was a CANDIDATE for president, (he announced his candidacy February 10, 2007) and George W. Bush was STILL president.
  • The Recession started in 2007, under A Republican president, NOT President Obama.
  • Although Democrats controlled the house (233-202) back then, House Democrats stepped up and voted FOR the Bush Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, (enacted February 13, 2008) to help the economy.

(The Senate was tied 49-49 with two (2) Independents. Dick Cheney was Senate president? Yes, remember THAT?)

  • With The House now controlled by Republicans) NOT ONE House Republican voted for the Economic stimulus package presented by President Obama.

ANSWER: They voted for and passed the Bush Economic Stimulus Bill.

THAT stimulus, naturally, was NOT a waste of money.

Republicans claim the Obama stimulus DID NOT WORK. Did the Bush Stimulus they voted for in 2008 work? 

John Boehner has been representing Ohio’s 8th Congressional District since 1991. He opposed the Stimulus like he would a bat from hell. Boehner called the $787 billion economic stimulus package in 2009: the “biggest pork-barrel spending bill in American history.”

But Boehner did NOT stop his District from gorging the fat…!

Did he charge over to Hamilton County on his moral steed and challenge anyone who applied for or used Stimulus funds to a duel? Pray tell…

Boehner’s District got about $140, 000, 000.00 in WASTEFUL Stimulus funds…and USED THEM ON PROJECTS, just like the rest of America…

  • Examples: $8-million for an Intermodal Center Garage in Hamilton County. The garage provide a direct tie to the Riverfront Transit Center and help construct the permanent infrastructure necessary to support the transportation system, development and parks that are a key measure to achieve the planned rebirth of Cincinnati and Hamilton County’s Central Riverfront.

    The Banks Waterfront Project in Boehner’s 8th Congressional District in Ohio got Stimulus Funds…from the very same Stimulus Boehner opposed…

  • $5-million for The Banks Transit Center. It’s aim: to transform Cincinnati’s urban downtown waterfront into a vibrant and sustainable gateway to southern Ohio….with residential housing, specialty retail, restaurants, entertainment, office, parking, and hotel space.  The economic impact of operations is expected to be $276 million a year, resulting in a total economic impact of over $2.7 billion from 2011 through 2020.

Here’s the List of STIMULUS FUNDS for Boehner’s District 08 ‎(55)

ODOT; Rehabilitation on U.S. Routes 27 and 127, and State Route 122 Butler


Under Construction 77928  
Monroe; BUT-Monroe Signal Project Butler


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 83074  
BUT SR 4B 3.50 (Phase 1) Construct Superstreet intersection at Hamilton Mason Road and SR 4B with associated widening on SR 4B, including tapers. Butler


MPO Sponsored – Under Construction 83392, 76290  
State Route 4 Bypass/Butler County Butler


Authorized 83394  
Middletown; BUT-CR 611-0.00 Sutphin Road Butler


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86231  
Middletown; BUT-SR 122-0.00 University Blvd. Butler


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86233  
BUT-CR 20-Various,Tylersville Road Butler


MPO Sponsored 86244  
Oxford; BUT-Oxford Path Multi-use path Butler


MPO Sponsored – Awarded 86275  
ODOT; Bridge replacement on State Route 276 Clermont


Completed 22375  
ODOT; Resurfacing on State Route 232 Clermont


Under Construction 81603  
CLE-CR-Various Various roads Clermont


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86229  
ODOT;  Culvert replacement on State Routes 124 and 350 Clinton


Awarded 25372  
ODOT; Clinton SR 380 Rehabilitation Clinton


Awarded 75696  
ODOT; State Route 72 Resurfacing Clinton


Completed 78125  
City of Wilmington; Rehabilitation Main & Locus Streets Clinton


Awarded 81666  
City of Wilmington; Rehabilitation of US 68 Clinton


Authorized 86350  
ODOT; Pavement rehabilitation of Interstate 675 at State Route 44 interchange Greene


Under Construction 24956  
ODOT; U.S. Route 35 rehabilitation at the Interstate 675 interchange Greene


Under Construction 24957  
Fairborn; South Maple Avenue Resurfacing Greene


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86221  
Xenia; South Detroit Street Pedestrian Enhancement Greene


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86222  
Beavercreek; Colonel Glenn Highway Resurfacing Greene


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86223  
Beavercreek; Creekside Trail Resurfacing Greene


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86224  
Xenia; East Main Street Streetscape Greene


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86225  
Greene County; New Access Road, Phase 2 Greene


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86226  
Beavercreek Township; Valley Road Resurfacing Greene


MPO Sponsored 86230  
City of Fairborn; Dayton-Yellow Springs Rd Rehabilitation Greene


Authorized 86339  
Cincinnati; HAM-ORT Carrel Ohio River Trail Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 75856  
Anderson Township; HAM-Kellogg Bike Kellogg Bikepath Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Awarded 80037  
Phase 2 of the Hamilton Interstate 75 corridor improvement project Hamilton


Under Construction 82282  
Cincinnati; HAM-Waldvogel RR Remove RR lines Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Awarded 84126  
ODOT; Hamilton IR 75 Rehabilitation Hamilton


Under Construction 84497  
Hamilton County; Banks Street Grid Hamilton


Authorized 86065  
Cincinnati; HAM-CR 71-4.10 Blue Rock Road Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86234  
Montgomery; HAM-CR 256-3.20 Cornell Road Hamilton


MPO Sponsored 86236  
Cheviot; HAM-CR 457-15.00 Harrison Avenue Hamilton


MPO Sponsored 86237  
Springdale; HAM CR 614 1.48 Northland Blvd. Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86238  
Blue Ash; HAM-CR 470-0.08 Reed Hartman Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86240  
Springfield Township; HAM-CR 101-4.33 Galbraith Road Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86241  
Deer Park; HAM-CR 101-11.32 Galbraith Road Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Under Construction 86242  
Sharonville; HAM-CR 272-1.03 Mosteller Road Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86246  
Cincinnati; HAM-Computerized Traffic Control System -Various Traffic cable Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86247  
Amberley; HAM-CR 101-9.79 Galbraith Road Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Under Construction 86284  
Terrace Park; HAM-US 50-34.40 Wooster Pike Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Awarded 86287  
Hamilton County; Riverfront Intermodal Center Phase 2/ Banks Transit Center Hamilton


Authorized 86370  
Glendale; HAM-CR 235-3.76 Sharon Road Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Awarded 86511  
Addyston; HAM-CR 200-0.04 Main Street Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Awarded 86519  
HAM CR 659 4.92 Vine St. St. Pavement Rehab Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Under Construction 87070  
ODOT; District-wide bridge painting Multi


Under Construction 75631  
ODOT; State Route 732 Resurfacing Preble


Awarded 75897  
ODOT D8; US 40 Culvert Reconstruction Preble


Completed 84256  
Springboro; SR 73 & SR 741 Signal Upgrades Warren


MPO Sponsored – Under Construction 86227  
Franklin; Franklin-Trenton Road Resurfacing Warren


MPO Sponsored – Awarded 86228  
WAR-CR 15-0.00 Columbia Road Warren


MPO Sponsored – Awarded 86239  
Mason; WAR-CR 110-0.39 Kings Island Dr. Warren


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86248  
City of Spingboro; Franklin Rd Rehabilitation Warren


Awarded 86335

Nelsonville Bypass – Phase 3. $94 million in STIMULUS FUNDS. Athens county, Nelsonville, OHIO. Estimated completion:  July 2013. Described as: “The single largest Recovery Act investment project in Ohio with a total investment of $150 million”.

According to an article on the Ohio Department of Transportation website (…

Stimulus-Funded Construction on
Ohio’s Highways nets 8000 Jobs in June

$10.5 million in paychecks, 1300 new workers reported in single month

COLUMBUS (Wednesday, July 28, 2010) – During the same month that President Obama visited Ohio to mark the start of the nation’s 10,000th road project paid for by the Recovery Act, more than 8000 construction workers had jobs on Ohio’s stimulus-funded transportation projects in June, according to preliminary figures collected by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Monthly reports from Ohio’s contractors show that 8,335 workers were paid with stimulus funds last month – mostly working on highway, bridge and pedestrian/bicycle construction projects across the state. That’s a 19 percent increase from the month before, when contractors reported nearly 7,000 jobs in May.

Republicans are NOW hoping you have forgotten their intransigence, their blockade of this president WHOM Americans elected BECAUSE:

  • OF REPUBLICAN SCANDAL AFTER SCANDAL (eg: Firing Justice Department lawyers who would not go after Democrats on personal vendettas?)

Do we NEED signs like this to make a point? We get it – there are people here illegally – but does that make them animals? Among the largest group of Illegal Immigrants in states like Massachusetts are IRISH – what would a sign like the one above say about the Irish? Today Mexican, tomorrow…?

Republicans have their fingers crossed behind their backs. They’re wishing you’ll FORGET what living under Republican rule/George Bush was like. They FORGET too that up to now THEY HAVE NOT CO-OPERATED WITH OBAMA OR COME UP WITH VIABLE ALTERNATIVES EXCEPT THE RYAN BUDGET…which GUTS programs like food stamps and Medicare/Medicaid…while giving Tax Cuts to the rich. 

They wasted 4 years and now ask YOU for another FOUR to fix what they did nothing to fix before!

More Republican Hypocrisy: Solindra and Schilling…

Does the name Solyndra – mean anything to you?

Solar panels

It’s the California Solar Company that got huge government subsidies (a 535 million-dollar loan guarantee) from Stimulus Funds in 2009. Solyndra went bankrupt in 2011 and laid off about 11-hundred employees.

President Obama praised the solar panel maker as a model of Green Energy and when it failed, “The Party of NO” started thumping their chests!

Republicans roared:

Florida Representative Cliff Stearns, head of the subcommittee on oversight and investigations for the Energy and Commerce committee said: “In an apparent rush to push stimulus dollars out the door, the Obama Administration wasted $535 million in taxpayer funds in guaranteeing a loan to a firm that has proven to be unviable in the global market.”*

Republican members of the committee churned out a subpoena to get documents from the Office of Management and Budget over the Department of Energy loan.

According to a Forbes article, only this week, Republicans tried to create another Solyndra-type furor over two other solar companies: Bright source Energy (apparently used insiders to get its loan guarantees) and First Solar (whose CEO cashed nearly half-a-million-dollars of his shares while taking public money).

Ohio Republican, Jim Jordan. OUTRAGED over solar companies mismanagement…

Republicans scheduled a hearing of a subcommittee of the Committee on Government Oversight and Reform that oversees the stimulus program. Subcommittee chair, Republican Jim Jordan of Ohio opened the hearing with a withering attack on clean tech companies that seek government assistance.

Republicans DON’T like Clean Energy. The very same subsidies they decry for Solar companies they champion and embrace for big oil, gas and coal companies! Maybe solar companies don’t have deep enough pockets – or lobbyists – or PAC’s – who can fund GOP campaigns and travel?

Fast Forward to this week…

To Curt Schilling.

Name mean anything to you?

He’s a former ace pitcher for the Boston Red Sox who helped the team break its cursed losing streak…in 2004.

Schilling, whom many consider to be a jerk, developed near cult status in Boston. Until he moved from sports icon to political champion – and started campaigning for John McCain! Before you know it, people are speculating about “Curt Schilling for Senate” to fill Ted Kennedy’s vacant seat…

We escaped a Senator Schilling, thank goodness!

Curt Schilling: Pitcher, politician, entrepreneur….

Mr. Schilling started a Video Game company: 38 Studios in 2006. Being a Republican, and seeing that they’re ALL born holding a copy of NAFTA rules and regulations (they being natural businessmen) His 38-ness declared: I understand one thing, that’s big business, and big business is what we’ve allowed to take over in far too many places and in far too many areas that the people need to take back” and he proceeded to do that by establishing a small business.

Mr. Schilling then decided that he needed government subsidies – taxpayer subsidies (like those the department of Energy gave to Solyndra) for his company and decided to play a game of  “my ego or yours” with lawmakers.

President Obama…with best buddy, MA Governor Deval Patrick (Democrat)

In 2010, he threatened to move his 4-year-old company to neighboring Rhode Island. The Ocean State was offering Schilling’s company $75 million in loan guarantees. Schilling pledged to bring 450 new jobs to Rhode Island over the next three years. He of course preferred to STAY in liberal Massachusetts but would Massachusetts play ball?

Schilling loaded the bases, confident in his ability to throw a strike. Massachusetts lawmakers told him to: walk!

Have I mentioned that our governor Deval Patrick is a loyal Obama friend and colleague, who, like the president, is also from Chicago?

  • Did I say that Curt Schilling supported Republican Charlie Baker (against Deval Patrick) for governor in 2010?
  • And that Schilling contributed to Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin in their 2008 presidential bid against Obama?

Naturally none of that factored into any decisions…of course.

Greg Bialecki, Massachusetts secretary of housing and economic development, said: Schilling apparently hoped his discussions with Rhode Island officials would goad Massachusetts into making him a better offer. Although Bialecki said he had discussed possible tax breaks with Schilling earlier this year, in the end Massachusetts was unwilling to offer such a big incentive package to one company.

Schilling took off, went to Rhode Island…with the following conditions:

  • 38 Studios must pay $8 million in annual fees to the economic development agency over the 10-year life of the loan.
  • The company must create 450 new jobs in stages over three years
  • 38 Studios pays a penalty of $7,500 per year for each job it fails to create on schedule.
  • The company must pay Rhode Island an annual ‘guaranty fee’ each May.

In addition:

  • Loan comes from lending institutions, not the state, BUT Rhode Island taxpayers are stuck with the unpaid balance of the loan if 38 Studios fails.
  • The state gets first rights to all of the company’s collateral, including intellectual property rights to any 38 Studios games. (The company unveiled its much-anticipated first game: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning in February.)
  • Rhode Island can use that to recover money if the company can’t repay the loans.

Rick Gorka, a spokesman for the campaign of Massachusetts Republican Charles D. Baker, said Schilling’s departure was an example of a “toxic business climate’’ created by Democratic incumbent Governor Deval Patrick. (No wonder Baker lost, with advice like that!)

Free from the weight of Mr. Schilling’s ego, Massachusetts bounced back. The latest unemployment figures (May 17) put the Bay State’s unemployment rate at 6.3 percent last month (April 2012).

And Schilling? Well, this week his company was unable to pay workers Thursday (May 17/2012) and the check for this year’s 1.25 million-dollar guaranty payment to Rhode Island, due this month, bounced.

Bureau of labor Statistics figures put Rhode Island’s unemployment rate in March 2012 at: 11.1 percent. Massachusetts was: 6.5 percent.

  • In 2009: Rhode Island’s unemployment rate (civilian non-institutional population) was at: 10.8 percent. In 2010 it was: 11.6 percent. Massachusetts was: 8.2 and 8.5 percent.

Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee. (Republican turned Independent in 2007)

Back then when Schilling decided to move his company to Rhode Island, Lincoln Chafee – running for governor of Rhode Island as an independent – described Curt Schilling as: “I just remember his own teammates didn’t like him…they thought he was a bit of a salesman…”

Chafee said more, but I am first and foremost a Red Sox fan. Yes. Still!

So where are the Republicans?

Any calls for an investigation?

Any subpoena here to examine the agreement with a “firm that has proven to be unviable in the global market”?*

Solyndra’s loan is much bigger and worthy of investigation…

But Schilling?

Like he said back then: Any responsible entrepreneur exhausts every avenue of potential funding when running a start-up company; we’re no different.’’ He had a responsibility to his 180 employees to explore every option to make 38 Studios a success.

Listen up, Solyndra – when the Department of Energy dangled those millions in front of you, you did what? Exhausted an avenue of potential funding! Exhaust indeed…

In February 2011, Mr. Schilling said: “There can be no question our country is in the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes. I also think there can be no question that it falls on us, the individuals, to find a way out of our own personal crisis.”

Well now – find your way, Mr. Schilling – or maybe it’s easier to TALK, huh, especially when we have NO idea what the heck we’re talking about – as in the usual Republican style!

Background Boston Globe.

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