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CAREFUL: What You Wish For…GOP!

Because often you get your wish, and…time

When you get it, it sometimes turns against you! It’s even worse when we DON’T listen to warnings from others – or ignore red flags – or heed that inner, nagging voice! So now Republicans have their President-elect. Trump! And I wonder how that feels in private. Because Trump and his beliefs do not jive with Conservative Republicans and their beliefs.

However, republicans were so blinded by Supreme Court appointments and “repealing” Obamacare” that they jumped into bed with Trump. Now whatever Trump does reflects on them! My prediction is: The same wave that swept them into office will also sweep them back out…except the ebbing wave could be a Tsunami!

If I was advising the Republican Party, here’s what I’d tell them:

Take the moral high road. Take a strong stance. Forget about the Supreme Court. Judges will not dictate how Americans live their lives. If you try to use the courts to put restrictions on people or ram your personal beliefs down others throats, you will unleash a tide of civil unrest and opposition that will hurt not only the economy, but America’s reputation and your party’s credibility and prospects.

Remember, REMEMBER, that MORE people voted AGAINST Trump than FOR Trump. All those people who voted 3rd parties, 3rd candidates or write-ins also voted AGAINST Trump too!



Plus many of the people who voted FOR Trump do not necessarily like Trump or even support Trump or the GOP. They just chose to  thumb their noses against “the establishment” and TRY Trump for size. These voters can return Trump in 4 years (if by then we still have a democracy!)…or demand a mid-term exchange in 2 years!

Very few republicans came out against Trump and stuck to their principles.

Most of them, like Speaker Paul Ryan and that spineless Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz, flip-flopped and wavered when they thought of their own political futures. They rushed to reject Trump when polls showed he was losing – then rushed to bow at the altar of Trump when it seemed like he was winning. Do they think Trump will EVER forget they did not support him during most of his campaign!

Republicans have a shock coming – a MAJOR shock. Because if they have not yet figured it out yet, Trump will do things only one way: TRUMP’S way, and he won’t care whether that advances or decreases “Republican goals”, especially as he’s NOT beholden to them for money or connections or advice. Trump is interested only in advancing one brand: TRUMP!

Trump family.jpgAnd I for one, can’t wait!

  • I can’t wait to see how Trump deals with Russia and Putin – and see how that fits with GOP goals.
  • Can’t wait to see how he deals with foreign interventions – and how that fits with GOP goals.
  • Can’t wait to see how he deals with Immigration Reform – and Muslims – and how that fits with GOP goals.
  • Can’t wait to see how he goes about cutting the debt – and how that fits with GOP goals.
  • Can’t wait to see how many white supremacists he places in positions of power…and how that fits with GOP protestations of non-racism.
  • Can’t wait to see how many family members Trump invites to the swamp…and how this plays out with Republicans attacks on “Pay for Play”.

Please “drain the swamp!” And see how surprised you’ll be at what you find, are already beginning to find, at the bottom!

Finally, I also wish to remind Republicans that the results of this election DO NOT reflect a long-term trend. So far, this election remains an anomaly  UNLESS Trump delivers, brings never-Trumpers into the fold, does not get involved in “Pay for Play” scandals related to his business dealings, does NOT alienate those who voted for him and/or DOES NOT further repulse those who did NOT vote for him!

Guess if anyone can do this, it is Donald Trump. I, for one, am willing to give him a chance…

Which is MORE than Republicans gave to President Obama. Around this time in 2008, right after President Obama was first elected, Republicans were meeting in secret to plot and plan how to undermine Obama and pledging loyalty to their “Just Say NO!” approach. Yet today, those very same republicans are urging people to support the new president and give him a chance. Go figure!

Hypocrites. DRAIN THE SWAMP, Mr. Trump!!! We’re watching and waiting with extra nets, thigh-high waders and some stun guns and harpoons for the many toothy alligators, sharks and other vermin lurking below the surface.


And DO NOT forget the vultures circling overhead!

Or the establishment rattlesnakes swimming around you, with tape on their rattlers! Said rattlers (Giuliani, Gingrich, et al) see YOU as their meal-ticket to positions they would NEVER otherwise gain. Because they are so yesterday, their return date is past…even to their own fellow republicans who DO NOT want them, would not vote for them or even hire them – except to hand them a 10-foot pole (30 foot pole?) to propel themselves deeper into the swamp!!!

I suspect many voters already have buyers remorse. Too bad. No returns until 2020. Don’t lose that receipt!

All photos courtesy Google Images…

Compromise is NOT a “Dirty” Word…

Who knew…?

Compromise: NOT a dirty word!

I knew. You knew, too. Only Republicans had no clue!

If you tell House Speaker Republican John Boehner that ‘compromise’ is indeed a word…he’ll argue that the Obama people just coined the term…to draw attention away from the president’s failed economic policies.

Republicans wasted 4 years SABOTAGING President Obama’s efforts.  Now, 7 months ahead of a Presidential election, Boehner is on TV saying:

“I would say that there is a 2 in 3 chance that we win control of the House again. But there’s a 1 in 3 chance that we could lose. And I’m being myself, frank, we’ve got a big challenge and we’ve got work to do.”

How does he PLAN to get Republicans to work? By crying, I guess. Because don’t expect compromise!

  • Yes, lose the HOUSE
  • Lose the SENATE

    House Speaker, Republican John Boehner:

  • And especially — LOSE the PRESIDENCY

Not because you’re Republican. That’s enough of a reason, of course — but I WANT YOU TO LOSE because of the trauma you Republicans and Tea Party-nistas inflicted on the country…in your zeal to destroy president Obama.

Do you think that by heading down a narrow, winding one lane road with a sign proclaiming “Failure for Obama” you were hurting Obama and helping America…?

How do you hurt Obama if he is a one-term president?

Of course it’s more of an ego-booster to serve two terms. But if Obama leaves the White House in January, what’s he going to lose personally that he could have saved with another 4 years in office? 

  • Obama is going to be much in demand everywhere, around the world
  • He will make major dollars in speaking/other fees, jobs
  • He won’t get MORE health care
  • He won’t get MORE Secret Service protection
  • He will still be in the history books as the FIRST Black President (He won’t change color after a second term!)
  • Actually one less term might be better for his health!

President Obama. First Lady Michelle Obama. What's NOT to like...?

He’ll go to his big house, with a big job, health care for life, will be able to afford the best education for his kids and will not have to worry about the day-to-day grind MOST of us have to deal with. US, the “we” in people – we’re the ones who are screwed. NOT Obama!!!

So I don’t understand HOW you’re hurting Obama by making him a one-term president? If I’m missing something here, please let me know…


What Republicans have done, in their desire to hurt Obama, is HURT America.

  1. Do we have Immigration Reform? NO
  2. Do we have Tax Reform? NO
  3. Do we have sound Health Care Reform? NO
  4. Do we have a sound Energy Policy that is forward-looking? NO
  5. Do we have Education Reform? NO
  6. Social Security Reform? NO
  7. Medicaid/Medicare Reform? NO

What the hell do we have..? Ask Boehner…

Now he says: “…we’ve got work to do.” Wow – way to go, Mr. Speaker. You have May, June, July, August, September and October to rush through as much of the above as you can. What did you do with the other 3 years and 6 months? Republicans spent it trying to derail Obama.

The Republican Code of Intent to Crucify Obama (CICO) pronounce it as: Psycho! 

Anti-Obama sign...remember those? WHY? Because he's (1) Black (2) Muslim - according to them (3) a Foreigner, so Anti-American - according to THEM.

  1. 1.    Mitch McConnell (Fox News Sunday/ July 2011):  Well that is true (Making Obama a one-tern President is) my single most important political goal along with every active Republican in the country…”
  1. Michelle Bachmann. It’s her rallying cry! (May 2011/on her website):  Please make a contribution and join my money bomb to raise $240,000 in 24 hours and make Barak Obama a one-term President. — An unauthorized biography about Bachmann is titled: Let’s make Obama a one-term President. — In a speech (Feb 2011) to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington: “The all-important must have for 2012 is making Barack Obama a one-term president.”
  1. 2.    Paul Ryan (Oct 2011): “The only way we can restore our prosperity and save our great nation from President Barack Obama’s failed policies is to elect conservative Republican leaders from the Court House to the White House in 2012 — and make President Obama a one-term president.
  1. Rush Limbaugh (Obama Inauguration/2009): I would be honored if the Drive-By Media headlined me all day long: “Limbaugh: I Hope Obama Fails.” Somebody’s gotta say it.
  1. RNC: the RNC continues our efforts to make Barack Obama a one-term president.

While We're Falling Behind - Republicans are fiddling. One tune, over and over: Make Obama a one-term President".

Making Obama a One-Term President is a very worthy goal that has pushed America forward and given the country a competitive edge when it comes to technology and innovation.

That’s why when politicians leave Congress, they become lobbyists and other high-earning hot-shots in the private sector! Approve Pink Slime as your food then go work for the beef industry? Nothing wrong with that. Protest the war in Iraq? You’re a Values Underminer…

So who’s going to be working with Boehner? His Tea Party obstructionistas whom he can’t control? Boehner again: “…if Republicans were walking in lockstep, my job would be a whole lot easier.”  Did he say lockstep or lockjaw?

Meantime, while Republicans like John McCain and Rudy Giuliani are chewing on Maalox tabs after endorsing Romney…Jon Huntsman, one of the BEST candidates the Republicans had in the race is now comparing the Republican Party to “communist China” and questioning the strength of this year’s presidential field. A Republican with guts! About time…

In Boston we dumped the Tea in the hah-bah…

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