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Boston Strong

Once again Massachusetts leads the nation – and shows America HOW it is done!

  • The Supremacists are coming! The Supremacists are coming!
  • Flash the signs…IMG_5875
  • BOSTON fires first salvo in MASSIVE Resistance to HATE. So Strong! 8/19/2017.
  • PROUD of my city! Best day evah!
  • And they call US racist! “You live in Boston? It’s sooo racist” Joke’s on them! Ha HA!
  • Finally, the silent majority is silent NO MORE! Roar!!!
  • Whites MUST speak UP against white supremacy — send POWERFUL message when do so!
  • PEACEFUL protest is the way to go!


  • Allow for dissent or we won’t have the DEMOCRACY we’re clamoring for!
  • Free speech means free to speak…or freedom to speech!
  • Blacks, minorities feel INCLUDED and ACCEPTED when whites speak/stand up!
  • After a massive turnout denouncing hate – MAJORITY feel good about themselves, their city!
  • Boston Strong message: “Don’t want you here. Go back, go underground, go away”!
  • Anti-protest did more for race relations than a government policy! 


Edge of My Seat…

Listening to Trump CUT Romney down to size.

I was ON the EDGE of my seat for the entire 50 minutes or so…and remember, I DON’T even like Republicans, but I DISLIKE Romney SO MUCH, I could not wait for Trump to slam him. Bingo…or should I say, “sit!”? Woof, woof…


“Mitt Romney would have dropped to his knees”…for me. And I thought Romney hated gay marriage, too!

Who knew?

Now PAY for that carpet, Mitt!


CNN photo of WHICH Capitol?

CNN posts a photo of a tourist standing in the snow at the nation’s Capitol on March 06, 2015:

snowquesterCheck it out:

— except it is NOT a photo of the Capitol as it looks in March 2015 – because I just returned from DC last night, (March 05, 2015) and the Capitol’s DOME is shrouded in scaffolding – and the CNN photo has NO scaffolding!

Maybe they mean March 06, 2016?

Or maybe I missed the side without the scaffolding? Possible…

Yes, I walked past the Capitol while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was making his big speech to Republicans – and the whole area was blocked! Tight security, protesters, police sniffing dogs, the works…public NOT allowed.

My photos of the capitol when I could walk by AFTER Netanyahu left…

Capitol dome scaffolding dome restoration

Maybe CNN has a different Capitol tucked away somewhere?

Who knew?

My other DC photos:

White House

White House

Washington Monument

Washington Monumen

World War II Memorial MA

World War II Memorial MA

World War II Memorial

World War II Memorial

Real photos of the landmarks AS THEY LOOKED over the weekend.

Yes I really WAS in DC from February 28-March 04 and the Capitol dome DOES  have scaffolding…

I think…

Ooohhh, they UPDATED: The photo was from MARCH 6, 2013…and they tweaked the caption/wording too. So now it’s just a tourist snapping photos – said tourist NO LONGER being part of today’s snow at Capitol!

BS — as in Before Scaffolding!!!

 But we good now, CNN! 

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