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Romney’s Back-Flip…Flop…on “Work”

Not since President Clinton questioned the meaning of “is” — have I wondered what a simple word like work means. Until now!

What does WORK mean to the Romneys…and Republicans…?

Depends. If you live here…

Romney home (one of them) on Lake Winnepesaukee, New Hampshire

When you’re talking about Mitt Romney’s wife Ann Romney, it means STAYING HOME taking care of kids. Then it’s exceedingly hard work, too. So hard, in fact, that you cannot even drag yourself out of bed to go to an office and hold down a 9-5 job where you are expected to PLAY all day!

When it comes to Welfare Moms…WORK means STAYING HOME and playing so much that you then need to pack those easy going little darlings off somewhere and jog to a bus stop, transfer to another bus or a train then sprint to a 9-5 job where you KEEP YOUR NOSE TO THE GRIND – and WORK all day.

Public Housing, Boston

Didn’t I tell you…?

Mitt Romney loves women, especially poor women…and he wants them to work.

Meaning like his wife, he wants you to STAY home and raise your kids. Or does he? NO. Wait. He wants poor women to go to work…yes WORK! And no, NOT work in the way it applies to his wife where you stay home…!

You get it…? I know it would not be long before he put another one of his three Flip-Flop shod feet into his mouth!

Yes. He wants mothers on welfare to go to WORK.

But before they head off to WORK — let us look at a definition of WORK, as coming from the Republican Camp, from Ann Romney, from Michele Bachmann … 

(There really is a GOD, you know. Even some of us non-Republicans have to believe — when we see some superior being raining well deserved justice down on Republicans).

Hillary Rosen

When Democratic strategist, Hilary Rosen (poor woman), said Ann Romney never worked a day in her life – we KNOW she meant never held a job in the rat race. We know Rosen was NOT referring to child rearing and raising a family.

In America when people ask you: Do you work? They’re not asking you if you stay home and take care of kids or a home. They want to know: Do you have a job where you leave your kids/home and engage in an activity for which you get a regular paycheck where some employer removes taxes and other deductions.

Maybe we should expand that to mean “Stay-Home Mom/Person” but chauvinistic beings that we are, we don’t. NOT YET!!!

Maybe taking care of kids and home SHOULD  be termed a full time job. Maybe the working spouse should come home, write the stay home partner a check, remove taxes etc and say: Honey, here is your salary. But so far, we’ve not reached that elevated state of thinking.

When the earning partner puts that money into a joint account or hands the stay home partner the check or whatever arrangement they have, that stay home person is essentially being paid for a job done. WE ALL KNOW THAT. I and many people DO NOT DISPUTE that child rearing is hard work.

I went/am going through it.

"Working" women!

But when someone asks me if I work, I know they’re not asking me if I take care of my son. 

Ann Romney knew it. Rosen knew it. Democrats knew it. Republicans knew it. But again, given the Dumbing of America, the Fear Factor, the Pandering Factor, the Stupidity Factor, the Grandstanding Factor, the Divisive Factor, the Cult of Dissent for Political Gain Factor, the Romney Camp and Republicans saw an opening, AND THEY TOOK IT. Turns out it was a  Foxhole…and not the rabbit warren they thought it was with multiple exits!

See where it got them?

To Welfare moms…and to ALL OTHER MOMS WHO HAVE TWO JOBS by Republican definitions: Child Rearing and Office jobs. 

So when I refer to “work” here, don’t give me any B.S about childcare – ’cause right now I have laundry waiting, and it’s not gonna do itself.  I’m referring to moms who take care of kids, and elderly parents and STILL MUST hold down a paying job…that brings a paycheck!

To moms who in addition to those 2 jobs (office and home)… ALSO hold a 3rd Part-time job too! They just thought they had two jobs until Ann Romney made them add childcare and now they realize they are holding 3 jobs! Yet they will NEVER experience the lifestyle of Mrs. Ann Romney with her ONE job!

So if Child Rearing is a full time job for Ann Romney…Why does Mitt Romney want to load poor moms with MORE work, like a job…a job as in outside the home — which his wife does not do? Why the discrepancy…?

So let’s see what Rosen said: “Ann Romney never worked a day in her life.” And she’s right. Ann Romney has not worked as we define work.

If Rosen had said: Parenting is not work, that would be different.

if Rosen had said: All Ann Romney has done is stay home and care for kids, thereby devaluing that contribution, this would be different. I won’t support any dismissal of the contribution made in the home.

Not easy - houseWORK!

Ann Romney is lucky and blessed to have a husband who can provide for her – and provide it in a harmonious setting. Many of us would want to be in a situation like Ann Romney. Her kids appear to be grounded, her husband appears to be content. I’ve NEVER heard even a hint of infidelity in that marriage (as compared to the Palin’s or Clinton’s). She appears to have done a great job in that regard. The only criticism I have against the Romney family is: Why did none of your sons join the army and fight for the country you love so much?

But then I don’t want my son in the army, either…especially when people like Dick Cheney and John McCain keep calling for war!

Rosen stated a fact, and because that fact was not convenient for some, THAT FACT became a non-fact…lost in “truthiness”.

(According to online encyclopedia, Wikipedia: Truthiness is a term coined by American television comedian Stephen Colbert. It’s a quality characterizing a “truth” that a person claims to know intuitively “from the gut” or because it “feels right” without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination, or facts. 

BACK IN JANUARY, what did Romney say?: “Mothers on welfare need to go to work”? He wants mothers on welfare to go to work or lose their benefits. I don’t support welfare, which I think beats people DOWN. So I’m NOT against getting people off welfare. This is NOT the argument here. If Romney can get people off welfare, go Romney! Should have tried it here, in Massachusetts, but then if he HAD, he’d be disassociating with it now, anyway.

Epitome of the working woman! On stage and off...

If we play dumb like Romney and Republicans did on Rosen’s remarks, what does Romney mean? Seems his understanding of work appears to jive with that of Rosens – but GASP – that CANNOT BE!

So what does Romney mean again, by work?

Because after all the furor from his side, he cannot mean work, WORK? Can he? Because that would be a MAJOR Flip-flop…AGAIN!

Romney’s words:  “I wanted to increase the work requirement…that even if you have a child 2 years of age, you need to go to work…And people said, ‘Well that’s heartless’ (imagine people thinking something like that!)…and I said NO. No, I’m willing to spend more giving day care to allow parent to go back to work. It’ll cost the state more providing that day care, but I want individuals to have the dignity of work.”

“Dignity of work?”

Is Romney saying his wife is also lacking that “dignity” of work, since she is at home taking care of kids – or does that only apply to women on welfare?

Or do we just agree that Rosen was right – and allow this to go away?

Know what bugged me…?

How quick many Democrats were to rush to condemn Rosen. Doesn’t make you want to be a strategist for them, now does it? How about saying: “Hey. Time out! Rosen was NOT criticizing Ann Romney for staying home and raising her kids. She was just pointing out that Romney has not held a paying job in the rat race and so she doesn’t share the frustrations of those of us who have had to…”:

  • Get up early, VERY early, and wake and dress kids, feed them, pack lunches, head to a car, bus, train, with a stroller, and drop the kid off at Day Care
  • Scramble to find an alternative if there is an unforeseen circumstance at the Day Care, like a burst pipe in the winter…and the Day Care is closed?
  • At the end of the day, reverse the stress. Race to the bus/train to reach the Day Care BEFORE the time when they start charging you extra! Stand in the snow in an icy bust stop and wait for a bus that never comes because of the snow havoc?
  • Reach home late and still have to prepare dinner, get kids to bed, prepare for the next morning when your living hell of a life begins all over…

    Democrats Logo...

  • I’m not even going to get into budgets, shopping, doctor’s appointments, etc…

Did Democrats make those arguments in support of Rosen?

No – they threw her to the wolves. (Ms. Rosen – ssshhhh! Not worth it! Go Independent!) 

That’s politics these day…every ship is a Titanic!!!

Workplace Shootings Double Standards

Here’s a quick quiz for you:

There were 5, 071 workplace fatalities in the U.S. last year. 517 of them were workplace homicides.

I am going to give you a list of Work Place Shooters and I’d like you to tell me what their Religion was:

 March 20, 2000: Fired employee Robert Harris, 28, fatally shoots five people at a Dallas, Texas area car wash.

 December 30, 1999: Authorities say housekeeper Silvio Izquierdo-Leyva, 36, fatally shoots five co-workers at Tampa’s Radisson Bay Harbor hotel in Florida.

 November 2, 1999: Copier repairman Byran Uyesugi, 40, fatally shoots seven people at the Xerox Corporation in Honolulu, Hawaii.

 August 5, 1999: Truck driver Alan E. Miller, 35, fatally shoots two co-workers at Pelham, Alabama. office, then kills former co-worker.

 July 29, 1999: Former day trader Mark Barton, 44, kills nine people at two Atlanta brokerage offices and later commits suicide.

 March 6, 1998: Former Connecticut Lottery accountant Matthew Beck, 35, fatally shoots four lottery executives, then himself.

 December. 18, 1997: Fired employee Arturo R. Torres, 43, kills four former co-workers at maintenance yard in Orange, California and is shot to death by police.

 September 15, 1997: Fired assembly line worker Arthur H. Wise, 43, allegedly opens fire at Aiken, South Carolina parts plant, killing four.

 April 24, 1996: Firefighter Kenneth Tornes kills four superiors at a Jackson, Mississippi firehouse.

 April 3, 1995: Former employee James Simpson, 28, fatally shoots five people at refinery inspection station in Corpus Christi, Texas, then kills himself.

 July 19, 1995: City electrician Willie Woods fatally shoots four supervisors at the C. Erwin Piper Technical Center in Los Angeles, California.

 February 2001: William D. Baker, 66, killed four people and himself at a Navistar International engine plant in Chicago area suburb, Melrose Park.

 July 2003: New York City councilman Othniel Askew, 81, opened fire at City hall in killing one person – a fellow councilman and political rival.

 August 2003: Salvador Tapia, 36, opened fire at a Chicago, Illinois auto supply warehouse where he used to work, killing six of its nine employees, including two of the company’s principals.

 September 2009: Researcher Annie Le’s body is found strangled, stuffed in the wall of a research center at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Her fellow Lab technician, Raymond Clark, 24, is arrested for her murder.

 November, 2009: Jason Rodriguez, 40, a former employee of the engineering firm killed one person dead and injured five.


November, 2009: Major Nidal Malik Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, opens fire at Fort Hood, Texas killing 13 and injuring about 30.
His RELIGION: Muslim.

We know that! It’s been repeated over and over and over. Why…?

Because he is a Muslim and that fits into our stereotype of Muslims as violent and terrorists? What else could make him snap except for his religion?

I’m not saying his religion is NOT a factor. I’m just saying until we know it’s a factor…we should leave it out.

We continuously try to distance ourselves from people in our stereotype who do unsocial things.

Nobody in the suburbs wants to be associated with the group of kids who spray Nazi symbols on a Synagogue…

I, as a black person, definitely do not want to be associated with gang bangers…

Yet we label ALL Muslims terrorists because a minority of Muslims subscribe to a terrorist ideology. Were Muslims behind the bombings in the UK/Northern Ireland conflict? Nope – just Protestants and Catholics fighting.

Is Pope Sylvester II a terrorist? At the end of the tenth century he “entreated the church universal to succor the church of Jerusalem, and to redeem a sepulcher which the prophet Isaiah had said should be a glorious one, and which the sons of the destroyer Satan were making inglorious.

The Turks were apparently pillaging the Holy Land…and this could not be allowed. So we got the Crusades, and of course these soldiers of religion went over to the Middle East and planted flowers…

The Muslims did not enslave thousands of blacks in the New World and try to Christianize the natives with whips and bondage! The people who were throwing shackled slaves overboard in the Atlantic to lighten their ships were NOT Muslims either!

Muslims did not rule South Africa under apartheid…

I believe all these atrocities were perpetrated by Christians…with a Bible in one hand!

Yet when these Bible loving souls open fire and kill people, we don’t say they are Baptists or Catholics, DO WE?

Fanatics occur in every religion…and Christianity has had and still has its fair share!

One British newspaper reports Hasan once gave a lecture to other doctors in which he said non-believers should be beheaded and have boiling oil poured down their throats. According to the paper Hasan also told colleagues at America’s top military hospital that non-Muslims were infidels condemned to hell who should be set on fire.

Thanks Britain. The Inca, the Maya, Native people in Australia, China and wherever you ventured during your “Conquests” think you were as bad, if not worse. I don’t think anyone will argue that you did not “terrorize” them…us. My Caribbean island was enslaved by you, too.

By the way, according to government figures, workplace killings are trending downwards. But apparently the current weak economy has boosted stress levels in many workplaces. Add to this the normal or abnormal levels of combat stress among the military, and we get incidents like the Fort Hood shooting.

It might be easier to blame Islam than taking a retrospective look at a military super-macho culture where admitting to stress is considered weak; a military that does not have enough avenues to deal with and recognize combat stress; an army that is overstretched/over-deployed…where commanders do not listen to soldiers who say they don’t want to return to combat situations, but will deploy you regardless.

(People try to kill themselves to get out of deployments or the military – but the military deploys them anyway. How many red, green, yellow, purple flags do you need?)

Easier to simply blame Islam (which may or may not be blameless)!

I suppose those soldiers who come home and kill their spouses/lovers were all Muslims, too?

I know nothing about ISLAM except what I too see/hear in the media. It is not a religion I want to follow. But it’s not the only one I don’t want to follow!

Auto Bailouts and Ted Turner


U.S automakers Ford, Chrysler and GM would have us believe 2010 is their “Year of Magical Turnaround”.

But for NOW, the CEO’s from the big three U.S automakers are either at the mercy of Congress…or their own folly!

Today, (December 04/2008) they returned to Capitol Hill looking for a “rescue package/bailout/bridge loan”. And to underscore their good faith and show that they too can turnaround, the auto execs left the corporate jets at home. All three arrived in Washington in fancy, futuristic, green models.

But they still need to sell congress and the American people on their long-term viability. And so far, they don’t seem to be doing too well.

A majority of Americans (61-percent) do not support giving government/tax dollars to U.S auto companies.

That’s according to a new poll (CNN/Opinion Research Corporation) released Wednesday. (December 03/2008). About 11-hundred people were surveyed by phone December 1-2. The margin of error is plus or minus 3-percent.

Just before Thanksgiving, the Big Three was asking for 25-billion-dollars. Two weeks later, 25-billion is no longer enough. Ford, GM and Chrysler have added another 9-billion. They say they now need 34-billion in emergency loans from the government.

General Motors and Chrysler are much worse off than Ford. Both are burning through billions of dollars in cash. At privately held Chrysler (owned by New York based Cerberus Capital Management and Germany’s Daimler AG), the company won’t even disclose CEO Robert Nardelli’s compensation package!

Here’s what the automakers are asking for:

• GM says it needs 4 billion immediately to avoid complete collapse before year’s end. It also wants 8-billion early next year and access to a 6-billion-dollar line of credit.

• CHRYSLER is asking for a 7-billion-dollar bridge loan to help it operate through 2009.

• FORD wants a 9-billion-dollar line of credit, but might not really need the money.

While lawmakers debate if they should use tax dollars to help “save” the automakers, Americans have apparently decided already. According to the CNN/Opinion Research poll:

• 70% of respondents think any auto bailout is unfair to taxpayers.

• Most also think a bailout would not help the economy.

• Only 15% of those polled think a bankruptcy in the auto industry would have an immediate impact on their families.

• 43% think a bankruptcy would eventually have an effect on them.

Among those who would rather NOT help the automakers, is media mogul, Ted Turner. The Cable News Network (CNN) founder appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press, Sunday, with host Tom Brokaw. Here is an excerpt:

BROKAW: You’re not very sympathetic to what’s going on in Detroit.

: Well, I am. Really, I don’t like to see anybody do–not doing well, but I’m afraid–I saw it coming years ago, Detroit was going–headed for a crash, and it’s amazing to me that they didn’t see it, either, you know, and start building smaller cars, more fuel efficient cars a long time ago. Because anybody, anybody with half a brain could see we’re going to have, you know, big disruptions in the fossil fuel business.

BROKAW: Let me read you what you had to say about it recently. “If we give the Big Three automakers a $25 billion bailout, they’re going to blow through it by the first of March. They won’t know what to do with it. Let them go bankrupt and get Toyota to buy them out.” A lot of jobs are connected to the American automobile industry. Do you think that the government ought not to have any role in trying to put them back together?

: I don’t, I really don’t know, but I feel like that it would be a lot better if we’re going to put–if the United States government’s going to put money in anything, why not put it into clean, renewable energy and create jobs for the future instead of trying to keep alive a smoke stack industry of the past whose days–the days of big automobiles are over. The days of fossil fuel are over”.

I see it this way. This may be the dawning of yet another age in the energy revolution.

In the 1800’s, whaling was very big business. And New England, NOT the Gulf Coast, was America’s energy hub.

Here in Massachusetts, New Bedford was the world’s whaling center. I read online that back in the 1840’s, the now depressed city was home port for about 400 of the world’s 700 whaling ships.

When oil arrived, and lamps started using kerosene instead of whale oil, New Bedford, “The City that Lit the World,” was out. Texas was in!

But New England survived…and so did America. The power was not lost. It just shifted to another region.

There’s a lesson there somewhere…!

Paging the Clintons…and Racism Overseas.

Can anyone please let me know if the Clintons have been spotted anywhere outside the U.S…like Brazil, Botswana…Bangkok?

The world is rushing to congratulate Barack Obama on his victory. Even from republicans like Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice… (bet she voted secretly for Obama! She hates Cheney too, remember) to prominent democrats who do and don’t want jobs in an Obama Administration.

We’ve heard from Obama’s third cousin, on his grandfather’s side, fourteen times removed. We’ve heard from people in every depressed black area in America and overseas. Even Sarah Palin pledged co-operation. But I’m still waiting to hear from prominent power-couple: Hill and Bill!

The President and Mrs. Bush reached out. Iran is writing! Russia is calling! But so far, nothing publicly, from the Clintons. Maybe the Clintons have graciously decided to let Obama have his moment. They could also be having uncontrollable sobbing fits over Obama’s historic smashing of the ebony? ceiling.

Perhaps the Clintons see just one way to restore the family’s honor. Chelsea for President! They’ve probably taken her to a secret overseas location. Political ninja’s will immediately start training Chelsea how to kick and punch her way through a grueling primary process, until she stages her own bid to return the presidency to Clinton hands!

And by the way, when that phone rings at 3:00 A.M, we’re not scared about who will be answering it. Because if aides come rushing in shouting: Mr. President, Mr. President, there are four ICBM’s heading to D.C. Obama would probably hand the aides some water, tell them to calm down, then ask someone to get him the Pentagon!

Our new president is a cobra. Coiled, cool, calm, deadly – just waiting for ya! Then whoop – you’re history. Don’t mess with Obama, and I reckon a lot of people at the Capitol will learn that, the hard way! People see him coming and they see the suit. DON’T LET THE SUIT FOOL YOU. That guy does not blink! No blink, blink!

I also want to say: I wonder if any of the other candidates on the democratic slate would have delivered the margin of victory that Obama delivered. Would Clinton have turned Pennsylvania and Ohio blue? New Hampshire and Florida, maybe. Too many people, republicans and democrats, absolutely hate the Clintons, and many detest Hillary even more!

I like the Clintons. Bill really upset me with those veiled racial underpinnings in his remarks during the primaries – but you know what, if you write the word Clinton on a piece of paper and hand it to a republican, the person will start foaming at the mouth. That’s enough to make me love the Clintons, bless their hearts. Republicans call Hillary a bitch! I say “go girl!” One man’s bitch is another man’s barracuda! Whatever!

Now, president-elect Obama, just a little something for me. All the blogging I’ve been doing– FOR YOU!!! Can I join the list of people from Massachusetts who want jobs in your administration? I would like White House copy writer. Can I get that, please? O-K, how about paper shredder? Read my blog. I’ve been good to you, ain’t I? Praised you…and kicked your opponents, er, shins? I deserve a place in your administration. I’m waiting by the phone. I’m sure you’ll call me.


I’ve already warned the rest of the world about making America look like a racist freak nation. NO American leader wanted to create a master race of tall, blue-eyed blonds. Remember, Obama would NOT be here today! That Master Race would have wiped off ALL of Asia, Africa (including Obama’s grandparents) and the tropics…and culled a whole lot of other transplants! (They’d probably kill Obama’s mother too, for consorting with black men!)

The racism that came to America didn’t just fall from the sky!
It piggy backed on the Anglophiles. Their descendants in the Republican Party, today, remain latched onto white-only politics, refusing to let go…and still holding on for dear life. The same people who made Italians feel like dirt when they got here. The same ones who treated the Irish like dogs when they got here. The same ones saying today Hispanics bring diseases to the U.S. They conveniently forget the Measles, Chicken Pox, Small Pox and VENERAL DISEASES they brought to the “colonies” and emaciated native people, destroying entire populations!

Read the history of the Irish in Chicago, the Italians in New York. Talk about racism. I have always found it hard to grasp that Irish people who faced this abject, dismal, humiliating, enraging and degrading racism in Boston, then turned around, and inflicted the same kind of racism on blacks.

Heard about “Southie?” The last racial killing (of a black person) in South Boston occurred about 4 or so years ago! I have a cousin who, seven years ago, refused to drive in South Boston. South Boston has now changed so much, it is almost unrecognizable. Last St. Patrick’s Day, my son and I went and shot a whole roll of film of the annual parade. We waved and they waved…there have been blacks in the parade and last year, a nice Asian contingent with a dragon.

So give me/us a break. America has just had a few hundred years to deal with its issues. Europe was around in the first century…parts under the thumb of Rome who thought Europeans were “uncivilized”…yet they still haven’t gotten it right! The Asians haven’t gotten it right, either. The Japanese still can’t even admit, unequivocally, to their war-time atrocities against Koreans and others! Today, they’re twittering about racial injustice in America. Shut up!

As for China, (5-thousand years of written history!) the ethnic Han consider themselves superior to everybody on this earth, including unwanted, troublesome “minorities” like the Tibetans. And the darker-skinned you are, the less welcome you are! (I’ve been to Taiwan. Some of them acted like they’d never seen a black person before, and probably never had! They want to touch you. Pull your hair. Can’t blame them. I read an article that says they do the same thing in Utah.)

So leave us alone, snotty Europeans. Now it’s time for France to elect some Algerians and/or Tunisians from its banlieus and send them to the Elysee Palace. Don’t be racist, now! Hey, Germany, your turn. How about some Turks in the Bundestag. Kalil for Chancellor?

We have the Moral High Ground on this one. Nana nana nana! We have Obama! Nana nana nana…

Elites, the Economy and Judgment

While writing this, Thursday, I watched the U-S Stock Market dance before my eyes!

Thursday’s taglines: Wall Street Goes From Panic To Despair…Stocks Make Third Attempt At Rally…Another Day Of Wild Ups And Downs… Dow Rockets Nearly 200 In Late Surge While NASDAQ Finishes In The Red.

I’m checking it out, online! Wow! That is enough to make a person feel unsettled!

• Gold seems to be falling, too!
Gold futures fell Wednesday to its lowest point for the first time in more than a year. It sank below $710 an ounce. Isn’t Gold THE precious metal people typically see as a safe haven in rough economic times?

• More people filed jobless claims last week.
The Labor Department says new applications for state unemployment benefits rose by 15-thousand (more than expected) in the week ending October 18. Thousands more job cuts have been announced. Analysts lay most of the blame on the financial crisis: tighter credit, rising foreclosures… (also Hurricane Ike). They say the employment outlook for Americans will likely get worse!

• The Web site, which tracks foreclosed homes, has more bad economic data. It says 81-thousand homes were repossessed, last month! RealtyTrac compared foreclosure data (this quarter, with the same time last year), and found that: the number of homeowners facing foreclosure grew by more than 70-percent (July to September)…and nearly a million homes (766-thousand) got at least one foreclosure-related notice.

More than 250-thousand properties were repossessed by lenders nationwide in the third quarter. RealtyTrac expects that more than a million bank-owned properties (about one in every three properties for sale in the U.S) will be repossessed properties! (Better news: Foreclosure filings slowed last month.)

• Even the White House is ‘fessing up! The guys who probably still believe that Iraq HAD (or has) Weapons of Mass Destruction, said Thursday the economy will remain gloomy through at least the end of the year!

• Alan Greenspan calls the current worsening economic crisis: “A once in a century Credit Tsunami.”

(Greenspan is the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve – the one some conservatives, and others? blast for contributing to today’s financial meltdown. They claim he kept interest rates too low, for too long…without regulatory oversight.)

Greenspan testified before congress today (October 23)…on the economic crisis. (Congress is asking past key financial players for their ideas on what caused the gravest financial crisis since the 1930’s…and how they think the government can fix it).

Greenspan says he expected lending institutions to do a good job protecting their shareholders. He’s also slamming “overeager” investors for making subprime mortgages, without worrying that what goes up, will likely come crashing down!

• Now to John McCain’s answers to what you’ve just read:

Q: Senator McCain, if you become president in January, what exactly do you plan to do about any or all of the above?

M: Well, I won’t raise your taxes, like Obama will!

Q: Taxes on what, Senator. It’s looking like I won’t even have a job?

M: Well, Senator Obama is promising to spread the wealth. I won’t! These elitists have enough…also!

Q: Senator, how do you define “elitist”?

M: Er…I defer to my capable running mate on this question…

PALIN: (That’s how SHE described “elite” to NBC’s Brian Williams: (Hasn’t she learned yet – Don’t GIVE any interviews. Nada!)

Oh, I guess just people who think they’re better than anyone else…and, and, John McCain and I are so committed to serving every American, hard-working, middle class Americans who are so desiring of this economy getting…put back on the right track! And winning these wars and America is starting to reach her potential…and that is opportunity and hope provided everyone equally. So anyone who thinks, ah… I guess, that they are better than anyone else, that’s, that’s MY definition of elitism! (Webster: Take note.)

WILIAMS: So, so it’s not education…It’s NOT income-based?

PALIN: Anyone…who thinks they’re better than anyone else!

WILLIAMS: A “State of Mind”? It’s not geography?

PALIN: Of course NOT!

WILLIAMS: (To McCain) Senator?

M: I know where some of them live?

W: Where’s that”?

M : Well, in our nation’s capital…in New York City. I’ve seen it, I’ve lived there…I know the town! I know. I know where a lot of these elitists are…the one’s who…”

For a moment I thought he was going to say: Spend thousands of dollars on clothes at upscale stores like Saks and Niemen Marcus? But he didn’t. Instead, he said:

… (those) she never went to a cocktail party with in Georgetown. I’ve been very frank with you…those who think they can dictate what THEY believe to America, instead of letting Americans decide for themselves”.

That’s making the Bush White House sound extraordinarily “elitist” to me…but what do I know?

No more questions for Senator McCain!

I’m satisfied that HE will NOT raise our taxes or spread the wealth around. He’ll also presumably banish all taxes, ‘cause that’s basically taking from Joe Plumber (when he does get around to actually paying taxes!) and giving it to people like Palin in Alaska.

(That is back when she embraced the “Bridge to Nowhere”, before political expediency turned her against it!). It will be up to wealthy investors from the Middle East, China, Russia and other Sovereign Fund dollars, worldwide…to keep on supporting us. You betcha!

(P/S: The U.S dollar fell against every major currency, EXCEPT for THE SINGAPORE DOLLAR. Hear that Senator McCain? Singapore is preparing to test Senator Obama’s resolve, should HE be elected president. We’re glad you’re sounding that alarm!)

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