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Romney’s MA Health Care “TAX”!

Congressman Paul Ryan, House Budget Committee chair on ABC’s This Week: 07/01/12

Representative Paul Ryan (Wisconsin), chair of the House Budget Committee

“The broken promises and the hypocrisy are becoming breathtaking from the president who says one thing to get this past Congress and then another thing to get it past the Supreme Court….look at the hypocrisy. The president on your show said this is not a tax. Then he sent his solicitor general to the Supreme Court to argue that it is a tax in order to get this past the Supreme Court.”

Well imagine Republicans actually ADMITTING to a concept called “Hypocrisy” and with a straight face too.

Dear Mr. Ryan…

I can’t defend President Obama on whether he knew it was a tax or a mandate. He did not call me to share his thoughts nor was I privy to their deliberations. I am going by what he said. (Yes, I know…he’s a politician too, bless his soul! Pinch of salt, etc…).

  • Obama said it was a Penalty. 
  • In Massachusetts Romney said his RomneyCare carried a Penalty – he did not call it a tax.
  • Now the Supreme Court says the penalty in ObamaCare is a tax
  • Does this mean that the penalty in RomneyCare is a tax too? I’m sure you will say NO! Because of course the federal laws that apply to the rest of America DO NOT apply here in Massachusetts – which is why we are so liberal and which is why a Penalty here is a “tax” over there!
  • Health Care Debate 101…

U.S. Supreme Court Justices

I listened to the commentary – listened to Romney’s reaction – listened to Republicans and Democrats and everybody in between and what I came away with is this: We spent the last 4 years fighting over Health Care Reform…and it’s not over! Apparently it has not yet even begun. We are going to waste the next 4 years fighting over Health Care. Is America for real?

The health care you are fighting over has not bankrupted Massachusetts – 98 percent of our residents are covered. Yes it is expensive, but those costs are beginning to come down because more people are getting PREVENTATIVE care. Yes, more people are:

  • Seeing doctors who are catching problems before they become critical.
  • These doctors are coaching people on healthy lifestyles that PREVENT DISEASE
  • It did not STOP job creation – we are tops among the nation under our new Democratic governor, Obama pal Deval Patrick.
  • Why would you not want that kind of statistic in every state? 
  • Why do the hypocrites who rail against universal health care try to sneak in here to get ours? 
  • Why don’t they go to Paul Ryan and ask HIM to pay for THEIR health care?
  • Why do you let Republicans play political GAMES with you and the health of you and your family/loved ones — instead of demanding that they sit down with Democrats and look at parts of the bill that need fixing – AND FIX IT.  
  • Whom do you think YOU are hurting when you don’t have health Care, don’t buy it – then get into an accident and don’t have it? Who is going to pay for you? Surely NOT the government? Because you don’t want the government involved in Health Care, remember…? I know, John Boehner will pay your bill. Lucky you!

Republicans needed Maalox to toast the Supreme Court ruling…on the Health Care Act.

Republicans have been killing Health Care reform for decades, including the effort by Hillary Clinton. Remember that? WHAT DO THEY HAVE AGAINST HEALTH CARE FOR ALL – and why have they NOT put forward their own viable plan…and PASSED it…when they ruled Congress and Newt Gingrich was Emperor?

Boy they thought that they HAD President Obama. They could NOT get Congress to overturn the Health Care Act so they decided to send it to their buddies at the Supreme Court whom they expected to rule in their favor. What a shock it must have been…when the decision came! La-di-dah-do!!! What a Maalox Moment!

See, Republicans think that Americans are stupid – that voters don’t see through their shenanigans – that sane people do not understand that Republicans use underhand and devious ways to RAM their  bigoted, biased, out of touch ideas and platforms on the rest of us.

But you do. We do.

We understand that Republicans use (or TRY to use) the Supreme Court (and other courts) to force their beliefs on the rest of us. When the courts side with them: great judges, constitutional scholars. When the courts don’t : “activist” judges, liberal elitists!

Their plan is to people the courts with conservatives who will rule along party ideology…then because they oppose something (usually somebody or group’s civil rights) like gay marriage, sue to block gay marriage.

Here’s an example of Republicans using the courts to force their twisted concepts on the rest of us: House GOP leaders in Connecticut plan to ask the Supreme Court to rule on the constitutionality of the 1996 federal law that bans federal marriage benefits for same-sex couples who are legally married. They don’t like gays and don’t support the Defense of marriage Act so of course it’s unconstitutional…and if it’s not, then by God they will make it!!!

The other tack they use is to stir up public opinion and get people to vote for their unconstitutional ideas believing that if they rile enough people up against gay marriage and these people vote for some referendum saying that gay marriage is bad – then that makes it legal – because the people have spoken!

U.S. Supreme Court Justices

Yes, we the same people who thought:

  • The sun revolved around the Earth
  • That the earth was flat and when you got to the end you’d fall off
  • That slavery should NOT be abolished
  • That blacks should not get the vote
  • That women should not get the vote
  • That blacks and whites should not marry or integrate
  • That gays cannot serve in the military
  • That men and women do not deserve equal pay
  • and so on…

We the people who self-righteously made all the above decisions and more…are really in a position to shove aside our bigotry and self-serving blarney and grant power to others, especially to others we don’t like or agree with.

If you look at the civil rights that the courts have granted to people, to minority groups, to wronged classes, to under-represented groups…think where we would BE if the courts had not stepped in.

So the law can work both ways. And Republicans try to use both sides to further their twisted political agenda…

John Roberts, 17th Chief Justice, US Supreme Court.

Republicans don’t give a damn about fairness or ethics – if the constitution said to skin cats, they’d stick to the Constitution to the letter of the Law and skin every cat they could find. Know what Jesus had to say about that (Luke 13: 10-16) when he was chastised…chastised for working on the Sabbath because he healed a woman who had been sick for 18-years? Jesus called the ruler of the synagogue (John Boehner in an earlier life?) a hypocrite! Republicans and Jesus would NOT agree…

So to get back to the Supreme Court and John Roberts. I’m not on board. Still to come:

  1. Affirmative Action (which is good and bad and responsible for the advancement of many minorities)
  2. Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

It is my opinion that Roberts wanted to depolarize/de-politicize the Supreme Court so he chose an argument about Taxation which I can’t follow…It is a Tax but it’s not a Tax? Whatever…! Bottom line is that Romney apparently slapped a TAX on us here in Massachusetts with his Health Care Mandate…and every year I have to show I have Health Care or I pay a Tax penalty – which is not a penalty – it’s now a Tax “Tax”.

By calling the mandate a “Tax” Roberts provided fodder for Republicans to kick up a political furor…

Paul Ryan says Roberts “had to rewrite the statute in order to call this a tax.”

So if Roberts can find a convenient loophole to muddy the legal waters so he can save the reputation of his court – does that happen/can that happen/has that happened in other cases as well?

Do I now look at Supreme Court rulings as:

  1. Strict interpretation of the law?
  2. A face saver?
  3. A compromise?
  4. An ideological ruling?

Meantime, pundits are urging Mitt Romney to stop running as a business man and show some substance…

Say what?

If Romney does NOT run as a businessman- what else is there?

Governor Romney signs Health Care Reform with MANDATES (TAX?) in MA, 2006. Making History in Healthcare – a “History” Romney is NOW running away from!!

Romney is known for being:

  • A businessman (of the loan shark kind.)
  • “Saving” the Olympics (by getting a financial bail-out from Washington).
  • Governor of Massachusetts (by proxy! His only achievement, Universal Health Care with a mandate he endorsed by signing the bill with LIBERAL Ted Kennedy standing behind him – he ran away from it to please conservatives. Now he can’t jog back (watch him try in the debates), especially with the Supreme Court ruling. So what’s left? THERE IS NO SUBSTANCE. He can try to manufacture some “substance” but it comes across as phony…

When the layers will be stripped away in the debates – you’ll see how much substance he has…

Goo-goo Ga-ga Politics: Massachusetts Senate Race.

NEWS HEADLINE in the Massachusetts U.S Senate race for the seat once held by Ted Kennedy, now held by Republican Scott Brown…

BOSTON — Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown and Massachusetts Democrats are trading jabs over Brown’s fundraising efforts in New York City and whether Democratic rival Elizabeth Warren should release law school applications and personnel files from her teaching jobs...

Charles River separating Boston (right) and Cambridge. Boston university faces Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) across Charles.

I love Massachusetts. I don’t care WHAT Republicans say about us. They can say God hates us because we’re liberal. Like Jesus was so Conservative. He and John the Baptist were the radical liberals of their day, advocating change (yep), upsetting the status quo (consorting with prostitutes, imagine that!) and threatening the established order. The hypocrital Pharisees (bet they were Republicans) felt threatened, so they decided to assassinate Jesus to get rid of him. But I must be talking about a DIFFERENT Jesus.

Because the Republican’s Jesus was/is? a very Capitalist kind of guy! When Jesus heard his answer, he said, “There is still one thing you haven’t done. Sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” Luke 18:22.

Yeah, that’s socialist Obama 1o1!

Prophet Malachi – last book of prophesy regarding the Coming of Jesus, The Messiah.

Malachi 3:5 – I will be a swift witness…against those who oppress the wage earner in his wages, the widow and the orphan, and those who turn aside the alien and do not fear Me, says the LORD of hosts.

But I digress. To get back on point:

Massachusetts has two of the TOP five universities in America and a host of other acclaimed teaching institutions: Harvard, (#1) nestled in beautiful, laid-back Cambridge and nearby MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (#5-Tied with Cal Tech)* sprawling along the Cambridge side of the Charles River separating Cambridge from Boston. Yet in a year when ONE of the Presidential Candidates used to be governor of the state, we in Massachusetts are focusing on goo-goo ga-ga politics!

Incumbent senator, Republican Scott Brown is being challenged by a newcomer to politics, Harvard University professor…Elizabeth Warren.

Instead of focusing on the ISSUES, in a learned or supposedly erudite state like Massachusetts, here’s what we’re hearing about week after week:

  • Elizabeth Warren described herself as a minority on her Harvard employment application. Warren’s great-great-great-grandmother listed herself as Cherokee…making the democrat 1/32 part Native American. Welcome to the family, Elizabeth. Just don’t wear a hoody!
  • Elizabeth Warren’s tax returns…
  • Scott Brown’s tax returns…
  • Elizabeth Warren is elitist…

Elizabeth Warren. Democrat is challenging Scott Brown for Senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy.

Are we out of our liberal, elitist minds?

Republicans being the misogynists they are…are tearing into Elizabeth Warren. Her grades were not good enough to enter Harvard. She had to hide behind minority status to get in, like the rest of us – black people, Hispanics and other so called “minorities” including President Obama. We are just NOT capable of getting high enough grades to be accepted to a university like Harvard – unless we get a leg up from Affirmative Action, because monkeys that we are, all we can understand is a banana which someone must first peel for us! Unlike the learned former President, the orator George Bush, the self characterized “average student” whose average during his first three years at Yale was 77. Now there’s a Mensa candidate…!

I was motivated to write this post by this news report on Boston’s local NBC affiliate WHDH: Mass. Dems file ethics complaint over Brown video

Posted: Today (5/9/2012) at 2:55 pm

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts Democrats have filed an ethics complaint over reports that GOP Sen. Scott Brown’s campaign used a video taken by an official Senate aide.

The Massachusetts Democratic Party pointed to a report by The Boston Globe that a video of Brown sinking a half-court basketball shot during a visit to a Hyannis youth center was taken by Brown’s Senate communications director Marcie Kinzel.

Kinzel told the Globe she shot the video on her personal iPhone and forwarded it to the campaign on personal time.

Cute guy! Maybe I should have used a less attractive photo? No, NOT the Cosmo centerfold! Phew…

Brown’s campaign posted it on YouTube and sent out emails to reporters highlighting it.

Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh said Brown violated the law by allowing his official staff to engage in campaign activity on taxpayer time.

Brown campaign spokesman Colin Reed called the complaint “laughable.”

Are we seriously, like – serious?

I’m asking DEMOCRATS, again: Are you serious?

Can’t you let this go? You think there’s a voter who will read this story and go: “Why, that conniving rotten scoundrel, Scott Brown – I’m NOT giving that campaign finance lawbreaker MY vote. NOT after John Edwards!!”

I’m at a loss for words to describe the rock-bottom frenzy over inanities and fluff and crap that we’ve sunk to in discussing a race for a crucial SENATE seat. Republicans got to be laughing at us!

EACH STATE should NOT have to make its own laws governing gay marriage. I think this is nonsense. A gay couple can get married in Massachusetts or the handful of other states like Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont that allow gay marriage. But, if that couple visits a state where gay marriage is NOT legal and one spouse is hospitalized or heaven forbid dies, then the other/surviving spouse has NO rights? Can’t even go see their loved one even though that person may be dying!? That makes no damn sense – but do we poke Scott Brown? No! THAT’S A REAL ISSUE.

A cop in Arizona may be able to stop and question a suspected illegal immigrant, but if the person takes off and crosses the state line to another, more tolerant state, he/she is home free? Where’s the rationale?

We need UNIFIED stances on these issues!

  • Where do Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren stand on Immigration Reform, The Dream Act, Secure Communities?
  • Where do Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren stand on Tax cuts
  • Where do Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren stand on Environmental Protection?
  • Where do Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren stand on Abortion/Women’s rights?
  • Where do Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren stand on reducing Student Loans?
  • Where do Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren stand on Health Care Reform? Will any of them vote to REPEAL Obamacare…which allows Scott Brown to put his 23-year-old daughter Ayla on HIS health insurance? And if so, will they ALSO vote to repeal Romneycare in Massachusetts?
  • Where do Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren stand on Iran? The war in Afghanistan? On new Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem?
  • Where do Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren stand on reducing the deficit?
  • Where do Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren stand on new drilling/green energy sources for the future?
  • Where do Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren stand on education reform?
  • Where do Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren stand on trade with Cuba?
  • Where do Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren stand on dealing with China and trade deficits?
  • Where do Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren stand on crossing the aisle and co-operating in a Congress where the Tea Party thinks compromise is a dirty word?
  • Where do Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren stand on Welfare Reform? Medicaid, Medicare and social Security Reform?
  • What qualities do Warren/Brown think important in a Supreme Court Judge? 

These are ALL issues they are going to have to deal with in Washington. At least, I hope so! So when they get there, HOW ARE THEY GOING TO VOTE? Tell us. Remind us…

I realize none of that, NONE, is as important as the percentage of Cherokee blood running through Elizabeth Warren’s veins and arteries! She manipulated to get into Harvard? We get it. She’ll be right at home at the Capitol where she will be called on to manipulate public sentiment to sanction useless wars…with useless F-22 bombers!

I would be PROUD to have this noble Cherokee as MY ancestor. Back then if the Cherokees had guns – and the Europeans had Tomahawks – scenario TODAY: Cherokees in Congress. Republicans on reservation!

In one news report, we learn of Democrat angst because: “Scott Brown owns six houses (personal and investment properties) and that his trademark barn coat is made not of traditional canvas but higher-end suede, while the green pickup he highlights in his lunch-bucket appeal was bought not for blue-collar purposes but to tow his daughter’s horse trailer!”

Many people who were thinking of voting for Scott Brown, upon hearing this – won’t any more! How about voting for poorer candidates like John Kerry or one of the Kennedy’s?

Bay State Get real. Democrats, wake up! Quickly…or I swear I will start blogging for Republicans!

Going once – going twice…any Republicans interested?

Santorum called Romney the “worst republican” but he “endorsed” Romney. Rudy Guiliani said of Romney: “I’ve never seen a guy change his positions on so many things, so fast, on a dime”. He’s now sharing firehouse pizza with Romney.

So why, oh why, can’t I?

*U.S News World Report rankings/National University Rankings

Photos: Google

Silent Center Starts to ROAR! Amen!!!

It’s about time for this nation’s MAJORITY — the middle-of-the-road Americans who make up the “Silent Center”  — to wake up and roar. THANK GOD that you are beginning to…finally!

For too long you’ve chickened out, burying your head in the sand, while you let a handful of posturing kooks and haters set the agenda and shape the political debate.

So where have you been?

The majority of Americans are NOT racists. The majority of Americans are NOT haters. The majority of Americans are sensible, level-headed people who understand that compromise is NOT a dirty word. In short, the majority of Americans are realistic, LEVEL-headed people who have NO problems electing a black president…and would elect a green, blue or striped president, if they liked what he or SHE stood for.

But until the shoe started to pinch you, Silent Majority, YOU didn’t care, did you? You happily let the country go to hell, gave politicians carte blanch to engage in unnecessary wars, to desiccate Healthcare Reform with one hand — while accepting money from the Health Care Industry with the other hand.

YOU, the silent majority, allowed your kids/families to be burdened with crippling student debt and other bad consumer loans. You let Republicans defeat and stymie attempts to regulate business. You looked the other way because YOU were too busy engaged in a buying frenzy you couldn’t afford – rushing to buy another prop you did not need, or another piece of materialistic flotsam that was cobbled overseas.

Did you NOT understand that there would be a price…for not caring? Now you’re waking up…hi ho!

Here’s just one example where you turned the other cheek. IMMIGRATION REFORM. (I use Immigration as a mirror to reflect several other issues of key importance, like the Iraq war, where you turned a blind eye with negative consequences.)

Where were you in 2006/7 when you let a minority of extremists on the right, led by racism and political posturing instead of practicality and human decency, set the agenda over IMMIGRATION REFORM?

Where were YOU when Ted Kennedy and John McCain (he was a different McCain – a principled McCain, back then) and President George W. Bush came so close to passing The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007, (110th U.S. Congress)? If you think ILLEGAL Immigration is bad, LEGAL immigration is even worse – it’s a nightmare!

The law would have overhauled America’s broken Immigration system, INCLUDING providing legal status/a path to citizenship (PATH – as in working your way towards a goal) for the approximately 14 to 20 million illegal immigrants currently residing in this country.

What is the convincing argument that you can come up with to keep millions of undocumented people in this country remaining IN THE SHADOWS? There were ONLY two options. Assimilate or Repatriate. Now, Republicans have added a third: Limbo! Not deporting, not assimilating – just hanging around!!!

Think of it. There are up to/or more than 20-thousand people living in this country without official documentation. Meaning, most are NOT in government databases. So authorities have NO idea WHO these people are, WHAT they are…or even WHERE they are. What a haven for terrorists!

Some of these people have been here for 10, 15, 20 years. They come from EVERY country in the world, EVERY race, including an estimated 20 thousand undocumented Irish. But Republicans focus ONLY on the Hispanics. Why? There are thousands of Chinese, thousands of Vietnamese, thousands of Africans, Cape Verdeans, Caribbean…Haitians, WHITE Europeans, Russians, Brazilians etc…

(Please note that as far as I am concerned, immigrants of any kind who rape, kill, pillage etc…should be deported immediately, without process. I am NOT asking for hardened criminal immigrants to remain here. My case is for honest, hard-working people who come here to WORK, who come seeking a better life or who are fleeing persecution and hunger, famine, disease.)

Do you really believe the reason the economy is bad and you can’t find a job is because of undocumented immigrants? OK, tell me.

How many Undocumented Immigrants killed President Obama’s 447-billion-dollar jobs bill in the Senate? (October 11, 2011)

How many undocumented immigrants are working at NASA? Or assembling train engines at General Electric (GE)? Are at Boeing building jet engines? At Bank of America creating bad mortgage policies? How many jobs did Undocumented Immigrants take at investment banks on Wall Street? At Goldman Sachs? And How many Undocumented Immigrants took home million-dollar bonuses while you lost your home…or voted to bomb Iraq?  

How many towns are laying off teachers, doctors, nurses and closing fire stations because Undocumented Immigrants are taking their jobs? Don’t you understand that the jobs these immigrants take are generally the backbreaking, low paying jobs so necessary to an advanced economy that traditionally the better off natives NEVER WANT TO DO? Even welfare dependents will stay home instead of doing these jobs. (Don’t blame immigrants, blame your system, and the politicians who won’t fix it.)

The Wall Street Journal has a list of major companies that laid off workers in ONLY the FIRST quarter of 2009.

  • CIRCUIT CITY (Bankrupt): 34-THOUSAND

I listed some of the bigger companies/biggest job cuts. But go check the list for yourself:

Is somebody trying to make YOU believe that UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS are “taking” your jobs? Did they take those jobs in the Journal list? Whom do we blame here?

For the fourth quarter of 2008, follow the Journal link or use this to check company lay-offs:

How many of you are willing to go to Georgia to dig onions? Why not? Like Republicans claim, Immigrants are taking your jobs. Now the jobs are available. Go do them!  $8 an hour, with little or no benefits. Backbreaking, filthy, baking in the sun all day. Waiting for you.

Lawmakers in Georgia, led by the state’s Republican governor, (naturally)  Nathan Deal, passed a law: House Bill 87 – the “Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011” intended to drive such individuals “back home.”

What happened? About a-third of the workforce fled Georgia (they didn’t leave America, they left Georgia), crippling Georgia’s largest economic sector: agriculture…by leaving millions of dollars in crops—blueberries, onions, melons and others—to sit rotting in the fields.

Farmers, who were not consulted about the law, (what do farmers know?) and left out of discussions when the law was being crafted…are pissed.

So, you’ll take the jobs if farmers pay more? Say from $8 to $12 per hour? Is 12-dollars an hour acceptable to you? Not YOU, per se…(you’re looking for at least $20 an hour and up) but maybe lesser educated people? OK. Throw in Health Care and other benefits, you argue — to attract American Workers.

Are these the same Health Care/Benefits packages that big companies are trying to get out of? The Post Office says benefits are crippling the service to bankruptcy!  (I’m NOT arguing FOR or AGAINST benefits. Just saying companies claim benefits raise costs, and they do.) Ford, Chrysler and GM had to renegotiate their benefits packages or go bust. Remember, YOU had to then bail them out? Are you willing to pay $5 for a head of lettuce? Why not? Just think of the number of American jobs you’ll be saving…

A factory here in Massachusetts, (employs an acquaintance of mine), shut down and moved operations to Mexico. The company is keeping an office with a skeleton staff in Massachusetts. Who took those jobs? Immigrants – over in Mexico. Since they didn’t actually COME here, and are not immigrants, we’ll call them “potential immigrants-in-waiting.” They didn’t NEED to come HERE because YOUR jobs went to them! Well, I guess that’s better than having them come here, right?

I’d prefer the factory to stay here and at least pay taxes and have the wages they pay be spent HERE and generate economic activity HERE, for shelter, movie passes, food, clothing, furniture – wouldn’t you? I assume Undocumented Immigrants pay rent and buy food and pay bus fare and their phone bills? Or does somebody do THAT for them?

Do you hear Republicans saying anything about these companies that they support, the ones they give tax breaks to, while these companies export jobs overseas? Of course NOT! Big business can send jobs overseas to foreign workers, long as (a) these foreign workers STAY OVER THERE and don’t take these same jobs here, IN America…and (b) as long as these businesses continue to donate to Republicans political coffers!

How many of you, the Silent Majority, believe that every one of these millions of undocumented people in the U.S. should be rounded up and deported?

How many of you believe that every one of these people CAN be bundled up and deported?

How many of you are willing to pay for it? To pay for hiring airplanes and personnel, pilots, law enforcement to accompany deportees, food and shelter to house deportees while they wait, and for the long appeals lawyers/individuals will mount in YOUR courts? Would you mind the government hiring more lawyers, judges, court clerks…while laying off teachers and police?

How many of you believe that the legions of kids born to these undocumented immigrants, who are U.S. citizens by law, should either remain here while their parents are deported – or should be deported with their parents? Or should the parents go – kids stay?

How many of you believe that undocumented students who have excelled in their studies at American schools (at taxpayer expense) should be denied access to university while American kids are failing? Do you blame Undocumented Immigrants for the numbers of American kids, who sit next to the immigrant kids, sharing the same lessons, teachers, facilities and opportunities, but still fail?

How do you expect these bright, intelligent immigrant kids to support themselves when they leave high school with straight A’s but cannot get a job, not even at McDonald’s, because they have no Social Security number? Are you willing to throw these promising kids under the bus – your future scientists, teachers and artists – while shouldering lifetime Welfare Benefits to failing American kids – just because they are American?

So, lets’ re-examine. What did Republicans achieve by killing Immigration Reform? Political gimmickry, pandering to the Right!

Did undocumented immigrants leave? NOPE. Still here, with de facto Amnesty.

Is the problem fixed – or did Republicans manage to sweep one more major issue under the carpet, again?

Do you expect people who braved hell to get here, crossed deserts, sailed rickety boats in shark-infested waters, paid smugglers, sold everything they possess for passage, to endure great hardship and persecution, even rape, along the way, to give up now, that they’ve gotten here? Do you really think that after getting a taste of America, people will return to foraging in garbage dumps for food? To return to drug wars and disease and starvation and political uncertainty and religious persecution and lack of opportunity? Would you?

Would you like a pregnant undocumented  immigrant woman to start labor pains, or get involved in an accident, or suffer a heart attack and go to a hospital and be refused treatment, and be sent away to die? Do you want the hospital to tell the pregnant woman, sorry, we can’t deliver your baby and let the woman and baby die in the parking lot? How would YOU feel if you woke up one morning and there were 20, 50 such cases around the nation?

Or would you proclaim, like the Republican Right/Tea Party crowd (yes, the ones who so zealously appear to believe in a merciful, just, compassionate, forgiving God, the ones who speak for Jesus), because they are very sure that Jesus would also say: “Too bad for you, unwanted immigrants. You should die, so you can get the message and go back to where ever it is that you came from. You are taking away from my plenty – go back to your nothing! Furthermore, I talked to Jesus this morning, and he agrees with me!”

Polls consistently show that a MAJORITY of Americans favor giving undocumented people who are already here, have been here for years, those who are hard-working, upstanding, willing to learn English where necessary, A PATHWAY TO LEGALITY.

So again I ask YOU, the Silent Majority, where were YOU when you let voices on the right prevail, and shallow, scared politicians ducked for cover, and let a MINORITY of right-wing Republicans crush efforts by tying reform to a secure border? Do you plan to build a fence on the Canadian border too?

Now states are passing piecemeal Immigration Laws WHICH THE WHITE HOUSE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT THEN GO TO COURT OVER, WASTING THOUSANDS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS, because the Obama White House is AFRAID to take up a bill THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN INTRODUCED (HR 4321 – Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity (CIR ASAP) Act of 2009 by Representative Luis Gutierrez, Illinois Democrat in December, 2009)…because Republicans oppose it.

Most people thought President Obama had a wonderful opportunity to reform Immigration. But he squandered his political capital on a Healthcare Hash and now, instead of having the guts to force a vote, the White House is cowering because they’ve done the math/taken a poll, and apparently do not have enough votes to pass the bill!

Now we are governing by poll? By posturing? We are governing by fear?

Gone are the days when politicians with balls INTRODUCED a bill and DEBATED it and LET Congress VOTE. No, now handlers must first go behind the scenes and find out who is willing to vote for the bill, and tally how many votes they have, and if there are not enough votes, then capitulate and shelve/kill the legislation – EVEN IF IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!

Oh Silent Majority, how much you are to blamed for…!!! And now, you protest…

Thanks God slavery is already abolished.

Imagine passing an anti-slavery vote Today. IT WOULD NEVER BE DONE. And thank God Rosa Parks did not go around asking for support BEFORE she sat down on that bus seat!

White House, take note. If the polls allow it…

No Room At The Inn…for Gaddafi!

We are coming across as such an angry nation…populated with petulant, uncivil people.

We look at demonstrators in other places burning flags and chanting anti-American slogans, and we don’t even understand WHY. Perhaps we don’t need to, because NOW, we’re beginning to act just like them.

Democracy means you don’t need to agree with or like a person to ensure that that person’s rights are upheld. It’s hard. But that’s the strength of Democracy!

Two heads of state, who are here to attend the U.N. General Assembly meeting, are being denied a place to stay or hold their events.

These two leaders are our guests. This is where the U.N. building is. If you don’t want them to come here, throw the U.N. Headquarters out of America – or arrange to change those leaders!

Until then, whenever they come to the U.N. where they have a right to be by agreement, they need to be treated as guests. They are heads of state…even though you may NOT like their head…or their state!

How would we/you feel if our leaders go overseas and can’t find a place to stay – or hold an event? Come on America, I expect better from you.

Should these countries change their leaders just because WE don’t like them?

Yes, you can protest when they come to town. That’s your right. But come on!

What did you achieve? You vented and you felt good – now what? You just dissed and angered millions of people who support and love their leaders, whether you think they’re vile or not!

Wouldn’t it have been better to treat them with civility and show the world that Americans are different, forgiving, respectful, nice…?

Did we not marvel at the Amish after than horrific shooting in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County (2006)? That community lost five kids, but they embraced the family of the shooter.

That was big news – to us – because we would NOT have been so forgiving. Being the good Christians we are, we’d have been out there agitating to get the family thrown out of their home and probably lynched, too! The Amish lesson did not last long!

We embrace anger and vengence. We must always be reading testimonials in court about our grief and anger over the murder of a loved one. We must call the murderer a thug, an animal, a monster who should rot in jail or hell…

And we are supposed to be so religious, such a Jesus-loving nation! But we don’t act religious, unless we’re ranting against abortion or gays! That’s where our religion comes in!

Leaders who come here to the U.N. can at least get a place to stay and somewhere to meet up with their friends. That is courtesy, America. It’s not love.

Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi thought he could stay at The Pierre Hotel on Fifth Avenue, but it had a change of heart when other guests paying large amounts for their rooms apparently didn’t want him there.

Iranian President President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad found a hotel to stay.

But two New York events halls rejected the Iranian U.N. delegation’s reservations for a hall to hold a banquet for Ahmadinejad on Friday (Sept. 25, 2009). The Helmsley Hotel and Gotham Hall also turned down the Iranians, saying the venue refused to be a platform for propaganda.

Could they not come up with a better reason, at least? Propaganda? If they’re anti-propaganda, there’s a whole host of companies they should not deal with, including some that run unauthorized tests on poor children overseas!

However, the Iranians did find a venue to hold their banquet at Essex House Hotel. But the hotel came under intense pressure to cancel the reservation…and they did!

Former Ambassador Mark Wallace (coached Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin for interviews and debates) heads the organization United Against Nuclear Iran. He’s spearheading U.S. boycott efforts against Iran and wants Essex House to cancel the event.

Wallace wrote to the general manager of the Essex House, calling on them to: clarify and reconsider its decision to host the banquet and address and instead decline to provide such a venue for President Ahmadinejad

By doing business with the Iranian government the Essex House is accepting blood money from a regime that brutally suppresses its own people and that is a danger to global security”.

Really? Iran is a danger to global security. Unlike Say Russia or China, neither of which suppresses its people…or has an army…or nuclear weapons!? You really think Iran is more of a threat to the U.S. than Russia?

Will you be out there demanding that Putin or Russian President Dmitry Medvedev be thrown out of Camp David? Did you see him sitting next to President Obama…smiling…at us? We are such fools!

(By the way, who got together and decided that only some nations can have nuclear weapons, but others can’t?)

Shouldn’t we simply be making sure that our weapons work, so that if anybody was foolish enough to try something we’d annihilate them?

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if most countries just minded their own business?

We’ve been in bed with many thugs in Haiti, Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia. We’ve traded, colluded and raises our glasses with leaders who were dictators and murderers…because it suited us!

In our backyard, Rafael Trujillo, Dominican Republic. His tyranny is considered one of the bloodiest of the 20th century. He attacked the Haitian border and killed (an estimated 20-30 thousand) fleeing Haitians. But he was anti-communist and anti-Castro, so we looked the other way.

Haiti, not to be outdone, came up with François “Papa Doc” Duvalier – the one who made himself President for Life. Duvalier had his own private militia known as Tonton Macoutes.

it’s estimated that he, too, killed some 30-thousand Haitians. They braved the Atlantic in rickety boats to escape Tyranny. But Duvalier, too, was anti-communist and anti-Castro, so we looked the other way.

You get the picture – I don’t need to talk about Saddam Hussein or the Congo’s Mobutu Sésé Seko…and the many others!

I guess there was no reason to protest because these dictators were killing their people…and other groups they did not like – they were NOT killing Americans.

I’m NOT blaming America, though. Countries do what countries need to do. I just want us to understand that this also applies to other nations too!

This world will never have peace…long as us humans live in it! Or at least, long as we continue with our hypocrisy – on race, on trade, on politics, on sex, on everything!

Dirty, Rotten Republican Scoundrels

Sarah Palin’s divorce from running mate John McCain is getting messier!

The tacky McCain team is escalating its war of words with the colleague THEY CHOOSE as their running mate. They’re telling Newsweek, Plain’s pricey shopping sprees were 300-thousand-dollars higher than the 150-thousand-dollars they previously reported. They say Palin asked low-level staffers to put purchases on their credit cards! One aide told Newsweek it was like “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast.”

And the worst part: (to me, at least), two McCain staffers tell Newsweek; a towel-wearing Plain greeted them when they arrived at her hotel room for a briefing during the Republican National Convention. (I’m wondering: where’s this leading?) Plain apparently asked them to chat with her husband in the meantime. (I’m going phew!? Lucky husband was there…or they’d probably say she dropped the towel!)

Why even mention that particular incident? Petty. Unsporting. Ungentlemanly! I don’t know Palin, but she doesn’t seem to be too constrained by social niceties. She probably felt at home, among friends. Little did SHE know. Ain’t no friends in this business, baby! Like your congressman, Ted Stevens, found out!

People who’ve followed my blog know that Palin is not my favorite person. But it just gets me so mad to see the McCain team treat Palin as though SHE’S the reason their candidate derailed. I would happily call Palin now, NOW, and tell her I’m sorry for the way those jerks are treating her. I’m not saying they’re lying, or not lying. I’m just saying, even if it IS true, this is not the way to do this. This woman could be back on a republican ticket. Where’s the part about: Country First?

And wasn’t McCain the one who, while all this was going on, appeared on  T-V with Palin, smiling, being “mavericky”. McCain knew Palin didn’t know what the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was, but he still insisted to America that she was a fellow “maverick” who could be president…and was doing a wonderful job? Seems to me whenever a republican tells you that you’re doing a wonderful job (as in President Bush’s Brownie down in Louisiana, post Katrina) the person on the receiving end of that “compliment” should immediate run for cover!

So the Maverick from Alaska didn’t know that Africa was a continent, while you, John McCain, maverick from Arizona, were reassuring us she had more foreign policy experience than Obama whose father IS from Africa? At least he’s been there! And as for NAFTA? Shucks, McCain’s co-maverick didn’t need to know anything, ’cause she could see Russia from her house! Or maybe that was really The Yukon?

You know John McCain, YOU were lying and diabolically obfuscating. And I find that distasteful and extremely off-putting. Shame on you, John McCain. Shame on you for publicly belittling the woman you chose to be your running mate. As I understand it, you used to get five people at your rallies, before Sarah Palin turned up…and brought in thousands!

America got it right Election Day. You lost because of YOU! Bad decisions, foolish choices and poor judgment. Find the cure for poor judgment, and maybe you can give it another shot…running against Sarah Palin! Now there’s a match I’d like to see!

Maverick versus barracuda. As one conservative loud-mouth put it: “Babies, guns, Jesus. Hot damn!”

You, Senator McCain, won’t have a chance in heaven…or in hell!

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