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A vote for Romney means MORE, Worse Gridlock!!!

I address this to the “Independents” including the Republicans who ran away from their own party and are STILL running – because the GOP is getting more and MORE X-treme!

If you believe that electing an opinion-shifting, finger-in-the-wind testing etch-a-sketcher will make America or the economy  better…raise your hackles?

YOU do? Well you probably thought too that America could rise from a Recession in 2 years!

Do YOU think that electing Mitt Romney will make anything better? WHAT? What is the “IT” that Romney’s going to make better? 

The economy? Jobs?

So Romney is going to create jobs? HOW? With WHICH Congress? House Speaker John Boehner cannot even keep his Tea Party members in line…but YOU think Romney will, especially as the Tea Party does not even LIKE Mitt Romney? They see Romney as their best bet to win the White House. To them he’s a means to an end, an “IN”. He knows it…and the Romney who was governor of Massachusetts will NOT stand being dictated to, like Santorum hinted in his “endorsement”:

“I intend to keep lines of communication open with him and his campaign. I hope to ensure that the values that made America that shining city on the hill are illuminated brightly by our party and our candidates thus ensuring not just a victory, but a mandate for conservative governance.”

The Republicans have ONLY ONE solution: Tax Cuts for the wealthy! THAT’S IT…

Has Romney TOLD you – explained HOW he will create jobs? Ask him? And if it’s similar to George Bush’s policies that failed and got us into this mess – then say NO thanks. If it’s new and innovative – say Yes! We can try something new…why not? More Tax Cuts? Is that ALL they have? Is that their ONLY answer? Why? Where are the forward thinkers…?

Oh, so YOU think Romney will call in his old company Bain…and Bain will take HUD and dismantle it. Bain will dismantle Health and Human Services and Bain will dismantle Education (so kids will all be home-schooled, including kids whose parents can’t read!). And then Bain will DO what…?

How do you think Obama or any president creates jobs? It’s not a PERSONAL thing. Looking for a president who can “create” jobs? Vote for Bill Gates. HE can CREATE jobs by opening a new factory, launching a new PRODUCT! If you want a president who can “create an ENVIRONMENT for job growth and stimulation” (I hope religious conservatives forgive me for using a morally improper word like stimulation?) then you have two choices. It boils down to: Whose methods DO YOU prefer?

Presidents CAN’T create jobs – unless he/she hires additional maids in the personal quarters at the White House. Do not let politicians fool you, sidetrack you with their language and rhetoric. Presidents DO NOT create jobs!!!

PRESIDENTS WORK WITH CONGRESS TO CREATE AN ATMOSPHERE THAT GENERATES JOBS!!! With Congress…! Think where we’d be IF Obama had the support of Republicans behind him…support they will NEVER give him!

  • YOU think Democrats are going to support MORE Tax Cuts, especially FOR the wealthy?
  • YOU think Democrats are going to sit back and let Republicans roll back Health Care?
  • YOU think Democrats are going to SUPPORT bombing Iran?
  • YOU think Democrats are going to allow Republicans to roll back Women’s Rights, Gay Rights?
  • You think Democrats are going to let Republicans CLAMP DOWN on Unions?
  • Really, what DO YOU think? Need I go on…

You ever stop to think that if Romney was president today, Detroit would NOT be making a profit now. It is thanks to Obama that America’s Auto Industry is gearing up. Left to Romney there would have been NO bailout. The auto industry would have crashed. Think what THAT would have done to the economy when ALL the workers were laid off, all the plants closed, all the suppliers/parts makers idling, all the banks taking hits, all the cafeterias, stores, TOWNS impacted? DO YOU STOP TO THINK ABOUT THAT? The very same Romney who claims to be so astute a businessman? Bad call on his part. Makes you wonder that he would fail on something so significant…AND NOW TRYING TO TAKE THE CREDIT FOR IT!

There were two paths before us: SPEND and DON’T SPEND.

  1. Republicans said “Don’t Spend”: You will expand the deficit – pushing us further into debt. DO NOT BAIL OUT THE BANKS! DO NOT BAIL OUT THE AUTO INDUSTRY! LET THEM FAIL TO TEACH THEM A LESSON! IT IS THE CAPITALIST WAY!
  2. Obama and Democrats said: We HAVE to spend! We NEED to spend! Yes it will make the deficit bigger, but IF WE DON’T SPEND, IF WE DON’T PUMP MONEY INTO THE ECONOMY, even if it’s to give people jobs to paint roses on bushes, THEN THE ECONOMY WILL CRASH AND WE WILL BE WORSE OFF, MUCH worse off!
U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis figures show: Real gross domestic product — the output of goods and services produced by labor and property located in the United States — increased at an annual rate of 2.2 percent in the first quarter of 2012 (that is, from the fourth quarter to the first quarter), according to the “advance” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the fourth quarter of 2011, real GDP increased 3.0 percent.

“Socialist leader Francois Hollande beat incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy with 51.62 percent of the vote (April 2012)…as French voters expressed displeasure with Sarkozy’s austerity plan budget cuts at the voting booth despite the perception that Sarkozy was as a stronger leader…”

And Europe? You follow the news don’t you? Forget Greece. Look at France.

According to Reuters: Gross domestic product in Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, rose by 0.5 percent on the quarter, bouncing back from a 0.2 percent slide in the last three months of 2011. France’s economy stagnated, although it grew slightly at the end of last year.

France just threw out the AUSTERITY Belt-Tightener. Who would have thought? And voted in a spender – a BIG spender! Obama is meeting Heads of Europe’s biggest economies at Camp David before heading to Chicago for the NATO Summit – and they’re discussing what?

President Obama is likely to clash with German leader Angela Merkel at the G8 summit. Obama supports French calls for pro-growth policies in Europe. Merkel says AUSTERITY first. A worsening economy in Europe can have a negative impact on the U.S. economy…which Republicans will BLAME Obama for!

If an economically weakened, debt-laden Europe should go the German Way: continue down the road of austerity favored by German Chancellor Angela Merkel or the Obama Way: focus more on economic stimulus to help the continent grow its way out of the current crisis.


Republicans say: No Epidural! Democrats say: Nitrous Oxide, ha ha! WHICH do YOU prefer? 

If you want change, HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO DO. You need to REMOVE THE OBSTRUCTIONISTS in Congress (from BOTH parties). You need to elect a crop of politicians who love America MORE than they love the party machine – MORE than they adhere to ideology – MORE than they want to destroy, nay – annihilate the opposition.

If you want change, you need to repudiate the Tea Party hard-line extremists who are being elected with their NO COMPROMISE slogans – MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY attitudes. DO NOT elect Tea Party blockaders to Congress who will fight BOTH Republicans and Democrats! Send people who appreciate compromise…who will represent/embrace ALL.

You either have Democrats pushing the country in the direction they want it to go – OR Republicans pushing the country in the direction they want it to go. Unfortunately, the two parties are going in OPPOSITE directions. SO LOOK AT WHAT THE PARTIES STAND FOR – AND CHOOSE THE ONE YOU CAN LIVE WITH. But don’t expect compromise…unless you elect compromisers!

Congressional Gridlock!!!

Oh you’ll make a DIFFERENCE voting for Romney, just not a GOOD difference!

The two parties are so far apart on EVERYTHING  that unless strong, level-headed MAINSTREAM personalities emerge and wrestle a return to common sense and integrity, the result will always either be “my way” or “the high way”.

I blame Independents for digging us deeper into this deadlocked morass by voting for Republicans in 2010. 

In 2008, the nation rises up against Republicans. Americans are appalled and fed up with Republican Tax Cuts from hell, Republican war-mongering (remember how if a fly landed on some country, Republicans were pushing for an invasion?), their out of control SPENDING leading to today’s massive deficit, the negative image of America overseas, Republican hostility against people who didn’t agree with their warped assessment of “patriotism” and their arrogance and stifling of individual rights….plus a long list of scandals.

Spend baby Spend…was OK for George Bush’s wars!

Obama takes over. He inherits a ravaged economy and a RECESSION. Obama is NOT God. Republicans know he’s not God because they think Obama is a Muslim and Muslims are the anti-God in their eyes. Obama has a hostile opposition that decides on DAY ONE that ITS SOLE FOCUS IS TO STYMIE the new president AND  TO INTENTIONALLY OPPOSE HIM WITH THE AIM OF ENSURING THAT HE FAILS AND BECOMES A ONE-TERM PRESIDENT.

No matter what Obama does – Republicans OPPOSE it. But they present NO solutions of their own.

Yet still, after 2 years, with NO help from Republicans despite Obama’s wooing and dinners and White House visits and rounds of golf – Obama manages to stem the economic bleeding. Yet Independents are not satisfied. They wanted a God – or at least a Moses who would part Wall Street and send a tsunami of jobs crashing over America. So when this did not happen, especially IMMEDIATLEY, they cut the legs off Obama and gave him an even MORE hostile opposition. So NOW, we are going to get things done!!! Right…

Vote Romney and you get Romney AND his Republican baggage. 

  • The Tea Party, Tea Party politics, Tea Party face offs and government shut downs
  • More Bush Tax cuts
  • Keeping troops in Iraq
  • Starting wars at the drop of a hat
  • Suppressing Women’s Reproductive Rights
  • Anti-Immigrant fervor
  • Conservative Supreme Court Judges
  • Protecting Big Business at all costs
  • Environmental degradation
  • Shoving religion into your life
  • Gutting programs for the poor
  • Denigrating Science
  • Political/Racial divisions 
  • And more…

Tax, Defense biggest slices of Deficit Pie – NOT entitlements. Republicans don’t care about truth or facts!!!


In 2010, Americans expected that in 2 years Obama could fix an economy that the Government Accounting Office (GAO) said would take at least a decade to recover…but you wanted it to recover in 18 MONTHS? The economy is NOT a burger or a latte…you can’t drive up, place an order for jobs and pick one up at the back window in 30 seconds!

You want a world where you can control interest rates, the price of oil, the geo-political balance, the labor market, the price of raw materials…when you can’t even control your spouse and kids? Good luck. When you find the Republican who can do that, crown him emperor! Just make sure that (a) he/she has clothes (b) you are satisfied that he/she has explained HOW he/she intends to do this! And that before you drink that cool-aid, you (c) check with Russia and China! And Brazil and India…

Be SURE the Emperor has clothes!!!

Did you really expect that an economy that lost millions of jobs (that Obama did not cause, by the way) would just start humming along in 2 years? 

The Titanic sunk 100 years ago – people still have not recovered!

The U.S economy will not fully recover this year or next year either…BECAUSE THERE ARE STILL WEAKNESSES, LIKE A NEW WAVE OF FORECLOSURES. Economist said so…LISTEN! Listen to the people who KNOW what they’re talking about – not to the politicians, especially this stupid, partisan, self-serving bunch we now have.

DO NOT EXPECT America’s economy to rebound…without terrible adjustments, PAINFUL adjustments that you are NOT willing to make…but expect OTHERS to make! We could be like Greece now – but thanks to Obama, we seem to have dodged that bullet. 

Republicans forget that during the Great Depression, President Hoover, a Republican refused to act until it was too late. Hoover abhorred interference in the economy so he sat back while banks failed and closed by the thousands, millions of farms went under, hundreds of thousands of businesses failed and bread lines formed in the streets.

Republican President Herbert Hoover (1929-1933). Succeeded by Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt

So says my son’s 10th grade history book. Did you know that during the Great Depression: “hundreds of teenager boys and girls ‘the wild boys’ hopped on freight trains to zig-zag the country looking for work, adventure and escape? From 1929-1939 25 thousand trespassers were killed and 27-thousand injured on railway property”.

Hoover finally caved in to pressure and signed the Federal Home Loan Act in 1932. It lowered mortgage rates for homeowners and let farmers refinance, thereby avoiding foreclosure. Does that remind you of anything Obama did…?

Hoover also set up the Reconstruction Finance Co-operation in 1932. It authorized up to 2 Billion dollars for emergency financing for banks, insurance companies, railroads and other large businesses. Does that too sound familiar – as in Stimulus?

Great Depression Breadline

Yet Republicans, either ignorant of their history or displaying a deliberate maliciousness or political amnesia – all of which are equally off-putting – castigated Obama for the “bail-out”. It’s no wonder Republicans don’t like history and seek to change it by re-writing text books. Not even History is on their side!!!

Sometimes I get so frustrated with American politics that I wish I could go to Mars. But I guess I’d meet Republicans up there too. Who else but the GOP could have caused the kind of environmental devastation on that planet?

What..? Should I care about Scientific Fact now…or TRUTH?

Desolate Mars. Yeah, Republicans caused that!

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