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Politics, Perception and John Edwards…

By now everybody who reads my blog should know that I’s in love with President Obama…and won’t even date Mitt Romney.

But while I use sarcasm to tear into republicans like Romney and Speaker John Boehner, I hope I never cross the line with the language I use to describe them personally. I don’t like Romney and republicans from a philosophical point of view. I don’t like their positions, I don’t like their ideology – so that colors the way I see them (much like the way the Right’s views of Obama color THEIR opinions about him).

But the language some people, on BOTH sides, use to discuss the other side makes me cringe…

Do you ever read the Comments Section where readers respond to a story? You should. Some of us appear to have little grasp of reality, are ruled/blinded by ideology and reuse to accept any other point of view but our own – even if the premise it’s built on is false.

The comments section will give you an idea how some people in this country think and how ill-informed some of us are, thinking that because we believe something IT IS TRUE. Nothing is more pathetic – to believe a lie because we are either too ideological or too ignorant to believe the TRUTH, especially if it is a truth that does not fit into our acceptance of what we want the truth to be.

Obama haters see NO good in him. He’s as black as his skin color…blacker!

Romney’s haters see ONLY bad in him. No amount of white can wash away his sins…

What are we doing? How do we see one person as “do no wrong” and the other as “be all wrong?”.

When we have this mindset determining and/or influencing the direction of a country – we’re all doomed!

I don’t agree with most Republican’s solutions to the problems facing America or the direction that America needs to go. I don’t believe TAX CUTS are the only answer or MORE WARS are the answer or TORTURE is the answer or DESTROYING THE ENVIRONMENT to benefit capitalism is the answer or that THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD LEGISLATE/CONTROL MY REPRODUCTIVE OR SEXUAL CHOICES, etc. But that does not mean that because someone takes those positions or rejects them, HE/SHE is bad.

I have NO personal attacks to make against politicians. I know little of these men’s/women’s personal lives. I guess they are abusing their families about the same as we are. I guess some of them are having affairs, forgetting important dates, probably can’t stand each other but are putting on public faces; some are very happy, some are not so happy; some are satisfied with their lives, some are not so satisfied; some have great kids, some have kids with issues.

Candidate John Edwards, with wife Elizabeth Edwards (red coat, now deceased) and kids during 2008 campaign for president.

Some like me probably think sometimes: “the only thing preventing me from pushing that child through the window is DSS!” (Department of Social Services). I’m not looking for a perfect candidate – there is NO such thing. The president is the Commander-in-chief NOT the Pastor-in-Chief! If I want a cleric as my political leader, issuing fatwas and telling me how to dress – I guess I can always move to Saudi Arabia or Iran.

Take John Edwards. He is merely opening a window and giving us a peek into the politics of ambition. Even as you read this, there are millions of male and female “John Edwards” plotting, scheming and campaigning to advance themselves and their political or OTHER careers. People planning to release information that will destroy an opponent, people planning to sleep their way to the top – regardless of whether the person they plan to sleep with is married or not – and they don’t give a hoot whom they trample on or destroy in the process…

Former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. Ambition paid off for THEM! Hilary Clinton is the most popular woman in America, possibly the world! Love them/her!

I see parallels with the Clinton’s. John Edwards AND HIS WIFE (we keep forgetting or intentionally omitting that Elizabeth Edwards was equally as ambitious and as vested in her husband’s AMBITION and possibly MORE so. Where is the media?)  except his wife had cancer and his wife died. If Elizabeth Edwards was alive, hale and well this would be a different story.

Newt Gingrich reportedly asked his first wife (he is on his third wife) for a divorce while she was recuperating in hospital from cancer treatments – and he was running for president while Edwards is being dismembered in court. Adultery is NOT a state/federal crime. Well, not yet…but as soon as we get a religious government, it will!

At least Mrs. Edwards had a beautiful home, the resources to get the best care and to make her life easier. There are millions of women whose husbands cheat and DO NOT TRY TO HIDE IT. They rub it in their wives faces, treat the wives like dirt and many of those wives have no car, no big house, no money, no support system and not even enough self-esteem to escape. Those wives are going through hell. Does anybody care? Or do we think that ONLY Elizabeth had to deal with a cheating spouse who had a baby with another woman – only Mrs. Edwards can lay claim to emotional outbursts? You want baby drama? Watch Jerry Springer (don’t really!). Oh yes, there are lots and lots of poor Elizabeth Edwards – and some rich ones too!

SO THE ONLY THING I’M INTERESTED IN IS THIS: Did John Edwards KNOWINGLY shift CAMPAIGN money around to COVER his affair? Whether it was to keep it from his wife or to keep it from America or to keep it from both is irrelevant to me (except protecting his wife comes off as more caring). The rest of it? Just another day in the life of an ambitious whatever…

So therefore, when this morning a pro-Obama PAC’s anti-Romney ad featuring Romney’s old company Boston-based Bain Capital came on, I switched channels. I don’t like this ad. Something about it makes me cringe. Part of Bain Capital deals with Private Equity and Leverage Buyouts. THAT IS WHAT THESE COMPANIES DO. Call Leverage Buyouts the IMF of Wall Street, the Raiders of the Lost Ark. They move in, restructure, reorganize, pick the meat and leave the bones and many times there is blood. And the blood usually pools at the bottom…

These companies I guess are like vultures – ugly, unloved birds but necessary perhaps (I guess. I don’t know much about Wall Street dealings) to keep capitalism in balance. My issue with Romney over Bain is NOT Bain per se – it’s Romney’s refusal to say that he also LOST jobs while touting that he CREATED  jobs. Bain is just a vessel. Any big company CEO is in the same boat. You open a new factory – you create jobs. You close another factory, you lose jobs. Don’t only say: I opened a new factory so I created jobs in Iowa – when you just closed a factory in Wisconsin!

Psst…president Obama!!!

If I was advising president Obama I’d tell him:

  • Pull this ad. Right church, wrong pew. Rework it to reflect on Romney’s truthfulness. I’ve had enough with the fright…
  • You had 4 years to win this election. This reminds me of the Red Sox. Spend the entire season eating chicken in the dugout – and then making a bid in the last inning with the bases loaded and one more strike. Sometimes you get the strike! Sometimes you get a walk! How lucky are you?…’Cause it’s almost too late to play ball!
  • Go after Romney’s record. It’s SO shabby even Scott Brown, the Massachusetts republican wonder-by who won Ted Kennedy’s seat is running so far away from Romney (who used to be governor of Brown’s sate when Brown was in the Massachusetts senate) that the Boston Globe ran a story about it in their May 13 Sunday issue: “Between Brown, Romney, support but little chemistry: As senator tacked to center ex-governor wooed the right”
  • Should you win again, President Obama, surround yourself with a DIFFERENT cast.
  • LISTEN to Michelle. And Sasha and Malia too, for out of the mouth of babes…
  • Wall Street types are not the only arbiters of truisms or wisdom there are! Some economists are investors, I’m sure – but not all investors are economists!

I’m just sayin’. I know you won’t listen to ordinary people like me! What do we know, we the ordinary people who DO NOT pay less taxes than our secretaries? Heck, we don’t have SECRETARIES! Matter of fact WE are the Secretaries. Did I ask what do secretaries know?

Secretaries, Mr. President, know EVERYTHING about their bosses. Who calls them, who they’re messing with, who’s blackmailing them, when they travel, where they go, whom they talk too. Oh yes, Mr. President, secretaries know! They may not have 20-million to buy shares in Google, but secretaries aint stupid!

By the way – I’m sitting here watching the President stroll onto “The View” (ABC) and soppy idiot that I am…I’m smiling from ear to ear. The audience likes him too! That man is likable. Stayed home deliberately to watch…

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PS: I post new articles Monday, Wednesday and Friday – unless there’s a major breaking story! It takes a lot of time/effort because I research, research, research!

Health Care Reform and The Budget to Nowhere…

I hate to say this…but, RICK SANTORUM was right!!!

Mitt Romney is/can be a deer in the headlights when it comes to Health Care Reform! If you know the right questions to ask…which most reporters seem NOT to know or are AFRAID to ask (of ALL the candidates).

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Santorum would have been a more difficult candidate to challenge on Health Care Reform – except that Santorum is so far from the mainstream he’s X-treme! So Republicans had NO choice, really…

Still, Santorum has a point. Can you see that debate between Obama and Romney when the question of Health Care Reform comes up? I don’t know about YOU, but I can hardly wait!

Er, governor – what is it about the Federal law that you don’t like, again…?


TAX FORMS, Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Schedule HC, Page 1: For STATE Taxes in MA You MUST fill this form. NO Health Care, PAY A PENALTY under Romney Care!

There are so many Flips, Flops and Misspokes that Romney can duck behind the anticipation is precious!

And hopefully Obama or some savvy, non-pandering journalist (hopefully a few of those remain) will grill him on it.

What a chuckle or cringe fest this can be!!!

Just think! The very same Republicans who were and are so outraged about mandated Health Care are on their way to anointing the Prince of mandated health Care as their candidate for president. Chickens coming home to roost! And not in a good way.

TAX FORMS, Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Schedule HC, Page 2: For STATE Taxes in MA You MUST fill this form. NO Health Care, PAY A PENALTY. Romney Care!

But then, Republicans have taken the Art of Hypocrisy to new heights. After all, they’re the very same people who tried to crucify President Clinton for adultery and then condoned their own party’s adulterers…because when a Republican commits adultery, it is not EVEN a sin LIKE IT IS when Democrats do it. Why? The Bible tells them so, of course!

Haven’t you read the gospel of John? John Boehner 12:32? It says “And now this I write to you, my dearly beloved republicans, that when the unpatriotic (meaning Democrats) commit a sin, no matter how small or insignificant, that sin shall be exposed and the offender publicly castigated and run out of their dwelling place and their place of employment to be an example to unbelievers.

But if a publican (meaning Republicans) should stumble and sin, remember he is human. Therefore, his sin, no matter how horrendous, shall be covered up and held close, so that others shall not know of it. For surely, I say to you. The sins of the unpatriotic are greater than the sum of the sins of the publicans.”

Let’s hear Mitt Romney and his Republican supporters explain WHY Health Care Reform is OK for Massachusetts but not OK for the rest of the nation. Why is it OK to mandate in a state, but not OK to mandate for the nation? I guess it’s because the people living in Massachusetts, even the Republicans, are radical Liberals…so anything goes here!

As Wisconsin Representative, Republican Paul Ryan put it in an interview with NBC’s Ann Curry: (Romney) “..was the governor of Massachusetts, which is a fairly liberal state; he had a democratic legislature he had to work with and so he had to make compromises”. Indeed! Romney “compromised” so much he ended up compromising his integrity!

TAX FORMS, Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Schedule HC, Page 3: For STATE Taxes in MA You MUST fill this form. NO Health Care, PAY A PENALTY. That's Romney Care!

Schedule HC, Affordability and Premiums: TAX FORM, Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Romney Care....

Of course we in Massachusetts know it was not really Romney who signed the bill. It was secretly president Obama hiding under Romney’s desk. If Mormons believed in the concept of the Trinity Godhead – then maybe I could say it was one of Romney’s three selves: “FLIP’, “FLOP” or “MISSPOKE”. Please explain that, Mr. Romney. Not to me. I get it. I LIVE in Massachusetts. Explain it to Republicans, especially TEA PARTY Republicans across the board who don’t like mandates…and claim that THIS is the MAIN reason they oppose President Obama’s Health Care bill…

  • Of course WE know the REAL reason they oppose Health Care and everything else Obama does is because: They so HATE Obama they’re vowed to OPPOSE anything he does with ONE reason and ONE REASON alone: to ensue he becomes a One-term President.

They NEVER cared under George Bush… Remember the $400-million Bridge to Nowhere that Sarah Palin first thought was “essential” before it was not! That became the face of waste and that was a Republican – Ted Stevens of Alaska.

President Clinton left a surplus. Bush took over and LEFT a huge deficit. DID YOU HEAR JOHN BOEHNER OR PAUL RYAN TALKING ABOUT CUTTING COST DURING THE BUSH TERM IN OFFICE? Why not? IS spending different, when it’s Republicans doing the spending? I guess that depends on what “is” really is!

Schedule HC, Health Care PENALTY Worksheet: TAX FORM, Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Romney Care....

Do you remember the debate over the COST of the War in Iraq? Did you see Mitch McConnell pontificating about the Cost? No. He voted FOR military action in Iraq, the LEADING cause of American Deficits/Debt and voted to authorize 86 billion of tax dollars for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And what do you have to show for this money, Mr McConnell. A great victory? Money better spent than on health care for Americans…?

That war had/HAS such a huge cost…on every front. Emotionally, politically – a disaster. Financially, an economy killer. Geo-politically? On the family? On the soldiers? On the NATION!?


RESULT of ALL this waste of time, money and lives: Iran one – America zero!

Schedule HC, Minimum Coverage: TAX FORM, Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Romney Care....

Take that same amount of money or less, and spend it on Health Care for people HERE in America. Heck no! We need to keep the COSTS down. Anything to do with America – keep costs down. Military action overseas – spend, spend, spend!!!

Slam a couple of multi-million-dollar missiles into a town in Afghanistan, kill innocents, enrage more Muslims. That’s fine. Price just right.  Health Care for kids in America…too expensive.

So close fire stations, cut funding for police, schools and after-school programs that keep kids of the streets and put them on a path to self-sufficiency so they will not go on the Welfare that you hate so much…that’s fine. Build another missile – of course! We still have more places in Afghanistan to bomb especially as that’s going so well!

Schedule HC, Instructions: TAX FORM, Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Romney Care....

Let’s take a page from Paul Ryan’s book. Let’s pretend we really, really CARE about budget deficits. We sooo do not want to leave DEBT for our kids. Do we work with the President to come up with a budget that will pass? NO!!! Mr. Ryan wastes more time and resources ON A BUDGET THAT HE KNOWS FULL WELL WILL NOT PASS. But you diligently work on behalf of the people who sent you to Washington by getting the House to debate it…after which your budget dies. Now you’ve helped cut the deficit. Go on TV and SAY so!

The House knows the Senate will not even LOOK at Ryan’s budget. So Ryan’s budget goes nowhere. But Ryan can say HE did something about cutting the deficit. And he’s right, because (in case YOU, like the media and the Stock Market missed it) the DEFICIT was automatically halved the moment Ryan’s budget died on the House floor.

TAX FORMS, Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Instructions: MA STATE Taxes. Without Health Insurance you may PAY A PENALTY under Romney Care!

Yes, indeed. Ryan can be so proud. Now that is Leadership we can depend on! I don’t think he needs to do anything else to tackle deficit reduction, do you? He’s done ALL THAT HE CAN DO…

Thanks to him, half of the Deficit was wiped away. Now all he has to do is sit tight until HE becomes president to wipe away the remaining half!

Yep – the Budget to Nowhere…strikes again.


I am witnessing America at its best…

Rushing in to help Haiti – doing what AMERICA does best.

NOT starting wars – NO!

NOT bombing civilians – NO!

NOT torturing prisoners – NO!


you and me together
Through the days and nights
I don’t worry ’cause
Everything’s going to be alright…
No one, no one, no one

(Alicia Keys song: No One)


I am from the Caribbean (not Haiti) and when I/we/the world see/sees you rushing down there, see/sees a STRONG president; yes, a STRONG president (not a war-mongering, arrogant bully) immediately dispatch troops and equipment and call Haitians: our neighbors – in our back yard, I feel good!

Finally, a president who recognizes that the CARIBBEAN is in AMERICA’S back yard (and let me remind you that while you isolate Cuba, to please a voting bloc in Florida, OTHER countries like China are MOVING IN-to your back yard!)

It is hard for Haitians here and in Haiti; for Caribbean nationals here and in the Caribbean; for the rest of the world, even – to NOT admire you over your response to Haiti, America.

See how the world rushes to join you in helping Haiti…

See how they call you first – and look to YOU for leadership…

See how YOU will be the go to people, down there…


Please use this as a lesson. This mission in Haiti will do more for your image than supporting a coup, helping to oust their president or covertly subverting their political process.

The airport in the Haitian capital, Port au Prince is not functional. But here come American soldiers, setting up a makeshift Air Control System.

Survivors trapped in the wreckage – here are our soldiers, with their rescue dogs. The hospital collapsed – but here are the Americans, coming with a big Hospital Ship.

Here are the Americans providing security; there are the Americans bringing food and water and personnel. We need this, that – where are the Americans…?



I doubt there is any Haitian on this planet right now who wants to bomb America or kill Americans.

An entire region and its people are happy to see you mobilize and come and help them…and neighboring countries are thinking: America would do the same thing for me!

Out in the Middle East, young kids are thinking: When is the next American bomb falling on my village?

When is the next American drone going to destroy my compound?


See the difference…?

You can change minds and attitudes (though results can be discouragingly slow) with peace, love, goodwill, relief, aid.

NOT with bombs – because although you can mandate compliance and force submission – YOU CANNOT BUY LOVE AND RESPECT.

Hello Republicans…you can try to bomb every nook and cranny where you think the enemy is hiding, (and you should include random blocks in any U.S. city, because many of them are hiding right here among us).

BUT YOU WILL NOT, CANNOT – IN SHORT, WILL NEVER get the results you want by war-mongering, torturing suspects, withholding suspect’s rights or whatever bullying tactics that you think are right.

You may get some information, but when you chop that head off, like the Hydra, many more spring up. So in trying to kill one monster, (e.g: Iraq) you end up with a band of monsters.

(And I say MAY get information, because all reports suggest that while suspects DID reveal relevant information – that information was gotten through regular, sane methods…NOT from torture!)


I can’t wait to see you try to BULLY CHINA! Know what they do to their enemies? Boy, that’s going to be interesting!! (May I suggest you start learning some basic Kung-fu?)

So thanks, president Obama, for stepping up. Way to go, bro…

Yes, people like having the cops around.

But they like free food more!

More power to you, America, for coming forward with the food – and leaving the guns in their holster. This is the America we love – America at its best.

This disaster is a great opportunity to start Haiti on the road to recovery. SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY, AMERICA!

You have a great opportunity to SUPPORT THE DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT in Haiti and to build meaningful infrastructure in that country.

You have been handed a great opportunity to ensure that the fragile peace emerging in Haiti is nurtured and allowed to flourish.

Pull yourself together, America – get your act together, America – Stop the Decline, America – THE WORLD NEEDS YOU, AMERICA!!!

O say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
What so proudly we hail’d at the twilight’s last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro’ the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watch’d, were so gallantly streaming? 

Yes – GOD BLESS AMERICA!! In many countries, especially poor countries, after a disaster – when people see that Flag coming, they know it will be OK.

Many immigrants will walk, swim, take straw boats, take bathtubs, brave the desert heat, pay smugglers, hide in airplane wheel wells – do whatever it takes – to get to America.

This is a compliment that Republicans do not understand. (OK. Not all Republicans are crazy. Non-crazy republicans are excluded) but to the crazy ones I say:

You cannot and will NEVER understand anything outside your dogmatic*, myopic view of how things should be ACCORDING TO YOU, as opposed to how they really are – except  for corruption, tax cuts for the wealthy and moral values wrapped in hypocrisy!

* (Definition of “dogmatic”: Characterized by an authoritative, arrogant assertion of unproved or unprovable principles.)

That about describes Republicans, in my book!

Don’t agree? Here’s what one LEADING Republican said about U.S aid to Haiti: “We’ve already donated to Haiti. It’s called the U.S. income tax.”

According to that particular, PROMINENT voice/face of the Republican Party: The earthquake has played into Obama’s hands, because it lets Obama look “compassionate” and “humanitarian” while at the same time bolstering his standing in both the “light-skinned and dark-skinned black community in this country.

Hilary Rodham, er…Clinton – is my girl!

Anyone who feels brave enough to ask Secretary of state Hilary Rodham Clinton a question about her attractive, sexy husband — former president Bill Clinton, (unless it’s “How is Bill?” and maybe not even THAT!) should please join the military. Uncle Sam definitely needs brave men and women like you!

Who didn’t see how she snapped at that male student in The Democratic Republic of Congo, (Zaire) who (reportedly meant to ask her what Obama though of something, but instead) asked her what Bill thinks of it? Oh boy – I was here, in front of my TV two continents away, and I was scared. You better believe no one in the Congo will want to mess with America, now!

Oh Yes, it’s gonna be a long time before somebody, anybody, asks Madam Secretary of State:

• What her husband is doing?


• What her husband is saying?

I love it!!! That wasn’t Mrs. Clinton talking…that was Hillary Rodham talking! Mee-wow!

So what exactly was Hillary doing in the Congo? In typical American fashion, most people don’t know!

Whom did she meet with? Where did she visit?

We don’t know, do we? The media showed us over and over that clip of Hillary testily answering the question. We know that! The Huffington Post ran a very enlightening article about Clinton’s visit, including her interview with local station Radio Okapi*. They spoke about Human Rights, Chinese investments and the ongoing corruption in Congo leader Joseph Kabila’s government.

I especially like this passage from Hillary:

President Obama would like to forge a new chapter in the relationship between the Congolese people and the American people, that I’m here to explore ways that we could work together, but that we believe strongly there must be an end to impunity, an end to corruption, more transparency and accountability; that the mineral and other natural resource riches of this country should be used for the benefit of the Congolese people, not for a very small group that have historically benefitted, not just for outside corporations or countries that extract the riches and leave with them without really putting back the commensurate investment in the country. And we think there are a lot of areas where we could be helpful, and we’re going to explore whether that’s possible.

Did we hear about that, of course not! THAT’S not important!!

Get details from the Huffington Post:

Hillary Clinton in Congo: Tempers, Human Rights, and Media Cliché.

** (According to information put out by The Communication Initiative Network Radio Okapi was launched in 2002. It’s a project by the United Nations (UN) and Foundation Hirondelle which works to promote dialogue and peace-building in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It includes nine radio stations broadcasting in French and 4 other commonly spoken languages in the Congo. Programs are devoted to themes like health, education, human rights, culture, and music.

Along with its head studio in Kinshasa, Radio Okapi is a network of 9 radio stations scattered across the country. It broadcasts across political and military boundaries. The stations feed information to the Kinshasa headquarters, providing material for a single program. The material is then rebroadcast over different frequencies in each of the studios in the other towns. The network is served by satellite, short-wave and FM transmitters. In order to reach the sizeable Congolese diaspora, it also broadcasts live on the internet with streaming audio versions of the network’s programming).

Freed Journalists Lead to Embrace!

I didn’t watch the triumphant homecoming of Laura Ling and Euna Lee…the two journalists who were jailed in North Korea, since March.

The TV was playing in the background so I know they arrived.

I’m sure their relatives, friends, employers are happy to see them and I would too, in their place.

What I care about right now is bringing home military personnel captured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I’m all for evacuating nationals when there’s a disaster, a coup, a plague etc. And I don’t like it, either, when fellow journalists get captured on the job. We expect these journalists to take risks, to get up close and dodge bullets so those of us at home can know what’s happening in these remote locations.

My struggle is: (1) How indebted should your country be to you when you break another country’s rules, enter forbidden territory and knowingly take risks? We lose out when journalists are not there, taking those risks, but how far should they go – how far do we want/expect them to go? Are they working for the country – or their network? Don’t they often get more money and greater prestige the more risks they take? It’s nice when the government steps in…but should it always?

(2) Whom do we treat as “real” journalists? New York Times reporters? What if it’s a blogger, who may or may not be a journalist…like me?

In listening to the commentary about the freed journalists, some people say this just gives countries like North Korea the leverage to act badly and get rewarded with a high profile visit from a powerhouse like former president Bill Clinton. They claim it will embolden the Irans of the world to try similar stunts.

To me, all this attention, diplomacy, time and money spent negotiating these releases (plane was paid for privately) should now be focussed on military personnel who are missing in Iraq and Afghanistan.

23-year-old Bowe Bergdahl, disappeared from his base in Afghanistan (July 2009), and was later seen in a Taliban video posted online. Bergdahl was serving with an infantry regiment at Fort Richardson in Anchorage. Where is he?

Dianne Feinstein, of course (the Senator from California) speaking as a politician, says: American citizens are in trouble overseas – we must rescue American citizens in trouble overseas? Really? If Americans go to China and take part in anti-government protests that the Chinese say is illegal, and officials sweep them up, we must rescue them, too? Where does it stop?

If religious people rush to Iraq to impose their version of God on the Muslims, and are arrested, should we go free them? I think Jesus will come and free them, since they’re doing his work, not the state’s…and if he doesn’t free them, like he did for Paul, (and Silas, Acts 16:25-28) then he either (a) just doesn’t support what they’re doing and couldn’t care less or (b) it’s his will that they sit in that prison and convert the prisoners.

On the other hand:

Why don’t we just say it’s a game we’re playing with whichever country happens to be holding the hostages, and that even if it was Ronald McDonald, we’d want him back!?

If we manage, through our offensives – charm or military – to free hostages, then it looks like we’ve won! AND, if it brings North Korea to the negotiating table, then send strategic “hostages” to every troublesome corner of the globe! I’ll support that!

One U.S. official says President Clinton talked to North Koreans about the “positive things that could flow” from freeing the two women”. Some analysts apparently think now that North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has gotten his high-profile visit from a former president (he didn’t want a former VICE-president, and turned Al Gore down) that could open the way to direct nuclear disarmament talks.

Plus, it was worth it to see Gore embrace Clinton.

Guess he’s not mad about his lost election anymore!

Paging the Clintons…and Racism Overseas.

Can anyone please let me know if the Clintons have been spotted anywhere outside the U.S…like Brazil, Botswana…Bangkok?

The world is rushing to congratulate Barack Obama on his victory. Even from republicans like Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice… (bet she voted secretly for Obama! She hates Cheney too, remember) to prominent democrats who do and don’t want jobs in an Obama Administration.

We’ve heard from Obama’s third cousin, on his grandfather’s side, fourteen times removed. We’ve heard from people in every depressed black area in America and overseas. Even Sarah Palin pledged co-operation. But I’m still waiting to hear from prominent power-couple: Hill and Bill!

The President and Mrs. Bush reached out. Iran is writing! Russia is calling! But so far, nothing publicly, from the Clintons. Maybe the Clintons have graciously decided to let Obama have his moment. They could also be having uncontrollable sobbing fits over Obama’s historic smashing of the ebony? ceiling.

Perhaps the Clintons see just one way to restore the family’s honor. Chelsea for President! They’ve probably taken her to a secret overseas location. Political ninja’s will immediately start training Chelsea how to kick and punch her way through a grueling primary process, until she stages her own bid to return the presidency to Clinton hands!

And by the way, when that phone rings at 3:00 A.M, we’re not scared about who will be answering it. Because if aides come rushing in shouting: Mr. President, Mr. President, there are four ICBM’s heading to D.C. Obama would probably hand the aides some water, tell them to calm down, then ask someone to get him the Pentagon!

Our new president is a cobra. Coiled, cool, calm, deadly – just waiting for ya! Then whoop – you’re history. Don’t mess with Obama, and I reckon a lot of people at the Capitol will learn that, the hard way! People see him coming and they see the suit. DON’T LET THE SUIT FOOL YOU. That guy does not blink! No blink, blink!

I also want to say: I wonder if any of the other candidates on the democratic slate would have delivered the margin of victory that Obama delivered. Would Clinton have turned Pennsylvania and Ohio blue? New Hampshire and Florida, maybe. Too many people, republicans and democrats, absolutely hate the Clintons, and many detest Hillary even more!

I like the Clintons. Bill really upset me with those veiled racial underpinnings in his remarks during the primaries – but you know what, if you write the word Clinton on a piece of paper and hand it to a republican, the person will start foaming at the mouth. That’s enough to make me love the Clintons, bless their hearts. Republicans call Hillary a bitch! I say “go girl!” One man’s bitch is another man’s barracuda! Whatever!

Now, president-elect Obama, just a little something for me. All the blogging I’ve been doing– FOR YOU!!! Can I join the list of people from Massachusetts who want jobs in your administration? I would like White House copy writer. Can I get that, please? O-K, how about paper shredder? Read my blog. I’ve been good to you, ain’t I? Praised you…and kicked your opponents, er, shins? I deserve a place in your administration. I’m waiting by the phone. I’m sure you’ll call me.


I’ve already warned the rest of the world about making America look like a racist freak nation. NO American leader wanted to create a master race of tall, blue-eyed blonds. Remember, Obama would NOT be here today! That Master Race would have wiped off ALL of Asia, Africa (including Obama’s grandparents) and the tropics…and culled a whole lot of other transplants! (They’d probably kill Obama’s mother too, for consorting with black men!)

The racism that came to America didn’t just fall from the sky!
It piggy backed on the Anglophiles. Their descendants in the Republican Party, today, remain latched onto white-only politics, refusing to let go…and still holding on for dear life. The same people who made Italians feel like dirt when they got here. The same ones who treated the Irish like dogs when they got here. The same ones saying today Hispanics bring diseases to the U.S. They conveniently forget the Measles, Chicken Pox, Small Pox and VENERAL DISEASES they brought to the “colonies” and emaciated native people, destroying entire populations!

Read the history of the Irish in Chicago, the Italians in New York. Talk about racism. I have always found it hard to grasp that Irish people who faced this abject, dismal, humiliating, enraging and degrading racism in Boston, then turned around, and inflicted the same kind of racism on blacks.

Heard about “Southie?” The last racial killing (of a black person) in South Boston occurred about 4 or so years ago! I have a cousin who, seven years ago, refused to drive in South Boston. South Boston has now changed so much, it is almost unrecognizable. Last St. Patrick’s Day, my son and I went and shot a whole roll of film of the annual parade. We waved and they waved…there have been blacks in the parade and last year, a nice Asian contingent with a dragon.

So give me/us a break. America has just had a few hundred years to deal with its issues. Europe was around in the first century…parts under the thumb of Rome who thought Europeans were “uncivilized”…yet they still haven’t gotten it right! The Asians haven’t gotten it right, either. The Japanese still can’t even admit, unequivocally, to their war-time atrocities against Koreans and others! Today, they’re twittering about racial injustice in America. Shut up!

As for China, (5-thousand years of written history!) the ethnic Han consider themselves superior to everybody on this earth, including unwanted, troublesome “minorities” like the Tibetans. And the darker-skinned you are, the less welcome you are! (I’ve been to Taiwan. Some of them acted like they’d never seen a black person before, and probably never had! They want to touch you. Pull your hair. Can’t blame them. I read an article that says they do the same thing in Utah.)

So leave us alone, snotty Europeans. Now it’s time for France to elect some Algerians and/or Tunisians from its banlieus and send them to the Elysee Palace. Don’t be racist, now! Hey, Germany, your turn. How about some Turks in the Bundestag. Kalil for Chancellor?

We have the Moral High Ground on this one. Nana nana nana! We have Obama! Nana nana nana…

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