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A vote for Romney means MORE, Worse Gridlock!!!

I address this to the “Independents” including the Republicans who ran away from their own party and are STILL running – because the GOP is getting more and MORE X-treme!

If you believe that electing an opinion-shifting, finger-in-the-wind testing etch-a-sketcher will make America or the economy  better…raise your hackles?

YOU do? Well you probably thought too that America could rise from a Recession in 2 years!

Do YOU think that electing Mitt Romney will make anything better? WHAT? What is the “IT” that Romney’s going to make better? 

The economy? Jobs?

So Romney is going to create jobs? HOW? With WHICH Congress? House Speaker John Boehner cannot even keep his Tea Party members in line…but YOU think Romney will, especially as the Tea Party does not even LIKE Mitt Romney? They see Romney as their best bet to win the White House. To them he’s a means to an end, an “IN”. He knows it…and the Romney who was governor of Massachusetts will NOT stand being dictated to, like Santorum hinted in his “endorsement”:

“I intend to keep lines of communication open with him and his campaign. I hope to ensure that the values that made America that shining city on the hill are illuminated brightly by our party and our candidates thus ensuring not just a victory, but a mandate for conservative governance.”

The Republicans have ONLY ONE solution: Tax Cuts for the wealthy! THAT’S IT…

Has Romney TOLD you – explained HOW he will create jobs? Ask him? And if it’s similar to George Bush’s policies that failed and got us into this mess – then say NO thanks. If it’s new and innovative – say Yes! We can try something new…why not? More Tax Cuts? Is that ALL they have? Is that their ONLY answer? Why? Where are the forward thinkers…?

Oh, so YOU think Romney will call in his old company Bain…and Bain will take HUD and dismantle it. Bain will dismantle Health and Human Services and Bain will dismantle Education (so kids will all be home-schooled, including kids whose parents can’t read!). And then Bain will DO what…?

How do you think Obama or any president creates jobs? It’s not a PERSONAL thing. Looking for a president who can “create” jobs? Vote for Bill Gates. HE can CREATE jobs by opening a new factory, launching a new PRODUCT! If you want a president who can “create an ENVIRONMENT for job growth and stimulation” (I hope religious conservatives forgive me for using a morally improper word like stimulation?) then you have two choices. It boils down to: Whose methods DO YOU prefer?

Presidents CAN’T create jobs – unless he/she hires additional maids in the personal quarters at the White House. Do not let politicians fool you, sidetrack you with their language and rhetoric. Presidents DO NOT create jobs!!!

PRESIDENTS WORK WITH CONGRESS TO CREATE AN ATMOSPHERE THAT GENERATES JOBS!!! With Congress…! Think where we’d be IF Obama had the support of Republicans behind him…support they will NEVER give him!

  • YOU think Democrats are going to support MORE Tax Cuts, especially FOR the wealthy?
  • YOU think Democrats are going to sit back and let Republicans roll back Health Care?
  • YOU think Democrats are going to SUPPORT bombing Iran?
  • YOU think Democrats are going to allow Republicans to roll back Women’s Rights, Gay Rights?
  • You think Democrats are going to let Republicans CLAMP DOWN on Unions?
  • Really, what DO YOU think? Need I go on…

You ever stop to think that if Romney was president today, Detroit would NOT be making a profit now. It is thanks to Obama that America’s Auto Industry is gearing up. Left to Romney there would have been NO bailout. The auto industry would have crashed. Think what THAT would have done to the economy when ALL the workers were laid off, all the plants closed, all the suppliers/parts makers idling, all the banks taking hits, all the cafeterias, stores, TOWNS impacted? DO YOU STOP TO THINK ABOUT THAT? The very same Romney who claims to be so astute a businessman? Bad call on his part. Makes you wonder that he would fail on something so significant…AND NOW TRYING TO TAKE THE CREDIT FOR IT!

There were two paths before us: SPEND and DON’T SPEND.

  1. Republicans said “Don’t Spend”: You will expand the deficit – pushing us further into debt. DO NOT BAIL OUT THE BANKS! DO NOT BAIL OUT THE AUTO INDUSTRY! LET THEM FAIL TO TEACH THEM A LESSON! IT IS THE CAPITALIST WAY!
  2. Obama and Democrats said: We HAVE to spend! We NEED to spend! Yes it will make the deficit bigger, but IF WE DON’T SPEND, IF WE DON’T PUMP MONEY INTO THE ECONOMY, even if it’s to give people jobs to paint roses on bushes, THEN THE ECONOMY WILL CRASH AND WE WILL BE WORSE OFF, MUCH worse off!
U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis figures show: Real gross domestic product — the output of goods and services produced by labor and property located in the United States — increased at an annual rate of 2.2 percent in the first quarter of 2012 (that is, from the fourth quarter to the first quarter), according to the “advance” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the fourth quarter of 2011, real GDP increased 3.0 percent.

“Socialist leader Francois Hollande beat incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy with 51.62 percent of the vote (April 2012)…as French voters expressed displeasure with Sarkozy’s austerity plan budget cuts at the voting booth despite the perception that Sarkozy was as a stronger leader…”

And Europe? You follow the news don’t you? Forget Greece. Look at France.

According to Reuters: Gross domestic product in Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, rose by 0.5 percent on the quarter, bouncing back from a 0.2 percent slide in the last three months of 2011. France’s economy stagnated, although it grew slightly at the end of last year.

France just threw out the AUSTERITY Belt-Tightener. Who would have thought? And voted in a spender – a BIG spender! Obama is meeting Heads of Europe’s biggest economies at Camp David before heading to Chicago for the NATO Summit – and they’re discussing what?

President Obama is likely to clash with German leader Angela Merkel at the G8 summit. Obama supports French calls for pro-growth policies in Europe. Merkel says AUSTERITY first. A worsening economy in Europe can have a negative impact on the U.S. economy…which Republicans will BLAME Obama for!

If an economically weakened, debt-laden Europe should go the German Way: continue down the road of austerity favored by German Chancellor Angela Merkel or the Obama Way: focus more on economic stimulus to help the continent grow its way out of the current crisis.


Republicans say: No Epidural! Democrats say: Nitrous Oxide, ha ha! WHICH do YOU prefer? 

If you want change, HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO DO. You need to REMOVE THE OBSTRUCTIONISTS in Congress (from BOTH parties). You need to elect a crop of politicians who love America MORE than they love the party machine – MORE than they adhere to ideology – MORE than they want to destroy, nay – annihilate the opposition.

If you want change, you need to repudiate the Tea Party hard-line extremists who are being elected with their NO COMPROMISE slogans – MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY attitudes. DO NOT elect Tea Party blockaders to Congress who will fight BOTH Republicans and Democrats! Send people who appreciate compromise…who will represent/embrace ALL.

You either have Democrats pushing the country in the direction they want it to go – OR Republicans pushing the country in the direction they want it to go. Unfortunately, the two parties are going in OPPOSITE directions. SO LOOK AT WHAT THE PARTIES STAND FOR – AND CHOOSE THE ONE YOU CAN LIVE WITH. But don’t expect compromise…unless you elect compromisers!

Congressional Gridlock!!!

Oh you’ll make a DIFFERENCE voting for Romney, just not a GOOD difference!

The two parties are so far apart on EVERYTHING  that unless strong, level-headed MAINSTREAM personalities emerge and wrestle a return to common sense and integrity, the result will always either be “my way” or “the high way”.

I blame Independents for digging us deeper into this deadlocked morass by voting for Republicans in 2010. 

In 2008, the nation rises up against Republicans. Americans are appalled and fed up with Republican Tax Cuts from hell, Republican war-mongering (remember how if a fly landed on some country, Republicans were pushing for an invasion?), their out of control SPENDING leading to today’s massive deficit, the negative image of America overseas, Republican hostility against people who didn’t agree with their warped assessment of “patriotism” and their arrogance and stifling of individual rights….plus a long list of scandals.

Spend baby Spend…was OK for George Bush’s wars!

Obama takes over. He inherits a ravaged economy and a RECESSION. Obama is NOT God. Republicans know he’s not God because they think Obama is a Muslim and Muslims are the anti-God in their eyes. Obama has a hostile opposition that decides on DAY ONE that ITS SOLE FOCUS IS TO STYMIE the new president AND  TO INTENTIONALLY OPPOSE HIM WITH THE AIM OF ENSURING THAT HE FAILS AND BECOMES A ONE-TERM PRESIDENT.

No matter what Obama does – Republicans OPPOSE it. But they present NO solutions of their own.

Yet still, after 2 years, with NO help from Republicans despite Obama’s wooing and dinners and White House visits and rounds of golf – Obama manages to stem the economic bleeding. Yet Independents are not satisfied. They wanted a God – or at least a Moses who would part Wall Street and send a tsunami of jobs crashing over America. So when this did not happen, especially IMMEDIATLEY, they cut the legs off Obama and gave him an even MORE hostile opposition. So NOW, we are going to get things done!!! Right…

Vote Romney and you get Romney AND his Republican baggage. 

  • The Tea Party, Tea Party politics, Tea Party face offs and government shut downs
  • More Bush Tax cuts
  • Keeping troops in Iraq
  • Starting wars at the drop of a hat
  • Suppressing Women’s Reproductive Rights
  • Anti-Immigrant fervor
  • Conservative Supreme Court Judges
  • Protecting Big Business at all costs
  • Environmental degradation
  • Shoving religion into your life
  • Gutting programs for the poor
  • Denigrating Science
  • Political/Racial divisions 
  • And more…

Tax, Defense biggest slices of Deficit Pie – NOT entitlements. Republicans don’t care about truth or facts!!!


In 2010, Americans expected that in 2 years Obama could fix an economy that the Government Accounting Office (GAO) said would take at least a decade to recover…but you wanted it to recover in 18 MONTHS? The economy is NOT a burger or a latte…you can’t drive up, place an order for jobs and pick one up at the back window in 30 seconds!

You want a world where you can control interest rates, the price of oil, the geo-political balance, the labor market, the price of raw materials…when you can’t even control your spouse and kids? Good luck. When you find the Republican who can do that, crown him emperor! Just make sure that (a) he/she has clothes (b) you are satisfied that he/she has explained HOW he/she intends to do this! And that before you drink that cool-aid, you (c) check with Russia and China! And Brazil and India…

Be SURE the Emperor has clothes!!!

Did you really expect that an economy that lost millions of jobs (that Obama did not cause, by the way) would just start humming along in 2 years? 

The Titanic sunk 100 years ago – people still have not recovered!

The U.S economy will not fully recover this year or next year either…BECAUSE THERE ARE STILL WEAKNESSES, LIKE A NEW WAVE OF FORECLOSURES. Economist said so…LISTEN! Listen to the people who KNOW what they’re talking about – not to the politicians, especially this stupid, partisan, self-serving bunch we now have.

DO NOT EXPECT America’s economy to rebound…without terrible adjustments, PAINFUL adjustments that you are NOT willing to make…but expect OTHERS to make! We could be like Greece now – but thanks to Obama, we seem to have dodged that bullet. 

Republicans forget that during the Great Depression, President Hoover, a Republican refused to act until it was too late. Hoover abhorred interference in the economy so he sat back while banks failed and closed by the thousands, millions of farms went under, hundreds of thousands of businesses failed and bread lines formed in the streets.

Republican President Herbert Hoover (1929-1933). Succeeded by Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt

So says my son’s 10th grade history book. Did you know that during the Great Depression: “hundreds of teenager boys and girls ‘the wild boys’ hopped on freight trains to zig-zag the country looking for work, adventure and escape? From 1929-1939 25 thousand trespassers were killed and 27-thousand injured on railway property”.

Hoover finally caved in to pressure and signed the Federal Home Loan Act in 1932. It lowered mortgage rates for homeowners and let farmers refinance, thereby avoiding foreclosure. Does that remind you of anything Obama did…?

Hoover also set up the Reconstruction Finance Co-operation in 1932. It authorized up to 2 Billion dollars for emergency financing for banks, insurance companies, railroads and other large businesses. Does that too sound familiar – as in Stimulus?

Great Depression Breadline

Yet Republicans, either ignorant of their history or displaying a deliberate maliciousness or political amnesia – all of which are equally off-putting – castigated Obama for the “bail-out”. It’s no wonder Republicans don’t like history and seek to change it by re-writing text books. Not even History is on their side!!!

Sometimes I get so frustrated with American politics that I wish I could go to Mars. But I guess I’d meet Republicans up there too. Who else but the GOP could have caused the kind of environmental devastation on that planet?

What..? Should I care about Scientific Fact now…or TRUTH?

Desolate Mars. Yeah, Republicans caused that!

The Dark Lord of Politics Is Back!

It’s POLITICS Season…and guess who’s cleaning his weapons?

“The Architect”

He who Must NOT be Named – Karl Rove, the Voldemort (Dark Lord in the Harry Potter books) of politics. And Rove is trying to ensnare you once again in his black magic.

Beware, if you fall within a category Republicans consider “mudbloods!” (wizards and witches who come from non-magical families.) Meaning to Republicans: Non-Anglos, Liberals, Gays, Hispanics, Blacks, Muslims, etc…).

Matt Latimer, a speechwriter to President George W.Bush describes Rove as: less a Voldemort who was “what all the liberals said he was, the villain.”

Rove sowed the seeds of the Divisive brand of politics we are reaping in America, today. I hold Rove responsible for 8 years of George Bush. Bush even described Rove as “The Architect” of his victory over John Kerry in the November 2004 presidential election.

Senator Phil Gramm, Texas: 1985 – 2002

To me, Rove is the reason so many people now dislike and distrust the Republican party. He’s the reason we got politicians like John Ashcroft and Phil Gramm.

What did Phil Gramm do? According to Wikipedia, Gramm: co-sponsored the Gramm-Latta Budget in 1981 which increased military spending, cut other spending, and mandated the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981.

Included in the act was an across-the-board decrease in the marginal income tax rates in the U.S. by 23% over three years, with the top rate falling from 70% to 50% and the bottom rate dropping from 14% to 11%. This act slashed estate taxes and trimmed taxes paid by business corporations by $150 billion over a five-year period.

Rove is also the reason (again to me) that we now have the Tea Party. He’s the reason the Republican party is split to the point they can’t even accept their anointed candidate, despite the pretense of unity. Karl Rove is the reason American politics has become so nasty! 

  • Rove was accused of being behind a phone poll called a “push-pull poll” that asked voters questions like: would people be “more or less likely to vote for the Democrat Governor Ann Richards of Texas if they knew her staff was dominated by lesbians? Rove naturally denied being involved in circulating these rumors about Richards during the campaign, although many critics nonetheless identify this technique, particularly as utilized in this instance against Richards, as a hallmark of his career.

  • One of the more notorious dirty tricks of which Rove is accused is the so-called “push-pull poll” conducted in South Carolina during the 2000 primaries, when George W. Bush and John McCain were vying for the Republican presidential nomination. The poll suggested that McCain, who has an adopted daughter from Bangladesh, had fathered an illegitimate child with a black woman. Rove denied having anything to do with it.
  • 1996 Harold See’s campaign for Associate Justice, Alabama Supreme Court. A former campaign worker charged that, at Rove’s urging, he distributed flyers that anonymously attacked See, his own client. This put the opponent’s campaign in an awkward position. If See’s opponent publicly denied the flyers, he’d be damned anyway. Guess who won? Rove’s client was elected.
  • In one campaign, a former Rove staffer reported that a whisper campaign alleging the opponent, a democrat, was a pedophile (a pedophile!?) started with Rove. But that could not be proved.
  •  In the 1986 Texas governor’s race, when the contest between Rove’s Republican client, Bill Clements, and the Democratic incumbent Mark White was neck and neck, Rove announced he had found an electronic listening device in his office, and cried foul. The furor swung the election to Clements and to this day Texan Democrats are convinced Rove concocted the whole episode.

Valerie Plame CIA scandal links

  • In July 2006, conservative columnist Robert Novak confirmed Rove leaked the name of CIA undercover agent, Valerie Plame Wilson. Plame was married to Joseph Wilson, a former ambassador who had questioned the Bush administration’s claims about Iraq’s alleged nuclear program. Rove allegedly told the journalists that Plame was “fair game” because her husband had gone public with his criticism.

This is documented online. In some cases, I quote passages in whole or in part…

How can any politician, Republican or Democrat, CONDONE this type of behavior? They do this ALL the time because YOU, voters, ALLOW this to go one. Once it’s your candidate who will benefit, you go along. Now see where it’s taken us. The good candidates run for cover and we get people like Mitt Romney who are willing to DO anything, SAY anything to win!

If Republicans (and ALL politicians) are smart – they will get RID of people like Carl Rove and aim for the moral high ground.

But Republicans won’t. Because these days it’s “Win at ANY Cost” no matter how high. I don’t know how many ethnic and social groups Republicans feel a need to antagonize but they are going for the record!

Ronald Reagan (left) debates Democrat Walter Mondale

BEFORE Karl Rove became “The Architect” of Republican politics, we had Ronald Reagan. During a 1984 presidential debate with Walter Mondale, Reagan said: “I want you to know that…I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.” Brilliant. But then Rove was NOT running Reagan’s campaign, though he did handle some mailings.

Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act in 1986. It, among other things, gave amnesty to about 3 million illegal immigrants who entered the United States before January 1, 1982. If Reagan ran for nomination today, the Tea Party would OPPOSE him. Imagine that!

Thank Karl Rove for the insidious destruction of the Republican Party. Republicans seem to attract, gather, collect, embrace these destructive forces and revolve in their orbit. The Karl Roves, the Rush Limbaughs, the Glen Becks, the Sarah Palins who have hijacked the Republican Party, but Republicans are too scared to depose these polarizing elements as their icons. What good is it doing for them except to make Republicans appear more and more extremist and out of touch?

Wolves in SHEEP clothing!

Sometimes I speculate the current crop of Republican politicians we have today are not real Republicans at all, just wolves in Republican clothing!

Until Republicans become strong, bold, mature, gutsy enough to say to these divisive elements within their party: “YOU do NOT represent ME!”...they may eke out a few more wins, but  I don’t see a rosy future. Maybe I’m the one with blinders!

We need a new, charismatic, yes a COOL republican to come along and rescue the Republican party – because America NEEDS two parties, two sane parties. (Democrats, you’re not off the hook, either.)

Can you imagine a Republican presidential candidate who will tell Rush Limbugh: “You may preach your hate-mongering and disharmony. If encouraging presidential failure and disdain for immigrants and various ethnic groups is your thing IT’S NOT MINE. So hear and know this: YOU do not speak for the Republican party and you especially DO NOT speak for me! You speak ONLY for you”.

Obama Cool! Karl Rove ad for Mitt Romney says Obama’s too cool. FAKE Romney better. How about Rove ditching his “cool” smartphone or laptop for a much more dated version? NO? So YOU like cool…?

A Republican Presidential candidate who will tell Carl Rove: “No thanks. I’ll find another person to advise my campaign.

It’s ONLY when Republicans get such a candidate that they will understand the concept of “cool”. UNTIL THEN, Republicans…NO THANKS.

In May 2008 the House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed Karl Rove to testify on the politicization of the Justice Department under George W. Bush.  The Bush Justice Department was accused of FIRING U.S. attorneys who refused to go after Democrats!  (NO concern for job losses, then.)

Lost White House e-mails, CIA leak scandal, Cheney adviser – Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigns – one scandal after the other under Bush/Rove? In August 2007, Karl Rove resigned without responding to the Senate Judiciary Committee subpoena. Rove is running ads for Mitt Romney…


One of George W. Bush’s nicknames for KARL ROVE is “Turd Blossom”  a Texas term for a flower that blooms from cattle poo! That’s documented online too. Just follow your nose…

It’s Better Already – America!

Think of it…

Here is a “Flip-Flopping Right Wing Ideologue” (just quoting a TV pundit describing Mitt Romney) who appears to be the Republicans likely Heir…and you know, you KNOW, that many conservatives and Tea Partynistas are having a fit!

  • Want to know how conservatives really feel?

Rick Santorum (who’s scheduled to meet with Romney May 04) still cannot bring himself to say outright that he supports Romney, dancing around the issue in a CNN interview last night.

  • President George W. Bush made himself scarce when his dad, H.W. endorsed Romney. You got to hand it to W., he sticks to his guns…

So of course it’s already better…because they have a candidate they detest…and with reason, too.

Mitt Romney essentially declared VICTORY in the Republican Primary in New Hampshire last night (April 24)…even though there is still one candidate left in the race.

Imagine how you’d feel if YOU, as Newt Gingrich, watched Romney take the baton and fling it far over the finish line while you were still running!

Romney does appear to have the nomination sewn up. So he could have at least waited graciously for Gingrich to drop out or negotiated with him behind the scenes, BEFORE claiming victory. But Mitt Romney must be Mitt Romney. Muscle Gingrich out of the race. Crush the opponent with money, negative ads or a well-timed shove. Goodbye…

Gingrich is not feeling the love. He told ABC a couple of hours before Romney’s grand speech: “I think it’s a very substantial mistake for Governor Romney to be having, quote, ‘a general election’ speech…in New Hampshire. He’s the frontrunner but he’s not the nominee…I think it’s a little bit presumptuous. There’s a big difference between being the front-runner and being inevitable and I think he is mistaking the two.”

Gingrich will probably drop out under pressure – but, hey, let Republicans SORT their mess out.

  • Meantime, Romney last night said people’s hopes and dreams have been diminished by false promises and weak leadership.

As opposed to George Bush who gave America STRONG leadership? So strong, in fact, the joke going around said Dick Cheney was the one running the show. The puppet master who reportedly elbowed out level-headed people like Colin Powell because Powell warned about foreign intervention: If you break it, you own it. Is Joe Biden running the show? If he is, we’re not hearing about it…so that at least is a plus for Obama!

Was there any hope MORE false than: “Mission Accomplished”? or has Romney forgotten? Is that mission accomplished – and just WHAT was the mission again, candidate Romney?

  • Romney said: People are working harder for less.

OK Mr. Romney, I don’t know how many maids and housekeepers YOU have at all your houses. But let’s start with some of them. Charity, it’s said, begins at home – where the heart is! According to one online report, the Romney’s 2010 tax returns show his income was nearly 22 million, but he paid only 21-thousand-dollars in taxable wages for household help (to four women at ONE of the 3 homes they had) in 2010.

According to the source, the breakdown (rounded off): $5,000 for one woman, $9,000.00 another woman, $2,000.00 – third woman and $5,000.00 – fourth woman.

START the ball rolling by paying MORE.  I’m not judging you, Mr. Romney. Maybe these workers worked part-time or Mrs. Romney cleaned the house herself? We speculate because the Romney campaign declined to clarify…

All that aside, HAS ROMNEY TOLD YOU HOW he’s going to ensure that YOU work harder for MORE? Be sure he explains THAT to your satisfaction before you vote!

  • What else did he refer to? Single mom who feels heartbroken when she has to explain to her kids that she needs to take a second job…YES, indeed…like his wife. OH sorry, she’s NOT a single mom and I’ve already dealt with the “JOB” thing in a previous post: “Romney’s Back-Flip Flop on Work“. (You notice he did not use the term ‘work’?. He used job. Finally he gets it! But I’m sure he’ll tell you that his wife (with four helpers in one home) can sympathize with what we single moms who need 2 jobs go through.

And as for the mom and dad who never thought they’d be on food stamps — thank God Romney and Republicans DID NOT GET THEIR WAY to completely gut food stamp programs.

Just this month, Republicans pushed their BUDGET plan to CUT food stamps by $8 billion over the coming year and $34 billion over a decade. The average monthly benefit for a family of four is about $500…Democrats assailed the cuts, saying Republicans were targeting the poor while boosting the Pentagon budget above levels agreed to last summer.

(Read more:

Romney says he was successful in business…but he won’t also SAY he caused thousands of people to LOSE their jobs? That’s true too. Or does his Life Balance Sheet only show credits with NO debits?

He plans to get to know America’s families. He doesn’t KNOW you yet after spending much of his life in politics running for senator and governor and president? Introduce him to your gay partner and ask him why you don’t get to have the same rights he does – let him meet your illegal immigrant relative hiding in your house. Well, don’t…on second thought. Do offer him some Meat Loaf – press him to eat it. Watch him swallow. MAKE my day!!!

  • Do we pay less at the pump, now?

Do we? I recall gas prices were very high under George Bush, about $5.00 a gallon when people parked their gas guzzling SUV’s and you could not EVEN TRADE IT IN? And his wife still had her Cadillacs, I presume…Back when Bush was hobnobbing with Saudi royals, his dear friends who sell us the oil?

  • Easier to sell your home and buy a new one now?

It could have been, if Republicans had pushed for Oversight and REGULATED Wall Street and big banks. Republicans could have forced the issue. Then today we could say: They did try…let the records show. WHERE is their record?

  • Only in America could his dad, who grew up poor, and never graduated college, pursue his dreams and be successful. Check…

And ONLY in America could a black, black man from Africa marry a white, white woman, and have a mixed race skinny little kid with a funny name…(divorced parents, raised by grandmother). Only in America could that kid drag his way up to be president. Mate…

No Mr. Romney, we are NOT stupid, though YOU keep thinking that we are!

  • You will stop the unfairness of politicians giving taxpayer money to their friends businesses.

One word: HALLIBURTON. Does that ring a bell… Huge non-bid multi-million dollar contracts in Iraq? Dick Cheney…ting ting?

And above all, DON’T apologize to other nations for American wrongdoing. Not EVER. Not even when our soldiers go on killing sprees and brutally gun down innocent children. Just tell them to f— off.


Mitt Romney the Casanova

Mitt Romney loves women…so much…

He’s a regular Casanova!

He even loves gay women. You believe that, hmnn?

Mitt Romney

Well of course he loves you NOW that he needs YOUR vote in November.

He loves you so much he just hates the way President Obama took your job away…

The way you were better off under George Bush!

The way that he will give you and your gay partner  jobs, but left to him if either of you get hurt on that very same job that he so wants you to have — neither of you will be able to go see the other in your sick beds.

And if either of you die, the survivor won’t have any rights.

But what do THOSE things matter, long as he gets you as job! Unlike Obama who just wants to take your job away and give you your rights…

Under WHOM do you think you have the BEST choice of having BOTH a job AND your rights? Romney or Obama?

YOU choose. You’re not as stupid as Romney seems to think you are!!

Mitt Romney and Republicans love women .

They loves women so much…

They are determined to support only judges who will strip you of your rights to control your ovaries…your vagina…and your eggs.

A woman's RIGHT to choose!

It is their love and RESPECT for Women’s Rights that keep them bowing down at the altar of Misogyny…to those who call a women “slut” and “prostitute” because she dared to agitate for the right to contraceptive care…much as MEN have the right to Viagra! What a stiff!!

It is because Romney and Republicans love women so much that they oppose any judge who will support Roe v. Wade.

Just think: Daddy Romney loves you so much that he will choose for YOU if you should have an abortion or not.

He will decide for YOU if you can get the Morning After Pill – or not! 

Romney and Republicans love women so much they tried to cut funding for the Federal Head Start program that provides low-cost educational, health, nutritional, social and other services, including childcare for poor women.

According to Wikipedia, Head Start is one of the longest-running programs to address systemic poverty in the United States. As of late 2005, more than 22 million pre-school aged children had participated. But then what did Romney say about poor people: He’s not concerned about the very poor?

Female Auto Worker. Yes, they do have those in Detroit...and elsewhere!!! You'd think somebody from Michigan would KNOW that!!!

Romney will decide for you if Planned PARENTHOOD should stay open to provide health care to women. Remember the Susan G. Komen debacle…they will find a way! A sneaky way…

They will go after Planned Parenthood with guns blazin’ and try to CLOSE it because it provides abortions. They will NOT understand that the agency does not use federal funds to provide abortions and that Romney’s own money is safely stashed away in the Caymans or where-ever he has it, far we hope, from abortions!

By the way, apart from his old company Bain — how many jobs have Romney created with his personal wealth?  Lets’ see: his accountants to count his money, his tax advisers to tell him where to hide it, the contractors building his many houses.  I get it. 

Mitt Romney loves women so much that he doesn’t give a hoot if Immigration agents raid a factory and herd the women off to a shed in Texas and leave the kids alone in Massachusetts and elsewhere – in the care of other women. Oh sorry. I forget. These are immigrant women. Illegal immigrant women. They don’t count. THEY are NOT women. Not really…

Mitt Romney loves women so much that he opposed the Dream Act. If any of those immigrant kids were born of mothers and NOT pods…then those mothers are NOT women!

Mitt Romney loves women so much and is so concerned with jobs for women that he opposed bailing out the auto industry because all those men who lost their jobs were married to other men!

Auto Industry Jobs make a Comeback! Thanks to Obama...

Far as Romney is concerned, there were NO women working on those assembly lines because of course, ALL women are at home, like his wife, taking care of their kids, driving around in several Cadillacs and then reversing into their multi-car garages with elevators that take them up and down all day. 

How can Obama compare with that...elitist that he IS!!!

Sarah Palin…plus Economic Anger

  • This past week (Nov. 15 to Nov. 21, 2009) Sarah Palin was all over the news – the way she likes it!

Here was Sarah on the cover of Newsweek – and there was Sarah on Oprah and ABC’s 20/20 and other places that I don’t watch.

And there was the phony controversy that both Sarah and the media promote. She was complaining all the way to the bank – about Newsweek putting a cutesy photo of her in her snug shorts on their cover.

Now Sarah – did Newsweek make YOU pose for that flirty photo? NO!

Why did YOU choose that particular pose for that photo? I don’t think we’ll see the Queen in shorts in that pose any time soon. So obviously, YOU posed, for your own reasons and liked the photo enough to let another publication run it.

So if it wasn’t sexist when YOU posed, then it’s not sexist now.

It’s like taking nude photos for playboy and saying Newsweek shouldn’t run them when the poser decides to run for president of the church guild!

However, Newsweek too is playing games. I mean, come on – of all the photos of Miss Palin in your archive; of her in suits that she paid for, suits the campaign paid for – you could have gotten a different (note I didn’t say better, just different) one to put on the cover.

So both Newsweek and Sarah Palin are playing games with the rest of us – the dummies who they think won’t notice.

Palin is generating publicity for her book and she will do whatever…

Newsweek is trying to sell magazines, and it will do whatever…

Play your games, but don’t try to fudge the score. 

  • Americans are angry over the economy…

Apparently “the economy” resides in Washington, in the White House basement, and President Obama is just sitting on it.

We forget that we, yes WE affect the economy every day with our purchasing  and other choices

When we buy cheap whatever from China, WE are affecting the economy.

When you buy those expensive jeans you cannot afford and charge them to your credit card, then pay off the minimum each month, YOU are affecting the economy.

When people buy houses and cars they can and cannot afford, THEY are affecting the economy.

When we eat out, WE are affecting the economy.

When we don’t go to see a movie, WE are affecting the economy.

Buy a car or take the bus; go overseas on vacation or stay home; invest and pay taxes or stash our money overseas – all this affects the economy.

Was I the ONLY person who heard all the warning heads who were saying that the US economy is under pressure and something has to give?

That speculative housing was straining the market?

That our trade deficit was/is too large?

Why did some take note, while so many others did not?

Why did they disregard their own expenses and go on spending?

Why did people NOT save for the proverbial rainy day?

Now we are railing at the government for not providing more unemployment benefits…did the government ask you to overload your credit card?

Did the government prevent you from balancing your resources and allocating them efficiently?

So why do the prudent people who wear their shoes to the soles and buy things on sale now have to pay for your stupidity – instead of you?


Now I understand that the government bailed out the banks. Well, you’re NOT a bank, even if you spent like you were a bank! So there!

You will never be treated as equitably as those big Wall Street guys. Not under a democrat, especially NOT under a republican, double especially NOT under a capitalist system! And not under communism either!

So basically, what all this long rambling tirade means is: We should be angry at OURselves for TURNING OUR BACKS on the old principles of saving and being thrifty and to hell with the Joneses.

But of course, that’s painful and inconvenient for us to blame ourselves, so let’s take our anger out on the government…and the banks and whomever.  (Not that they’re blameless, either!) But if we blame somebody ELSE, then we can feel better about our poor/lack of planning.

You think that’s bad?

Wait until you’re ready to retire and you didn’t plan, set NOTHING aside because it’s not your responsibility or your fault or your decision – NO ROTH IRA, NO 401K, NO PENSION…and find out there’s NO social security or a leaner payout!

America has become a country where IT IS ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT.

I’m just waiting for the case where a pregnant woman sues because nobody warned her that sex leads to pregnancy. I’m sure it’s already happened. I just haven’t heard. Let me know…

  • Did you see Republican lawmakers and some Democrats too, talking about spending?

The same ones who were there before AND during eight years of Bush, who helped spend, spend, spend…who gave Mr. Bush carte blanche to finance two losing wars?

Now those hypocrites want us to believe that the “economy” just turned sour overnight. That things started going downhill last January. That you sent them to Washington to enjoy a cozy incestuous relationships with their pals in the insurance industry and the auto industry and the housing industry…

And you agree – because YOU keep sending them back. Don’t you?

Amid turmoil – Much to be Thankful:

Well hello…and how was your big weekend…?

I call Thanksgiving “Part One” of the holidays (Christmas is Part Two) and I’m rather glad that it’s over!

So what were you thankful for this year…?

It’s been a really tough year. More than a million jobs were lost in the first 10 months of this year: 82-thousand in May, 58-thousand in April. The Labor Department says the number of people who lost their jobs in October and did not expect to be recalled to work rose by 615-thousand, to just over 4 million people!

Millions of homes have been foreclosed; businesses are folding, wealth is evaporating and consumers are hurting. No mood to be thankful, you say. I’ve lost or may lose my job; I’ve lost or could lose my home…what’s there to be thankful for? It could be worse…and in many other countries – IT IS!

• Were you thankful that we had a peaceful election?

There are no republicans massacring democrats in contested states. Armed gangs of McCain supporters are not (I hope) roaming the back roads looking for unsuspecting Obama voters. Violence hasn’t broken out in Georgia, (our Georgia.) Government-backed bands of marauders won’t be driving rural farmers out of their homes in so-called red-states, when Obama takes over, either. Yes, we have much to be thankful for.

• Are we thankful that President Bush is actually looking forward to going back to Texas?

He’s not trying to find ways to hold on to power. He’s not plotting a coup or trying to arm-wrestle lawmakers into extending his term. Nope! Mr. Bush is quietly packing up and welcoming the new administration. That’s something to be thankful for.

• Are we thankful that we’ve not had, so far, another terrorist attack?

Looking at the news coming in from India, I am especially grateful that we’ve not had another terror attack since September Eleven. The graphic images from Mumbai brought it home. We should be very thankful that it hasn’t happened again…yet!

• Are we thankful that America is making progress along racial and gender lines?

Just two years ago, who would have believed that Americans would choose a black man as president? Note how close we came to voting for a woman? See how far we’ve come to ensuring that homosexuals get the full rights and protections enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, whether we believe/agree with their lifestyles/policies…or not? It’s progress to be thankful for.

• Are we thankful that although the economy has tanked, shelters and food pantries may be strained, but there are no soup/bread lines or refugee camps or uncontrollable outbreaks of disease?

• Are we thankful that nobody is throwing acid into the faces of young girls heading off to school here in America?

• Are we thankful that when we flip the light switch, the lights come on? When we turn on the tap, the water is there, clean and drinkable…at any time of the day or night? In some countries people walk miles to get water, and in many instances that water is dirty and unfit for human use.

• Are we thankful that even if health care is expensive, we at least have health care? How about Haiti, just next door, where people don’t see a doctor….unless a U.S team goes over there?

• Are we thankful that U.S kids can be kids…for the most part, instead of cracking open computer monitors with their bare hands? Our kids don’t have to handle dangerous chemicals so they can earn a few cents a day to support their families!

• Are we thankful that the Supreme Court ruled in June that detainees at The Guantánamo Bay Detention Camp have the right to seek release in civilian courts…and the President cannot fire the Justices? We are and should be thankful…that he can’t.

• Thankful that Palin is not the Vice President? Don’t know about you, but I am.

• Are we thankful that Ford, Chrysler and GM were sent packing and told to get their act together before they pass the hat up at the Capitol? Yes indeed!

• And finally, are we thankful that our government can print paper money with impunity? Yep! Indeed…

Especially now that “The Recession” is official — The National Bureau of Economic Research admits today (December 01/2008): The U.S. has been in a recession since December 2007.

Absolute Control: GOP Only? Absolutely!

I cannot be hearing republicans like Newt Gingrich clearly.

Are they/is he really saying that Americans would not, could not, SHOULD not…NOT…let Democrats control The House, Senate and White House? I’m sure that isn’t what Newt is preaching. Because I checked some election results for the House and Senate:


SENATE: REPUBLICANS – 52: Democrats — 48


(Jeffords Independent New Hampshire, sides with Democrats).

SENATE: TIE. REPUBLICANS/DEMOCRATS: 50/50. (In mid-2001, New Hampshire Senator Jim Jeffords chose to caucus with the Democrats as an independent.)
HOUSE: REPUBLICANS — 221, Democrats — 212




• 2006
SENATE: TIE: 49/49. (Two independents caucus with Democrats – (1) Bernie Sanders replaces Jeffords in New Hampshire and (2) Joe Lieberman in Connecticut.)

Somebody needs to remind Newt Gingrich of his party’s history…

When Newt comes up for air, please take him back in time, gently, and reassure him that we need NOT go back millions of years, to when giant lizards actually ruled the Earth…or the Ark, or whatever! 2002 will do!

Republicans controlled THE WHITE HOUSE, THE SENATE AND THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES not once, but twice IN A ROW! In 2002 and 2004, back when G.W. was brimming with Social Capital…and banks actually HAD capital!

Did you hear Newt decrying, back then, how lamentable that was? Not him! But today! Here he is bombarding us with “elitist” thinking. (By their own definition!) The thinking that HE/THEY/REPUBLICANS can; and you, them, DEMOCRATS…can’t? Thinking they’re better than us? Elitist to their very core!

So of course Newt has to go around moaning that it would really be just too, too unbearable a burden…unthinkable, preposterous even! that Democrats could end up controlling the White House and both houses of Congress!

Gingrich spent nearly 6-years as House Speaker. Republicans controlled BOTH houses of Congress, but a Democratic President, Bill Clinton, managed to get things done. Clinton left a surplus…NOT a financial meltdown!

However, today, Gingrich now wants us to believe that Americans, armed with nothing but ballot papers, are going to singlehandedly destroy the republic!

Back then, (2002) as The New York Times put it:

Republicans Regain the Senate and Increase House Majority

The Republicans last night seized full control of Congress by retaking the Senate…the Republicans now have control of the White House, Senate and the House of Representatives..

The outcome is a break with historic patterns, in which the party that controls the White House almost invariably loses seats in midterm Congressional elections.

Bush mounted a very aggressive campaign in the final days, traveling to 15 states since Thursday, and raising by one count $142 million for his party since the campaign season began


Republicans swept to victory in the United States Senate last night, assuring Republican control of the White House and Congress for the next two years, and thrusting President Bush into a commanding position for his legislative agenda..

The Republican Party also maintained — and possibly solidified — its hold on the House, in an election that amounted to a major drubbing for the Democratic Party.

The results mean that a single party, the Republicans, will once again control both houses of Congress and the White House

According to the N. Y. Times, Democrats: “held periodic news conferences…complaining about episodes of voting irregularities”.

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