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The Alex Rodriguez Situation…

We are such hypocrites here in Boston (a city that I love and owe my living and allegiance to)!


Alex Rodriguez: Don’t turn him into anything other than a well-paid athlete who hits a ball!

For a presumed hot bed of Liberalism, you’d think we’d be less head-in-the-sand) in thinking that poor Alex Rodriguez is the ONLY guy among the hundreds of Major League baseball (MLB) athletes who takes or has ever taken steroids.

Oh yes: Crucify A-Rod so you can feel better about the aging athletes whom YOU like (and I like too) who suddenly have a SECOND LIFE in baseball.

If it makes YOU (my fellow) Boston Red Sox fans feel better – go ahead and dump the inner unease you feel at the exploits of your bat-slinging heroes on A-rod. (I had tickets to the Saturday game: 8/17.)

I don’t get the outrage over athletes using steroids – except that :

a) It give them a distinct advantage over other athletes who do not take steroids or some other form of doping (assuming there are any)!

b) It’s a form of cheating

c) Steroids are a banned substance.

Aside from that – it’s THEIR bodies they are choosing to abuse…and they know better. Athletes are not sounding outraged. You hear just one or two athletes denouncing steroid use/doping. The majority are silent. Why?


Speak UP about steroid use in sports…

Why are athletes around the nation NOT coming out publicly to denounce the use of steroids? How many since the A-Rod story broke over the past week are decrying doping?

Yet we, the ones who like to hear that “crack” of home runs — display a cacophony of MORAL outrage when OTHER teams athletes are caught in steroids scandals…BUT STAY SILENT OR MAKE EXCUSES WHEN THE FINGERS POINT TO OUR OWN!

We really, really believe that NOBODY on any of our major teams: Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins are doing any bad things at all. No steroids, no gambling, no spousal abuse, no drinking, no cheating. NADA. Just little angels! Only the other guys have clay feet…and let us drum them out of town…

Even if we were to see signs that look like something may not be adding up – we add up anyway and get a number that does not make sense – yet we force it to make sense…because hey, it’s OUR guys.

bruins celtics pats soxrev

Now I am NOT saying that our athletes are taking steroids – or not taking steroids. I don’t have any proof either way – and if you do, come forth…

What I’m saying is that it’s folly to believe that all our teams are squeaky clean…and condemn everybody else for being dirty. We’ve had athletes who left our teams and then suddenly we start hearing their names being linked with steroids. Naturally, that started after they left our teams.

Seems to be some unknown, X-factor associated with playing in Boston that keeps everybody clean – until they leave the city!


Fenway Park, Boston

As for that hit on A-Rod. What are we glorifying that for?

Do we understand that this is just a game? That Alex Rodriguez may be arrogant (but so was George Bush) and a womanizer (like some of our presidents whom we love) and taking steroids (it’s HIS body) and playing for the opposing team – but he’s never done anything to us personally?

Yet we revel in his downfall, glory that someone hit him with a ball (that hurts) and wish him ill…

This is not the kind of sportsmanship Boston should be known for. We should not do it…

Is it OK for a Yankees pitcher to do the same thing? If I was the Yankees, I’d NOT retaliate. I’d show Boston that: with all your universities and history/culture – I’m rising above your level.


Don’t support you on this one, Ryan Dempster


Sox/Yankees Fenway game (8/18/2013) featuring Demster’s infamous “hit” on A-Rod.

But I guess they will likely hit someone too – ’cause that is what sports has boiled down to these days, like everything else: a divide.

I enjoy rivalries, but I enjoy friendly rivalries. Republicans and Democrats tearing apart, Yankees and Red Sox tearing apart. What next?

Fellas – it’s a game…

If A-rod is a jerk – he’s NOT the only athlete in the big leagues who is a jerk. You are there to play against him, not to friend him on Facebook. You pitch, he bats. End of story. You are not the judge/jury of his life…neither has anyone appointed you to be!

The media loves to push this violence and bad behavior – it’s all on TV today. ..and one Lead in went like this: “our reporter (person’s name) was there for all the fun

williamsThis is fun?

One day when the ball will be aimed at you, I hope it will be fun too…

And thank you Jack Williams (CBS local WBZ-TV) for saying he thinks it was “stupid” to hit A-rod. Bravo!

It was Beyond Stupid…

Best line goes to Yankees manager, Joe Girardi:

“Lives have changed by getting hit by pitches…you can’t just start taking pot shots because you disagree with the way the system is set up…whether I agree with everything that’s going on, you do not throw at people and you don’t take the law into your own hands. You don’t do that. We’re going to skip the judicial system?”

Yep – for others,  but NOT for us. We’re still not guilty after the court says we are. Others? Guilty BEFORE the court or tribunal/whatever says they are…


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