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Lamar-Speak 101

Lamar Alexander…Republican/SENIOR Senator from Tennessee, says: Video Games Are ‘A Bigger Problem Than Guns’.


You expected sanity out of him?

Didn’t know you had a LOADED X-BOX sitting in your home just waiting for somebody to drop it for it to go off, did ya?  

Does Lamar perchance think that if he takes away kids video games in Chicago…the violence will stop? 

Here in America, we are weak-minded bits of fluff being tossed about by our senses. We shoot somebody in a game and our perception of reality is SO skewered, we go out and shoot people too! 


As opposed to over in EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, CANADA AND JAPAN, the world capital of Video Games, where people are grounded in reality. Those well-adjusted denizens don’t share our Hollywood mentality/unreality – so no matter HOW many violent video games they may play – they are way too grounded/humane to go shoot people. 

I suggest Lamar give these nations ACCESS TO GUNS so we feel better about ourselves! 

Because people can run around playing “bang, bang” on their fingers, with a piece of stick, or pointing their X-boxes at each other — and nobody will EVER die. NEVER!!! 

Martial arts

If having a gun makes citizens safe – we should be the SAFEST nation on the planet. Are we? Why not? 

Surely we should be MUCH, much safer than the Japanese where there are few guns in private hands. 

Oh wait. They have martial Arts…drat!!!


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