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So Begins The 2nd Term That Could…

NOT be held back by Republicans…


THE "dress": by Jason Wu

THE “dress”: by Jason Wu

Congratulations, President Obama…in91

"I Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear..."

“I Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear…”

YOU are making HISTORY again.

  • Sworn in 4 times. Only one other President, Franklin Roosevelt, was sworn in 4 times*.
  • Sworn in on the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation
  • Sworn in on Martin Luther King Day

Even the weather is on your side…

(* First swearing-in during Obama’s first term, Chief Justice John Roberts mixed up the words and the President had to retake the oath. Obama was officially sworn in on Sunday, Jan 20, to meet Constitutional guidelines and then again, in a public ceremony on Monday).

And congratulations America, for getting it right!

We now have a President who will NOT go to war at the drop of a rifle…and a President who will continue to let women make their OWN choices regarding their ovaries – (much as men do with their testes) regardless of whether these choices are deemed right or wrong by their loved ones or unloved ones.

Second Term President

Second Term President

A President who will be sympathetic and empathetic to the Poor, who will NOT penalize ALL the poor, especially the working Poor because some of the poor are users. Yes, some of the poor ARE users who abuse the welfare system…just like some of the rich ARE takers, who abuse the free-market system.

We are inaugurating a President who understands 100-percent of Americans – the rich, the poor and the middle class in between – not a President who only understands the top percentage of the super-rich with the off-shore accounts, the elevators for their cars and the 77-thousand-dollar high-maintenance show horses.


All in this DIVERSE USA together…

We have a president who not only straddles the class divide, going from welfare to the White House but a President who straddles the race divide. A president who understands that in 1813 America was about white males in power – but today in 2013 it’s about everybody: White, black, Asian, Hispanic, citizen, immigrant, unemployed, employed, gay, straight, crooked Wall Street player, transgender, male, female, pet dog, pet alligator, tree hugger, oil driller, Christian, Muslim, wiccan – ALL, yes ALL – in this USA together.

In January 2008, Republicans were discussing how to CONFRONT and WEAKEN the new president in his first term. Their  express purpose was to prevent Obama from having a second term. David Axelrod called it: “A strategy of Obstruction”. This morning, republican Frank Luntz told a reporter this time around republicans are not about standing in anybody’s way – but rather about how to be relevant. They’re STIL figuring that out?

House Speaker, Republican John Boehner

House Speaker, Republican John Boehner

Well, so they claim PUBLICLY, but if I know republicans and I’ve been studying their modus operandi for some time, they’re just as SET on stymieing and blocking Obama’s agenda. However, THIS time, they won’t air their mission in public. This TIME they will pretend that oh, they so want to work with the President, they’re practically suicidal about the lack of progress, but alas, the President just WILL NOT WORK WITH THEM. Republicans insist that the President MUST meet them HALFWAY…on EVERYTHING.. They don’t get it. That’s why nothing happens. This is NOT compromise. That is half-a-mise.

Compromise is about BOTH parties moving: Sometimes I meet you halfway, sometime you meet me halfway.



Sometimes I give up altogether, sometime you give up altogether. And sometimes we meet each other three-quarters of the way or a third of the way – on MY side, YOUR side. That’s compromise when BOTH parties move in either direction. Compromise is not rigidly holding my turf and demand YOU come over to ME…and come first too!

To show you how MUCH Republicans want to work with the President, the leave town on Inauguration Day. Yes, reporters covering the Inauguration say Republicans fled town. The House and Senate leaders who have to be there remained like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell (who must be snacking on laxatives), and a few others. But the rank and file left town. Very gracious.

First Family prays

First Family prays

To show you how MUCH Republicans want to work with the President, they REFUSE his invitations to meet with him…because they can’t afford to let their rigid, unrelenting constituents even SEE them fraternizing with the President whom their constituents dislike so much! Thus, these republican lawmakers always have a headache – not tonight dear. So President Obama should of course send flowers and candy, possibly bribe a congressional page to sneak him into their chambers and wait for them with the candles and mood music.

This time around Luntz says republicans plan to: “stop bickering and yelling.” Yeah, after every remaining leopard in the Americas changes its spots. Not just change their spots – drop their spots altogether and become monochromatic. Does a baby stop yelling? Well so will Republicans when they too GROW UP. Seems to me somebody (Charlie Sheen, maybe) needs to redefine the concept of democracy and winning, and losing to Republicans.


If ten city councilors are arguing about whether to build a bridge or pass on it and by a vote, 6 members decide to do it, that is a majority. The other 4 people lost – and for them to now decide to sabotage the project at every turn, start a long court battle and refuse to choose a contractor – they are simply obstructionists. When you lose, you work graciously with the winner, even when you disagree.

Why have an election if the losing party won’t yield to the winning party. You made your pitch and the people rejected it. Who says it has to be a 70-30 margin for it to be a win? When an investor holds 51-percent of a company, do the other 49-percent run the show?

Beyonce - sings at inauguration.

Beyonce – sings at inauguration.

First actions of 2nd term: Obama signs official documents

First actions of 2nd term: Obama signs official documents

Republicans need to understand that they LOST and to the winner go the spoils. Yes, you have a large constituency who voted for you and yes, they need A voice but not THE voice. Still, Republicans want to SET the agenda. They want to CONTROL and DICTATE  and TELL the President how things will be. And,  and…they the audacity to do it spouting the SAME formula that Americans rejected at the polls. Really?

I’m watching on CBS as Michelle Obama arrives for the swearing in…oh la la. I’s so proud! I guess Mrs. Romney is home like me, watching? Baking cookies – or perhaps listening for the sigh of overwhelmed mothers like her all across America. No sighing today, though – well not on the part of Democrats – unless it is with envy over the country’s beautiful first family.

And so, my president has arrived…and I’m off to listen…and WATCH!

Beyonce, husband Jay-Z and...Paul Ryan (red scarf)?

Beyonce, husband Jay-Z and…Paul Ryan (red scarf)?

Bright eyes, still full of hope!

Bright eyes, still full of hope!


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