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Romney, Ryan request the pleasure of your company…

Am I the ONLY one who is noticing how Mitt Romney keeps dismissing Paul Ryan – like Ryan is of NO consequence? Well IS he?

Representative Paul Ryan (Wisconsin), chair of the House Budget Committee and Mitt Romney’s running mate.

Romney has said repeatedly that HE, Romney (65) and his ideas are the ones that will take precedence – NOT Paul Ryan’s. Then if so, WHY choose Paul Ryan (42) as a running mate in the first place? Why have Ryan campaign on his notorious Budget Plan?

Short answer? TEA PARTY votes…

But let’s look for a LONG answer first!

Back in August (8/15/2012) Romney told CBS This Morning:

“Congressman Ryan has joined my campaign, and his campaign is my campaign now…we’re on exactly the same page.” Nobody asked Romney if he and Ryan were reading the SAME book!

  1. According to Romney, (remember THAT, according to Mitt Romney who lives in a parallel universe) President Obama is trying to take $716 billion from Medicare to pay for Obama’s health care plan.
  2. However, his running mate Paul Ryan’s OWN controversial 2012 Budget embraces many of the same Medicare reductions outlined in the president’s health care plan.
  3. (Democrats accuse Romney and Ryan of “hypocritical criticism” but I digress.

Running mates!

Romney says RYAN will have to toe the line — Tea Party Ryan will HAVE to support Romney’s plan WHICH DOES NOT HAVE ANY REDUCTIONS. 

“The president’s cuts of $716 billion to Medicare, those cuts are going to be restored if I become president.”

ANTHONY MASON (CBS News):  Are you running on [Ryan’s] budget or on your budget?” 

ROMNEY: “My budget, of course…I’m the one running for president.”

You think Washington is deadlocked NOW! Wait until a President Romney tries to go AGAINST the Tea Party! Mr. Romney, getting into bed with the Tea Party is like signing a pact with the Devil. YOU cannot take the protection then think you can turn around later when you feel strong enough and do your own shaking up!

Last night (9/23) again on CBS’s 60 Minutes Romney simply dismisses Paul Ryan’s proposal to cut spending by removing $17-billion from Medicare with a typical arrogant Romney brush off.

Be careful whom you get into bed with, Mr. Romney. NOT so easy to escape once you pledge your loyalty. (But if anyone can do – YOU da man!)

SCOTT PELLEY (60 Minutes): There is a lot of rhetoric about Medicare. What do you intend to do? 

ROMNEY: Well, I don’t want any change to Medicare for current seniors or for those that are nearing retirement. So the plan stays exactly the same. The president’s cutting $716 billion from current Medicare. I disagree with that. I’d put those dollars back into Medicare. 

PELLEY: Mr. Ryan has proposed something similar, almost precisely the same number, 716. 

ROMNEY: Yeah. He was going to use that money to reduce the budget deficit. I’m putting it back into Medicare and I’m the guy running for president, not him…

OUCH!!! The WAY he said it. 

Ryan is OPEN about WHAT he wants to do. Reduce the budget deficit. One may not agree with him on HOW he plans to do that, but you KNOW what HE wants to do. Romney wants to WHAT? This is the guy who went to congress cap in hand AND GOT a $342-million BAILOUT to bail out the 2002 Utah Olympics…PLUS an additional $1-billion in indirect federal funding in highway and transit projects.

(The 1984 games in Los Angeles got $75 million from the federal government. The 1996 games in Atlanta got $609 million. According to the Romney campaign, some of Utah’s $1.3 billion went to security (300 million – it was just after 9/11) AND parking lots ($30 million), sewer systems ($2 million), and an Olympic horse adoption program ($33,000). Apparently Mitt Romney loves horses.

I am not saying Romney has to Kow-Tow to Paul Ryan and Ryan’s over the edge Tea Party zealous fervor to cut government spending. Left to Ryan, the department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will have to give the federal government an apartment in some public housing development in use as an office. Until Ryan and Romney cut HUD too and federal workers squat on the steps of the Washington Monument! I DON’T have that dream…

But by golly. To go on TV and just write off his running mate’s one Claim to Fame – the Ryan Budget: Path to Prosperity? (Highway of Hallucination? Road to Recidivism?) leaves us asking?

What kind of man are you, Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney

John McCain was dogged by reports of his famous temper – how he would fly into rages. Who ARE you, Mitt Romney – Really?

We KNOW it is YOU who is running for President and NOT Paul Ryan but how does Ryan feel when he sees YOU on TV just dismissing an idea he is out there campaigning on – at the very moment that YOU, his running mate is dismissing it?

While Ryan is out campaigning, getting booed for telling seniors that a Romney/Ryan team is going to cut Medicare to balance the budget…Romney is saying that when Ryan cuts Medicare, I will plow those savings right BACK into Medicare.

So whom should we believe?

  • Either or neither?
  • Pants on fire somewhere?
  • Or is it “misspeaking” on one of their parts?
  • Or does the left hand NOT know what the right hand is doing?
  • Or is that left mouth, right mouth?
  • Or “Preexisting Political Calculation”? Ryan tells Tea Party voters what they want to hear. Romney tells the rest of us what WE want to hear?

Romney tells us: Believe me because I am the one running for President, not HIM (Ryan)!

Thanks Mr. Romney for clearing that up. Actually we thought it was Ryan running for president. When did that change?

Some reporter should have caught up with Paul Ryan and asked him: “Your running mate Mitt Romney just said on TV that as president, HE will take the $716 billion you plan to cut from Medicare and plow it right BACK into Medicare. What do you have to say about that?

Imagine Ryan’s chagrin – seeing Romney saying that on TV. And it is not only what Romney said, BUT THE WAY ROMNEY SAID IT – with that sneering dismissal, like. Oh pooh! I’m the one you need to listen to, not pretty boy over there.

If I was Paul Ryan, I’d call Romney and tell him to find himself a NEW running mate…preferably Romney’s ego!

So again I ask you: Just why do you think Mitt Romney chose Tea Party conservative dahling Paul Ryan as his running mate?

Bargain with the Devil?

  1. Well, he considered Jesus, but Jesus told him: “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s…” (Mat 22:21)
  2. Mormon founder Joseph Smith was out of the running. After Smith died, there are NO eyewitness claims (as yet) to HIS resurrection…Smith remains dead.
  3. Marco Rubio? Are you kidding? Rubio is Hispanic! Bet Romney thinks Rubio is illegal too!
  4. Romney wanted the endorsement of the Tea Party and he had to BUY it, with blood – his blood!
  5. Poor Mitt Romney. No wonder he is sooo uptight. Wouldn’t you be too, if you had to bargain with the devil – and the bargaining chip is your own soul?

So the LONG answer to the question: Why did Mitt Romney choose as his running mate someone who is young enough to be his son? It’s the SAME as the short answer!

The long and short of it is: Romney wanted to woo conservatives. He expects Ryan to lure then down the garden path where Romney is waiting with a ring and engraved invitations – hoping he and conservatives can announce their engagement. Of course Romney’s plan is to secretly call off the engagement later! Open one of those invitations and the wedding date is missing! Romney will explain it as: “A misprint.”

Bugs Bunny would say someone here is “a maroon…a gullibull!”

Guess the engagement is still on, huh? Because with NOT even a wedding date the Honeymoon can’t already be over!?

Bugs again: “I know this defies the law of gravity, but I never studied law!”





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