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Mitt Romney Toil and Trouble

Double, double toil and trouble, Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Macbeth (Shakespeare) Act 4, scene 1

Mitt Romney is thinking of the Scottish general Lord Macbeth as he stirs a bubbling cauldron to prepare for his 2012 campaign:

  • Shall I choose the morally decrepit path to political power?
  • Should I lie, fudge, hint, hedge (Hedge Funds are good, though) or tell the truth?
  • Should I stand firm on the issues OR tell different constituencies what I think each one wants to hear?
  • Should I use my wife NOW or pull her out later?

    Double, double toil and trouble, hedge funds steam and profits bubble

  • Should I use my Massachusetts record or dismiss Health Care Reform?
  • Should I release my taxes or manipulate my 2011 return to appear in a better light?
  • Should I cozy up to rich hedge fund managers by denigrating Americans who don’t have my kind of money or should I pretend that I care, even if I don’t?
  • Should I distance myself from the things I did – or should I embrace them?
  • Do I suck up to Tea Party voters NOW, choose Paul Ryan and diss them later…OR diss them now and suck up LATER? 

What does Lord Romney Macbeth DO to fulfill his father’s prophecy – the one where young Mitt is sitting in daddy’s library and daddy says: “Son, I made a run for the White house and I failed. But YOU, son…I expect YOU to learn from my mistakes and redeem the family’s honor”. 

Romney sets off on a course that will take him to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue VIA Massachusetts. He tries very hard to get into the U.S. Senate. But he was blocked there by powerhouse Ted Kennedy.

So Romney uses another breeding ground for the White House: Governor. 

Governor Romney signs Health Care Reform with MANDATES (Tax?) in MA. Making History in Healthcare – a “History” he is NOW running away from!! Yes, that IS Ted Kennedy looking on…proudly!

Not that he cares about Massachusetts. We are just a spring-board to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and it shows. He spends much of his 4-years as governor travelling out-of-state, laying the groundwork for a presidential campaign.

He jumps ship after ONE term – and makes his first failed run for President by challenging fellow Republican John McCain for the nomination.

He then makes a second run and decides that THIS time, yes this TIME nothing is going to stand in Mitt Romney’s way – not taxes, not poor people, not health care reform, NOTHING. He will get there and by Joseph Smith, he will DO, SAY WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET THERE!

How good is America at detecting lies and subterfuge? Iraq war?

And so we have the making of Lord Romney Macbeth!

I use moral turpitude to make my Romney as Macbeth argument by applying moral turpitude to a person’s MORALS and ETHICS!

Moral turpitude includes crimes like:

  • Making false representation
  • KNOWINGLY making that representation. 

Ah yes, Mitt Romney takes his morals and plunges them into the witches’ cauldron and comes up with “preexisting political calculation” which he makes his campaign cornerstone!

Now, he keeps adding ingredients. Let see. Just recently he threw in:

  • His NEGATIVE vision of nearly half of Americans.
  • His plan to hold on to the “good” parts of the federal healthcare reform act. Except he DID NOT TELL his running mate Baron Paul Ryan, The Irrelevant!
  • His tax returns!

And with a stir here and a stir there, Romney Macbeth keeps his witches CAULDRON bubbling happily without any heat from Democrats.

Do you know why that is? Because of Mitt Romney! Republicans themselves tell you the weakness lies not in the campaign but in the candidate.

Can someone, ANYONE, tell me WHY Mitt Romney released a SUMMARY of his taxes?

Mr. Romney, we already get it. Come hell or high water, you WILL NOT release those taxes. You cannot afford to release what some speculate is damning information in those taxes. OK. But WHO decided to release a summary?

He has 3 years to claim those deductions…that he is turning down NOW. Moral turpitude…?

Can you see that huddle? Someone pipes up: “How about releasing a summary?” Romney does not stop to think – he jumps up, pumps the person’s hands and says: “Yes” – why didn’t I think of that long ago?

So he releases a summary thinking: “THAT will STOP the clamor for me to release my taxes. What a fine solution!” Then he sits back and waits for a flood of congratulatory calls from the 47-percent of America he criticized for feeling “entitled”.

The more Romney hides his taxes, the MORE we wonder WHAT he is hiding. Because somehow if Mitt Romney had paid 35-percent in taxes it would be on a huge sign atop the Grand Canyon!

Saturday Night Live says the reason Romney’s tax rate of 14-percent was so low last year, 2011, is because Romney claimed the much maligned “47-percent of Americans” as dependents!

I don’t care about the very poor…or their vote…or do I?

Obviously you figured out WHY Romney did NOT claim millions in tax deductions:

  • So he could end up paying MORE taxes in an ELECTION year.
  • So he could release his return and quip: “See, I PAID more this year. I put in my thumb, I pulled out a plum! OK. NOW GET OFF MY BACK!”
  • KNOWING full well that he has 3 years to claim those deductions IN THE FUTURE when America is NOT watching. But again, he can refuse to release his taxes for the next 3 years too, so we may NEVER know. Once again DO anything, SAY anything Mitt Romney does a sleight of hand, pulls the wool over Americas’s eyes. A political con-game…

Rich people like Romney HIRE accountants, and not just any accountant down the block. NO, they hire TAX accountants and TAX attorneys who specialize in milking EVERY LAST TAX LOOPHOLE.

They say the road to HELL is paved with god intentions. And the road to the White House…?

These tax consultants advise people to set up trusts, open off-shore accounts, use creative accounting procedures that you and I have NEVER heard of like the “tax carry forward” so their rich clients pay less taxes or NO taxes. But somehow, Romney’s attorneys and accountants, who apparently are working pro bono, advised their client to NOT take ALL his deductions for 2011…and pay MORE taxes! 

I thought the only people who want to pay MORE in taxes are: Democrats and Warren Buffet.

Double, double toil and trouble
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.


Republican strategy #!: “Just say NO!” Want a flu shot? No! Need cleaner air over Washington? NO! Now STOP asking.

Romney critic, REPUBLICAN Peggy Noonan thinks:

Mitt Romney NEEDS, Needs, needs an “old hand” like James Baker to handle his campaign because with a Jim Baker (Baker’s jobs under republican presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush range from Treasury Secretary to Chief of Staff and Secretary of State) Romney would NOT have rushed in and tried to “make political hay” (HER republican words) as the Libyan embassy crisis was unfolding:

(Reagan speechwriter) Noonan: As soon as Libya blew, Romney went out there and tried to make some political hay of it…but an experienced political tactician like Jim Baker would have told Romney on the plane:

“Buddy, when Americans come under attack the first thing you do is say: We are praying for them, we are asking for unity, we will have no criticism right now, for the president, but this will unfold – we will be thinking about it and we will be talking to you very seriously about it. (Smacks of political calculation, but this is politics!)

NO, no! You pull aside a new arrival who’s spent his life in the wilds of some unreachable place that only National Geographic will go – and tell that to HIM. You expect a politician who has spent at least 16 years running for senator, governor and president TO ALREADY KNOW THAT!

ONE panelist, (let’s hear it FOR commonsense) pointed out Romney SHOULD KNOW THIS without a Jim Baker telling that to him: “You should not have to rush in and call James Baker to save the day if the candidate had something really solid to offer to the public…”

Yes, Mr. Romney – should you NOT already KNOW that? Apparently you are not the great student of President Ronald Reagan as you would have us believe. Why is that not shocking…


Republican strategy #2

And BOTH of their strategies created a BOOMING economy!!!


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