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Romney’s Pre-Existing Political Calculation

Or, to put it bluntly: The Emperor Has No Clothes!

Mitt Romney’s “pre-existing political calculation…”

Did you hear the latest news story about Romney and Republicans – how prominent Republicans are criticizing Romney for just TALKING without offering any SUBSTANCE? Who knew they had it in them?

Of course this is TYPICAL Mitt Romney – we in Massachusetts can tell that to the rest of America – and DID tell America, but did America listen? Heck NO. Republicans let Romney buy the election with his millions (Romney spent 6-million-dollars of his own money on the governor’s race in Massachusetts) because they thought those very same millions would crush Obama.

Shark! Of the fishy kind…

The Wall Street Journal is owned by a conservative, republican-sympathizer/donor Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Fox News. When leading conservatives feel an itch to make a point in the mainstream media, the same “mainstream media” they HATE so much, one of the places they use to express their opinion is in the Wall Street Journal.

In an editorial in the Journal Tuesday (9/11/12), conservatives wrote: “Mr. Romney’s pre-existing political calculation seems to be that he can win the election without having to explain the economic moment or even his own policies.” It is NOT democrats saying that – it is Romney’s OWN fellow Conservatives calling their party nominee’s position: “pre-existing political calculation.” Do you think that they are just finally getting it? NO, No, no. 

Romney standing before his OWN sign calling to: REPEAL and REPLACE the federal health care act…before he backtracked – again!

They KNEW of his pre-existing political calculation BEFORE  the primary; they KNEW about it when they turned their backs on Jon Huntsman, they KNEW about it when they embraced him at the convention. So does that make them equally guilty…because some of them like commentator George Will were never in Mitt Romney’s corner and most are still NOT in his corner!

NOW, though, they want Romney to come up with specifics! Seriously!? You want specifics from somebody who says one thing yesterday, something else today and yet a different thing tomorrow about the SAME issue. Like:

  • Universal Health Care is good!

According to one website that tracks Mitt Romney’s positions on the Issues: the idea of COMPULSORY health insurance was first put forward by REPUBLICANS! The idea first came from conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation in the late 1980s, when Democrats were pushing employers to provide health insurance. Republicans (ever the protector of big business) suggested that instead of forcing EMPLOYERS to pay for the coverage why not make EVERY AMERICAN buy health insurance? And so we got the “Individual mandate”. 

Naturally, with the HYPOCRISY of Republicans, THEY turned away from their own idea!!! Apparently, in the early 1990s, many Republicans championed the “Individual Mandate”. Then President Clinton came up with a plan to FORCE companies to cover employees…but Republicans KILLED it 1994.

Governor Romney signs Health Care Reform with MANDATES (Tax?) in MA. Making History in Healthcare – a “History” he is NOW running away from!! Yes, that IS Ted Kennedy behind  Romney!

When Mitt Romney became governor of my home state of Massachusetts (2003), HE resurrected the idea of the “individual mandate.” Under his universal insurance scheme “Romneycare” whenever a Massachusetts resident files STATE taxes,  he/she MUST show that he/she has Health Insurance, wither private or state (called Mass Health) OR you face about $200 in fines.

n 2006 as then governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney called it “A Republican way of reforming the market.” and that “To have people show up at a hospital when they get sick, and expect someone else to pay, that’s a Democratic approach.”

OK Mr. Romney…

BUT that was what he said when he was governor.

Conservatives are calling Mitt Romney’s lack of specifics: “Pre-existing political calculation”

During the Republican Primary when his Republican challenger Rick Santorum pounded Romney on Health Care Reform, Mitt Romney suddenly HATED universal health care and “individual mandates”.

To win the nomination, Romney displayed what conservative republicans now call his: pre-existing political calculation and turned his back on the ONLY, the SINGLE, the ONE star in his portfolio as governor of Massachusetts and decided that the Massachusetts “model” worked just for MA but would not work for the rest of America.

So he bought the Tea Party conservative’s vote by insisting that HE, Mitt Romney would REPEAL “Obamacare” on day one of getting into the White House.


More pre-existing political calculation?

Romney, having secured the Tea Party endorsement, of a tepid sort at the Republican National Convention, strayed off script this week and stated that HE will not repeal EVERY aspect of the federal health care act – Romney says he will actually KEEP some parts which are popular with Americans. Oh dear me…I can imagine the seismic gasp (sort of like Ann Romney’s collective sighs. See my August 31, post: Repackaging and Reselling Mitt Romney) that ran down the spines of hard-line Tea Party conservatives!

So where does that leave Mitt Romney today? Ask Republicans…

Their nominee’s pre-existing political calculation turned around and bit him in his (you know!). By distancing himself from health care reform in Massachusetts he has nothing left to run on since Healthcare Reform IS the SUM TOTAL of  HIS MASSACHUSETTS RECORD. On Foreign Policy he’s shown there’s nothing there to talk about! So Romney decided to run on Bain Capital instead, another piece of pre-existing political calculation that also turned around to bite him in the (you know!).

So now Republicans want their golden, nah, scrap that (pun intended) their brass boy to come up with specifics. I FOR ONE CAN’T WAIT! Because the grandiose house of cards that he’s building in the sky with Paul Ryan as Atlas is sure to come tumbling down with specifics. The numbers DON’T add up. Let’s see Romney juggle them!

Yeah, it’s written in stone!!! They love you, they really do, too!!!

Why? Because I can come to you and tell you: I am going to get my parents mansion and millions of dollars pretty soon and make myself very popular until you find out that I plan to kill my parents to get those riches!

So please Mr. Romney, show me how -22 and +2 = +$20. Yes, Mr. Romney, if I owe $22 and someone gives me $2 to pay on the bill, please tell America how I end up with $22! (Unless I rob or borrow $20 from somewhere…? Is that what you are planning to do, Mr. Romney?)

Like my bro former President Bill Clinton said: “It’s Arithmetic!”

The MATH DOES NOT ADD UP – and now even conservatives in Mr. Romney’s own party are beginning to see that: THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES!

Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick succeeded Mitt Romney in office in 2007.

Full Text of Speech by The Honorable Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts to the Democratic National Convention: Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Good evening, Democrats! Are you fired up? Are you ready to go? I hope so.

This is the election of a lifetime. Because more than any one candidate or policy, what’s at stake is the American dream. That dream—the ability to imagine a better way for ourselves and our families and then reach for it—is central to who we are and what we stand for as a nation. Whether that dream endures for another generation depends on you and me. It depends on who leads us, too.

In Massachusetts, we know Mitt Romney. By the time he left office, Massachusetts was 47th in the nation in job creation—during better economic times—and household income in our state was declining. He cut education deeper than anywhere else in America. Roads and bridges were crumbling. Business taxes were up, and business confidence was down.

Our clean energy potential was stalled. And we had a structural budget deficit. Mitt Romney talks a lot about all the things he’s fixed. I can tell you that Massachusetts wasn’t one of them. He’s a fine fellow and a great salesman, but as governor he was more interested in having the job than doing it.

When I came to office, we set out on a different course: investing in ourselves and our future. And today Massachusetts leads the nation in economic competitiveness, student achievement, health care coverage, life sciences and biotech, energy efficiency and veterans’ services. Today, with the help of the Obama administration, we are rebuilding our roads and bridges and expanding broadband access.

Today we’re out of the deficit hole Mr. Romney left, and we’ve achieved the highest bond rating in our history. Today—with labor at the table—we’ve made the reforms in our pension and benefits systems, our schools, our transportation system and more that Mr. Romney only talked about. And today in Massachusetts, you can also marry whomever you love. We have much more still to do. But we are on a better track because we placed our faith not in trickle-down fantasies and divisive rhetoric but in our values and common sense.

The same choice faces the nation today. All that today’s Republicans are saying is that if we just shrink government, cut taxes, crush unions and wait, all will be well. Never mind that those are the very policies that got us into recession to begin with! Never mind that not one of the governors who preached that gospel in Tampa last week has the results to show for it. But we Democrats owe America more than a strong argument for what we are against. We need to be just as strong about what we are for.

The question is: What do we believe? We believe in an economy that grows opportunity out to the middle class and the marginalized, not just up to the well connected. We believe that freedom means keeping government out of our most private affairs, including out of a woman’s decision whether to keep an unwanted pregnancy and everybody’s decision about whom to marry.

We believe that we owe the next generation a better country than we found and that every American has a stake in that. We believe that in times like these we should turn to each other, not on each other. We believe that government has a role to play, not in solving every problem in everybody’s life but in helping people help themselves to the American dream. That’s what Democrats believe.

If we want to win elections in November and keep our country moving forward, if we want to earn the privilege to lead, it’s time for Democrats to stiffen our backbone and stand up for what we believe. Quit waiting for pundits or polls or super PACs to tell us who the next president or senator or congressman is going to be. We’re Americans.

We shape our own future. Let’s start by standing up for President Barack Obama.

  • This is the president who delivered the security of affordable health care to every single American after 90 years of trying. This is the president who brought Osama bin Laden to justice, who ended the war in Iraq and is ending the war in Afghanistan.
  • This is the president who ended “don’t ask, don’t tell” so that love of country, not love of another, determines fitness for military service. Who made equal pay for equal work the law of the land. This is the president who saved the American auto industry from extinction, the American financial industry from self-destruction, and the American economy from depression. Who added over 4.5 million private sector jobs in the last two-plus years, more jobs than George W. Bush added in eight.

The list of accomplishments is long, impressive and barely told—even more so when you consider that congressional Republicans have made obstruction itself the centerpiece of their governing strategy. With a record and a vision like that, I will not stand by and let him be bullied out of office—and neither should you, and neither should you and neither should you.

What’s at stake is real. The Orchard Gardens Elementary School in Boston was in trouble. Its record was poor, its spirit was broken, and its reputation was a wreck. No matter how bad things were in other urban schools in the city, people would say, “At least we’re not Orchard Gardens.”

Today, thanks to a host of new tools, many enacted with the help of the Obama administration, Orchard Gardens is turning itself around. Teaching standards and accountabilities are higher. The school day is longer and filled with experiential learning, art, exercise and music.

The head of pediatric psychology from a local hospital comes to consult with faculty and parents on the toughest personal situations in students’ home lives. Attendance is up, thanks to a mentoring initiative. In less than a year, Orchard Gardens went from one of the worst schools in the district to one of the best in the state. The whole school community is engaged and proud.

So am I. At the end of my visit a year and a half ago, the first grade—led by a veteran teacher—gathered to recite Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech. When I started to applaud, the teacher said, “not yet.” Then she began to ask those six- and seven-year-olds questions: “What does ‘creed’ mean?” “What does ‘nullification’ mean?” “Where is Stone Mountain?” And as the hands shot up, I realized that she had taught the children not just to memorize that speech but to understand it.

Today’s Republicans and their nominee for president tell us that those first-graders are on their own—on their own to deal with their poverty; with ill-prepared young parents, maybe who speak English as a second language; with an underfunded school; with neighborhood crime and blight; with no access to nutritious food and no place for their mom to cash a paycheck; with a job market that needs skills they don’t have; with no way to pay for college.

But those Orchard Gardens kids should not be left on their own. Those children are America’s children, too, yours and mine. And among them are the future scientists, entrepreneurs, teachers, artists, engineers, laborers and civic leaders we desperately need. For this country to rise, they must rise—and they and their cause must have a champion in the White House.

That champion is Barack Obama. That cause is the American dream. Let’s fight for that. Let’s canvass and phone bank and get out the vote for that. Let’s go tell everyone we meet that, when the American dream is at stake, you want Barack Obama in charge.

Thank you. God bless you. And God bless the United States.

Economically depressed inner city Boston, MA school. Out of the 700 students, 15 are white, majority are Hispanic/Black with 6 Asian/Native American. 553 students are eligible for Free School Lunches, 47 for Reduced Price Lunches.

This Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot school was SO bad that when it opened the school sent out a notice to parents in their zone, like ME, inviting me to send my son there and I said no thanks. Instead, I put my son in a Boston program  – METCO (that buses inner city kids to high performing suburban schools) and sent him to a town 14 miles away!

So when governor Patrick says the school was bad, IT WAS BAD. Orchard Gardens is a public housing development in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood, in an area plagued by crime and drugs. IT IS REAL. It is not a promise in a campaign speech!!! When Romney and his running mate Mitt Ryan cut funding for the poor, this school will suffer either directly or INdirectly through welfare cuts.

I would prefer to see these kids parents’ continue to get benefits SO their kids remain in a stable enough home environment to allow them to EXCEL at school so THEY won’t be on welfare themselves…than cut welfare NOW and end up with the cycle of ANOTHER DEPENDENT GENERATION. Of course that’s the Republican way. Mishandle one problem, create two or more problems.


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