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Romney: “Do You Hear Me Now?”

If your neighbor told you: “Yes, I promise. I will fix my pool. It won’t leak into your yard anymore. Trust me. I’ll do it.” Weeks pass, he does not fix it. You call the town council, (and you record that conversation this time.) Your neighbor tells officials: 

If only people’s noses got long – every time we told a lie!

“I can’t remember saying there was anything wrong with the pool. But just to be a good neighbor, of course I will look into it.” Months go by, neighbor does nothing. You go to court. You play the tape. Neighbor says, your honor: “I did not mean to say that – I misspoke. What I meant to say was….” Are you still trusting your neighbor?

Well obviously the people who STILL believe in Mitt Romney would keep believing in that neighbor. Me, I’d be done with him after that meeting with town officials!

Mitt Romney was the governor of my state for 4 years.

  • When Republican Mitt Romney was running for governor of Massachusetts in 2002:

Pro-choice supporters were up in arms over Romney’s anti-abortion stance. Did Romney stand on his principles – say that’s what I believe and I’m standing by it? NO. He pandered to the PRO CHOICE groups by cozying up to them…

Romney’s platform stated: “As Governor, Mitt Romney would protect the current pro-choice status quo in Massachusetts. No law would change.” After an endorsement interview with Romney, the executive director of Massachusetts NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) said Romney  was “emphatic that the Republican Party was not doing themselves a service by being so vehemently anti-choice.”

  • When Mitt Romney was running for first the Senate (against Ted Kennedy, 1994) then later governor of Massachusetts:

Gays and gay rights supporters were up in arms. They started making noises about Romney’s anti-homosexual stance. Did Romney stand on his principles – say that’s what I believe and I’m standing by it? NO. He pandered to Gay Rights groups by cozying up to them and winning them over with his concessions.

In 1994, Romney sent a letter to the Log Cabin Republicans (the nation’s only organization of Republicans who support fairness, freedom, and equality for gay and lesbian Americans) saying that he, Romney would be a stronger advocate for gay rights in the Senate than his opponent Ted Kennedy.

Want to hear THAT again?

Bay Windows is New England’s largest publication for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender readers.

Romney said HE, Mitt Romney would be a stronger advocate for gay rights in the Senate than Liberal Ted Kennedy! In case you’re wondering, that is the very SAME Mitt Romney now running for president. Unless we used our bio-tech skills at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to clone Governor Romney and it’s his clone speaking now? Heck who knows. Isn’t President Obama an alien?

According to Wikipedia, Romney stated in his letter: “We must make equality for gays and lesbians a mainstream concern.” In 2002, Romney supported domestic partnership benefits. He said: “All citizens deserve equal rights, regardless of their sexual orientation.” Romney also said that domestic partnership status should be recognized in a way that includes the potential for health benefits and rights of survivorship…

  • When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts:

He promised NOT to raise taxes. Did he raise taxes? NO. But guess what he did. He raised FEES.

In 2003, Romney doubled fees for court filings like marriage licensing fees, professional registrations and firearm licenses. Romney also quintupled the per gallon delivery fee for gasoline (to clean leaks from underground fuel tanks).

Here’s what he had to say about fees: “…let’s say, we’re going to be taking out an oil tank from your back yard because it’s leaking into the ground and the state’s going to provide that service. But to charge a fee sufficient to do so makes a lot of sense. So the fees ought to be adjusted from time to time to compose the amount of what the cost is of providing that service. If there hasn’t been a fee raised in a couple of decades, you probably have some inflation in there you ought to adjust for.”

  • When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts (2003-2007):

He championed universal health care reform – UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE WITH A MANDATE, which the Supreme Court now says is a TAX!

When you hear Republicans talking about how bi-partisan Romney was in Massachusetts, think HEALTH CARE REFORM! Romney was so supportive of health care for ALL – so FOR it, he worked with John Kerry and Ted Kennedy to ram it through against opposition from other state democrats WHO DID NOT SUPPORT THE MANDATE.

Romney decided to tackle health care reform for two reasons:

  • Romney’s buddy, Staples founder Thomas Stemberg (the same one who spoke at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, August 30) TOLD Romney to do it
  • And because the federal government (under Republican president George W. Bush, 2001-2009) was threatening to CUT Medicaid payments to the state if Massachusetts did not reduce the number of uninsured people.

The Massachusetts Senate (controlled by democrats) had its OWN version of health care reform. The Massachusetts House (controlled by democrats) had its OWN version of health care reform. Romney appointed a committee and came up with his own version – WHERE HE, ROMNEY, PUSHED FOR AN INDIVIDUAL MANDATE. Repeat, Romney PUSHED for the Individual Mandate!

Today, Romney is AGAINST the very SAME mandate in the Federal HEALTH CARE Act…that HE Romney pushed for in the Massachusetts law!

Romney was SO proud of the Massachusetts health care law – “Romneycare”, in his official portrait at the Massachusetts state house…he reportedly has a copy of the law sitting on HIS DESK! I guess he now wishes he could go back and air brush the portrait.

President Obama liked the Romney/Kennedy health care law so much, he used it as a model for his own health care reform (Obamacare).

  • When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts:

He spent so much time out of the state promoting his future (as yet undeclared) run for president that newspapers started to report on his absences. In one year, he spent 212 days or part of a day OUT of Massachusetts. He just gave up and decided that he was better off running for president instead…

Did you know that when Mitt Romney was running for governor of Massachusetts:

  • He tried to show that he was an ordinary person that he was NOT out of touch by performing blue-collar jobs. Romney herded cows, he baled hay, unloaded a fishing boat and even hauled garbage.
  • He ran TV ads highlighting his blue-collar work, gushing about his family (yea, the same family he’s trying to use to “humanize” him now) and even went shirtless. Massachusetts voters did not buy it – Romney dropped in the polls.
  • He bounced back by attacking his opponent, Democrat Shannon O’Brien…and linking her husband to the Enron scandal.
  • That Romney contributed over $6 million of his own money to his campaign for governor…
  • That one of the reasons he put forward for electing him governor is that he knows how to get money from the federal government because he did it for the Utah Olympics. The same Romney who just HATES federal bailouts NOW!

Ah politics. Mr. Romney, please talk about your record in Massachusetts, we can’t hear you! Shout: “Massachusetts! Can you hear me now?”

“We’re not sure, presidential candidate Romney. We find it hard to believe it is YOU out there, promising to ‘repeal’ that universal health care mandate. Is it really YOU we’re hearing, Governor Romney?”

Photos: Google Images, as always…


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