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Organic Food, Sex Changes….and Levees!

Today (9/5/12) I changed the channel from ABC’s The View to CBS’s The Price is Right because ABC had Kim Kardashian coming up next and I’m one of those viewers who never bought into that family. I’m sick and tired of the Kardashians and Pippa Middleton and even Prince Harry’s lack of clothes.

See, he has clothes – and nice clothes, too!

I understand the networks would interview a drunk skunk if it would help their ratings…but what exactly do I learn from this? That skunks can’t hold their liquor? Who knew? 

Pippa Middleton is in the Hamptons…yeah! Darn, I missed the dress she was wearing so I could rush out and buy one. Look, I’m wearing a dress just like the one Pippa Middleton was wearing! Her parents are millionaires and mine is not. Hers cost 5-thousand-dollars, mine costs $69.95. But so what? I have a dress like hers. Now let me go to the Hamptons. Good luck. Bring your fake Coach bag.

Prince Harry has no clothes… And? Wasn’t there some emperor before him who had no clothes, too? Hey, royals just don’t like clothes! Should I care that a future king of another country is not comporting himself in a kingly way? Why? How does that factor into my health care again? 

Ann Curry

Ann Curry says she was fired (June 2012) for resisting the dumbing down of NBC’s Today Show (more than it already is?) and refusing to cover her grey hair! I just cannot stomach the stupidity of the networks, rushing to outdo each other in covering the frivolous and the inane. Every stupid YouTube video, every detail of Tom Cruises’s life. Why? So his church arranges a date for him? What is the problem with that? He’s brainwashed? So? Aren’t we all?

Were we not brainwashed when we bought into the war in Iraq? (I did not.)

Are we not brainwashed when we buy into politicians claims that Universal Health Care is a bad thing for America? When the government IS PAYING FOR THEIR TOP-QUALITY HEALTH CARE THAT THEY PUT THEIR FAMILIES ON – but don’t want the same for you?

Members of Congress have health care – that the GOVERNMENT is paying for. Who is their employer – whom are they working for? You or the government? Figure it out…

Are we brainwashed when professors at Stanford university tell us that organic food is no better than pesticide laced food?

Do you really believe that?

If we really, really believe that thousands of animal squished in cramped quarters, feeding on hormone treated grain boosted with artificial nutrients, pumped with hormones and antibiotics, animals that stand in communal waste, share crowded stalls with the inevitable sick animals – some of which no doubt enter the food stream – animals that are forced to grow in half or less the time nature intended them to – are just as good, just as healthy as the ones raised on a free range eating natural grass – then we deserve to watch the crap we’re being offered on TV.

If we can put crap in our stomachs then we can also fill our heads with crap.

The Stanford University report analyzed 237 studies of organic produce, meats and dairy foods. I’d like to know about the integrity of these studies. Were the studies done on 100-percent ORGANIC produce? Because not all organic is created equal.

First of all, a United States Department of Agriculture – USDA Organic Seal – identifies products with at least 95% organic ingredients. The process used to determine what is organic varies by country. So “organic” in America may be different from “organic” in Europe! In America, there are 3 levels of organic foods.

1. “100% organic – Products made entirely with certified organic ingredients and methods

2. Organic – Products with at least 95% organic ingredients

3. Made with organic ingredients – Products containing a minimum of 70% organic ingredients.

We’re told that eating a carrot with a MINISCULE trace of chemicals is fine. Of course it is fine – IF YOU EAT ONE CARROT. (Just using carrots as the, well, carrot here. You can substitute any fruit or vegetable that is mass produced.) If you eat several helpings of these fruits and vegetable every day, which we are supposed to do, then over 30-years you can collect enough chemicals in your body to sell to the farmer! I exaggerate but you get my drift…

Beef raised naturally is leaner with more of the good fats and less like to flood our bodies with bad cholesterol and harmful bacteria.

A carrot is a carrot. Grow it organically or grow it with some cancer-causing pesticide, that won’t vastly change the amount/quality of beta-carotene in the carrot, unless you inject the carrot seeds with broccoli genes! Which scientists can now do, by the way – mess around with veggies and make them “designer”.

Slices from genetically modified apple (below) will not brown like regular apples (top).

Did you hear about the “perfect apple’? The genetically engineered apple does not turn brown when sliced or bruised. (You have 6o days to let the Agriculture Department know how YOU feel about this “perfect” apple!) It’s NOT a new apple. They took a regular apple like Golden Delicious and played around with its genes. In the age of silliness, where you’re old but your face must look 18-year-old smooth, who wants an old blotched apple – when we can have a forever young and perky apple? 

Thank God for my Caribbean upbringing where I went searching for fruit under a tree instead of in a supermarket. They hit the ground, they bruise. IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! I will take the apple that bruises. I just bite off the bruise and spit it out. It’s oxidization – not a virus. The same people who will perform oral sex that can potentially give them Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS (not from the digestive tract, OK, from bleeding gums, genital sores etc), will go “ugh” because an apple has a bruise. Phu-leese!

Sadly, it is HARD to find a corner of this beautiful planet today where there are NO chemicals, be it in the soil, air or water. So I doubt there are any truly “100-percent organic” foods anymore. I suspect all foods now may have some trace of chemicals.

Do you really want these chemicals on YOUR body, your FOOD? Click for larger…Google them.

To another form of  stupidity!!!

Did you perhaps hear about federal judge Mark Wolf in my home state of Massachusetts, a state I love and adore, has ruled that a convicted murderer can get a sex change at taxpayer expense. Huh?

Before you claim liberal madness, Wolf was appointed by a Republican – President Ronald Reagan in 1985.

At a time when teachers, firemen and police are being cut, the state HAS to pay, MUST pay for a convicted murderer to change his sex to the sex of his victim.
I can support ruling that the convict can get his sex change – go ahead. Pull out your wallet, sell cookies behind bars, sell your favors if need be, get a loan, get a wealthy backer even. But taxpayer dollars. WHEN DOES THE STATE BECOME RESPONSIBLE FOR PEOPLE’S SEX CHANGES?

Judge Mark Wolf – ruled state should pay for convicted murderer’s sex change.

It is part of his/her treatment for a mental disorder.

It is cruel and unusual punishment for a convicted murderer to spend his life in jail trapped in a woman’s body. It is not cruel and unusual punishment for his victim to be murdered.

According to chief Judge Mark L. Wolf, sex reassignment surgery is the “only adequate treatment” for Kosilek, and “that there is no less intrusive means to correct the prolonged violation of Kosilek’s Eighth Amendment right to adequate medical care.”

I’m not a legal scholar. The judge may have a legal basis but I don’t have to like it.

Kosilek was born a male, named Robert. He was convicted of murdering his wife Cheryl Kosilek in 1990. The transgender inmate, now named Michelle, got hormone treatments and has been living in an all-male prison, where he is serving a life sentence for murder.

Kosilek first sued the Massachusetts Department of Correction 12 years ago. Two years later, the judge ruled that Kosilek was entitled to treatment for gender-identity disorder but did not order the state to pay for it. Kosilek sued again in 2005. He claimed the surgery as a medical necessity.

Convicted murderer sued state to pay for his male-to-female sex change…

Judge Wolf says: Kosilek’s gender-identity disorder has caused her such anguish that she has tried to castrate herself and twice tried to commit suicide. 


If you’ve been convicted of murder, especially where there are NO mitigating circumstances like self-defense, you should get a sex change operation if you can afford it. Taxpayers can help fix your bad hip/knee, get glasses, get condoms even. But a sex change, heck no.

I have a transgender friend who is the sweetest person, will give you her last dollar and walk home. I know other transgender people. If the state must pay for a sex change for a transgender person, pay for one of them instead – not someone who murdered his wife…and now wants to LIVE in mental comfort.

—>> Hey media.

I would not live next to this New Orleans levee even if someone gave the house to me – free and ready to move in today…

Here is a story you should cover. Something I want an answer to which has an impact on America. NOT as much as Tom Cruise’s lady friends, of course, but…

Should we keep spending billions of dollars to shore up levees in Louisiana and elsewhere – or should I try my damndest to go and visit that historic city NOW before sea levels rise and no amount of levees can save it? Or is that too Doomsday? Well at least examine the issue. I hope responsible stations like PBS are already working on it…

I watched the flooding after the last hurricane Isaac, August 28, 2012. The levees around the greater New Orleans area held but farther down the coast, places like Plaquemines Parish took a beating. Residents claim the levees around New Orleans channeled the water their way. Should more taxpayer billions be pumped there too? Or should we start relocating people to higher ground?

Knowing America, politicians and residents will take the easier option and build levees that will eventually prove useless. Look back and remember at least one person called it, because we always pretend that the issue was so complicated we just could NOT figure it out!

Hurricane Katrina, 2005

Does anybody think that these levees will ALWAYS hold, that there will NOT be another Katrina (2005)? That some powerful Category 6 or 7 or 8 storm (so far we only go up to 5 in intensity) or even a direct hit from a Category 5 with a powerful storm surge won’t send water swirling OVER those levees?

If you believe new Orleans is secure – then when the next Category 5 has New Orleans in its sights, and people are heading out – YOU go hunker down there, right next to one of those levees…

And yeah. Organic foods are way inferior to mass-produced crap.


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