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Romney, Ryan make me want to RANT!!!

Sometimes when I’m too annoyed – I just refuse to write. Times I just want to rant! Like NOW…

  • How can I not BE annoyed….???

When Mitt Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, the Representative from Wisconsin pays more in taxes than his multi-millionaire venture capitalist boss!

Romney’s adjusted gross income for 2010 was nearly 22 million but HIS TAX RATE WAS 13 PERCENT.  Ah the loopholes of INVESTMENT INCOME! Ryan whose adjusted gross EARNED income was about 200-thousand in 2010, (300-thousand with some investment income, in 2011) paid taxes at a rate of 20-percent. Still Ryan stands there and says: That’s fine. I have less, let me pay more, it’s the American way!

Instead of fixing THAT tax loophole which we should WANT to fix but which will likely never be fixed…especially with the money being pumped this year into the campaigns of those who plan to ensure it stays UN-fixed – we turn around and buy into the cool aid that “Oh. You hate success!” Moronic. Yeah, the unsuccessful hate success so much they spend their time craving sucess and finding ways, straight and crooked, to achieve this elusive success!

Representative Paul Ryan (Wisconsin). Mitt Romney’s V.P pick.

Ever wonder why you’re being sold the American Dream when you’re really buying into a nightmare? After 300 years of Capitalism, how many millionaires do we have? If the system is geared for success, why are there so many failures? Large swathes of the population are simply left behind, abandoned – year after year after year? People living in Third World like sections of America, hidden and forgotten until there’s a flood? Then forgotten again…

So many of the so-called middle class are knock, knocking on the door to Millioniarehood – and will live and die like worker bees and never make it! Oh yes, some assets with the house and retirement plan (if there IS one), some stock, a possible savings account may add up to a million or more, on paper – but do they have a Mitt Romney lifestyle?

Can these so called Middle Class build a house with an elevator for cars? Spend $77-thousand on a horse – then still have 21 million to spend?

Do you have a movie star, sports athlete lifestyle? Can you buy a condo at a posh 5-star hotel like the Four Seasons overlooking the Boston Common where former Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez lived?

Or a myth that never was…?

According to the Census Bureau, the Median Income changed very little over the last 30 years with middle-income families earning 11-percent more in 2010 than they did in 1980…but the incomes of the richest 5-percent increased by 42-percent.

How many stress-filled years do the chasers of the “American Dream” have to commute? Long hours to work every day, braving dark, un-plowed winter mornings – working themselves ragged yet still struggling to maintain the trappings and put the kids through college, pay off the mortgage and go on vacation? Is that a dream? Or a paycheck or two away from disaster nightmare?

Yet we’re told that they “made” it – only to find out that it only LOOKED like large segments of this Middle Class made it. It was just an illusion on paper.

So someone says: “We created MORE new millionaires this year – ask: HOW MANY POOR DID YOU CREATE THIS YEAR? Nearly 3 million people slipped into poverty in the United States in 2011. Life is good for the 5-percent of the population that holds nearly ALL of the wealth. Yes, indeed that is a system that works…and SHOULD be protected.

Does nobody see maybe there is something wrong here? Maybe, just maybe we need to do some tweaking…a work in progress instead of a fait accompli?

  • How can I not BE annoyed….???

When Paul Ryan says he is a STAUNCH AND STALWART champion of Medicare which is costing the government billions of dollars to provide health care for one segment of the population but HE does not want the government to provide similar healthcare coverage to other sectors of the population?

  • How can I not BE annoyed….???

The Banks Waterfront Project in Boehner’s 8th Congressional District in Ohio got Stimulus Funds…from the Stimulus Boehner opposed.

When Paul Ryan says he is so against the Stimulus that he just shudders with revulsion at the waste – oh the draining of government funds down the drain – how President Obama just flushed all those dollars down the toilet — then find out that HE, Paul Ryan asked for Stimulus dollars for his district. Well, he didn’t KNOW they were Stimulus Funds – he though the money was coming from China…or a Republican National Committee super PAC!

South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond hated black people too…but fathered a child with his family’s black maid. Hypocrisy in government is not new!

By the way Ohio Republican, House Speaker John Boehner got millions of Stimulus dollars too for his District 8…including a garage, a transit center and The Banks Waterfront Project in Cincinnati.

 (See my June 8, 2012 post: Boehner, Ohio’s 8th Congressional District, ARRA.)

Isn’t it strange how these Republicans preach one thing and actually DO something else? The other side does it too? Well THAT gives your guys the moral high ground…a very BELIEVABLE  high road that is so justified, because if two minuses make a plus – then surely two wrongs do make a right!?

Wonder how often these congressmen go to confessional – to God or priest.

“Oh father…dear Jesus…I have sinned. I lied, I accused the Democrats of hypocrisy, but I’m just as hypocritical…I said they took Stimulus money, BUT I DID TOO…oh father…have I done wrong?”

“NO, no my son…God is good, God is forgiving…God understands how politics works. We expect Democrats, their political leaders, to lie and cheat and steal…(and have sex with men in airport restrooms) but Republicans ONLY do these things to get votes…so you can win the election and institute Christian Law on this God forsaking nation. So I understand, my child – that in this case, YOUR end justifies the means.”

“Er, forgive me, Jesus, but that incident in the airport bathroom, that was Larry Craig, a Republican…”

“I know my son (wink, wink) I know…”

From the Gospel according to John Boehner…the missing book of Rove.

The Republican answer to “everything”…Ryan’s NEW idea!

Paul Ryan, THE Romney anointed “Intellectual Leader” of the Republicans, says president Obama is going back to the “old ways” of doing things. Obama keeps embracing the failed policies of the past…so why don’t we instead continue the policies of George Bush that worked so well IN THE FUTURE and implement MORE tax cuts?

Is there ANY Republican in America, at least ONE, who will stand up and say: “NO. Please let us NOT go back to this. Please let us try something NEW? Or do they perhaps see this as NEW?

I guess to THEM it IS new because it’s being proposed by a NEW presidential contender! (Some would agree that Romney, a man who spent 8 years running for president, 4 years as Massachusetts governor and who also ran for the U.S Senate against Ted Kennedy (and failed) is not new, but whom am I to say otherwise?

So according to Paul Ryan, please let us NOT go back to old ways of doing things, YES, let us charge forward with the NEW old idea of Tax cuts for the wealthy.

Ryan’s mom is/was on Medicare. (Isn’t the the Private Sector paying for  Medicare? Can’t have the government PAYING for health care!) As for Romneycare, or is it Obamacare?  Well the Government has to pay for that!

I don’t give a hoot about the nonsense you’re telling me, BOTH of you parties, about who’ll cut billions from Medicare or add billions to Medicare. Take that darn money and have ONE Health Care program that covers everybody!

Seniors are covered – Children are covered and the rest of America is what? Disposable? Is health care only for those who can afford it? All this NEW technology to scan every minute body cell we see on the news – that’s for whom? Those with money only?

The same people who authorize billions of dollars for a useless war in Iraq, who send billions to countries who go their own arrogant way, the same Congressmen who waste billions on a stupid LOSING “War on Drugs” that has been going on for decades with what to show for it – gun fights along the US/Mexico border?

Department of Agriculture provides up to $30 billion a year in subsidies (corn, rice, cotton, wheat, soybeans etc) budget of $151 billion in 2012, about $12-hundred for every US household.

The same lawmakers who turn blind eyes to government WASTE, like malfunctioning defense equipment costing billions of dollars or the department of Agriculture PAYING rich land holders NOT to farm land they have no intentions of farming, anyway — will BALK, RESIST and CHAFE over spending money to ensure Americans have health care coverage or that fire stations stay open.  

Do Republicans really think that Romney will deport immigrants? Yeah! Wait. He’ll deal with China…and Russia too! Hey Mr. Putin, Romney is coming — with Ryan behind him! YOU scared yet?

Stupidity should be a crime…that carries nothing less than life in prison!


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