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Tea Party Tell Romney: Move it – to the RIGHT!!!

Well helloo Tea Party… 

SO YOU WANT ROMNEY TO MOVE TO THE RIGHT? HOW EXTREME do you want him to go? Where does he STOP leaning over before he FALLS off?

Tea. NONE for Mitt Romney, thanks. Not THIS one…

Do you know that Mormons are not allowed to drink black tea, green tea and other caffeinated teas…?

Well how about that! 

NO “Tea” for Mitt Romney…. 

Is or else an option? Can you pin him down? Are you sure now…? 

Guess you’re wondering about that too, hmnnn… 

Not so sure IF Romney will SAY ONE THING: like he will repeal Obamacare — then FLIP-FLOP and instead of repealing the federal Health Care Act, turn it into a version of Romneycare, with a mandate? After all, if he could do it here (in Massachusetts), he can do it anywhere, right?

NO Tea for Mitt Romney? How about this PARTY…?

SONG: Tootsee Roll by the 69 Boys

Cotton candy sweet to go, let me see that Tootsee Roll 
Come on, Tootsee Roll, just make that Tootsee Roll 
Here we go, Tootsee Roll, yeah, Tootsee Roll 
Let me see that Tootsee Roll 
Get on the floor and make that Tootsee Roll 

To the left

To the left

Tootsie roll…TO the Right, to the RIGHT!

To the right

To the right 

To the front

To the front

To the back

To the back 

Now slide just slide baby slide just slide
Just dip, cotton candy free to go 
Let me see the Tootsee Roll.

Slide…oops! TO the left, to the LEFT…

Yeah, governor Romney – let us see that Tootsie roll!!!



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