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Chick Fil-A BOO HOO!!!

Too Much Ado about nothing!

I’ve heard MORE about Georgia-based fast food chain, Chick fil-A in August that I’ve heard for the last 10 years! And I’m fed up with it all…

Boo HOO!!!

So the President of Chick fil-A does not support Gay Marriage? And? So? Does he HAVE to? MUST he?

  • Must everybody support President Obama? YES!!!
  • Must everybody despise Mitt Romney? Yes!!!
  • Most everybody love black people? Yes!
  • Must everybody love immigrants? Yes!
  • Must everybody go to college? Er, wait a minute…
  • Must everybody have Health Care…? Um…

What a STUPIDLY INTOLERANT country America is becoming!!!

Think like ME, or else…NO First Amendment for you!

Everybody must be 5’8″ tall, weigh 105 pounds, have blonde hair and grey eyes, love F. Scott Fitzgerald, love M&M’s and be apolitical. NOW we are fine. Let us get rid of every other candy bar, burn Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L.R. James and every book by every other author except Fitzgerald, then spend the rest of our lives discussing the Great Gatsby!


Yes, there are going to be views we don’t like – yes there are going to be offensive views. Unless the person is espousing violence/social disorder, we don’t run them out of town!!!

Used to be a time when people could be themselves. You got something on your mind – you said it. NOW, you can’t say anything unless it is anesthetized to the point of political correctness. Even Comedians! If you feel strongly about something – YOU CAN’T SAY IT, for fear it will be deemed offensive to some person or group or animal – and THAT threshold is getting lower and lower. Pretty soon we won’t even dare to say a skunk stinks! “Ooh a shrunk – so fragrance challenged!”

Why even bother having interviews?

INTERVIEWER: So Mr. Cabe, as head of the KKK, do you think all blacks are inferior?

CABE:  Actually my lawyer warned me NOT to answer that question!

Well hell. The day the KKK CANNOT say they hate black people, it’s time for every freakin’ black person to LEAVE America.

INTERVIEWER: So Madame President, it’s 2018 and Brazil is way ahead on clean energy. Did you see that coming…?

PRESIDENT: Ah, I can’t answer that question without offending the oil and gas companies…

INTERVIER: But Madame President….

PRESIDENT: Sorry, Jonathan, but you know how it is. These press conferences are just for show – to show my face. I can’t really SAY anything….you know. Oh dear, have I offended somebody by what I just said. Sorry. That’s all for today. Thanks…

Yea. Animal Farm with Political Correctness as Napoleon. “All opinion is created equal – but some opinions are LESS equal than others!”.

Don’t you realize Mitt Romney is watching this and going: “And you want ME to be myself? You think I’m stupid? Never! Never…never! Not even if I could actually FIND myself!!!”

So you don’t approve of Chick fil-A President, Dan Cathy’s position on gay marriage? So WHAT?

The Chick fil-A president who started it all: Dan Cathy.

Chick fil-A’s corporate culture is heavily influenced by its founder’s Christian beliefs. Chick-fil-A CLOSES on Sunday…yea, go to church!

Even my Boston mayor Tom Menino asked Chick fil-A to stay away! How about organizing a “die-in” outside Colt headquarters for making the M16 and other guns the bad guys use to kill us?

Oh I understand people feel a need to protest a company position they don’t agree with. Just sayin’ WE NEED TO CHILL, yo.

Are we confusing THE Law with OUR opinion/beliefs? YES! We always do! People who believe that marriage is Biblically determined as between one man and one woman (can’t find WHERE it says that) FORGET that the Bible is NOT the U.S. Constitution. Yet!

“Lord I know you don’t like Liberals, but please save us from the Mike Huckabees of this world!!!” …Conlibe.

People who believe, on the other hand, that tolerance for gays and non-discrimination should be part of every person’s makeup forget that people they see as intolerant are ALSO protected (by the very LAWS we hide behind, when it suits US), to their rights, opinions, beliefs – EVEN THOUGH WE DON’T AGREE WITH THEM – heck, even if we deem those opinions/beliefs as demeaning to us/others. 

Voicing an opinion is different from enforcing that opinion as a game changer…saying I don’t support gay marriage is different from saying “gays are not welcome at my restaurants!”

The Chick fil-A founder did not SAY that he won’t hire gays or that gays are not allowed to eat at his restaurants. He was interviewed. He said how he felt about gay marriage. It’s becoming impossible for us to tolerate things we don’t like. So the next time someone’s popping gum next to me on the subway…or listening to loud music…I’m gonna slap the irritating nitwit. Yeah! So there….. 

Our options to deal with the Chick-fil-A’s of this world? WE public have many, including:

  • Protest, demonstrate.
  • Leave Chick-fil-A alone and go about our daily lives…assuming we have one.
  • Choose to eat or not to eat at Chick fil-A.
  • Choose to work or not to work at Chick fil-A.
  • Gays particularly can decide how to plan their meals, with or without Chick-fil-A offerings.
  • The hungry can give Chick-fil-A the finger and look for some other eating place. If there are no alternatives, said people can choose to starve!
  • Why does everything HAVE to be a divisive, chest-thumping drama?

As for Mike Huckabee. Thank God we did not have to deal with him in the Republican presidential primaries. HE called for a “CHICK FIL-A APPRECIATION DAY?”

God Bless America the Beautiful…for Chick Fil-A…and amber waves of grain to feed chickens…

At a Knightdale, North Carolina Chick fil-A, the crowd spontaneously started singing “God Bless America.” For? A Char-Grilled Chicken Sandwich? Is that what America is appreciating now? Fast Food chains, low wages and shitty food? (I’ve never eaten Chick fil-A. In my view, these fast food chains produce shitty food…and it’s not my thing. It’s yours? Hey, GO for it!!!) Appreciating Freedom of Speech? Still support free speech when it’s pro-gay?

You “appreciate” Chick fil-A but you don’t appreciate Health Care – for you?

You have money to pay for stents – for blocked arteries? You do. That’s my protester! Again, GO for it! Eat as much Chick fil-A as you can so there can be more Chick-fil-A dollars to stop the insidious gay agenda!

Which reminds me. I have Comcast. Should I switch? Because Comcast, far as I can glean, is Republican leaning. Do I now tell Comcast. I don’t want your cable, you Republican you. And do I research the opposition FIRST, So I can ensure I’m getting a good old Liberal company to provide my cable? What if I can’t find out where competitors politics lean -what do I do? Sit my son on the roof with a metal platter and twiddle my TV knobs?

Should I not shop at Wal-Mart. I find them very easy to deal with, but now I think of it, should I return that last purchase because of their Republican connections?

Should I only buy Heinz ketchup…because the company belongs to Democrat John Kerry’s wife?

And if I’m in an accident, should I first  find out if the person rushing to pull me out of the wreckage is a Republican – then refuse…or walk with a proxy that NO republican can aid me if there’s an accident?

Or vice versa: Should I first determine if the person I’m rushing to help is a democrat – and walk away if it’s a republican?

Where does this reactionary stupidity stop?

And now what? A Chick-fil-A Anti-Appreciation Day? What’s it – a “Kiss In.”

Sure…GLAD (Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders) Kissing outside Chick-fil-A says what? I’m not chicken? Double dare you?

Yea, let’s show these gay bashers WE rule. ” Let’s air kiss everybody to spite Chick-fil-A management. Mwah–mwah!!”


You’re ALL equally stupid…. Turning a Tempest in a Teapot – into a Tempest in a Fryer!!

Hey, that’s just my opinion, OK. And trust me, my opinion does not count for much!!!

Mwah–mwah!!” (That’s my pathetic air-kissing sound effects!)


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