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Does This Make My Bum Look Fat? Clueless Romney: “Yes!!! It Does!!!”

OK – I gave Mitt Romney a PASS when he made that offensive statement about London’s lack of preparation for the Olympic Games…

Romney’s British fundraiser apparently didn’t go too well. Tickets were reportedly being given away for a-thousand dollars.

I was beginning to doubt too, based on news reports about inexperienced airport screeners — and the story of an unattended boy boarding a plane from Manchester to Rome didn’t help. Even the British THEMSELVES were doubting, until Mitt Romney forced them to stiffen that ever stiff upper lip and wrap themselves in Olympic pride.

So I gave Romney a pass…

But I REVISITED after he went to Israel and insulted Arabs!

I started thinking about the question in my heading: “Does this make my bum (as the Brits would say) look big?”

Awww…Is a presidential candidate on Time Out?       

Now females and every male in the world knows or should know that you pass on a question like that? If you’re a male you grunt and say “No dear. You look fine.”  and clamp your twitching lips shut!

Why? Because although YOU are not running for President, YOU are still smart enough to understand the concept of HARMONY!!

Not Mitt Romney. Here he is, in London for meetings with top British officials, but hours before the Olympic Games open he insults the hosts, HIS hosts, by telling the media: London is not prepared for the games. 

British newspaper headline: America’s number one ally didn’t give Romney much to tout on his Presidential application under Foreign Policy Experience…

It’s not? So what the hell are you doing there, then?

  • You care so little for your safety?
  • You flew over to “fix” these Olympics too?
  • Oh you fixed it, Governor Romney. You also spayed and neutered them!
  • Do you suppose with each travel stamp in his passport Romney amassed a ton of Foreign Policy experience? I’ve been to Europe, Asia, Africa and traveled widely in the Caribbean. Does that give me Foreign Policy experience OR just foreign experience…without the policy?
  • To Romney MI6 means: My Intelligence Level? 6!
  • Just because it’s true does not mean you have to say it!!! That is not the stuff of diplomacy, Mr. Foreign Experience gleaner. 

Ask Mitt Romney: Does this make my butt look fat and he will shout: YES!!! IT DOES!!! Clueless!

Romney also subscribes to the Dick Cheney school of: “Bomb Iran”.

That’s a pattern with Mitt Romney. While Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was visiting the White House (March 2012)…with America and Israel engaged in the tricky diplomatic Mid-East Two-step…HE, Romney is telling the media that Obama should bomb Iran like the Israelis want. Clueless!!!

Remember when Obama responded: “This is not a game. And there’s nothing casual about it…we don’t play politics with it. When we have in the past, when we haven’t thought it through and it gets wrapped up in politics, we make mistakes.”

“I think there’s no doubt that those who are suggesting or proposing or beating the drums of war should explain clearly to the American people what they think the costs and benefits would be…”

FOREIGN POLICY Experience Gleaning: #2.

Article in Israel’s centrist Daily, Yedioth Ahronoth: “Our problem is that the use this man is making of us for objectives that have nothing to do with the genuine interests of the country.”

Jerusalem. City of contention between Jews, Arabs. I’m neither.

So someone else realizes that Romney is throwing Palestinians under the bus in his bid to buy Jewish votes in Florida! Did I not tell you that Republicans are bent on offending as many ethnic groups as possible? 

Again: Clueless.

Editorial in the pan-Arab newspaper, al-Quds al-Arabi:

“Romney will win the largest number of Jewish votes after getting close to Israeli leaders by yielding to their script, but the biggest loser will be the American people and the people of the region if he wins and implements his promises to attack Iran…”

I am not getting into this argument over Israel and the Palestinians. Far as I am concerned, BOTH sides have vested interests in prolonging the divide. I want a U.S. President who will treat BOTH sides…with respect. 

But not Mitt Romney, apparently.

Romney leaves Prayer Note in Western Wall. “I want to be President?” Part of ancient wall around Jewish Temple courtyard. 2nd most sacred Jewish holy site.

No, HE thinks the Palestinian culture is inferior to Israeli culture and what the heck, why not let the world know!

I don’t know WHAT it says in the book of Mormon, but in the BIBLE it says the Jews and the Palestinians are COUSINS. Their hatred of each other goes back to Biblical times when Abraham fathered two sons: Ishmael, his ELDEST, with his wife’s maid Hagar and Isaac, his best loved, with his wife Sarah.

Islam’s Prophet Muhammad is said to be descended from Ishmael’s son Kedar.

Christianity’s Jesus is descended from Isaac’s son Jacob…

Mormon’s Joseph Smith is descended from neither.

America is the Gentile or Infidel who has no right in this horse race. Why are we over there again? 

Only Mitt Romney can turn a FOREIGN EXPERIENCE BOOSTING MISSION into a Foreign Experience BUSTING mission!

FOREIGN POLICY Experience Gleaning #3: Poland.

Unless Romney is tightly scripted – he puts both feet into his mouth.


Why Poland? What am I missing in the building of the great Foreign Policy Resume?

Is Poland the new Russia? Or is Romney trying to court Catholics – show he is gung ho on missile defense? He could have done that in America – without his aide Rick Gorka asking male journalists to kiss interesting parts of Gorka’s anatomy. I’m NOT thinking gay!!! 

Romney CANNOT be himself without making a gaffe:

  • I don’t care about the very poor
  • Corporations are people too
  • I like to fire people
  • He CANNOT ad lib without putting both feet in his mouth. He must be scripted, laced tightly into a corset and heavily made up — to sound presidential!

I guess Poles can breathe a sigh of relief Romney didn’t say the reason the Poles were not prosperous under Soviet occupation was because their culture was inferior to that of the Russians!

I’d have thought he’d go to China…seeing our economies are so intertwined. But maybe he does not know that? Think how macho it would have been to stand in Tiananmen Square and threaten to haul China before the World Trade Organization?

Baja California: Marker between Upper/Lower California partition.

Or promise to print money on his campaign computer, arrange a “media event” to drop the bags of cash to the Fed, then force Treasury to issue a “call” and buy back all the U.S. Securities the Chinese are holding!? Now THAT is foreign policy chutzpah!!!

In any case, it doesn’t matter WHERE Romney goes. 

He could have gone to Baja California…he’d have made some foreign policy blunder there too…put his expensively shod feet into his mouth and offended some demographic, in true Republican style!

Romney would be waiting in the desert wondering why God is not dropping in on his Fundraiser, like Mormon Founder Joseph Smith says God appeared to him. Then when God does not show up, Romney would quip it’s because God does not like Mexicans!


Chinese Dissident: Part 2. “No Comment” (May 2012)

Foreign Policy Recipe 101 (July 2012)


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