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“neh-neh-neh-neh-neh-neh!” STOP Whining Romney!

ALL this Bain Involvement and whether Romney was or was NOT running Bain is just another Mitt Romney EVASION coming back to haunt him…BIG TIME.

Remember I told you that Romney will SAY anything, do ANYTHING to further his political ambitions? Well here’s how I’m breaking it down:

Mitt Romney left Bain in 1999…went to the Olympics, asked Congress for a huge Taxpayer Bailout (the kind he NOW hates), propped up the Olympics THEN  decided it was an opportune moment to pursue his burning ambition, his ULTIMATE GOAL:

Reedeem his dad’s failure to become U.S. President in 1968 by ensuring George Romney’s son does get into the White House where Mitt Romney thinks he belongs. Look at me now, daddy! I did it for you!

Mitt Romney’s father: George Romney released 12 years of taxes. Looks much more genuine than his son!

And he’s been working towards this like the elephant that never forgets…

Did Mitt Romney have Massachusetts residency or did he have Utah residency…when he ran for MA governor in 2002? You judge.

Utah charges STATE taxes at TWO different rates.

Residents pay a LOWER rate and there’s a box you check off that asks if you are a resident or NOT. During his stay in Utah, Romney paid the LOWER TAX RATE used by Utah residents but he DID NOT CHECK THE BOX – he left it blank. (He MISWROTE).

But Romney can’t DENY that he paid the lower tax rate for UTAH residents. Guess he saw himself as a Utah RESIDENT…at that convenient (for him, NOT for Utah) point in time.

So he comes to Massachusetts and makes a bid for governor and Massachusetts democrats say: “Not so fast. Are you a Utah resident or a Massachusetts resident?” and Romney says: “I’ve ALWAYS been a Massachusetts resident!”. (Yep! Even when he was paying the LOWER tax rate in Utah RESERVED for Utah residents.) 

Then he “FIXES” his calculated Utah “residency” mis-issue by:

  • PAYING Utah THE DIFFERENCE between the taxes he paid in Utah when he used the LOWER Utah resident rate AND THE TAXES HE SHOULD HAVE PAID at the higher Utah rate as a Massachusetts resident. NOW he is a Massachusetts resident for REAL this time! (You and I could well have been charged with Tax Fraud, but the Massachusetts Ballot Commission accepted it.)

So say he paid a million dollars in Utah when he paid at the lower Utah residents rate…but now that he is running for governor of Massachusetts he gets a revelation: “Hey, I was really a Massachusetts resident all along, not a Utah resident at all, stupid me! I should have paid the HIGHER rate for Utah non-residents, which is 5-million, duh!!” and so he writes Utah a check for the difference. (My figures are just for clarification, I don’t know how much MORE he paid or what the amounts were).

Here’s what Ed Conard, former Bain Capital Partner had to say in a MSNBC interview (Sunday July 15, 2012) on UP with Chris Hayes):

  • (After Romney left Bain in 1999 to head Utah Olympics) a management Committee was running Bain to try and transition from Romney to a new structure.

Now that’s a well managed company. So well managed that when the CEO left they needed a management committee to take over. Didn’t you hear…about the “management committee” over at Apple after Steve Jobs died?

Yeah, Apple’s was hush hush – didn’t want to  embarrass new CEO Tim Cook! And don’t believe in that “orderly succession plan” at Microsoft after Bill Gates, either. Those are not REAL business like Bain.

  • Conard says Romney’s name was on the documents as the sole owner of Bain and…they had a very complicated set of negotiations that took about 2 years to unravel. (Yeah: Bermuda and Switzerland and Mars and God knows where.)

(Not so busy. He found the time for “social trips and business trips that brought me back to Massachusetts, board meetings, Thanksgiving and so forth…” MEANING? For someone who seems to have forgotten his passing acquaintance with the concept called “truth” I need to ask what so forth means?

Some things come back and bite you in the ….

But NEVER with his OWN company Bain, where he held 100-percent ownership, where legally, ON PAPER he was the CEO. He was involved with all these others but the one that paid him the 6-figure salary, with a Management Committee struggling through paperwork for 2 years, HE NEVER CONTACTED THEM in those 2 YEARS!

NOT even by phone. NO advice – NO updates. Nothing! He just turned his back and left them to muddle through 2 years of transition by themselves? Do you buy that? And what kind of PAPER CEO is that, anyway? Is THIS how you want to run America, Mr. Competent Businessman?

IN THE MEANTIME, Romney was earning the 6-figure salary from Bain (plus dividends?) in 2001 AND 2002 for what? Just for having his name on paper as CEO? I’d like a deal like that, wouldn’t you? 

So he was NOT running the company? ARGUE that fact. But CAN YOU ARGUE THAT HE POCKETED MILLIONS OF DOLLARS by gutting companies and sending jobs overseas? He’s not the only one who does that, no. But do you feel sympathy for the person who bullies your child because other bullies are out there harassing other people’s kids?

Guess Romney knew back them that the issue of “outsourcing of jobs” would come up 12 years in the future during his run for President! So he stayed AWAY! Or did it have to do with residency?

Just tell us NOW, Mr. Prescient Romney, WHICH one of you wins the election in November – so we can tune out and go do other stuff – like sit on boards! Maybe Romney should also forget about Vice Presidential picks and appoint a “Management Committee.”

UNDENIABLE is this: Romney PROFITTED from the “outsourcing” by banking his 6-figure salary and other dividends. Did he give that money back. Did he say: “I’m sorry. I can’t accept millions of dollars because Americans had to lose their jobs for me to make so much money?”

He did not. So why then come now and pretend that you are “da great businessman” who will SAVE American jobs?

Because he cannot run on anything else…unless he wants to talk about Health Care reform? Or Olympic Bail-outs, like the one he DID NOT WANT DETROIT TO GET, but Salt Lake City could?

Republican strategist John Weaver, July 2012: “There is no whining in politics. Stop demanding an apology, release your tax returns.”

Alabama governor Robert Bentley, Republican tells ABC News, July 2012: he believes in “total transparency” and wants Romney to release his tax returns to show voters he has “nothing to hide.”

Lies hiding in the TRUTH – or Truth hiding among LIES?

Romney released his 2010 tax documents and his estimated returns for 2011.

Why release Tax Returns?

According to the Washington Post:

Tax returns offer information not available on the financial disclosure forms that are legally required of candidates, including their charitable deductions and use of tax shelters.

Tax information could be especially revealing in the case of Mr. Romney and his extensive investment income, which may be why he has been reluctant to release it.

During his 1994 Senate race, Mr. Romney called on Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D) to release his tax returns and show Kennedy had nothing to hide”. Neither candidate released his tax information. Such secrecy will not stand for a presidential nominee.

The identity of a candidate’s bundlers is similarly important. Campaign finance laws limit individual contributions to a candidate to $2,500 per election ($5,000 if you include the primary and general election campaigns), but bundlers haul in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars by tapping extensive donor networks.

Knowing to whom and for how much candidates are indebted is essential information, of which candidates and their advisers are exquisitely aware. Yet under current law the only bundlers whose identities candidates must disclose are registered lobbyists.

That information is useful but insufficient: A CEO who bundles $500,000 for a candidate can have as much influence as the company’s Washington lobbyist. Why should this knowledge be kept from voters?

Yes, WHY Governor Romney? Romney has made a HABIT out of secrecy, evasions, saying ONE THING one way, ANOTHER THING thataway. He erased his e-mails when he left as governor of Massachusetts. He left with computer hard drives from the governor’s office. Questions arise over his residency and taxes… HE:

  • Did it to Gingrich
  • Did it to Santorum

Now he’s whining and crying….

Like candidate Mitt Romney told candidate Newt Gingrich, Dec 2011: “This is, after all, politics. There is no whining in politics. You get in a political process and you fight hard and describe the differences between yourself and the other candidates.” 

That was a flip…do we hear a flop?


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