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Romney’s MA Health Care “TAX”!

Congressman Paul Ryan, House Budget Committee chair on ABC’s This Week: 07/01/12

Representative Paul Ryan (Wisconsin), chair of the House Budget Committee

“The broken promises and the hypocrisy are becoming breathtaking from the president who says one thing to get this past Congress and then another thing to get it past the Supreme Court….look at the hypocrisy. The president on your show said this is not a tax. Then he sent his solicitor general to the Supreme Court to argue that it is a tax in order to get this past the Supreme Court.”

Well imagine Republicans actually ADMITTING to a concept called “Hypocrisy” and with a straight face too.

Dear Mr. Ryan…

I can’t defend President Obama on whether he knew it was a tax or a mandate. He did not call me to share his thoughts nor was I privy to their deliberations. I am going by what he said. (Yes, I know…he’s a politician too, bless his soul! Pinch of salt, etc…).

  • Obama said it was a Penalty. 
  • In Massachusetts Romney said his RomneyCare carried a Penalty – he did not call it a tax.
  • Now the Supreme Court says the penalty in ObamaCare is a tax
  • Does this mean that the penalty in RomneyCare is a tax too? I’m sure you will say NO! Because of course the federal laws that apply to the rest of America DO NOT apply here in Massachusetts – which is why we are so liberal and which is why a Penalty here is a “tax” over there!
  • Health Care Debate 101…

U.S. Supreme Court Justices

I listened to the commentary – listened to Romney’s reaction – listened to Republicans and Democrats and everybody in between and what I came away with is this: We spent the last 4 years fighting over Health Care Reform…and it’s not over! Apparently it has not yet even begun. We are going to waste the next 4 years fighting over Health Care. Is America for real?

The health care you are fighting over has not bankrupted Massachusetts – 98 percent of our residents are covered. Yes it is expensive, but those costs are beginning to come down because more people are getting PREVENTATIVE care. Yes, more people are:

  • Seeing doctors who are catching problems before they become critical.
  • These doctors are coaching people on healthy lifestyles that PREVENT DISEASE
  • It did not STOP job creation – we are tops among the nation under our new Democratic governor, Obama pal Deval Patrick.
  • Why would you not want that kind of statistic in every state? 
  • Why do the hypocrites who rail against universal health care try to sneak in here to get ours? 
  • Why don’t they go to Paul Ryan and ask HIM to pay for THEIR health care?
  • Why do you let Republicans play political GAMES with you and the health of you and your family/loved ones — instead of demanding that they sit down with Democrats and look at parts of the bill that need fixing – AND FIX IT.  
  • Whom do you think YOU are hurting when you don’t have health Care, don’t buy it – then get into an accident and don’t have it? Who is going to pay for you? Surely NOT the government? Because you don’t want the government involved in Health Care, remember…? I know, John Boehner will pay your bill. Lucky you!

Republicans needed Maalox to toast the Supreme Court ruling…on the Health Care Act.

Republicans have been killing Health Care reform for decades, including the effort by Hillary Clinton. Remember that? WHAT DO THEY HAVE AGAINST HEALTH CARE FOR ALL – and why have they NOT put forward their own viable plan…and PASSED it…when they ruled Congress and Newt Gingrich was Emperor?

Boy they thought that they HAD President Obama. They could NOT get Congress to overturn the Health Care Act so they decided to send it to their buddies at the Supreme Court whom they expected to rule in their favor. What a shock it must have been…when the decision came! La-di-dah-do!!! What a Maalox Moment!

See, Republicans think that Americans are stupid – that voters don’t see through their shenanigans – that sane people do not understand that Republicans use underhand and devious ways to RAM their  bigoted, biased, out of touch ideas and platforms on the rest of us.

But you do. We do.

We understand that Republicans use (or TRY to use) the Supreme Court (and other courts) to force their beliefs on the rest of us. When the courts side with them: great judges, constitutional scholars. When the courts don’t : “activist” judges, liberal elitists!

Their plan is to people the courts with conservatives who will rule along party ideology…then because they oppose something (usually somebody or group’s civil rights) like gay marriage, sue to block gay marriage.

Here’s an example of Republicans using the courts to force their twisted concepts on the rest of us: House GOP leaders in Connecticut plan to ask the Supreme Court to rule on the constitutionality of the 1996 federal law that bans federal marriage benefits for same-sex couples who are legally married. They don’t like gays and don’t support the Defense of marriage Act so of course it’s unconstitutional…and if it’s not, then by God they will make it!!!

The other tack they use is to stir up public opinion and get people to vote for their unconstitutional ideas believing that if they rile enough people up against gay marriage and these people vote for some referendum saying that gay marriage is bad – then that makes it legal – because the people have spoken!

U.S. Supreme Court Justices

Yes, we the same people who thought:

  • The sun revolved around the Earth
  • That the earth was flat and when you got to the end you’d fall off
  • That slavery should NOT be abolished
  • That blacks should not get the vote
  • That women should not get the vote
  • That blacks and whites should not marry or integrate
  • That gays cannot serve in the military
  • That men and women do not deserve equal pay
  • and so on…

We the people who self-righteously made all the above decisions and more…are really in a position to shove aside our bigotry and self-serving blarney and grant power to others, especially to others we don’t like or agree with.

If you look at the civil rights that the courts have granted to people, to minority groups, to wronged classes, to under-represented groups…think where we would BE if the courts had not stepped in.

So the law can work both ways. And Republicans try to use both sides to further their twisted political agenda…

John Roberts, 17th Chief Justice, US Supreme Court.

Republicans don’t give a damn about fairness or ethics – if the constitution said to skin cats, they’d stick to the Constitution to the letter of the Law and skin every cat they could find. Know what Jesus had to say about that (Luke 13: 10-16) when he was chastised…chastised for working on the Sabbath because he healed a woman who had been sick for 18-years? Jesus called the ruler of the synagogue (John Boehner in an earlier life?) a hypocrite! Republicans and Jesus would NOT agree…

So to get back to the Supreme Court and John Roberts. I’m not on board. Still to come:

  1. Affirmative Action (which is good and bad and responsible for the advancement of many minorities)
  2. Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

It is my opinion that Roberts wanted to depolarize/de-politicize the Supreme Court so he chose an argument about Taxation which I can’t follow…It is a Tax but it’s not a Tax? Whatever…! Bottom line is that Romney apparently slapped a TAX on us here in Massachusetts with his Health Care Mandate…and every year I have to show I have Health Care or I pay a Tax penalty – which is not a penalty – it’s now a Tax “Tax”.

By calling the mandate a “Tax” Roberts provided fodder for Republicans to kick up a political furor…

Paul Ryan says Roberts “had to rewrite the statute in order to call this a tax.”

So if Roberts can find a convenient loophole to muddy the legal waters so he can save the reputation of his court – does that happen/can that happen/has that happened in other cases as well?

Do I now look at Supreme Court rulings as:

  1. Strict interpretation of the law?
  2. A face saver?
  3. A compromise?
  4. An ideological ruling?

Meantime, pundits are urging Mitt Romney to stop running as a business man and show some substance…

Say what?

If Romney does NOT run as a businessman- what else is there?

Governor Romney signs Health Care Reform with MANDATES (TAX?) in MA, 2006. Making History in Healthcare – a “History” Romney is NOW running away from!!

Romney is known for being:

  • A businessman (of the loan shark kind.)
  • “Saving” the Olympics (by getting a financial bail-out from Washington).
  • Governor of Massachusetts (by proxy! His only achievement, Universal Health Care with a mandate he endorsed by signing the bill with LIBERAL Ted Kennedy standing behind him – he ran away from it to please conservatives. Now he can’t jog back (watch him try in the debates), especially with the Supreme Court ruling. So what’s left? THERE IS NO SUBSTANCE. He can try to manufacture some “substance” but it comes across as phony…

When the layers will be stripped away in the debates – you’ll see how much substance he has…


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