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Romney: Self Deport or Self duhh!

In a Republican Presidential debate in January 2012 Mitt Romney said: He favored “self-deportation” as a solution to illegal immigration…

Romney said in a Presidential Candidates debate in January 2012 that: he favored “self-deportation” as a solution to illegal immigration…

According to the New York Times: that position has been advocated for years by restrictionist and conservative groups and is central to tough laws passed in Arizona, Alabama and South Carolina, among other states.

Mr. Romney’s embrace of a strategy that would induce illegal immigrants to leave voluntarily places him squarely on the side of groups that want to reduce legal immigration and vigorously oppose any plan to give legal status to illegal immigrants, which they reject as amnesty.

Mr. Romney’s plan is to issue a card identifying legal workers, which they would submit to a national verification system at the time of hiring. After a transition period, Mr. Romney said, illegal immigrants who have no cards would not find work, and “they’re going to self-deport.”

The same strategy, under the name attrition through enforcement, was at the heart of laws adopted in Arizona in 2010 and last year in Alabama…

I live in Massachusetts where Mitt Romney was governor for one miserable term — so  Romney can’t tell me or any body in Massachusetts that he is PRO any kind of Immigration Reform that will allow undocumented immigrants any kind of path to citizenship.

Not unless he got a revelation (a la Saint Paul) on the road to Arizona, AFTER he cinched enough Primaries to become the Republican’s apparent nominee.

Now Romney, like Republicans, realizes that he needs Immigrants to win! See, they never thought that these poor, downtrodden souls they were rejecting so inhumanely could affect them…and their carefully crafted outcomes!

Yes, yes, yes–Republicans – you’ve just realized, FINALLY, that you can’t win with only TEA PARTY supporters. Umm-hmn…there ain’t enough haters and bigots to set you on the throne. Most Americans, the ones I call the “Silent Majority” are not antiimmigrant. Yes of course it’s natural for citizens of any country to question large numbers of immigrants swamping their country.

But most Americans KNOW and REALIZE that the poor economy was caused by:

  1. Bush TAX CUTS that Republicans supported and STILL continue to support
  2. COSTLY wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  3. A weak global economy
  4. And insecurity at home due to Republican intransigence and President Obama’s reluctance to TAKE THEM ON!

I don’t think ONE level-minded American blames illegal immigrants for any of those. (I’m not saying illegal immigration does not have an effect on the economy – it does. But illegal immigration was there too when the economy was humming along. It is only when things are bad that the pie shrinks and we start looking for someone to blame.

It’s like your cousin’s child you’ve been caring for over the last 2 years. But now that the factory closed and you lost your job, don’t blame the child for your hard times. It’s not because the child is there you got into hard times but it sure looks like the child is making it worse because a little now has to go a longer way. Of course you’re not going to blame yourself for not saving more…

So let’s not blame needy, often desperate people who come to America seeking a better life. If you lived in one of these countries where you’d have to comb through garbage to look for food daily , if you lived in a mud hut with a tin roof with an earthen floor (and I’m not thinking of native tribes who societies are adapted to their lifestyle, because I think these societies are often more emotionally satisfying than ours with ALL our modern progress and high suicide, murder and other crime rates. I’m talking about abject poverty were people live in shantytowns, favellas, ghettos)…

Would you not want to get to a country like America? How would you feel if you risked your life to come to such a country to make a couple desperate dollars to send home to your wife, parents and kids but when you got there people treated you worse than they treated their dogs?

Americans STOP and think. Don’t let heated rhetoric from pandering politicians influence your good judgment.

Should people continue to pour into your country unchecked? No!

Should you call people names because they are poor, come from different cultures we sometimes cannot identify with – or look different? NO! We don’t need to insult immigrants.  We can have an intelligent Immigration Debate without making immigrants feel inferior. Most immigrants who are here illegally KNOW they’ve broken the law…you don’t need to rub it in. And most are not criminals either! Treat the criminals like criminals…and treat the rest like humans.

Spencer Bachus: U.S. Representative for Alabama’s 6th

i think members of congress broke the law too when they deliberately faked Americans into waging a costly, brutal war in Iraq. But that’s fine because these lawmakers are Americans…

Have you checked the CBS 60 Minutes redo (June 17): “Insiders”,  about members of congress like John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi and Alabama Representative Spencer Bachus, the former ranking Republican member on the House Financial Services Committee and now its chairman? These lawmakers reportedly enriched themselves by allegedly using inside information they learn while working on legislation to trade stock!

According to the 60 Minutes piece: In mid September 2008 with the Dow Jones Industrial average still above ten thousand, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke were holding closed door briefings with congressional leaders, and privately warning them that a global financial meltdown could occur within a few days. One of those attending was Alabama Representative Spencer Bachus, then the ranking Republican member on the House Financial Services Committee and now its chairman

These meetings were so sensitive– that they would actually confiscate cell phones and Blackberries going into those meetings. What we know is that those meetings were held one day and literally the next day Congressman Bachus would engage in buying stock options based on apocalyptic briefings he had the day before from the Fed chairman and treasury secretary.

Yea, illegal immigrants are killing America! How many illegal immigrants bought or sold stock that day?

Didn’t you know that Republicans have vowed NOT to cooperate with the President  until every illegal immigrant has left America! Well now you know…

But BEFORE these immigrants leave – their cousins/relatives, loved ones, co-workers, employers and  FELLOW ETHNIC GROUPS – have one last hurrah: they desperately NEED to Vote Republican, to thank the GOP for treating their loved ones so shabbily.

  • Because of course when Republicans call Hispanics names, you know they don’t mean regular Hispanics, right? They only mean those Hispanics who are here illegally right? OR do they…?
  • Because of course when Republicans fight for Obama to champion Israel, they really love Jews and never paint swastikas on anything?
  • Because of course they just can’t wait for their son to marry a nice Chinese girl and take her to their country club…
  • And yes, they just love to have a black grandchild, like Obama, one who hopefully will NOT be born in Hawaii?
  • And they really, really want gay neighbors at their B-B-Q?
  • And a handful of poor people clutching the food-stamps Republicans want to cut?

Of course they do! They do – they do! For the next 5 months until November 06…they so DO!!!

They so do…

Ever had a minor altercation with somebody on the train/in a crowd and you give them the evil eye/rudely push by/step on their foot and don’t say excuse me? Two hours later you walk into the doctor’s waiting room and there the person is, manning the front desk?!

That’s Republicans today…scrambling to kiss the (you know what) of the very people they SCORNED…Dream Act 2, Dream Act 2.0!

NOW that they’ve suddenly realized that they can’t win the election with just the white bigots who make up the Tea Party, they suddenly LOVE immigrant groups like:

Hispanics: Heck they probably now want to parade their Hispanic connections: “see, I don’t hate Hispanics. I have a Hispanic maid!”

Asians: “See the nice Asian kid my son goes to school with – he’s so smart. No, not my son – the Asian kid.”

Blacks: You notice they ain’t even trying? They can’t fool us no more! Their last try, installing a token black as Chair of the Republican National Convention (RNC) was a knee-jerk reflex to Obama’s election and that didn’t last long. It could not because it was not genuine.

  • So Mr. Romney come now and tell me AGAIN why the governor who first wanted to unleash the Massachusetts State Police on Illegal Immigrants, PLANS TO DO NOW. When our current governor Deval Patrick took over from you, HE squashed that plan which even the State Police resisted!
  • Yes, tell us what happened to the candidate who wanted to be MORE conservative than John McCain, who ridiculed McCain during the 2008 election campaign for McCain’s compassionate stance on Immigration Reform…
  • Tell us what happened to the candidate who just months ago ridiculed Rick Perry for Perry’s Romney has previously badgered Perry for supporting in-state tuition rates for children of undocumented immigrants in Texas…
  • Who threatened to make life so difficult for immigrants that they would self-deport?
  • Where inside Mitt Romney is the anti-immigrant fire-breathing dragon who kow-towed to the Republican Party’s HARD LINE on Immigration and refused to support even The Dream Act?
  • Where is Mitt Romney NOW on Immigration Reform? Er…er…um?

Romney: “What’s my position today?…Let’s see…”

I KNOW….Mitt Romney is still revising his opinion on that issue as well…writing different scenarios on cue cards. One batch he titles: “Tea Party”, another batch: “Moderates” another batch: “Independents”.

He grabs the pile titled: “Hispanics”: throws the cards up into the air, and grabs one at random. And so Mitt Romney reads what THAT card and it’s his opinion for the moment…

He flies to an Arizona event, pulls the stack of cue cards entitled: “Minutemen” (self-styled “citizens Neighborhood Watch on our border”) throws them into the air and grabs one.

Wow, it clashes with the card he just pulled in Massachusetts, but so what? Who will know? Who cares anyway? It’s the economy stupid…

Yes…stupid…how “stupid” can STUPID be?


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