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Boehner, Ohio’s 8th Congressional District, ARRA

Do you remember The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 better known as “The Stimulus”. It’s the economic stimulus package the 111th U.S. Congress passed in  February 2009 and President Obama signed into law on February 17, 2009?

–It passed the House on January 28, 2009 (244-188)

Not ONE Republican in the House of Representastives voted for the 2009 Stimulus package, even though President Obama wined and dined them. Remember?

–The bill Passed in the Senate on February 13, 2009 (60-38) with 3 Republican votes: Snowe (R-ME), Specter (R-PA), Collins (R-ME.

Washington Times/Sunday January 25/2009: 

House Minority Leader John Boehner, Ohio Republican, said the plan must include more tax relief before House Republicans will support the plan – Republicans are proposing returning up to $3,200 to tax filers, he said.

Of the $825 billion included in Mr. Obama’s stimulus plan, $275 billion would be paid out in tax relief, and $550 billion would go to new spending.

Republicans have said the stimulus plan, in combination with the round of economic bailouts approved late last year, would saddle future generations with $2 trillion in debt.

The 244-188 vote was not what Mr. Obama had hoped for. A week of  presidential wooing — including a visit to the Capitol, a return visit to the White House by moderate House Republicans and a bipartisan cocktail party Wednesday night – did not yield a single Republican vote.

But there was ANOTHER  Stimulus package…before this one. The BUSH Stimulus.

The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008. Back then, Republican President George Bush was in power. This one was NOT the Obama Stimulus package…it was the Bush Stimulus package, that came BEFORE the Obama Stimulus Package...and REPUBLICANS VOTED FOR THAT BUSH STIMULUS!

John Boehner

Wikipedia entry:

The Economic  Stimulus Act of 2008, enacted February 13, 2008.

The Act congress PASSED providing for several kinds of economic stimuli intended to boost the United States economy in 2008 and to avert a recession, or ameliorate economic conditions.

The stimulus package was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on January 29, 2008, and in a slightly different version by the U.S. Senate on February 7, 2008.

The Senate version was then approved in the House the same day. It was signed into law on February 13, 2008 by President Bush with the support of a majority of Democratic lawmakers, as well as a minority of Republicans.

The law provides for tas rebates to low- and middle-income U.S. taxpayers, tax incentives to stimulate business investment, and an increase in the limits imposed on mortages eligible for purchase by government-sponsored enterprises like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac..

Can someone REMIND Republicans that:

  • In 2007, Obama was a CANDIDATE for president, (he announced his candidacy February 10, 2007) and George W. Bush was STILL president.
  • The Recession started in 2007, under A Republican president, NOT President Obama.
  • Although Democrats controlled the house (233-202) back then, House Democrats stepped up and voted FOR the Bush Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, (enacted February 13, 2008) to help the economy.

(The Senate was tied 49-49 with two (2) Independents. Dick Cheney was Senate president? Yes, remember THAT?)

  • With The House now controlled by Republicans) NOT ONE House Republican voted for the Economic stimulus package presented by President Obama.

ANSWER: They voted for and passed the Bush Economic Stimulus Bill.

THAT stimulus, naturally, was NOT a waste of money.

Republicans claim the Obama stimulus DID NOT WORK. Did the Bush Stimulus they voted for in 2008 work? 

John Boehner has been representing Ohio’s 8th Congressional District since 1991. He opposed the Stimulus like he would a bat from hell. Boehner called the $787 billion economic stimulus package in 2009: the “biggest pork-barrel spending bill in American history.”

But Boehner did NOT stop his District from gorging the fat…!

Did he charge over to Hamilton County on his moral steed and challenge anyone who applied for or used Stimulus funds to a duel? Pray tell…

Boehner’s District got about $140, 000, 000.00 in WASTEFUL Stimulus funds…and USED THEM ON PROJECTS, just like the rest of America…

  • Examples: $8-million for an Intermodal Center Garage in Hamilton County. The garage provide a direct tie to the Riverfront Transit Center and help construct the permanent infrastructure necessary to support the transportation system, development and parks that are a key measure to achieve the planned rebirth of Cincinnati and Hamilton County’s Central Riverfront.

    The Banks Waterfront Project in Boehner’s 8th Congressional District in Ohio got Stimulus Funds…from the very same Stimulus Boehner opposed…

  • $5-million for The Banks Transit Center. It’s aim: to transform Cincinnati’s urban downtown waterfront into a vibrant and sustainable gateway to southern Ohio….with residential housing, specialty retail, restaurants, entertainment, office, parking, and hotel space.  The economic impact of operations is expected to be $276 million a year, resulting in a total economic impact of over $2.7 billion from 2011 through 2020.

Here’s the List of STIMULUS FUNDS for Boehner’s District 08 ‎(55)

ODOT; Rehabilitation on U.S. Routes 27 and 127, and State Route 122 Butler


Under Construction 77928  
Monroe; BUT-Monroe Signal Project Butler


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 83074  
BUT SR 4B 3.50 (Phase 1) Construct Superstreet intersection at Hamilton Mason Road and SR 4B with associated widening on SR 4B, including tapers. Butler


MPO Sponsored – Under Construction 83392, 76290  
State Route 4 Bypass/Butler County Butler


Authorized 83394  
Middletown; BUT-CR 611-0.00 Sutphin Road Butler


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86231  
Middletown; BUT-SR 122-0.00 University Blvd. Butler


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86233  
BUT-CR 20-Various,Tylersville Road Butler


MPO Sponsored 86244  
Oxford; BUT-Oxford Path Multi-use path Butler


MPO Sponsored – Awarded 86275  
ODOT; Bridge replacement on State Route 276 Clermont


Completed 22375  
ODOT; Resurfacing on State Route 232 Clermont


Under Construction 81603  
CLE-CR-Various Various roads Clermont


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86229  
ODOT;  Culvert replacement on State Routes 124 and 350 Clinton


Awarded 25372  
ODOT; Clinton SR 380 Rehabilitation Clinton


Awarded 75696  
ODOT; State Route 72 Resurfacing Clinton


Completed 78125  
City of Wilmington; Rehabilitation Main & Locus Streets Clinton


Awarded 81666  
City of Wilmington; Rehabilitation of US 68 Clinton


Authorized 86350  
ODOT; Pavement rehabilitation of Interstate 675 at State Route 44 interchange Greene


Under Construction 24956  
ODOT; U.S. Route 35 rehabilitation at the Interstate 675 interchange Greene


Under Construction 24957  
Fairborn; South Maple Avenue Resurfacing Greene


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86221  
Xenia; South Detroit Street Pedestrian Enhancement Greene


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86222  
Beavercreek; Colonel Glenn Highway Resurfacing Greene


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86223  
Beavercreek; Creekside Trail Resurfacing Greene


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86224  
Xenia; East Main Street Streetscape Greene


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86225  
Greene County; New Access Road, Phase 2 Greene


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86226  
Beavercreek Township; Valley Road Resurfacing Greene


MPO Sponsored 86230  
City of Fairborn; Dayton-Yellow Springs Rd Rehabilitation Greene


Authorized 86339  
Cincinnati; HAM-ORT Carrel Ohio River Trail Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 75856  
Anderson Township; HAM-Kellogg Bike Kellogg Bikepath Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Awarded 80037  
Phase 2 of the Hamilton Interstate 75 corridor improvement project Hamilton


Under Construction 82282  
Cincinnati; HAM-Waldvogel RR Remove RR lines Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Awarded 84126  
ODOT; Hamilton IR 75 Rehabilitation Hamilton


Under Construction 84497  
Hamilton County; Banks Street Grid Hamilton


Authorized 86065  
Cincinnati; HAM-CR 71-4.10 Blue Rock Road Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86234  
Montgomery; HAM-CR 256-3.20 Cornell Road Hamilton


MPO Sponsored 86236  
Cheviot; HAM-CR 457-15.00 Harrison Avenue Hamilton


MPO Sponsored 86237  
Springdale; HAM CR 614 1.48 Northland Blvd. Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86238  
Blue Ash; HAM-CR 470-0.08 Reed Hartman Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86240  
Springfield Township; HAM-CR 101-4.33 Galbraith Road Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86241  
Deer Park; HAM-CR 101-11.32 Galbraith Road Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Under Construction 86242  
Sharonville; HAM-CR 272-1.03 Mosteller Road Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86246  
Cincinnati; HAM-Computerized Traffic Control System -Various Traffic cable Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86247  
Amberley; HAM-CR 101-9.79 Galbraith Road Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Under Construction 86284  
Terrace Park; HAM-US 50-34.40 Wooster Pike Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Awarded 86287  
Hamilton County; Riverfront Intermodal Center Phase 2/ Banks Transit Center Hamilton


Authorized 86370  
Glendale; HAM-CR 235-3.76 Sharon Road Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Awarded 86511  
Addyston; HAM-CR 200-0.04 Main Street Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Awarded 86519  
HAM CR 659 4.92 Vine St. St. Pavement Rehab Hamilton


MPO Sponsored – Under Construction 87070  
ODOT; District-wide bridge painting Multi


Under Construction 75631  
ODOT; State Route 732 Resurfacing Preble


Awarded 75897  
ODOT D8; US 40 Culvert Reconstruction Preble


Completed 84256  
Springboro; SR 73 & SR 741 Signal Upgrades Warren


MPO Sponsored – Under Construction 86227  
Franklin; Franklin-Trenton Road Resurfacing Warren


MPO Sponsored – Awarded 86228  
WAR-CR 15-0.00 Columbia Road Warren


MPO Sponsored – Awarded 86239  
Mason; WAR-CR 110-0.39 Kings Island Dr. Warren


MPO Sponsored – Authorized 86248  
City of Spingboro; Franklin Rd Rehabilitation Warren


Awarded 86335

Nelsonville Bypass – Phase 3. $94 million in STIMULUS FUNDS. Athens county, Nelsonville, OHIO. Estimated completion:  July 2013. Described as: “The single largest Recovery Act investment project in Ohio with a total investment of $150 million”.

According to an article on the Ohio Department of Transportation website (…

Stimulus-Funded Construction on
Ohio’s Highways nets 8000 Jobs in June

$10.5 million in paychecks, 1300 new workers reported in single month

COLUMBUS (Wednesday, July 28, 2010) – During the same month that President Obama visited Ohio to mark the start of the nation’s 10,000th road project paid for by the Recovery Act, more than 8000 construction workers had jobs on Ohio’s stimulus-funded transportation projects in June, according to preliminary figures collected by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Monthly reports from Ohio’s contractors show that 8,335 workers were paid with stimulus funds last month – mostly working on highway, bridge and pedestrian/bicycle construction projects across the state. That’s a 19 percent increase from the month before, when contractors reported nearly 7,000 jobs in May.

Republicans are NOW hoping you have forgotten their intransigence, their blockade of this president WHOM Americans elected BECAUSE:

  • OF REPUBLICAN SCANDAL AFTER SCANDAL (eg: Firing Justice Department lawyers who would not go after Democrats on personal vendettas?)

Do we NEED signs like this to make a point? We get it – there are people here illegally – but does that make them animals? Among the largest group of Illegal Immigrants in states like Massachusetts are IRISH – what would a sign like the one above say about the Irish? Today Mexican, tomorrow…?

Republicans have their fingers crossed behind their backs. They’re wishing you’ll FORGET what living under Republican rule/George Bush was like. They FORGET too that up to now THEY HAVE NOT CO-OPERATED WITH OBAMA OR COME UP WITH VIABLE ALTERNATIVES EXCEPT THE RYAN BUDGET…which GUTS programs like food stamps and Medicare/Medicaid…while giving Tax Cuts to the rich. 

They wasted 4 years and now ask YOU for another FOUR to fix what they did nothing to fix before!


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