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Missing Romney emails = MISSING Romney RECORD!

Ha! Massachusetts is finally catching up with Mitt Romney…who’s running away from that state as fast as he can!

Run Massachusetts! You might catch up with Mitt Romney who’s RUNNING AWAY from his record as guv’nor!

Instead of highlighting his term as Governor of a Liberal State where HE GOT THINGS DONE — he’s running on his record as a Venture Capitalist – which can mean Wall Street Shark…or Savior!

One definition I found for Venture Capitalist: A PROFESSIONAL INVESTOR – a person who invests in a business venture, providing capital for start-up or expansion.  A Venture Capitalist manages a fund and is looking for suitable investments for that fund. 

Yep – that exactly FITS the qualifications a person needs to run America. How can we NOT have a Venture Capitalist as President? What have voters been thinking over past decades electing politicians when there are so many Venture Capitalist running the country so successfully from Wall Street?

Yeah – Just like the Presidency!

Mitt Romney is the candidate who just loooves transparency. He believes in transparency so much that before he left office as Governor of Massachusetts (after his term ended in January 2007) he had his aides/staffers WIPE OUT as in ERASE his emails.

Yes, he made them delete the emails…but he went one step further – he TOOK THE HARD DRIVES because he did not want ANY POSSIBILITY that somebody would examine those hard-drives, try to retrieve the information from those computer memories…and use it against him politically.

Now here is the man who’s presenting himself to you as “trustworthy”. Is it any wonder that sane Americans who can still process information FOR THEMSELVES say in poll after poll that THEY DO NOT TRUST MITT ROMNEY?

Computer hard-drive – like the one’s Romney’s aides erased – to hide his emails…

I used to detest George Bush, along with his Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his Vice president, Dick Cheney – whom I dubbed: The holy trinity of republican arrogance (notice I use small letters) .

But I have since revised my opinion of George W. (who incidentally CANNOT tolerate Romney either. He “endorsed” Romney under duress…) If you missed footage of the former president unveiling his portrait at the White House, check it out. George Bush has been nothing but gracious and SILENT since he left the White House — and that wins points with me.

Compare that with the megalomaniac ego of Cheney who has NOT shut up since he left office – still clinging to his time in the spotlight come what may. And as soon as he sneezes some reporter gives him coverage – and they lose me viewer. Channel – switch! I’ve had more than ENOUGH of Cheney. Let him deflate into decrepitude! George Bush would have been much better off if he had NEVER teamed up with Rumsfeld and Cheney…if he’d relied on advice from his Secretary of State Colin Powell…instead of  Mr. “shoot-in-the-face” and Mr. “shoot-from-the-mouth”!

Now, if I walk into a room and George Bush is in one corner and Mitt Romney is in the other, I’m making beeline for “Dubya” and trust me, we’d be laughing in no time – AT Romney!

So governor Romney made sure that his emails from the Massachusetts governor’s office were erased:

Not anymore!

  1. From the computer hard drives
  2. From the SERVERS
  3. Plus he took those hard drives when he left…

Not ALL of them, by the way. He left some routine emails featuring the blah bland of political life…to cover his tracks. Naturally if ALL the emails had been deleted it would have been immediately obvious that somebody was orchestrating a cover-up. So WHY DO YOU THINK HE HAD THOSE EMAILS ERASED – emails that are part of his RECORD – the one he’s RUNNING AWAY FROM?

Let’s guess:

  • Those emails had information about his shopping list and he does not want us to know he like arugula or buys $1-thousand dollar blouses for is wife?
  • He thought those emails were too boring and tried to smooth the way for his successor, Democrat Deval Patrick, president Obama’s close friend?
  • He was so concerned with “transparency” that he wanted things to be clear?
  • He did not have enough money to buy hard drives for computers for his presidential campaign so he “borrowed” them?
  • He had something to hide? (Romney? NO!)
  • He’s trustworthy, squeaky clean, wanted to back-up the data and it flip-floped on him and deleted instead?
  • I don’t know. I give up – I just can’t guess…

As Steve Benen put it in his article: The Romney emails we weren’t supposed to see: “the move was intended to hide official correspondence from the public and keep potentially-embarrassing information under wraps in advance of his presidential campaign”.

Even Mitt Romney — can’t understand Mitt Romney

Some of those emails dealt with Romney’s support:

  • FOR Health Care reform which he is now AGAINST
  • For a mandate even when Democrats OPPOSED it. Like Romney said: “Either the individual pays or the taxpayers pay. A free ride on government is not libertarian.” Hi Ron Paul…what are you going to so with YOUR delegates?

If you are not familiar with the Massachusetts State Tax publication, please check my April 20 Blog Post: Health Care Reform and The Budget to Nowhere…

It shows the forms that residents have to fill to SHOW/PROVE they have Health Care Coverage OR ELSE – face a penalty.

I’m assuming that in Massachusetts a mandate is just fine, but as soon as we apply to be part of America and get accepted, then it will NOT be OK?

Go figure. Mitt Romney does not understand Mitt Romney – how can I?


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