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Politics of Point – Counterpoint

Notice how easily it is to refute Republican’s claims…Mitt Romney’s claims…point by point?

You batter me – I batter you. May the least bloody win…

Republicans point out that: Gas Prices are high under Obama.

I COUNTERPOINT by reminding Republicans and Romney that gas prices were just as high or HIGHER under President George Bush – and Republicans NEVER complained about the price of gas prices. In fact, they defended the high prices…and have to date done NOTHING to seek alternative fuel sources – OR crafted an alternative fuel strategy.

That is the politics of Point/Counterpoint!

It gets you nowhere…as both sides stick to their scripts – and try to paint the other side as the bad one, the silly one, the misguided one….

How different would it be if you heard a Republican say: “OK. Gas Prices were high under Obama. But it’s NOT all his fault. Yes, I can admit that. Republicans have done nothing either to put America on a sound energy pathway…and yes, gas prices were high under George Bush too. So here’s what we need to do. We need to stop fooling around and get down to the business of nation building…and here’s HOW I propose we do that!”

Now see HOW the conversation goes in a different direction? We have the beginnings of a real dialog.

But the way our politicians speak now, it’s: When I was in power the skies were blue all day…not even birds pooped! But when YOU were in power, it was a constant barrage of category 5 storms with buckets of s— raining down on us EVERY DAY!!!

And that’s why we get nowhere.

Because the other side feels compelled to respond to that attack. And politicians don’t speak the TRUTH anymore. They are too busy rushing to demonize the other side and make their opponents look incompetent…like morons, the bad guys, anti-American, unpatriotic, no values, liars, no good communists, nasty liberals, crazy conservatives, elitists! Somehow, Carl Rove taught us that this is the way to win…and like Charlie Sheen, we’re winning…

Mitt Romney wants you to believe that he created jobs upon jobs at Bain. Which is true. He did create jobs. But he won’t say that he also lost jobs upon jobs. In fact, he REFUSES to even talk about that side of it. Half a truth? Ostriches with their heads in the sand but with ONE eye peeping out!

Head in the Sand – See only what I WANT to see!

If I cut off the good half of an apple that is over-ripe, beginning to spoil and offer it to you…and ask: “Want some apple?” I’m only offering you HALF of the truth. If I say: “I cut off the rotten half of this apple but this part is fine.” NOW I’m giving you the whole truth.

It allows YOU to make an INFORMED  decision. Is it not time that politicians FROM BOTH SIDES acknowledge The TRUTH…whatever it may be?

No one party is going to get it right all the time. The economy will likely tank in cycles, regardless of one’s best intentions. The government cannot control ALL the factors that make an economy tick ALL the time. In Macro Economics the government’s input is limited largely to manipulating interest rates…in our Capitalist System.

One man’s greed somewhere can unravel the system. One government’s irresponsibility in this intertwined world can send the global economy into a free fall. One act of terror can jolt the economy. No government can stop everything…but politicians make you believe that everything happening around the world is within America’s ability to fix or control.

Some politicians want you to believe that America is in a bubble, cushioned from the rest of the world! Yeah, like your home is not part of your neighborhood and if there’s a huge fire, your home won’t get burned. Or if it does not burn, then the other burned homes around it will not affect you at all. Why not just blame YOU for the fire.

China’s Tiananmen Square.

China is the third LARGEST U.S. export market after Canada and Mexico. When trade with China came up during the Republican Primary debates here’s what Mitt Romney had to say:

“I’ve indicated day one I will issue an Executive Order identifying China as a currency manipulator. We’ll bring an action against them in front of the WTO (World Trade Organization) for manipulating their currency and we will go after them…if you’re not willing to stand up to China you’ll get run over by China…”

Here’s what Jon Huntsman, former U.S. Ambassador to China, had to say: “I don’t subscribe to the Don (Donald) Trump or Mitt Romney School of International Trade…don’t want to find ourselves in a trade war…with China…we have no choice, we have to find common ground.” Mitt Romney is telling you that he will strong-arm China! That is a nice applause line. But, WHAT will Romney DO if the Chinese don’t play ball? Take on their army?

According to an article (April 21/2012) in the Examiner, U.S Secretary of Commerce John Bryson told a group of Chinese American business leaders in Pasadena, CA:

“It’s clear that the world’s two largest economies are becoming more intertwined each day,” Bryson said. “Your mission ‘to bring a Chinese-American perspective to ‘issues concerning Asian Americans and US-China relations’ relates directly to that,” he added. Bryson was referring to the increasing trade between the two countries especially exports from the U.S.

The United State’s relationship with China is becoming increasingly more complex. As an emerging world power they are a military rival. China owns a huge percentage of our national debt; it supplies most of the consumer goods we buy; and now they are now becoming one of our largest customers. Exports to China are on the rise.

Apple Headquarters, California

Mr. Romney, please polish off your diplomacy skills.  I’m waiting to see the Chinese kowtow to you. Of course the Republican creed is to ride roughshod over others. No negotiations. No apologies. I’m always right. I’m strong. You bad. Me Tarzan. Bang bang!

Still have NOT learnt from Iraq.

China’s Prime Minister Hu Jintao. Boy is Romney is going to tell him!!!

Apple’s fiscal second-quarter profits nearly doubled based in large part on strong sales in Asia. For the quarter that ended March 31, Apple reported net income of nearly $12-billion. According to Apple: “We continue to see tremendous momentum in greater China where I-phone sales were five times the level of the year-ago quarter, aided by the launch of the I-Phone 4S in China in January and the addition of China Telecom as a carrier in March.” 

Go ahead and irritate China, Mr. Romney. But make sure first you have enough money in the empty treasury to pay off American debt held by China and that you are prepared to explain to Apple why YOU, the business guru, is willing to mess up their lucrative billion-person market.

DO NOT be swayed by words and promises. Yes We Can – No We Can’t.

Let your new slogan be:

 “How? Show Me… Tell Me… Now!”

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