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My Arizona Conspiracy: President is Alien!

 Did you see that story from Arizona where the Secretary of State is trying to appease “Birthers” in his state?

He’s petitioning Hawaii to confirm the existence of President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate.  

The White House released the President’s birth certificate last year, but Arizona seems determined to start a war with the planet Pluton (I’ll explain).

Arizona has been a hotbed for Obama eligibility conspiracy theories…and Ken Bennett says he ‘will consider keeping the president off the ballot if Hawaii does not answer his request’. 

 I guess in Arizona they also believe:

Obama is descended from a race of people who are part alien, part African.

UFO from Planet Pluton?

The breeding program started after the U.S. government captured a crashed UFO in the Arizona desert…and smuggled a surviving female to a top secret lab in Hawaii!

That’s why Arizonans in the know – just KNOW the President is not American! And that’s why due to national security concerns Hawaii can NEVER publish the president’s Birth Certificate. The aliens would KNOW!

The president’s real name is not Barack Hussein Obama. It is: Ba ra ckHusseinob Ama.

ckHusseinob Ama is a very common last name in the galaxy Pluton. Ama denotes royal blood.  

President Obama’s Birth Certificate. Of ALL the issues we need to talk about, should talk about…really?

Does Arizona really want to start a war with Pluton? Want them to know a royal prince is hiding here on Earth? They’re very technologically advanced…

A few of us have been there – and trust me. YOU don’t want a war with them! No bombs, no guns, no IED’s – just Zap! And you’re vapor!

If I was Bennett, I’d watch Star Wars again. THE TRUTH IS HIDDEN IN THERE!

Washington Post Story


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